spaghetti and ketchup

Please imagine Kent and Tater on a grocery run at 1 AM with the intent of last-minute restocking on condoms and lube, but it’s now 1:20 AM and they’re both standing in aisle 3, their carts filled with chicken, frozen potatoes, eggs, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, tortilla chips, cheese, rosé, vodka, 6-pack of beer, 3 brands of cereal, milk, paper towels, fancy cat food, and a bag of discounted chocolate bars, because they got hungry on the ride over. They’re both in loose-fitting pajamas and Kent has his hoodie pulled up, wrapped in his fluffiest blanket and wearing a very serious expression as he scrutinizes the ingredient list of Orville’s microwavable popcorn. He’s leaning his head on Tater’s shoulders, and Tater’s mouth is pressed against Kent’s cowlick as he holds Kent close, muttering tired, noncommittal noises when Kent asks him if he’s making a horrible decision in wanting to make chicken parmesan at what will be 2 in the morning. 

These two always manage to get out of their game! Ahhh xD

We went on a supermarket once and saw an aisle( @xinniazeos made me spell it like that xD) with the spaghetti sauce and ketchups are on the same aisle. They said, Sans and papyrus and so I made this xD

I got scolded by a guard xD

I have commissions, here is the info:

i hate tomatoes themselves but i love pico de gallo, ketchup, spaghetti sauce, and just about anything made from tomatoes so it’s truly a frustrating relationship that tomatoes and i have

FOR THE RECORD my tomato-hatred applies to

  • fresh tomatoes
  • cooked tomatoes
  • peeled tomatoes
  • canned tomatoes
  • dried tomatoes
  • regular tomatoes
  • organic tomatoes
  • heirloom tomatoes
  • ketchup
  • spaghetti sauce
  • any kind of tomato-based sauce actually
  • to say nothing of tomato soup
  • just

To hell with all of it.


Something that not many people seem to get is that Sans’s and Papyrus’s favorite foods they obsess over, ketchup and spaghetti, are also names of two major “families” of fonts, you probably used the ketchup font a lot back in the day on word documents and PowerPoints. There’s also a bones family of fonts that look like the bones making up the text in Papyrus’s “special attack”, and of course the infamous “Wing Dings” Gaster.
It seems the bone bros have a lot of references to the goofy fonts that companies love and Graphic Artists and Web Designers hate.

omg im watching those short cooking videos on fb rn and this is like a korean one and theyre making like this fake spaghetti pasta with ketchup in it and italian ppl getting really mad and shit im dying …. literally who cares lmfao i dont see yall getting mad when whites bastardize asian cuisine!!!!!! fuck fusion food

can you imagine philip and lukas going out on a date and in the middle of it they have an all out food fight??? french fries here, spaghetti sauce there. ketchup and mustard are flying in the air. all the while they’re smiling and laughing their heads off!!! they get chased out of the diner, practically stumbling over each other they’re laughing so much!!! they run down the street holding hands, so out of breath and floating high on adrenaline and joy. lukas pops the end of a french fry into his mouth that he found in philip’s hair, while philip licks off some spaghetti sauce from lukas’s cheek with his finger.

Imagine the Undertale crew going to a restaurant on the surface for Frisk’s birthday.

Undyne, having never heard of seafood, orders a salmon out of curiosity despite Alphys’ wishes, & when the fish lady tastes it, she immediately runs to the restroom, feeling sick. Crying sounds & her yelling “I’M A DISGRACE” were heard afterwards. Papyrus obviously orders spaghetti. Sans just drinks the ketchup. Toriel, who uses snails in her cooking, asks if there’s food with snails, & is promptly given escargots. Asgore shrugs & just gets a salad since it’s one of the only foods he can recognize. Alphys asks for ramen, & when they tell her they don’t have any, she just settles for soup. And Frisk orders the first thing on their mind.

Chara doesn’t give a shit & stabs the waiter, promptly getting kicked out of the restaurant afterwards.

Gmw ask meme

Send in a number

1. Favorite episode and why?

2. Favorite character and why?

3. Least favorite character and why?

4. OTP



7. Favorite Riley scene

8. Favorite Maya scene

9. Favorite Farkle scene

10. Favorite Lucas scene

11. Favorite Smackle scene

12. Favorite Zay scene

13. Would you rather date Riley or Maya?

14. Would you rather date Farkle or Zay?

15. Favorite teacher?

16. Ava or Doy?

17. Yogi or Corn Chip Dave?

18. Sarah or Darby?

19. Charlie or Evan?

20. Donnie Barnes or Morotia M. Black?

21. Ginger the ferret or Chelsea the fish?

22. Favorite Rucas scene

23. Favorite Lucaya scene

24. Favorite Riarkle scene

25. Favorite Smarkle scene

26. Favorite Rilaya scene

27. Favorite Joshaya scene

28. Cold spaghetti or mac & cheese with ketchup?

29. Pluto or Purple cat?

30. Jexica or Dorothy?

31.  How would you have preferred the triangle to end?

32. If you could erase something that happened on the show, what would it be and why?

33. If you could write an entire episode for the show, what would the title and plot be?

34. Which character are you most like and in what way?

35. Which season is your favorite so far and why?


36. Which lesson was your favorite and for what reason?

Internet è un posto meraviglioso

Ieri sera mi è arrivato un ask sul waterboarding e io ho risposto in maniera piuttosto sintetica e veloce (stavo facendo altro).

Questa mattina ho una cinquantina di ask che si dividono più o meno tra:

  • Chi mi chiede quale tipo di addestramento e per quali servizi segreti lavoravo.
  • Chi mi chiede su quanti prigionieri l’ho praticato.
  • Chi mi dà molto sinteticamente del torturatore fascista.

La cosa la trovo meravigliosamente divertente.

In realtà non ho mai lavorato per nessun servizio segreto e la cosa più patriottica che ho fatto è stato guardare male un americano che stava cuocendogli gli spaghetti nel ketchup.

Si trattava semplicemente dell’addestramento di Ricerca e Soccorso che nel 1994 feci durante il servizio militare in cui, tra le tante cose simpatiche che ci insegnarono, c’era il riconoscere e il trattare le vittima di tortura.

Il waterboarding non dà quasi mai danni fisici (il riflesso faringeo di annegamento protegge le vie respiratorie) ma se praticato per lungo tempo e/o da mani inesperte, può far insorgere problemi di edema polmonare.

Dal momento che molti erano scettici su questo tipo di tortura, il capitano ci fece sdraiare tutti a terra e ci fece mettere la bandana sulla faccia dopodiché passò tra noi a rovesciarci l’acqua di una bottiglietta in faccia… ecco, non solo nessuno resistette più di 10 secondi ma credo che tutti avrebbero spifferato i codici di lancio, il pin del bancomat e il numero della sorella perché non fosse praticato loro una seconda volta. Me compreso.

E sul fatto che io sarei fascista perché a volte parlo di cose terribili senza mettere il disclaimer ‘brutto brutto, non si fa’… ma davvero mi sto giustificando su internet?