spaghetti and meatball dinner

Hot mess

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky heard you call out his name while you masterbated that eventually leads to a very rough and sexy evening for Bucky and the reader.

Word count: 2250

Warnings:Smut. Masterbation. Swearing.Rough unprotected sex.

A/N: Hey everyone. I had this idea for a long time and finally decided to write this. Hope you enjoy this. ;)

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Every member of the Avengers team, has a turn to make dinner for a night, but somehow when it’s Tony’s turn, he usually orders take out, because he is “to busy” to cook.

Tonight it was Natasha’s turn to make dinner with the assistance of Wanda. They were making Spaghetti and meatballs. Most of the Avengers were in the kitchen already and dinner was nearly prepared.

“Someone needs to set the table,” Natasha muttered to herself. She saw Thor, Steve,Tony, Bruce, Clint and Vision huddled up discussing something by the looks on their faces -serious.

“Can you guys…”

“We’re busy,” said Clint quickly.

Natasha rolled her eyes. That left Bucky and Sam. They sat at the dining table that they moved to the kitchen earlier, because everyone complained how cold the dining hall is.

“One of you boys can set the table and the other one can go tell (Y/N) food’s ready.

” I’ll go call her, I was on my way to my room anyways,“ said Bucky hastily.

"Good. Sam you can get the plates and the cutlery ready.”

Sam groaned and shot Bucky a cold look as he stood up. Bucky laughed at Sam and left the the kitchen.

Your room was right opposite Bucky’s room. Bucky rushed into his room, he quickly put on some cologne and closed the door behind him.

He ran a hand through his hair and cleared his throat, but before he could knock, he heard a very odd sound coming from your room. You moaned. His brows furrowed. At first Bucky thought you were in pain, but then he heard…

“Oh yes that feels so good.” When he realized what you were doing behind that door, he knew he should walk away, but your moans and your next words rooted him to the spot.

“Just like that Bucky!” Bucky’s frown turned into a smirk. You were pleasuring yourself while thinking of him.

You moaned again. Bucky’s half hard cock was straining against his jeans that became painfully tight as he listened to your moans. He threw his head back against the door as he rubbed his aching bulge through his jeans. He pictured you on your bed, hair splayed out around you, your beautiful mouth slightly parted as your hand moved through your wet folds, touching yourself.

The moans stopped and Bucky heard footsteps nearing the door. He made a run for it. He returned to the kitchen and sat back in his seat, everyone was eating already.


“Buck!” Steve yelled.

Steve snapped him out of his thoughts.


“Did you call (Y/N)?” Steve asked.

“Yeah, I think she was in the shower. Probably didn’t hear me calling her.”

A few minutes later you walked into the kitchen and took the empty seat between Thor and Vision.

“Sorry I’m late. I was umm…”

“In the shower. Bucky told us,” said Steve.

Shocked you looked at Bucky who had a smug smile on his face. Your cheeks were a brilliant shade of red. You nodded at Steve. You turned your attention to the plate of spaghetti in front of you.

“(Y/N) you okay? You seem a bit flushed,” Natasha said.

“It was probably the hot water,” you lied.

“By the way,” Tony said turning to you.

“You and Barnes are going to clean up after dinner, because the two of you were the last to come to the table.”

You didn’t eat much. You kept on wondering if Bucky might have heard you, because you weren’t exactly quiet.

‘He doesn’t even like you like that, you probably ruined your friendship,’ you thought to yourself.

After dinner only you and Bucky remained in the kitchen, tidying up. The awkward silence continued. You finally decided that you don’t want him to be this uncomfortable around you, so you spoke up.

“Bucky?” he turned to you


You took a deep breath. Here it goes…

“Buck I’m so sorry what you’ve heard. I’ll totally understand if you don’t want to hang out…”

You were cut short by Bucky’s lips as his mouth crashed onto yours roughly. You were shocked for a moment, but then you relaxed into the kiss. He pushed you back against the wall. It was all tongue and teeth. The kiss was rough and you enjoyed every part of especially when he bit your bottom lip. You moaned into his mouth and pulled him by his shirt closer to you.

You both let go of each other. He looked into your eyes, finding only lust. His thick muscled arms trapped you. He was so close tomyou that you could feel the heat radiating from his body.

“When you touched yourself, did you think of me?”

You nodded. You bit your lip while your big innocent eyes were locked on him.

“Did it make you wet?”

“Yes Bucky,” you moaned.

“God you’re killing me baby girl.”

“What are you gonna do about it soldier?”

He growled at the nickname you gave him. You squealed as he picked you up with his metal arm and threw you over his shoulder.

“I’ll show you.” He carried you out of the kitchen to his room.

When you entered his room, he pressed you up against the door.

“Finally,” he muttered as his lips crashed onto your once again. His skilled hands grabbed your behind, while you pulled on his locks. He moaned into your mouth, obviously liking you tug on his hair. He released you. You pulled your shirt over your head and pulled your shorts down too. He did the same. His eyes traveled down to the valley of your breasts, which looked incredible in the sheer black lacy bra that matched your black panties. He undid his jeans dropping it to the floor. The outline of his hard cock was visible through his briefs.

You dropped to your knees in front of Bucky looking up at him while you tugged his briefs down his toned thighs. His cock stood proud and hard against his abdomen.

“See what you do to me doll,” Bucky muttered. You gently grasped his impressive length in your hand, slowly pumping him. He closed his eyes as he relished in the sensation. The tip of his cockhead that looked almost purple, was dripping with precum. You gathered some onto your thumb and brought it to your mouth, looking up at Bucky, wide eyed and innocent as you sucked. He groaned at your actions. This must have been the most erotic thing he has ever seen. You closed your eyes as you savoured the taste of his salty cum. Bucky tasted delicious and you wanted more.

You brought your mouth to the tip, giving him small kitten licks. Your tongue circled around his engorged head, earning a moan from him. Your mouth closed around him, sucking while taking him deeper. His hands worked through your hair as you bobbed your head up and down his length until he hit the back of your throat. Bucky held your head firmly, before letting go of you. You looked up at him, your brows furrowed. A layer of sweat was embedded on his broad chest.

“If you don’t stop now, I’m not gonna last doll,” Bucky said exasperated. You let go of him as he pulled you to your feet. He reached behind you and unclasped your bra, letting it drop to the floor. His thumbs brushed over your hard nipples, hardening under his touch as he kneaded your soft and tender flesh.

“Bucky,” you moaned as he leaned down and took your erect nipple in his mouth. He sucked hard, biting gently and then doing the same to the other. He turned you around, making you move backwards. You felt the back of your knees hit the edge of your bed. Bucky pushed you down gently. He crawled onto the bed, moving between your legs.

He kissed his way up from your knees to your thighs, biting and sucking, leaving marks all over you, claiming you. His face was inches from your clothed heat. He flattened his tongue and licked at the damp spot on your lacy panties. You moaned out squirming to get more friction. He ripped your underwear from your body, tossing it into the far corner of his room.

With his flesh hand he held your labia open as his eyes feast over your wet cunt. He blew lightly on your clit making you squirm even more. He smiled up at you. You glanced down at Bucky through hooded eyes, breathing heavily, aching for him. One of his metal fingers were probing your entrance, slowly moving in and out, in and out. The coldness of his metal hand felt good on your hot cunt. Bucky was moving agonizingly slow.

“Bucky,” you whined. You were a total hot mess. Your hair was sticking to your forehead, your cheeks were a bright pink and your breathing was uneven. He chucked against your pussy, making it vibrate. He drove his tongue into your wetness. You screamed out his name as his tongue explored your wet folds skillfully, while he finger fucked you with two of his metal fingers.

“More Bucky!” He obliged by entering a third finger, stretching you. He sucked on your throbbing clit. You arched your back into his mouth, humping his face. Every time his fingers reached your g-spot you screamed. He felt your walls clench around his fingers, nearing your orgasm.

“Come for me (Y/N).” His mouth latched onto your clit once more, making your hips buck as you came with his name on your lips. You clawed at the sheets as your body trembled.

He crawled up to meet your lips in a fierce kiss. He moaned against your lips as you raked your nails across his bare chest.

“I need you Bucky. I need you to fill me up so bad right now,” you whined as you felt his erection against your heat. You ground your hips causing him to growl and push your knees apart.

“So wet for me,” he said. A low and dangerous tone to his voice. His dark eyes glinting with desire. With one push he was fully inside you. You cried out as his thickness stretched you.

“Oh James you fill me up so good.” Bucky bit down onto your shoulder as he began to move.

“You’re so fucking tight. Shit!” He pulled out and plunged back in. His cock hitting all your right places, making you writhe beneath him. You were in heaven, until you felt Bucky stop moving and pull out. He pumped himself while he looked straight into your eyes.

“Turn over for me babygirl.” You did what he asked, lowering your back and sticking your ass in the air. With one swift move he was back in your pussy, pounding away mercilessly. You screamed Bucky’s name over and over, like it was the only word you knew.

“You like me fucking you like this doll?”

“Fuck yes!”

“We’re like animals, and you’re my bitch in heat!” He said through gritted teeth.

“Yes Bucky yes!” You cried out, not caring if the others in the tower heard you. He leaned over your back, took hold of your chin and kissed you hard, while he drilled you into the mattress.

“Harder Sergeant!” His hands dug into your hips, painfully, but you didn’t mind, the pleasure was overwhelming. He pulled you up by your shoulders that you were in his lap, bouncing up and down his cock.

“I’m close doll. Come with me,” he said in ragged breaths as his thrusts became harder, but more sloppier. You felt the familiar tightening in your abdomen and Bucky felt you clench around his cock.

“I’m coming!” You screamed as the pleasure hit you wave after wave. You felt Bucky twitch inside you and release his seed inside, coating your walls. You leaned your head back against his shoulder, while he whispered your name over and over in your ear as pleasure overtook him. Bucky pecked your neck and shoulders with kisses.

After a few moments, he had enough strength to pull out of you. The both of you fell back on the bed, cuddled up in each others arms.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had.” You nodded.

“Definitely.” He kissed the top of your head.

“Sleep well doll.”

The next morning rapid knocking woke the both of you. Bucky grumbled and dropped his head back on the pillow, pulling you closer to him. Just then you realized someone was knocking on your door across the hall. You jumped up and threw on Bucky’s shirt that covered everything that needed to be covered.

You opened the door to find Tony knocking on your bedroom door angrily. He turned around and noticed you in Bucky’s shirt, emerging from Bucky’s room. His eyes wide when he came to grips with reality.

“No,” he said, as he bursted out laughing.

“When I got to the kitchen this morning it looked like a wreck, so I came to look for you to check why the kitchen wasn’t clean, but I didn’t expect this,” Tony said laughing harder.

You crossed your arms. You felt Bucky behind you. He rolled his eyes s Tony kept on laughing, all his anger forgotten.

“Grow up Stark,” Bucky said annoyed, before slamming the door in his face.

“Friday notify the whole team that Mr Barnes and Ms. (Y/L/N) slept together. I don’t care if they’re awake or asleep.”

“Yes Mister Stark.”


Oversized Sweater || Peter Parker

“i really love Spider-Man. I feel like I shouldn’t, but i do.”

“Jen, I have a Spider-Man shower curtain. If you’re looking for someone to shame you for loving Peter Parker, it’s certainly not gonna come from me.”

-me to my best friend about our mutual love for Spidey.

Here’s my first time posting a Peter Parker reader insert on tumblr. I’m supposed to be working on requests for DeviantArt but ssssh, I’ll get to it later. I just wanna indulge in Peter Parker for a little while longer 💕


Today had been awful for you, and you needed your daily dose of Peter cuddles in order to make it to the weekend.

“Ugh, fuck Tuesdays, honestly.”

Because 99% of the teachers in Midtown High were out to get you, you had to deal with pop quizzes for half of your classes and you had been called on numerous times to answer questions you didn’t even know the answers to.

It felt like you had been made into a complete laughingstock throughout the day, and you were honestly exhausted.

There was no way you were going home after this shitty day.

Earlier, you had texted your parents, letting them know that you planned to stay the night at Peter’s place, and you were super grateful that they let you go without a single complaint.

You knew that they would let you spend the night at his house because he was basically your best friend in the whole world. Ignoring the fact that you had feelings for him, you were okay with being his best friend and did your best to support him when he DID have crushes. (Damn you Liz Allan for winning Peter’s affections just from existing!)

Letting out a sigh of relief when you arrived at Peter’s apartment complex, you walk up the creaky steps and greeted the neighbors that passed by with a smile on your face.

Arriving at Peter’s apartment, you knock on the door and wait a few beats, hoping that Aunt May wouldn’t mind you spending the night. After waiting a few minutes, you hear the lock unlatch before revealing a cheerful woman as she greeted you with a wide smile. “[Name], it’s good to see you! Unfortunately, Peter will be working a bit late and won’t be home until much later.”

“That’s fine! I’m used to his crazy schedule, anyways.” You step into the apartment and detect the scent of cinnamon and apples in the air, “Ohh, are you making something Aunt May?”

“I am. I wanted to treat Peter with his favorite apple pie since he’s been so good. Has he told you about the internship he got with Mr. Stark?”

You nod, “He has. But again, it comes as no surprise to me since he’s so smart. Do you mind if I help you?” You ask with a beaming smile on your face.

"Are you kidding me? I was counting on your help!”

You spend the next couple of hours baking with Aunt May. During that time, both of you shared embarrassing stories pertaining to Peter as you each got bits of sugar and flour in your hair from how much you were giggling.

It was nearing 10 in the evening when you and May finished baking the pie and had a quick dinner of meatballs and spaghetti. She saves a plate for Peter and places it in the fridge when you excused yourself.

"I think I’m gonna wait for Peter in his room.”

"That’s fine dear, but remember-”

Yes, I’ll keep the door open. Jeez, I keep telling you there’s nothing to worry about since Peter only sees me as like, his sister. Goodnight May!”

The older woman laughs and responds with her own “Goodnight.” When she sees that you have disappeared into Peter’s room, she shakes her head, practically in disbelief at how oblivious you were when it came to her beloved nephew’s feelings for you.


You sigh and throw your schoolbag against the corner of Peter’s room. Scratching the back of your head, you quickly rummage through the drawers and found the sweater and pair of sweatpants you always wore when you spent the night. Holding his clothes close to your chest, you snuggle them for a few seconds before putting them on.

Of course the clothes were a little long on you, but you were too busy acknowledging the fact that you were surrounded with Peter’s comforting scent.

You really didn’t care how much his clothes dwarfed your form.

You breathe in deeply, smelling the faint scent of his cologne. With a dreamy smile on your face, you fall into Peter’s twin sized bed and curled up against his pillow, nuzzling its softness before shutting your eyes.


It was close to midnight when Peter finished his nightly patrol around the city. When he came home, he was greeted with the mouth watering scent of apple pie and spaghetti. Going into the kitchen, he sees the note that Aunt May left him:

Dinner is in the fridge, your favorite pie is on the counter ♡ ps- [name] is spending the night so please be quiet when you come home!

His appetite was long forgotten when he realized that –you– were here. With his heart hammering in anticipation, Peter tiptoes to his room and sees you curled up in his bed.

His heart melts at the sight of you, and he feels a strange type of possessiveness wash over him. You looked good in his clothes, and he would do anything to keep you by his side.

No other man would ever know the pleasure of you wearing their clothes.

Shrugging off his hoodie, he throws it to the side and gets on the bed with you, being careful with his movements so that you wouldn’t awaken. With an almost reverent touch, he runs the back of his hand against your cheek.

“You’re so beautiful. You’ll never know how much I want you to be mine…” his heart continued its rapid gallop, and he felt all of his hesitation disappear at the sight of your sleeping face. Taking advantage of the fact that you were unconscious, Peter leans in and presses a kiss against your lips.

"I love you.”

In your sleepy haze, you heard him and wrap your arms around his neck, opening your eyes just a tiny bit as a smirk adorned your features, “So you love me? I thought you had a thing for Liz.”

Peter stutters, feeling flustered at hearing your sleepy voice and looking at your features at such a close proximity. You prevent him from pulling away by kissing him again, effectively silencing his nervous rants when he kissed you back.

After a few minutes, you pull away and look into his sweet brown eyes, hearing him admit, “I only had a mild crush on Liz. You are the one I’ve always wanted.”

You giggle and kiss the bottom of his jaw. “Tell me, what made you finally admit your undying love for me? I… I honestly thought I didn’t have a chance with you.”

Peter chuckles before pulling you toward him in a warm hug, making you settle against his chest when he lays back. He kisses the top of your head, “It’s me who thought I wouldn’t have a chance with you because you’re too good for me. But to answer your question…”

Peter trails off and places his hand on the sweater your were currently wearing. Your breath hitches when he gently reaches in and touches your skin from beneath the fabric, “Seeing you wearing my clothes has always been a weakness of mine, and I couldn’t stand just having you as a friend anymore.”

You giggle and nuzzle Peter’s chest before leaning up to press a kiss against the base of his throat. “Then I should wear your sweaters more often.”


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Sweet Potato Spaghetti & Meatballs 

can be made vegan or vegetarian without the meatballs 

Ingredients for Meatballs 

1 lb ground turkey 

3 cloves grated garlic

¼ minced yellow onion

1 egg (completely optional) 

Seasoning blend - 1 tsp sweet paprika, 1 tsp granulated onion, 12 tsp ground ginger, 1 tsp ground rosemary, 1 tsp kosher salt, 1 tsp black pepper, and a pinch red pepper flakes

Ingredients for Tomato Sauce 

14 oz crushed tomatoes 

¼ minced yellow onion

1 tbsp Italian seasoning 

Kosher salt and pepper to taste

Few tbsp of olive oil

Parsley or cilantro for garnish 

Spiralized sweet potatoes


In a large bowl, combine all of the ingredients for the meatballs together and form into large meatballs – should form 8 large balls or about 12 smaller ones 

Heat a few tbsp of olive oil in a large, deep skillet or cast iron pan. 

When the oil has come to temperature, place the meatballs into the pan and brown on all sides 

Add in the crushed tomatoes and onions and season. 

Submerged the meatballs in the sauce and let simmer for 5-10 minutes, covered with a lid 

Remove the lid, push the meatballs to one side of the pan and add in the spiralized sweet potato – warming it by tossing in the sauce 

Plate, garnish, and serve


Romeo and Juliet || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: a jughead x reader imagine based off this romeo and juliet quote? ‘did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! for i ne'er saw true beauty till this night’ (with all the romeo and juliet references i felt the extreme urge to request this cause i love the play)

A/N: This was so fun to write! Hope you enjoy!!

Gif by @ravemreyes


Jughead groaned as the two of you exited English class, looking at the assignment your teacher just handed out.

Romeo and Juliet? Seriously? Out of all the plays in the world like Macbeth, Hamlet, Oedipus Rex, Antigone, and we get a romantic passage from Romeo and Juliet?” he asked.

You snickered at your best friend.

“Better start reading up, Juggie. It’s worth 75% of our final grade.” you said.

He scoffed.

“Please. I’ll have it memorized by eighth period.” he said.

You smiled.

“Good. The sooner we can rehearse, the better. Come over tonight for dinner. Afterwards we can run lines.”

Jughead nodded.

“Sounds good. See you later.” he said before walking in the other direction to his next class.

You gave him a quick goodbye wave before walking away, heart beating like crazy.

Stop it! God, he’s your best friend! He doesn’t like you back!

You shook the negative thoughts away and took a deep breath. It was just a hangout. Except this time you were running lines. For a play. A play called Romeo and Juliet. Where Jughead was Romeo. And you were Juliet.

Yeah. Everything would be just fine.

It was around seven o’clock when the two of you began brainstorming your scenes together in your living room. Thankfully, you didn’t feel anxious anymore. Your mom’s spaghetti and meatballs that you had for dinner had definitely loosened you up.

Jughead thought it would be a good idea if you would freeze during the scene the two of you were assigned and then have Jughead walk around you, reciting his words of love. He said it could symbolize Romeo walking around in his head, in his thoughts. You rose your eyebrows at him at the cheesiness and Jughead rolled his eyes.

“It’ll get us a few extra points for creativity, okay?” he said.

You sighed but nodded.

“Okay,” he said, getting up. “Showtime.”

You walked to the middle of the room while Jughead walked to the corner, notes in hand.

“And… action!” he called.

You froze into place, the only movement being your chest from breathing and your eyes for blinking.

“Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night”

Jughead began as he walked slowly over to you, stopping and looking out at the imaginary audience.

“Like a rich jewel in an Ethiope’s ear,
Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.”

His voice was beautiful. It sounded like he had known the lines since he was little as he recited them flawlessly, never missing a beat.

“So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows
As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows.”

He turned back to you and your heart hammered in your chest. You realized he was really getting into character as he looked at you lovingly. You tried to keep your eyes fixated on the nothingness you were staring at in the beginning as he began to walk over to you.

“The measure done, I’ll watch her place of stand,
And, touching hers, make blessèd my rude hand.”

He was half a foot from you now, looking at you with such an intense stare that you couldn’t help but gulp.

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!”

His face was inches from yours now and you swore Jughead could hear your heart beating. His pupils were dilated and you couldn’t help glancing at his lips.

“For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.”

His voice was lower than ever now. Before you knew, his lips were on yours, his hand coming up to caress your cheek. You heard the notes in his other hand fall to the floor as he swapped them for your waist instead. You clumsily entangled your fingers in his black hair and pulled him closer to you. Jughead smiled into the kiss as you deepened it before the two of you pulled away for air. Jughead smirked at you and your reddened cheeks.

“Should we run that part by again? Just to make sure we really have it down?” he asked cheekily.

You rolled your eyes as you pulled him down for another kiss.

“Oh, shut up.”


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the toziers, local legends, part two

-Richie has all of the high school kids on snapchat and they watch his story all the time.

-Whenever Richie and Eddie go out and they want to eat cheap, they go to a place with a high schooler based staff because they know they can get good discounts and free things.

-Before the big dances, like homecoming and prom, Richie and Eddie have their favorite seniors come over and they decorate their backyard and make dinner for the kids. They make spaghetti and meatballs and Eddie makes sure that no one gets red sauce on their clothes. Every single year they talk about their prom.

-Eddie always gets the nicest limos for them and gets his best drivers to chauffeur

-Richie always lines up the time that the high school kids are driving home from school with the most poppin music.

-Whenever someone throws a party, they get Richie to DJ and Eddie to line up rides for the drunk people.

-Richie is literally a fashion icon. He will wear a red suit to dinner somewhere then the next thing you know, all the boys are wearing red suit jackets or satin pants.

-Whenever Richie and Eddie are having a bad day, they go to Chuck E Cheese. They literally go straight from work to Chuck E Cheese so it is two grown ass men running around in full suit and tie at a children’s arcade.

-One time Richie almost got into a fight with a six year old because he kept getting beat at air hockey.

-Richie wins Eddie one of those really big tigers and they eat the really gross cheese pizza there. Again, two grown ass men and a stuffed tiger sitting in a booth and eating cheese pizza in full suits.

-Whenever they go out, some high schooler working there will take a picture with them and post it on their story and get messages like, “YESSS TOZIERS!!” or “JEALOUS!!”

-Their house is always open for anyone having troubles at home.

-Some days, Richie and Eddie literally won’t leave bed and they’ll order a pizza and they’ll make sure one of the high school kids delivers it and the kid will literally bring it upstairs to their bedroom.

-Employees fight over who gets to serve the Toziers because they tip HUGE

“What? Whatwhatwhat?”

Cas answers the question as though Charlie hasn’t been shrieking at him. “I didn’t say there’s a being called the Doctor who likes to visit England. I just said that Time Lords exist. A fascinating race, Time Lords…”

Cas lets his thought trail off and continues to eat the spaghetti and meatballs Dean made for dinner. Charlie, Sam, and Dean sit frozen, staring, all thoughts of food forgotten. Dean has a forkful of spaghetti halfway to his mouth, which hangs slightly open.

“Time Lords. Are Real.” Charlie says it with a forced calm, but her clenched fists and sparkling eyes give her away.

“Oh yes,” says Cas, still eating his dinner. “I never met one myself, but I’ve observed them from a distance. They look human to your eyes, but of course an angel can spot the difference in their soul at a glance.”

“And the TARDIS?” Charlie asks, the fangirlish excitement creeping back into her voice.

“Well I’ve never seen one that looks like a police box, if that’s what you’re asking. But yes, when a Time Lord travels he–or she–generally uses a TARDIS. But they blend in, so you wouldn’t notice one even if you were leaning against it.”

Dean finally snaps out of his frozen shock; his fork falls to his plate with a clatter. “Can we get back to the part where there are aliens on earth sometimes? Walking around and hanging out with humans? And you didn’t tell us?!”

Cas quirks a grin at Dean. “You seemed so sure of yourself every time you said aliens didn’t exist. I didn’t want to burst your bubble.”

Sam bursts out laughing, followed quickly by Charlie. Dean glares, but they only laugh harder.

“Most of the tv show is rubbish, of course.” When Charlie starts to protest Cas quickly amends, “No, Charlie, I don’t mean it’s bad, I mean it’s untrue. Fiction created by the BBC. Daleks, Cybermen, Judoon, Zygons…” With each addition to the list, Charlie’s face falls a bit more.

“But,” he says, raising a hand to bring her back, “They do get something right every once in awhile. I actually met a Sontaran once. Cranky fellow. They really do look like potatoes, although they’re actually quite a bit taller. And,” he pauses, clearly for dramatic effect, “Weeping Angels are real, too.”

Charlie looks like she’s going to faint. Even Sam looks a little green. Dean looks from Cas to Charlie to Sam and back to Cas and asks, “What’s a Weeping Angel?”

“Only the scariest fucking monsters the BBC ever created!” Charlie says. Then she looks confused and says, “Or, great, now don’t know what to think! You’ve destroyed my whole worldview!” To Dean she says, “Weeping Angels are aliens that look like statues when someone is looking at them but can move really really fast when you look away. Or even blink. They don’t usually kill you, they just send you back in time to live until you die. Trust me, it’s much scarier than it sounds.”

“Yeah. Sure,” says Dean. He starts to roll his eyes, then realizes he’s not actually talking about a tv show. He changes to a grimace. “I’m with Charlie. You’ve really messed with my head, Cas.”

“Wait,” says Sam. “How did the BBC find out about Time Lords in the first place? And Weeping Angels and Sontarans? I mean, Doctor Who has been on the air, off and on, for over fifty years, but the Weeping Angels are relatively new. That doesn’t make much sense.”

“No one knows for sure. Anna had lots of theories, though.”

“Anna?” Dean can’t keep the shock out of his voice. “Anna watched Doctor Who?”

“You know how fascinated she was with humans. That included human television. As I was saying, Anna had many theories. My favorite was that a writer fell in love with a Time Lord, traveled with him–or possibly her, there’s no way to tell, really–for a time, and then came back to Earth. The Time Lord left him here with an idea for a television show, and a long list of stories to tell. The Time Lord also agreed to visit the writers of the future, to give them more ideas. But some of the future writers, of course, made things up on their own. Even the original creator didn’t have complete control, that’s why we got the Daleks in the very first season. And that’s how the Weeping Angels didn’t come about until the Tenth Doctor. I don’t know if it’s true, but it’s a good theory.”

Charlie blinks.

“Or maybe the original writer was actually a Time Lord who thought it would be a funny joke.”

Charlie looks like she’s going to faint.

Pulling herself together, she says, “One more thing–for now, anyway, later I’m going to grill you for hours! Cas, do we have to worry about the Weeping Angels?” Charlie’s face flits between terrified and hopeful.

Cas smiles. “Don’t worry, Charlie. The Weeping Angels are no match for actual angels. They have never made it to the surface of the earth.”

Unable to contain herself any longer, Charlie jumps out of her chair. Throwing her arms around Cas, she squeals, “Cas, you’ve made my day. No, you’ve made my century. I’m going to go re-watch every episode of Doctor Who ever made. Twice.” Shrieking with glee, she bounces out of the room.

Sam, smiling sheepishly, stands. “I’m with Charlie,” he says, and follows her toward the tv.

When Sam is out of sight, Dean says, “Okay Cas, level with me. Were you just messing with Charlie?”

Cas grins. “Maybe.”

Dean lets out a breath. “I knew it! I knew there were no aliens. Jesus, Cas, don’t–”

“Maybe,” Cas says again. He winks, then adds, “But maybe not…”

Inktober with the Bunker || Day 27: Creature

Peter Parker Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: can you write an werewolf AU where ur a werewolf and ur dating peter parker. and so one night he invites you over to dinner (he invited the avengers as well) and you decided to go. but than he wants you to stay longer, and you didn’t want to hurt his feelings so you stayed, but the thing was, the night you were staying was the night the full moon was. and so as the full moon shined through the window, you race up to his bedroom and you started to transform. he wonders what’s going on, thx sm!! ♥

A/N: Werewolf AU || it’s long ;3

Warning: fluff

‘‘You better not have any plans with anybody tonight Y/N. It’s full moon tonight and you know what that means-’‘

‘‘Werewolf transformation.’’ you finish for her.

‘‘Yeah.. Yeah, I know mom. You’ve mentioned it ever since this morning. No need to keep telling me every hour.’‘ you sigh, rolling your eyes.

‘‘Just warning you honey.’‘ your mom smiles, ruffling up your hair with her hand.

‘‘Don’t worry mom.. I’ve got nowhere to go. I’m a lone wolf, remember?’‘ you smirk, pulling your phone out.

    Your mom laid a kiss on your head and than went off upstairs to sew up some clothes that you’ve ripped from previous transformations. Right after she left, your phone vibrated and a text popped up. It was from your crush, Peter Parker.

‘‘Hey Y/N. If you aren’t doing anything, I was wondering if you’d like to join me and some friends for dinner tonight?’‘ peter texted.

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Tracks in the Snow - Part I

look, i read a lot of wendigo stories and fell in love with wendigos. so you guys get this. had to split it into two parts because it was getting way too long. hope you enjoy!

You stare out your window, watching the snow fall down in soft, fat flakes. It’s already covering the ground and it’s showing no signs of stopping. You chew on your lip as you press your fingers to the cold glass, hoping you’ve got enough supplies to see you through this freak snowstorm.

You’ve had the weather channel on since that morning, listening to the anchorman warn you against going outside. The storm had swept in out of nowhere and your little town was in a full blown panic. It never snowed here, not like this, and your community wasn’t prepared.

You’re thankful that you’ve already made your weekly stop for groceries. You were even able to find some old emergency candles buried in your junk drawer, just in case the power shut off. You hope it doesn’t. Your house sits on private land surrounded by woods, and it gets a little eerie in the dark.

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Your Ginger Housemate - Part 3

Sorry for the slight delay. School has been pegging homework and assignments at me left right and centre. I hope everyone enjoys the story, it’s taken me hours to perfect it. Also, I apologise for the length. Hope I didn’t go overboard. Please show me what you think whether through likes or comments! I’ve done something a little different towards the end. Hope you like it ;)

Want to read the rest?: Part 1 HERE | Part 2 HERE | Part 4 HERE | Part 5 HERE | Part 6 HERE | Part 7 (½) HERE |  Part 7 (2/2) HERE

Originally posted by starzseed

You were humming. An activity you did so rarely, you surprised yourself. What was even more surprising, as you were taking more time into preparing dinner than usual. Spaghetti and meatballs. Yes, it wasn’t the hardest dish to create, but you weren’t the most marvellous chef and wanted to play it safe. Why was that? Well… a particular red-headed psycho that lived under your roof. It was a forced living arrangement at first, but now, you wouldn’t have it any other way. You found Jerome Valeska, although still slightly frightening, great company. You wanted to impress him in every way possible. Was that strange? Probably. Unusual? Certainly. Worrisome? Absolutely. Did you care? Not one little bit. 

Your humming had now escalated to a full-scale acapella session. ‘Without Me’ by Eminem. A favourite of yours. You knew all the verses off by heart and considered yourself quite the raps-woman, although you wouldn’t sing it in front of anyone else. Especially not Jerome. You’d probably die of embarrassment. 


Four hours! Jerome was supposed to be home four hours ago! It was 11:20pm, and there was still no sign of him. Your stress sweated out of your pores, shredded your nails with your teeth and turned you into a fidgeting mess. Causing you to pace back and forth and check the clock every other time you weren’t peeking through the curtains. 

‘Stay calm y/n. Stay calm. He’s probably just caught up. Yeah, that’s right. Just caught up…’ But a voice in the back of your head decided to rebut.  

‘But what if he’s more than caught up. He might have left.’

‘Not without saying goodbye.’

‘Why would he bother with that? It’s not like your important.’

‘That’s not true. That’s not true. The way he acts around me. Those looks. It can’t be an act.’

‘But what if it is…?’

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