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🍾🔥🔥🔥⭐️👠🐡🖤💣💰💰= A fire-y star celebration at the red carpet with pufferfish which is Gillian because they have a sting to them, black heart bomb and money means it's a queen of spades paralell which announcement will be like a bomb but it will generate sacks of money for greedy pufferfish and her Monster Fish. Spades means four things and the big things mentioned are 4 things. Thanks for ruining our evening with your emoji cluedo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. No more🔮 please 😭🤢😰

😂😂😂😂 you really but effort in it 👍🏼


So I just started reading your smuts and I love them ❤️❤️ can you do a very detailed smut of Taehyung and another one of Jungkook? thank you ily

~I hope you like it sweetie~

“Wanna play a game Jagi?” Taehyung said with his innocent box smile that hid any form of lust. 

You looked up from your book “What game?”

His smile got even bigger “Go fish.”  He said pulling a pack of playing cards out of his pocket.


He let out a giggle of excitement as he sat down on the floor in front of the couch. He stretched far enough to pat on the carpeted floor in front of him signaling you to to sit there. You sat down across from him as he shuffled the cards. He counted seven cards then gave them to you doing the same for himself. 

“Okay you can go first.” He said smiling 

You looked over your seven cards “Do you have king of hearts?” 

“Go fish,” 

You reached in the middle to grab a card. You looked at it the added the card to your hand. Taehyung kept staring at you “Tae it’s your turn.” You reminded him. 

“You haven’t taken off your shirt yet.”


A smirk appeared on his face “I guess I forgot to tell you.”.  You started taking off your shirt when he stopped you “Slower.” you started taking off your shirt slower as he watched you with hungry eyes. Your black lacy bra was exposed making him bite his lip. He quickly got back to the game wanting your next turn to come “Do you have three hearts?” You sighed as you handed him the card he asked for.

“Do you have five spades?”

“Go fish.”

You started to take off your bra “Come closer baby.” You did as you where told. He ran fingers down you waist as you started taking off your bra. He placed soft kisses on your stomach as he felt himself get harder. Your boobs hanged freely he took a moment to admire them before picking up his cards again. You took the cards out of his hands “How are just going to get me excited?” you said putting the cards face up on the floor, you clearly saw that he did have 5 spades. He sat on his lap meeting his lust filled glaze with yours. 

He bite his bottom lip before pulling you into a heated kiss. He quickly broke the kiss “Take the rest of.” you smirk at his demand. You stood up and pulled down you pants, kicking them away. You played with the lining of your lacy black underwear. “Faster.” He said growing annoyed. 

“But didn’t you want it like this?” You smirked 

“That was before.” He whined 

You smiled at his whiny behavior as you tested how far you can take this. You slowly slid your underwear down and kicked it away just like you did your pants. He stared in awe at your naked form as he went to pull you back down on him. You smacked his hand away and shook your head. You could tell he was getting impatient waiting for the up coming euphoria.

You stood over him feeling your own body. You groped your own breasts on your way down. You reached down to your slit, teasing yourself. You let a moan escape from your mouth

He suddenly stood up pushing you on the couch. He straddled you, attacking your neck with kisses and small bites. He moved up to your jaw line and finally to lips. He attacked you lips with heated kisses that stole your breath. He broke the kiss to quickly take off his clothes but immediately went back to the kiss. You reached down and started jerking him off causing him to let out a growl into a kiss.  He broke the kiss tugging on your bottom lip. 

He kissed down your neck down to your breasts. He sucked on the skin next to your harden bud leaving marks. He did the same to the other one but this time he gave it a quick lick before taking it in between his teeth, swirling his tongue around it as he bite softly down on it. His tongue worked wonders as you entangled you free hand into his hair. He moved to the other breast doing the same.

You started jerking him off faster. A deep moan erupted from his mouth. The feeling becoming to much he stopped sucking. His eyebrow scrunched together, his eyes closed, and his mouth parted into an O. He let out low deep grunts. The sight made you even wetter.

“Jagi.” He panted “if you don’t stop i’m going to cum.”

You stopped not wanting him to cum to soon.  He sat up and pulled you on top of him. He held you up by your waist as you lined you his hard member with your entrance. You slid down on it making him throw his head back “Fuck.” He moaned. He took in the feeling of your tightness around him. You started to ride him in a slow rhythm. The feeling of him inside of you took control as you let out a loud moan. 

He bite his bottom lips as he tried to keep his eyes open so he could watch bounce up and down. Little beads of sweat sat on your forehead, you bit your lip as you got lost the euphoria of him inside of you. The sight almost made him cum. 

You started gaining speed. You started to kiss up and down his neck as his moans got louder. You licked over his adams apple making him flip you over gaining control.

He didn’t waste anytime as he started to pound into your g-spot making you scream his name.Each thrust felt like heaven. You saw stars as your orgasm sneaked up on you, without any warning you came around him. You shivered as you came back down from you high.

The feeling of your warmth pulsing around him, pulling him deeper made him cum in you. He lied on you breathing heavily as he came down from his own high. He looked at you and flashed you his box smile.


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It’s week two of promotions for our Summer Spectacle winning team, Falcon Helldiver!! This week we’re promoting some of the team’s lesser known treasures, so if you missed these gems the first time around, here’s a second chance to give them some love.

Strawberries and Lemonade [not rated]

“Oh my God, why are there so many zucchinis?” Stiles jabbed at the ground with his spade. “They’re spawning like fish.”

“It’s a garden,” Derek said dryly. “It does that.”

Getting Away [not rated]

Derek tossed the duffel bags into the bedroom and flicked on the fans. He’d had someone come out and clean up the beach house and air it out, but it still smelled a little too much like cleaning supplies and stale air for his tastes.

He went back out to the main room, where Stiles stood between the living room and the kitchen, surveying the house with his hands shoved in his back pockets. “I can’t believe you have a beach house sitting out here that no one knows about.”

First Snow [not rated]


Stiles groaned into his pillow and half-turned to Derek. “Your kids are up.”

Derek didn’t even open his eyes. “Our kids.”

Stiles burrowed further under the comforter and pretended he couldn’t hear the little footfalls in the hallway. “It’s still dark outside. They’re YOUR kids.”

Husband Mine [E]

Derek woke to lips at the nape of his neck, brushing open-mouthed kisses along the skin, and a warm palm spreading right over his heart. He threaded his fingers through the hand on his chest and pressed back into the body curled against him.

A smile curved into the back of his neck. “Good morning, husband,” Stiles said between kisses.

Flower Moon [not rated]

There are flowers in his apartment.

Derek frowns and walks over to them. They have to be for Cora. Her scent is the only other one in the apartment, and Derek can’t imagine someone sending him flowers. It’s a beautiful bouquet, with red amaryllis, bright yellow daffodils, and in the very center, three red tulips.

But there’s a card on the table–an actual card, not just one of the small ones florists stick into the bouquets–and Derek sees his name on it in a familiar scrawl.

His heart catches in his chest, and he picks up the envelope and opens it.