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Saucy like a chunky meatball dipped in the finest of pureed tomatoes and delectable seasonings, all on a bed of angel hair pasta.
#BettySpaghettiMode XDD


Pairing: Bucky/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Metal arm porn, fingering, dirty talk, Bucky being a cocky lil shit. Me loving my Buck-Buck.

Word Count: 2631.

Rating: 18+

So… @sexylibrarian1 once wrote me something about Bucky’s hands and I had this floating around (obviously what she wrote is 1000% better than this, go read it) and I decided to post it. My wife is inspiring, if I was John Legend she’d be one of my Chrissy’s because @thecrownedrose would be the other.


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What Just Happened

(Jughead x Reader)

Summary: You and Jughead have been at each others throats for years. But after a drunken night you barely remember, you’re left confused on where your relationship stands.

Word Count: 1,616

Warnings: language, mentions of sex, drinking(?)

A/N: I just really love a good love/hate relationship and haven’t seen many Jughead x reader versions, so I made my own. (I also didn’t proof read it so let me know if there are any mistakes) Please send feedback! Constructive criticism is appreciated! :)

Part Two

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The Naked Truth

Written by: @peetaspikelets

Dialogue Prompt: this has got to be the strangest day of my life…(submitted by @xerxia31)

Rating: M (for nudity and language)

A/N: I need to thank Mr Pikelet for helping me bring this story to life. He brought ‘an event’ to my attention and after my initial shock and a bit of a giggle I thought I have to everlark this some how. 

A BIG thank you to my beta @sponsormusings for her amazing guidance, support and advice. I would be lost without you!


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Extra Credit: Part 2

“What are you doing Y/N?!” Mr. Im practically shrieks.  

You realize that you just made a huge mistake. This could expel you from school. He could report you. What were you thinking? You literally attacked his lips.

Mr. Im began to speak with a shaken voice,“Y/n… I… uhh… well.. you see, I am a teacher. Although you kissed me first, I am sorry that I responded and promoted it…” 
There was a 15 second silence and he started again. “I will continue teaching you till the end of this school year and I will not be awkward. I would like to have a professional relationship. I will not bring this up to anyone.”

You open your mouth to speak but he walks out quickly and you are just standing in the teachers lounge awkwardly, with your mouth open. A fly could fly right inside your wide open mouth. You are appalled at yourself. He was very professional and awkward. He was surprised and so were you. Just last week you said to yourself that he was not hot and now you couldn’t control yourself and you kissed him. You had no self-control. You felt so immature. But that muscle tee he was wearing… how could you resist? He shouldn’t be wearing that around students you thought to yourself. You’ve never noticed his arms before because he was always covering them with coats and dress shirts. You noticed in class that he had two moles above his left eye. You noticed he always smelt like cologne and even though you hated the smell of strong cologne, he had this aroma that made you so attracted to him. He smelt like a mixture of roses and cinnamon. What a weird combination to enjoy. As your standing in the teachers lounge, you realize that you unconsciously noticed him and started to feel attracted to him this past week. But you’re just a little high schooler for crying our loud. He clearly would never be attracted to you. Today you realized that you ruined your chance with him for practically attacking his lips. Hahahhaha but wait. You never had a chance to begin with, you thought to yourself. “I’m just a little high schooler” you whispered under your breath. 

A tear trickled down your face and you can’t believe your crying over such a stupid situation. Youre crying over a man that you think smells like roses and cinnamon. You barely knew him and he just became your teacher last week. But there’s something about him that made him so irresistible.And you’re just noticing now. Im Jaebum. 

You wipe your tears and exit the room. You drive back home even though you should be working for the hallway decorations. You plop right in your bed and take a nap. A couple hours later you hear your phone ringing and you grab it and answer it without looking who it may be. It was your friend Jackson Wang. 

You met Jackson in freshman year and you sat together at lunch. You guys had the latest lunch period that year and no one else sat at your table because all your friends and his friends had lunch earlier in the day. He became your friend instantly and he always came to lunch with funny jokes and gossip from school. Because of him, you found out your three week boyfriend was cheating on you. He is your best friend and it is an innocent friendship. Nothing more you thought…

“Y/N, it’s me Jackson. I’m outside your house now and you told me Thursday you didn’t feel like driving to the school at night and i even offered to take you but now you’re not even answering the door”

“What Jackson? I was sleeping. What time is it?” 

“It’s 7:30 the stupid dance already started” 

You agreed it was a stupid dance but as a class president you had to attend. Jackson called it a stupid dance but you know that he secretly loved going because he could gather all the gossip of the school, who’s cheating on who, who’s fighting with who. It was the perfect place for him to gather his gossip. If you ever told him you kissed Mr. Im, it would spread like wild fire throughout the school. Even though you were his best friend, he couldn’t let that gossip get away even if it hurt you and your reputation.

“I’m comin downstairs to unlock the door and then I need to get ready. Come upstairs and plug in my straightener”

You went downstairs and greeted jackson then he followed you to your room and was plugging your straightener in like you asked him to. You quickly grabbed the dress you set out on your chair the previous night and went to the bathroom and brushed your teeth since you just woke up from a nap. Wow your hair looked disgusting and your makeup was ass. You ran outside the bathroom with the dress on and you looked like a crying girl who got dumped at a high school dance. Your makeup from school was all over your face and your mascara was coming down your face because you rubbed your eyes during your nap. Jackson stared at you and started laughing hysterically at the sight of you. 

“Shut up Jackson” you said as you took the hair tie out of your hair. 
“Straighten my hair like the good ol freshman days when you used to come over and I wanted to look perfect for my first freshman dances” you said with a laugh. 
Those were good times. When you and Jackson would hang out and he would burn your ear with the straightener and help you get ready. You didn’t want to straighten your hair back then because your hair was too long and you were too lazy to do it. But Jackson offered to for the first high school dance and it became a habit. Every time you guys had a dance to go to or you needed to look presentable somewhere, he would straighten it for you because he thought it was fun and he would kiss your cheek and laugh every time he burnt your ear. Even though you hated the fact he actually burned your ear, it was always fun with him by your side. That’s what a real best friend is, someone who straightens your hair for fun with no complaints.
He finishes straightening your hair and you go to fix your makeup because it still looked horrid. You fiercely put the deodorant on your arm pits and sprayed perfume and you finally looked like you were ready. Your dress was a tight red spaghetti strap dress.  

“Awh look at baby Y/N growing up”  

“Awh look at Jackson not growing up and still looking like a 10 year old boy who hasn’t hit puberty”

“Very funny but I don’t look like that and you know it. Also, why were you sleeping? You never take naps! I was wondering why you didn’t answer my calls and where are your parents?” Jackson said in a nagging voice. 

“You sound like a teacher yelling at me for sleeping in their class for the first time and then asking where my parents are so you could complain to them about me” you said.  

“Yup that’s my job. The nagging annoying teacher that you love” Jackson said. 

You thought about his words. “Nagging annoying teacher that you love.” Well, Mr. Im doesn’t nag but you sure love him. Oh no. Why were you thinking about Mr. Im again. 
Jackson drove you guys to the school again and you saw the decorations at the dance. Oh shoot. All the decorations you never helped with. You didn’t really care. Your goal for the night was to not run into Mr. Im and you knew for sure he would be there because he was a class advisor and chaperone. And of course he would be there because he was in charge of decorations for tonight. You met with your friends and Jackson’s friends. Your group consisted of Amber, Nicole, Irene, and Wendy. Jackson’s group consisted of Mark, Bambam, Youngjae, and Yugyeom. You guys all danced with each other but then “All I wanna do” by Jay Park came on and everyone started twerking and grinding. Jackson was grinding on Amber and you were grinding on Yugyeom. While you were dancing you felt a pair of eyes on you and you looked up and saw Mr. Im staring at you and Yugyeom from afar. Mr. Im locked eyes with you and smirked. You blushed and turned away. You looked into Yugyeom’s eyes and he asked you what was wrong because he saw the panic in your eyes.

“Oh nothing Yugyeom hahahah why are you even asking? I’m fine” 

Besides that awkward situation, the rest of the night was fine and you returned to school on Monday. Mondays are always the shittiest but it really got shitty when it was Mr. Im’s class. 
“Hello class I hope you had a fun weekend. I was at the dance because I was chaperoning and other things such as decorations blah blah blah and I know a few individuals were really wilding” Mr. Im said to the class but looked you and smirked.  

Why was he being so awkward and weird you thought to yourself. He was the one that said he would be normal. 

The school year went by and it was already Decmeber. During that time, it got less awkward with Mr. Im and he started making jokes with you and your class. Occasionally he would make fun of your short height. You remember one time there was a picture of a washing machine on the TV screen he was teaching from. How did washing machines have to relate to History anyway? You dont even remember what he was talking about the washer. You told your friend jokingly “I could fit inside in a washing machine” Mr. Im heard you and laughed at you. He said to you, “why would you need to go in a washing machine? You are already shrunk” Wow what a good one. 

He made those jokes occasionally and teased you. Every time he passed out worksheets, he accused you of writing novels for short responses and made fun of you in front of the entire class. 
"This nerd over here wrote an essay for these short questions” he said.  

During a test one time, you didnt want to get the question wrong but you were stuck between two choices. You asked him and he whispered in your ear “dont think too much honey” and you didn’t want to think it was flirting but when you told your friend Wendy, she told you it was. But he really was less awkward and more of a regular teacher now. You still found him very attractive of course. I mean.. who wouldn’t find Im Jaebum smoking?  

A few weeks later, you were walking in the hallways during your free class and you saw Mr. Im at the other end of the hallway. 

“Hey shortie” he screamed. 

“Hi Mr. Im” you said with a quiver in your voice because you really didn’t wanna deal with his taunting. 

You walked towards him and he looks at you and smiles genuinely at you. His smile is so sweet. You wanted to kiss him again. Nahhh you really need to stop thinking about that.  

“Y/N, I know we had a rough start but I really need someone to babysit my kid today after school because I have a school district meeting. I am asking you because all the other students i have asked have some sport practice after school today and I only trust you and your brains you nerd.”

Oh look, Mr. Im is back at making fun of people’s brains and calling you a nerd. Wait, did he just say kid? WHAT KID ? Kid? He’s married?! What kid? 
Your eyes darted towards his ring finger and you saw it was empty.

 He noticed your sudden eye movements.  

“I’m not married. My ex-girlfriend left me.” he said in a low voice.

AUTHORS NOTE: This is my first fanfiction and I think you can see where I am going with this baby sitter teacher thing… I have a lot of mistakes because I didn’t even proof read this. Sorry! I am just so lazy. I plan on writing smut for this series but it won’t be in the beginning chapters because I need to build up the relationship with Jaebum and Y/N. Yesterday I had 15 followers and today I have 50 followers. Thank you so much for being interested in this fanfic. I am such an amateur.

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Can you do somethin cute where Gladio's like "it's time for you to meet my partner," and everyone's expecting his partner to be kinda cool like him but it's just this smol soft person? Like they even make Prompto look tough!

HAHAHAHA OMG THIS IS GONNA BE SUCH A FLUFFY AFFAIR! Thank you for sending this one in, cute anon! <3

Tagging some pals: @rubyphilomela (hahaha omg so sorry about the angst fest last update lol), @itshaejinju, @blindbae, @lady-asuka, @stunninglyignis, @cupnoodle-queen, @xalexanderxkozachenkox and @hypaalicious :D OH and @alicemoonwonderland <3


Opposites Attract

You were nervous about meeting your boyfriend’s friends. You weren’t exactly consistent with the type of women Gladiolus Amicitia dated in the past. Gladio had reassured you many times, telling you that Ignis, Prompto and Noctis would absolutely love you- but you were still nervous. You clutched onto Gladio’s arm and walked beside your much taller and over all larger boyfriend, dressed neatly in a cute, mid-length yellow summer dress and a black cardigan. You wore simple black sandals along with your outfit, and slowly began to fret about the way you were dressed.

Noticing you panic, Gladio turned his warm gaze down towards you before the two of you entered the casual eatery the guys had agreed to meet you and Gladio at. “Hey, what’s wrong?” the prince’s Shield asked, his usually boisterous voice soft and attentive. You smiled up sweetly at Gladio and shrugged nervously.

“Ah, just worried about nothing. As usual…” you trailed off, your soft voice eaten up by the noise of the crowds around you and Gladio. Your boyfriend shook his head in amusement and leaned down to press a kiss against your forehead.

“Silly, you’ve got nothing to worry about. You’re absolutely perfect and loveable and the guys really wanted to meet you anyway so, you’re pretty much the one doing them the favour!” Gladio chuckled as he led you inside the eatery with a large warm hand resting on your lower back. You giggled nervously and let Gladio push you inside, your eyes darting around behind your spectacles, looking for familiar men you’d only seen in photographs.

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Prompt #38: Things you said while holding my hand.

For: @wolfwhiteflowers

The breeze is warm today. The sun is high, the sky is blue, the clouds are sparse but puffy and white. It’s a beautiful day for many reasons, but God decided to smile down on them for extra measure. Gabriel stands before Rick, his bible in hand, a soft smile on his face as the Father winks at the slightly older man. Rick smiles a big, toothless smile and drops his head, shaking it just a tad. He’s surprised he’s not nervous. He was so nervous the first time. He picks his head up and makes eye contact with his boy, who smiles back and waves his chubby sisters’ hand back at Rick. Carl sweeps his hair out of his face and continues bouncing the little girl on his knee before Enid taps his shoulder and points behind them.

Everyone turns as she starts making her way up the isle; in between the mismatched chairs that Daryl, Jesus, and Tara so lovingly set up. Her long, white, lace maxi dress drags along the green grass behind her as she moves. Her feet are bare. She wanted to feel the grass between her toes, like she and Andre used to. Before. Her shoulders and arms are on full display from the thin spaghetti straps of her dress. A crown of flowers sits atop her head, woven together with love by Maggie. He’s never seen her so beautiful. No one, has ever seen her so beautiful. Her smile shines upon him as she moves forward, holding out her hand to him as she approaches.

He grabs her hand, and then the second one and clasps them in his. She bites her lip but can’t succeed in hiding her pretty white teeth. Rick lifts her hands to his lips, peppering them in kisses, keeping his blue eyes on hers as she giggles. Gabriel opens his bible and begins to serenade the crowd with the heavenly word but Rick doesn’t hear a thing. It’s like he’s underwater. Everything around him is muffled and blurry. Except for her. She’s never out of focus. She’s never unheard. She’s always loud and clear, always reaching him. Always bringing him back.

They stare at one another, blinking slowly, not wanting to miss a moment of each other. She tilts her head, smiling, smiling, smiling at him with all of the joy and purpose and hope and love one person can have. It takes his breath away, honestly. His eyes cloud with warm tears. His heart flutters. He’s never been a man of God but he is today. He will be, every day from today. He’s a sheep in the flock. He’s a believer. Because God loves Rick Grimes. He knows that now. Because this woman was placed at his feet, just when he needed her. God knew he needed her.

“As read in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-12, Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For we know in part and we prophesy in part, but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears. When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me. For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.” Gabriel smiles down on the two souls before him, placing his hand on Ricks’ shoulder, “Now, we’ll hear from the groom.”

Rick takes a shaky breath, his bottom lip quivering as a single tear falls down his cheek. He had a whole speech planned, he really did. But not a word can be found in his mind. She frees one of her hands from his and cups his cheek softly, her own big brown eyes glazing over with tears. She smiles again and he’s free. He lowers his forehead to hers, closing his eyes as their noses rub against one another. A calm rushes over him. That’s God. That is God, reassuring him that she is his answer. He grabs her hands again and rubs his thumbs into her palms, holding onto them for dear life. He swallows, and lets out a slow breath; and then another, and another.

“You are everything,” He shakes his head as more tears fall. That’s it. That’s all he can say. There’s nothing else that can convey how he’s felt all these years, "I’m yours. Always.” He whispers, sniffling as he tries to blink away the liquid stinging his eyes.

“You’ll always be mine,” She whispers in return, trying to soothe the deep wound that was left by the woman before her, “I promise you, Rick. No matter what happens, no matter what you do, you will always be mine.”

A wide, bright smile spreads on her face as her eyes close. She nuzzles into him a little more, rubbing her nose against his. She brings his right hand to her lips and just lets them linger on his skin before kissing the back of his hand firmly. Her ring glints in the sunlight as their fingers intertwine and in that moment, as her fingers gently caress his,  he’s not only convinced that God loves him; but she does too.

Plans for Seduction

Reader x Hank McCoy
Warning: Smut. This is pretty much just smut and some cursing.

Summary: Reader attempts to seduce Hank McCoy.

A/n: My second attempt at writing smut. I think it turned out pretty well. This features blue, furry, Beast Hank. Comments are always appreciated.

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You had some serious doubts about what you were about to do. But you had needs, and right now those needs were taking priority over your better judgment.

So what if you’ve never dated or kissed the man you were currently about to seduce? He was so damn self conscious, that even if he felt attracted towards you, he’d never pursue it. You were tired of admiring him from afar.

You had asked Charles, God knows how many times, to read Hank’s mind to see if he had feelings for you. Of course he always refused, because of the principle of things.

It was always, ‘Y/n, it’s not right to invade his private thoughts like that.’ or ‘I’m sure you’d be rather upset if I read your mind without permission.’

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I'm sorry / gd

{ Requested by @cave2687 }

Can I have a Grayson imagine where he bails on a date with you to go clubbing with Ethan and you’re bored as hell so you call a friend over and she takes you to the same club without you knowing but you avoid gray bc you’re mad at him and guys hit on you and he gets jealous?? Thanks!!!! Also could you tag me in it please :)

Warnings: Jealousy, swearing, fighting

Originally posted by graysonthealpha

I was IN my bathroom, swaying my hips to ‘That’s what i like’ by Bruno mars as i finished the last touches of my makeup. I was getting ready for my date tonight with Grayson. We were going to a movie and dinner, but i decided i would wear graysons favorite dress of mine. It was a red spaghetti strap body con dress that he loved to see me wear but would also love to see it n the floor, which may or may not be my intentions. You see, grayson and i haven’t been out on a date in a while, hes been so busy with Ethan and working on stuff for his YouTube channel. That means we haven’t seen or done anything in a while, so I’m hoping tonight we can go back to normal.

I slipped on the dress and my black stilettos, then walked to the mirror. My dark brown hair perfectly curled, the silver necklace grayson gave me laid perfectly on my chest and my red lipstick perfectly matched my dress.

I grabbed my purse and took out my phone to call my boyfriend.

“Hey baby are you almost here?” I asked into the phone.

“Oh shit sorry babe, E and I are going out tonight i forgot to call you earlier.” He said. A lump formed in my throat due to the tears threatening to fall. I shook my head, turning my sadness into anger.

“Oh. Have fun.” I said trying not to sound mad.

“I’m sorry babe, can we reschedule for tomorrow?” He asked.

“whatever.” I said, taking off my shoes.

“You’re mad.” He said with a sigh.

“Go have fun with Ethan, Ill be fine.” I said, sitting down on my couch.

“I love you, Ill call you when i get home.” he said, with a hint of hope in his voice. I shook my head.

“bye gray.” I said before quickly hanging up the phone, not giving him a chance to say anything else. I sighed and set my head in my hands. I ran my fingers through my hair trying not to be stressed. I decided to not waist my perfectly good makeup and text my best friend.

‘Grayson bailed on our date to hang out with Ethan. Seeing as im already dressed want to go out?’ I texted.

‘What are you wearing?’ She texted back, I sent her a picture and she immediately texted back.

‘Clubbing it is, ill be there soon, xo’ She texted making me smile.

-20 minutes later-

Y/F/N and I walked up to the doors of the club and walked in, the stench of alcohol and sweaty bodies hitting us immediately. She grabbed my hand pulling me to the dance floor. We danced with each other jokingly until her face fell and i turned to the direction where she was looking. Grayson and Ethan were sitting at a table, drinks in hand, laughing their asses off while talking to a few people and some happened to be girls wearing very revealing outfits. I looked back at her angrily.

“Hey, you know what? Ignore him, you’re his loss, not the other way around” She said. I smiled agreeing with her. She smacked my ass and we walked to the bar to grab drinks. I was trying to figure out what to drink when a semi-attractive guy walked up to me. This guy was nothing compared to Grayson, but Grayson pissed me off so this guy was starting to seem extremely attractive at the moment. He and i got to talking ad he offered to buy me a drink, I looked over at grayson who hasnt noticed i was there yet. I shrugged.

“Why not.” I said smiling. He turned to the bartender to order me a drink, but i stopped paying attention when i saw one of the the girls by grayson move over to him and put her hand on his shoulder while he talked ot her. I was tempted to go over there but didnt when he moved her ar off of him and turned his attention to the bar, noticing me finally. His face light up when he saw me, but mine remained the same with the angered bitch face plastered on it. The guy turned back to me with the drinks in his hands. I smiled at him, taking mine out ofhis hand. I pretended to drink the drink, because seriously I am not taking a drink from a stranger. I smiled at him and licked my lip, setting the drink down. The guy grabbed my hand  and held it as he talked to me.

Soon I was pushed away from the guy and i felt a air of lips on mine. These lips i could recognize anywhere, Grayson. I pushed him off me angrily.

“What the hell grayson?” I asked.

“You really think im going to let you talk to a guy without letting him know youre mine?” He asked.

“Am i really yours? Because you fucking bailed on me to hang out with Ethan when you’ve been with him this whole time and not with me, Your girlfriend!” i yelled.

“Woe you have a boyfriend?” The guy asked.

“Yea, so back the fuck up.” Grayson said getting in the guys face. I groaned and pulled grayson outside, not wanting to yell over the music.

“What the hell grayson? Were you seriously going to fight some guy for being nice to me?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Yea, i was. Because i wont let some guy step in my place.” He said angrily.

“Your place? You obviously seemed happier back at your table.” I said.

“Lets not do this here, Lets go back to your place and talk about this.” He said, grabbing my hand trying to walk me to his car. I pulled my hand from his grip.

“No, I’m not going to ruin your plans with Ethan and whoever those little sluts are over there. Just go.” I said.

“Are you seriously acting like this right now?” He asked.

“Yes i am, because i spent 4 hours getting ready to be with you tonight since i haven’t seen you in weeks. I fucking missed you grayson! But instead you blow me off.” I said.

“Four hours?” He asked confused.

“Yes grayson, four hours. Because i wanted this night to be perfect. I wanted to be back in your arms and finally be happy again. But you ruined it.” I said, tears forming in my eye. I turned around to walk away. I felt grayson grab my arm lightly, turning me around. I looked back into his eyes, his face showing nothing but hurt, sorrow and regret. He pulled me to him, resting his forehead on mine.

“im so sorry Y/N, I love you so much. I didn’t know how much tonight meant to you.” He whispered as i felt a single tear hit my cheek. Grayson lifted a hand to wipe it away and let his hand on my cheek as he pulled me in for a long kiss.

“I love you too, Grayson.” I said just above a whisper. His thumb my cheek as he looked in my eyes.

“Lets get out of here, we can spend the rest of the night together.” He said.

“What about Ethan and Y/F/N?” I asked.

“They have each other.” he said making me laugh. I pulled him in for a long kiss before following him to his car and going back to my apartment.


ASK YOURSELF: is she really chic, or is she wearing a spaghetti strap dress she bought clearance at TJ Maxx & just happens to have prominent collarbones

Back Home

Misha Collins x Reader

1100 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Resting your head against Misha’s shoulder, you watched as  each turn brought you closer to home. While the convention had been a blast, with so many exciting things happening, you couldn’t wait to be back home, and see the kids that were quickly becoming an important part of your life.

Glancing down at the ring on your finger, you couldn’t help the huge smile that grew on your face. Misha must have felt it, for he reached down and intertwined his fingers in yours.

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Always Mine - Chapter 15


A/N: Here is the new chapter guys! I have decided to split episode 11 of season 7 up into two parts. One reason is because I thought where I ended would be a good lead up to the next chapter. So the next part will be posted probably Sunday since I am still having troubles with TSOSC. As always, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter and let me know what you think!

“What the fuck do you mean she’s gone?”

Katherine’s head whipped towards the bathroom door when she heard Negan yell. She had been in the bathroom trying to make the dress she was wearing show less of her cleavage. Negan had woken her up, telling her to get ready for the day. Katherine wished Negan would just let her be alone for once but knew that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. So she reluctantly rolled out of bed and walked over to get a fresh set of clothes.

Negan however had other plans and threw her a spaghetti strap black dress that stopped mid thigh. She was pretty sure it was the same one she wore when her and Negan slept together for the first time since she agreed to be his wife.

She tried arguing, saying she was much more comfortable in her jeans but when she went over to her bags and opened them, she realized all her jeans and tee shirts were gone and replaced by black dresses and heels.

“Well fucking say something! When the fuck did she go missing?”

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[24/3/17] Hyper Projection Haikyuu “The Winners and The Losers” - fan report

ハイパープロジェクション演劇「ハイキュー!!」"勝者と敗者" 東京公演初日

*!Spoilers alert!*

*!Accuracy warning!!*

Haisute got upgraded even more! It was three hours long and split into three acts with two intermissions, which means that my 7PM show finished at 10 and my dinner was at midnight. Last time it was only two hours long! I’m going back to catch another showing on the 6th of May again (some things are worth it guys) so then I’m going to compare the shit out of this one and that one. 

Warning: there were no subtitle services this time (guess this is what I get for complaining about them last time) and my understanding of the plot comes from rewatching S2′s eps 19 - 25 two nights ago, plus some short sentences they yelled if the BGM wasn’t louder than them and if I hadn’t been distracted by the overwhelming mini-interactions exploding all across the board. 

First let’s get the stupid out of the way with Nekoma: 

  • There was only two of them and they showed up as Kuroo and Kenma for the most part during intermissions; midway through the Seijou VS Karasuno match when Karasuno players used tricks they’d learnt from Nekoma, or during Nekoma’s match against an unspecified opponent (Nekoma lost) 
  • The rest of the time they showed up as genderbent Kuroo and Kenma Aoba Johsai I mean Oikawa fangirls
  • Not-Kenma looked quite cute I’ll say because Nagato Takato is already small to begin with and he was using a cute shouta voice. Very cute. He wore a daisy yellow spaghetti-strap long dress over a purple long-sleeved shirt… Not the most fashionable, but he sported a pink ribbon over new bangs over his Kenma wig
  • Not-Kuroo was the kind of female that they force male protagonists to kiss as a punishment game. Not cute. At ALL. I screamed because it was the only thing I could do short of throwing something at him. It was funny… and horrifying 
  • But he was acting cute because while Not-Kenma was a general Seijou fan, Not-Kuroo was a diehard Oikawa fan, and he gets excited whenever Oikawa does anything. A few times he successfully caught Oikawa’s attention, to Iwaizumi’s ire 
  • Other times he’ll clap or sway to the beat of the music as the match progresses
  • Not-Kuroo dislikes Iwaizumi because as they’re spectators he often witnesses Iwaizumi physically or verbally threatening Oikawa. One time he made a face of disapproval while pointing at Iwaizumi and made devil horns on his head
  • Not-Kuroo was dressed… In a dark-blue long-sleeved top, with a long billowing beige skirt that extended from his waist. He sported one long braid pinned on the side of his Kuroo wig 
  • He was like a crazy bitch 
  • Like how in the anime the fangirls found themselves moved to cheer for Karasuno even though they’d come for Oikawa, halfway through the second act Not-Kuroo shouted “Good luck, Seijou!!”, then Not-Kenma shouted “And good luck too, black shirt guys!!”, and then Not-Kuroo lifted up his skirt to reveal Kuroo’s uniform underneath and he shouted “Good luck to Nekoma too!!” 
  • Sometimes him and Not-Kenma were required to hold the volleyball net and would enter inbetween the players, and when they’d served their purpose, they’ll run off, and while Not-Kenma just ran with a spring in his step, Not-Kuroo had to sway his shoulders and stick his hands out behind him as he did
  • They were the ones commenting on the match and gameplay techniques this time with Mart-san, who was holding a portable Karasuno “Fly!” banner, making them acquaintances, but at one point, Not-Kuroo suddenly screamed and looked at Mart-san like a pervert?? I couldn’t catch what he said and missed it happening because I was staring hard at someone else instead, but Not-Kuroo looked horrified and quickly ran off the stage, so maybe Mart-san touched him somewhere by accident? No clue, will have to rewatch
  • As to moments where they were legitimately Kuroo and Kenma, it’s always times where Kuroo tries to be cool but yet is just really fucking lame in Kenma’s eyes and Kenma just wants to ditch him and game in peace like please
  • During one scene-swap moment Kenma actually broke the fourth wall and deadpanned “Why is there only two of us for Nekoma?” Kuroo hushed him and dead-insisted that the other guys were still here; then he runs to one side and throws his elbow over his face, all of a sudden imitating Yamamoto and going, “Uh, oh yeah, Kuroo-san? I was just over there…” and then Kenma ditches him on stage 
  • During another scene-swap (after Nekoma’s match ends) Kenma walks onto stage, only somethings off with his wig, and when he turns to start monologuing, he’s got the Not-Kenma pink ribbon and front bangs on. Kuroo comes after him and gently pulls it off and puts it in his bag loll 
  • One time during Nekoma’s match Kuroo got really into it and started to recite Nekoma’s chant but Kenma lied and said “the ball Kuroo!” pointing somewhere behind him so he fell for it and got cut off, to Kenma’s relief  

Karasuno moments - felt like the story this stage was more re-focused back onto them, since last stage the attention was more shared towards Nekoma

  • Opening: For each of the acts in the stageplay there were different themes, and the in the first act, it was the Seijou orchestra VS the Karasuno band (I think they were a band. Or maybe a smaller orchestra). First we had the two setters on elevated platforms conducting their respective themes. Kageyama was in his King’s cape and crown and was less conducting but more wildly gesturing forcefully with his hands
  • A kagetsukki during the character introductions: after Tsukishima’s introduction it was Kageyama’s turn, and usually the previous member should leave and let the next member have center stage, but Kageyama sort of barged into him and bullied him into kneeling on his hands and knees on the floor so that Kageyama could sit on his back and wave his hands in conducting gestures
  • Kageyama’s deep-rooted fear of Oikawa was the main story in Act One. It got quite bad, so as his performance as a setter deteriorated, his breathing got worse and worse, until finally he hyperventilated on all fours on the ground, deaf to the other members shouting his name
  • When Ukai takes him out to cool his head Hinata tries to cheer him up but comments that his face is just freaking scary. Then he suggests that maybe Kageyama can cheer himself up the way Tanaka-senpai just did, which was to roar and slap both hands onto one’s face. Egged on by him, Kageyama tries it - he roars, and then gently pats his palms to his cheeks. Hinata’s like “Too soft!!!” 
  • Nishinoya has been busy coming up with even more ridiculous names for his rolling receives, and there might have been a Rolling Thunder Spark W one (couldn’t understand what he was saying), but the one he actually used in match was called Rolling Thunder-Angel, and when he said “Angel”, he turned to the audience and fluttered (i.e. hands flapped), and the pink spotlight hit him straight-on. Daichi screamed “Nishinoya!!!” in order to remind him that the ball was coming and he had to save it goddamn it
  • If you’re familiar with this part of the story in the Haikyuu series, it’s the time where the third-years are feeling a little insecure and second-guessing their value to the team
  • To portray this inner conflict on stage, we have the actual actors portraying their character’s brave fronts, while the second-year trios emerge behind them holding face masks (such as Akisawa Kentarou’s face printed on a thick card with holes cut out for his eyes) and confess their inner worries to the stage
  • Ennoshita was Suga, Tanaka was Asahi and Noya was Daichi lol. Aside from portraying the third-years inner worries, the second-year actors also portrayed the third-years when they were younger 
  • They took a lot of gags this time from the anime and visualised them onstage this time, such as: 
  • Kageyama being coaxed by Suga into praising the other members, such as Hinata, and the only thing he could think of to say to was “… Job well done.” And Hinata goes, “What are you, my boss??” That was the first part of the gag. The second part of the gag happens later when midway through the match later Hinata all of a sudden dons a businessman jacket over his jersey (but no businessman pants, so he was still in volleyball shorts) and glasses and praises the whole team, going “Job well done, you guys!!!”
  • Kageyama’s Flying Fish Pun - his first name sounds similar to the Japanese word for flying fish; Suga makes an analogy about him “being a fish out of water” = on stage, as Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are thinking about Kageyama the flying fish, all of a sudden the Karasuno members jump apart and Kageyama Tobio is in a shiny blue flying fish costume 
  • He couldn’t even move in that stupid thing but he still had a match to play. Through the holes for his forearms (flippers) he frantically flapped them (both like a conductor and a fish) while he stayed rooted to one spot. Eventually to wrap up the gag he had to power-jump off the stage and have it removed , and there was a backfin when he turned around. It was so shiny 
  • There were hidden actors!! Two unnamed actors with the body figure of a middle school Kageyama (aka slimmer and smaller than Kimura Tatsunari) came to play him. They didn’t talk, they just wore his clothes and shoes. So at one point there were three Kageyamas onstage - a present-day Karasuno one, the three-years ago Kita-Daichi one, and one more just… sometimes strutting along the perimeter of the stage in Kageyama’s crown and cape
  • Tsukishima and Kageyama had a talk in which the former convinced the latter to let him decide on the spike attacks himself. So Kageyama recedes from the spotlight and lets Tsukishima have more freedom. Tsukishima would strut to different spots in front of the net, spike successfully, then clap his hands twice, summoning his goons (Tanaka and Noya), who would march behind him with their chests puffed out to his next location on the court loll
  • Gentle heart-breaking moments: Sugawara, because sometimes he speaks really quietly, such as when he says “Our team’s players are really strong”, and also “I guess this is my last play for today” 
  • Act 3: Seijou’s theme changed to white silk cloths, which they used to portray blocks or otherwise attacks that Karasuno could not see/keep up with. Towards the middle of it, the Seijou third-years abandoned their cloths and took out two long white ones, which they likened into a rope, and used it to wrap around Suga’s body until he couldn’t move 
  • A touching scene: After the match, Karasuno thanks the audience for watching them - meaning they turn to us and thank us for watching. Hinata had to be lead over because he was shocked stiff from losing. The members bow, but Kageyama barely, and then he runs off before the others have even finished bowing 

And finally my team Aoba Johsai moments:

  • Opening: Oikawa was really something to look at during here, because not only did Asuma Kousuke fill out the suit really well, he was also conducting with a lot more grace than Kageyama did, especially since they were right next to each other lol. Even so, his movements were still really powerful because he was throwing his torso out, so he felt a lot like a mad conductor 
  • His team members alternated between ballet/ballroom dancing metaphors as well as orchestra members. I only remember that Iwaizumi’s was a marching band drum
  • Other introductions: Hanamaki and Matsukawa went to the spotlight together again, jostling shoulders with each other in the spotlight; Kindaichi had a specific “dance move” motion where he bends on his knees and brings his hands together over his head like an onion that grows outwards 
  • Some people were really graceful (Asuma Kousuke) and some people could not dance (Kohatsu Allen and Saito Kenshin) loll. Though I suppose Iwaizumi’s lack of dancing grace fits his character… 
  • Best Legs: Shirakushi Judai as Matsukawa Issei. I think they were even better than Kondou Shouri’s Kuroo thighs, because they were long(est), pale and muscular, and best of all not obstructed by any knee pads
  • After Matsukawa comments about Oikawa’s horrible personality, libero Watari Shinji took it upon himself to act out a skit to give an example of it, so thats when he pulls out the Oikawa-mask 
  • He was acting as Oikawa eavesdropping on their team’s first-year members, Kunimi and Kindaichi, who were gossiping about their senior, Shigeru Yahaba. Kindaichi goes first, he’s like “Hey, don’t you think the way Yahaba-san squeezes his water bottle is gross?” 
  • Next to them, Shigeru Yahaba demonstrates the way he squeezes his bottle - he grins, holds it out and squeezes it, lifts up his right leg, tosses it under his leg to his his left hand, squeezes it, lifts up his left leg, and then tosses it back into his right hand
  • Kunimi goes next, and he says, “Yeah, and don’t you think it’s weird how Yahaba-san is always sitting on the bench but he’s always the most exhausted out of all of us?”
  • The thing is, when Shigeru Yahaba’s on the bench he doesn’t just sit, he’s busy running around with bottles or otherwise just cheering his heart out for Seijou, so by the end of it he’s so done tired he just rolls on his back onto the floor 
  • Flashback scenes with Kindaichi, Kunimi and Kageyama: Since the same flashback scenes occurred twice midplay, the actors involved had to change to different uniforms. On the second occurrence, Seijou Kindaichi remained in the center of the stage, looking bewildered as the flashback sequence started all of a sudden and the other Seijou & Karasuno players started leaving. Then Kunimi walks out - he’s holding their Kita-Dai uniforms. Kunimi walks up to him and gently helps him wear it - he pulls the Kita-Dai jersey over Kindaichi’s stunned face. Kunimi himself was already dressed. And then he gives Kindaichi the Kita-Dai shorts; turning his back to the audience, Kindaichi pulls it over his light-blue Seijou uniform butt and then quickly reverts to Kita-Dai Kindaichi lol 
  • Iwaizumi Hajime: his characterisation is different this stage, and he’s actually a lot more gentle and motherly as opposed to violent and angry. Most of his “violence” are just empty threats. Oikawa doesn’t often genuinely piss him off, but the few times he does during the match, Iwaizumi will roar and chase after him, and then Matsukawa will come and restrain him 
  • Flashback scenes and iwaoi: Kitagawa Daichi Iwaizumi was even more motherly than Seijou Iwaizumi, while Kita-Dai Oikawa was hopeless. When he received the Best Setter award he actually ran around the stage screaming “Yay!!! Yayyy!!” to the audience. Iwaizumi catches him, stops him and says “Not “Yay”, okay? Do it properly,” in a very kind voice, and then zips up his jacket for him. The kindness is lost on Oikawa, who goes, “Iwa-chan, are you my mum?”, which pisses off Iwaizumi “Hahhh??!”, and then they take off in a chase 
  •  ^ There were three people in that scene, Kageyama, in full Kita-Dai jersey, and Iwaizumi and Oikawa, who simply wore a smaller sized Kita-dai jacket over their Seijou uniforms lol. It was intentional to show that this was a flashback as opposed to present time, and all three were talking in high-pitched childish voices. I gotta say they really felt like middle-school students 
  • When Kageyama asked him to teach him serves, they were standing quite far apart (as compared to the anime, where Kageyama was within punching distance). But when Oikawa started to lose it the lights turned red, and when he tried to hit Kageyama, he lunged forward about to tackle him, but Iwaizumi catches his middle and throws him to the ground
  • Kageyama’s entire body flinched hard on the spot (which is probably why present-day him was so scared of Oikawa) but he was too scared to even move. Iwaizumi apologised to him in a gentle voice and told him that today’s practice was really over 
  • This whole scene was played out twice, in the first act from Kageyama’s perspective and in the second act from Iwaizumi’s perspective, which meant no Oikawa monologue 
  • When Oikawa falters and messes up his serve towards the end of one match, it was because he was momentarily impacted by the sight of Ushijima Wakatoshi in his head - Ushiwaka’s shadow flashed on stage for a moment! Iwaizumi perceives this (even though it took place inside Oikawa’s head!!) and scolds him for thinking about other opponents instead of focusing on the ones standing in front of him 
  • Some third year moments: When Oikawa calls Iwaizumi out on overexerting a brain he didn’t have, Iwaizumi throws his bottle at him but Matsukawa, in-between them, catches it with a perplexed and mildly judgmental face 
  • Oikawa gets headbutted by Iwaizumi a number of times, and once, Hanamaki was close by and extended a helping hand, only to walk off immediately when Oikawa reached for it 
  • Iwaizumi and Oikawa; and then Matsukawa and Hanamaki hugged after the Karasuno match. Not excited hugs, but happy, satisfied, really chill hugs
  • In the end, Seijou loses to Shiratorizawa (Shiratorizwa being portrayed as just a blank screen that the Seijou members were facing), and Oikawa falls to his knees on the ground. Hanamaki, Matsukawa and Iwaizumi helped him up; afterwards he held onto Iwaizumi’s shoulders as he limped off the stage 

Extra opinion from me: 

  • Could have been sadder come on the audience can handle it. Specifically the part where Mart-san talks to Yamaguchi after the match (Yamaguchi messed up his only play in the game) and asks him “Was it fun, Tadashi?” It was nearing the end of the stage and the scene felt a little rushed… 
  • Oikawa monologue :/ I was expecting more from the most relatable character in the series! They probably had similar number of lines, though, him and Iwaizumi, but the difference is that when Iwaizumi was talking in his scenes, there weren’t less plot mechanics/other characters/interactions happening on the stage, so it was less distracting
  • (again) Guilty of staring way too hard at one character again. My subconscious must really think he’s hot. And when Iwa-chan’s not the main focus at that plotpoint it’s not as though he does much of anything beyond high-fiving the members… Next time I vow to pay more attention to Tsukishima, Ennoshita (?? even less visible this time), Yamaguchi, Yahaba, HANAMAKI, Nishinoya, Kageyama, Daichi, etc. 
  • If you’re interested in the live-viewing report of the previous run, “Karasuno, Revival” which had full Nekoma and Date Tech, it’s here 
  • I should be either buying another pair of player bromides or getting the pamphlet next time 

anonymous asked:

What about Jughead and Betty getting into a car accident or something like that?

The Accident 

Jughead strummed on the wheel of Fred Andrews’ pick-up truck nervously. He was waiting in Betty’s driveway for their first official date.  He took a deep breath and turned off the engine, getting out of the car.

He walked up the driveway fidgeting with his hands. He raised his hand to knock on the door when Alice Cooper opened it.

“Jughead,” She said, enunciating every letter. “Come in.”

Jughead cleared his throat. “Thank you,” He said as he stepped inside.

Betty raced down the stairs, glaring at her mother as she did.

She was wearing a spaghetti-strap floral dress, cut to mid-knee, with her hair loose and wavy. “Is this okay for what we’re doing?” She asked Jughead quietly.

Jughead nodded in awe, unable to form words.

Betty smiled and grabbed his hand, steering him out the door before Alice could ruin things.

“You look beautiful, Bets.” Jughead stammered as they walked down her driveway to the truck.

Betty turned her head, smiling. “Thank you.”

They each got in their sides of the truck, and Jughead backed down the driveway.

“It was really nice of Fred to let you use his truck.” Betty mentioned.

Jughead nodded. “He’s a great guy. He gave me written consent, just in case. I told him I’d take good care of her though,” Jughead laughed, rubbing the dashboard of the truck.

“So, are you going to tell me where we’re going yet?” Betty begged, smiling.

“No, Bets, it’s a surprise. In fact –“ he reached into the console beside him, pulling out a bandana, “-put this on.”

Betty laughed. “Seriously?” She smiled.

“Yes, Bets, when I say ‘it’s a surprise’, I mean it’s a surprise.”

Betty laughed and tied the dark bandana around her eyes.

Jughead sighed contently and placed his hand on Betty’s knee, driving away from Riverdale.

He stopped the car about twenty minutes later.

“Bets, I’ll be right back. Stay here and don’t peek, okay?”

Betty nodded. “I promise I won’t peek.”

When Jughead came back, he opened the passenger side door and took Betty’s hand.  “Don’t take off the blindfold yet – just trust me.”

Betty hopped out of the truck with help from Jughead and felt grass around her ankles. “Don’t let me fall,” She whispered.

Jughead wrapped one arm around Betty’s middle, guiding her along as the sun was starting to set around them.

“Okay… okay, now.”

Betty pulled her bandana down, looking around in awe.

They were at the beginning of the woods, trees all around them. Jughead had placed twinkle lights around the trees, along the lower branches, anywhere he could reach. There was a blanket smoothed out beneath them, a picnic basket in the corner of the blanket, a milkshake in a to-go cup for each of them from Pop’s.

There was an old boom box at the base of a tree, quiet music coming out of it. He had set them up in a spot with enough space between the trees that they could comfortably watch the sunset into Sweetwater River.

“Wow, Jug, this is incredible.” Betty murmured.

“You think so?” He said gratefully.

Betty nodded and stepped closer to him, taking his hands. “Dance with me?”

They embraced, Betty placing her head on Jughead’s shoulder and together they swayed to the music.

After it was dark, Jughead gathered the boom box and picnic basket  from the woods and brought them back to the truck, placing them in the cab. He gathered the lights, Betty grabbed the blanket, and headed back to the truck together.

“That was one of the best nights of my life, Jug.” Betty smiled as Jughead directed them back to town.

They talked for most of the way. Betty’s eyes were getting heavy, relaxed from the evening.

“Almost home, Bets.” Jughead promised.

He was stopped at a light, looking both ways before he continued.

Just as he was rolling through the intersection, a truck barreled into them on the passenger side. Betty’s head was thrown into the glass, the force pushing Fred Andrew’s truck onto its side, flipping it over.

Jughead awoke as he was being rolled down the hospital hallway, a mask over his mouth, two EMT’s on either side of him.

He took a deep breath, feeling light headed. “Betty…” He murmured. “Betty, wh-where’s B-“ He felt faint.

“Just relax, you’re going to be okay.” The man on his left said to a nurse.

“Where’s Betty?” He breathed again. Then everything went black.

A/N: I figured I’d leave it there to see what you thought.