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Where do you live Gyro?

Gyro: I live in a cave in a forest, near a river and a couple of woodland meadows. It’s peaceful, when there aren’t any emergencies. The cave is actually way deeper than just the entrance, but… as for where ‘here’ is

Gyro: STAIR stands for Spacio-Temporal And Interdimensional Regulation. It was a small unit that was set up a while ago, way before I was born, but for a long time most of the people in it didn’t have much to do. Over the past few years, though, a lot of stuff that falls under STAIR’s jurisdiction has been happening… The current STAIR Squad was assembled and updated sort of recently, I think.

Gyro: So the entrance to STAIR’s base of operations is actually inside our cave now - I’m not allowed to go in yet, but one day… That’s why I’m not altogether too sure where here is, it’s all very secret.

I’ve mentioned it before, but all of the other Pokemon with STAIR hang around our home now as well. It’s really inspiring to hear all of their stories about catching criminals who are messing about with the space-time continuum!

We have the decontamination chamber because when you’re hopping through time portals and into other dimension, you never know what things you might get exposed to. It doesn’t just help with radiation - there are a whole lot of settings for diseases or pressure or the after-effects of mind-control even!

Gyro: I technically belong to my dad’s Trainer, but I’m being allowed to grow up semi-wild. When I’m old enough to go on missions, my Poke Ball is going to be smashed and I’ll be registered with Mum’s partner human, who’s a Pokemon Ranger.

Mod: phew *wipes sweat from brow* that’s a long post! Hope a few of the little hints I’ve sprinkled around make more sense now.

*presses fingers together* Welcome to STAIR.

Hey look, in one of the panels you get a teeny glimpse at one of the humans that Gyro knows! I’ve decided that yes, they are going to appear at some point, but just as gradually and rarely as all the other Pokemon planned. Unless I get a ton of questions about them all! Heh.

OH I should probably clarify if I haven’t before - Gyro is 15, right, but in Pokemon years, not human years. In human years he’s about 2?

I also added a few more things to the references tab!