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The Signs summed up

Aries: Usually deemed “immature” but they’re really just full of life and vigor. Fun to hang out with or to be around. 

Taurus: Complains a lot, and has a witty edge to them that can shock you sometimes. Not the best secret keeper though. 

Gemini: Either really sweet, or really mean. Likes to be around others whether they’re outgoing or shy. Interesting facial expressions. 

Cancer: Like Gemini, they’re either super nice, or super mean. Either way, they love their friends. Sometimes does little nice gestures for you. 

Leo: Generous to a fault, and overall very loving. Sometimes cocky and immature, but in the end they have a heart of gold. 

p: Virgo: Can be a bit cold sometimes. Really booksmart, but when it comes to common sense… Not so much. Most of the time really trustworthy, but if they’re angry they will hurt you. 

Libra: Tough on the outside, but actually a big softie. Pretty nice most of the time tbh. Always fair and sees things for how they are. 

Scorpio: They actually have a little bit of pride in them. Rarely shows it though. Understanding and compassionate. Doesn’t sugar-coat things. 

Sagittarius: Stands out from society in some way or another. Breaks all stereotypes and rules. Really nice to have as friends, they care a lot. 

Capricorn: Protective and tries to be stern (but they’re not trust me). Really sweet personality and will go to the end of the world for you. 

Aquarius: Really up down and all over the place. Unpredictable most of the time. They’re really quite independent, but don’t mind being a team player. 

Pisces: Actually quite outgoing. One of the sweetest of the signs, they will help you and care for you. They can be quite spacy at times. 

The Signs Summed Up

Aries: Usually deemed “immature” but they’re really just full of life and vigor. Fun to hang out with or to be around.

Taurus: Complains a lot, and has a witty edge to them that can shock you sometimes. Not the best secret keeper though.

Gemini: Either really sweet, or really mean. Likes to be around others whether they’re outgoing or shy. Interesting facial expressions.

Cancer: Like Gemini, they’re either super nice, or super mean. Either way, they love their friends. Sometimes does little nice gestures for you.

Leo: Generous to a fault, and overall very loving. Sometimes cocky and immature, but in the end they have a heart of gold.

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You Like That?

Title: You Like That?

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,025 (I know it’s long, but it’s worth it) (that’s what He said lol)

Warnings: SMUT!! Hair pulling kink, Praise kink, bondage, dom/sub

Anonymous said: Can you possibly do one where reader and Dean are best friends and he has a thing for her and has secret kinks, and the reader somehow does different things and finds out about all those kinks? Like maybe one could be that he has a hair pulling kink and one day the reader is playing with his hair and tugs it a little and Dean like moans or something

A/N: Anon I hope you’re reading this and liking it! I know some people wanted it in two parts but I just thought it flowed so much better this way. Enjoy!!


Dean whirled around, dumping the bowl of popcorn all over the floor. “Shit Y/N, you scared me.”

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to. What are you up to?” You bent down to help him pick up the popcorn. “I’m super bored and Sam left for the weekend.”

Dean’s eyes dropped to the floor. “I, um, I was going to watch a movie. If you want you can join, gotta make more popcorn though.”

Grabbing Dean’s shoulder to help you up you wiped your hands on your pants before resting them on your hips, “I’ll set it up while you make it.” When Dean didn’t respond you snapped your fingers in his face. “Dean, did you hear me?”

“Huh? Wha-“ Dean’s words were lost as he looked up at you standing over him.

“Did you hear me? I’ll set up the movie while you make more. You okay dude? You’ve been really spacy lately.”

“No, yeah I’m fine, just tired. The movie is by my TV, I’ll be there in a minute or two.”

Dean’s POV

Waiting for Y/N to leave the room you stood up, letting out the breath you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. Adjusting yourself you headed to the counter, grabbing the bag of microwave popcorn. Dude, keep it together! You gotta stop acting like such a spazz around her!

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BTS reacting to you getting a bad haircut.


Jin would try to be super nice about I, but he’d be honest about it too. He wouldn’t come out and say it was bad. He would try to lighten your mood by saying he had lots of hats you could wear if you wanted to. “Well, it’s not the worst haircut you could have gotten, right? Don’t worry your pretty little head!” See what I did there?

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He would try not to laugh at you. He doesn’t really care that you got a bad haircut, he would just think it’s funny. If he noticed you were really upset, he would comfort you. Yoongi would remind you that it’s just hair and it honestly doesn’t matter. “It’s gonna grow back, beautiful. I love you anyways.”

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Hobi wouldn’t say much to you at first because he just wouldn’t know what to say. When you finally ask you what was wrong he would make the “J-Nope” face. “I liked your hair before, but its okay now. You’re still as cute as ever though!”

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He would laugh a bit at first. Namjoon wouldn’t want you walk around like that so he would then take you to his professional stylist to try and get it fixed. “If you want you can come here from now on. I gotta make sure my girl is taken care of”

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He would feel really bad for you and try his hardest to make you feel better. Jimin would try to make jokes to make you laugh. “Wanna go back to that salon and beat whoever did this up?” He’d then give you a million compliments to try to remind you how gorgeous you are.

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Tae would have that spacy look on his face when he first saw you. He then would get a big grin on his face and run to the bathroom. a few moments later he would come back, hair completely butchered. “Hey!! We match now!!”

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Hi Hobi


Jungkook would try to say something but keep stumbling over his words. He’d leave for a moment to call one of they hyungs on what to say so he doesn’t accidently make you sad. He’d come back and give you a nice hug. “Hey, I’ve had my share of bad haircuts, too. They always grow out.”

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Okay so this is something I've seen done by a few other people but I was wondering if you could give it a shot..... ADHD Obi Wan? Either him trying to hide it and Anakin and everyone finding out and accommodating him, or it's a well known fact around the temple

Its the flinch that makes him sure that Obi-Wan hadn’t been paying attention, green eyes quickly focusing on him before smiling sheepishly down at Anakin. “Apologies padawan, I was…” He sighed a bit. “Just apologies.”

“Its alright Master but…this is the eight time today I lost you. Are you alright?” Anakin squeezed the older mans wrist again, staring up at him in confusion. He was starting to wonder if there was more reasons then just him being to old that lead to the Council keeping such close eye on the two of them.

The knight shifted a bit before sighing and gesturing for one of the salle benches. “Lets…sit down. I guess I should have told you from the start.” He sighed.

The blond frowned worriedly up at him but obediently moved with Obi-Wan to the bench and sat down, blinking at his teacher.

Rubbing the scruff on his chin, Obi-Wan thought over how to explain it to the ten year old.

“I have…a disorder. A mental one.” He started slowly, feeling Anakin’s eyes on him as he stared at his knees. “Its not contagious and I’m not insane, though sometimes I certainly feel it.” He gave a hollow laugh.

Small hands took his and Obi-Wan looked quickly at the blond who was giving him a serious look. “Its not nice to say bad things about yourself.” He offered as seriously as he could.

“…No but I’m good at saying bad things about myself. See, the thing is Anakin…I have something called attention deficit hyperactive disorder, or ADHD for short.” He fiddled with the small hands, rubbing them lightly while focusing on how tanned Anakin was.

“…That’s a long word for something.” Anakin blinked up at the man who was not looking him in the eye anymore.

“Yes, yes it is. That’s why it usually goes by its abbreviation, ADHD, much more manageable.”

“But what does that mean for you?” The blond shuffled closer, squeezing the big hands holding his.

“Generally its considered a disorder that makes it hard to behave, control your emotions, pay attention and have excessive energy for activity.” The Jedi Knight took a deep breath. “As for what it means for me…”

His shoulders slumped a bit.

“For me it means I get distracted easily, I fidget a lot and have issues sitting still, focusing on one single task without becoming bored unless it interests me, I very easily show my emotions and I can have sensory overload. There used to be more but Master Qui-Gon helped me cope with those. And unlike what you may hear if you talk to people, I had very good grades even if I couldn’t sit still for long periods.” Obi-Wan offered softly if a bit sadly.

Anakin stared at the other and started putting a few things into place. “You shake your foot often while talking to people, or wiggle that rubber band around your fingers.” He pointed out.

“Yeah, that’s how I cope with the fidget. I also have medication but it makes me…” Obi-Wan blew his breath, ruffling his hair. “It sometimes makes me very lackluster or spacy as you may say. And I have a few other things that associates with the disorder but those aren’t that important.”

Anakin blinked before leaning in and hugging the other around the chest, smiling up at him. “Well, if it helps, I think its pretty wizard that you’re you. I don’t mind if you have a few problems.” He offered, beaming up at him.

The older man blinked before smiling back at him and trapping Anakin in a tight hug.

It was when Anakin got older that he understood what the ‘other things’ were.

Obi-Wan had anxiety and self doubts that was related to his disorder.

Obi-Wan thought he was a slouch and lazy yet cleaned their apartment alone and trained and feed them both. Obi-Wan was fearful that others only tolerated him though he hid it well.

And Obi-Wan’s medicine gave him insomnia and made him lose his appetite.

Anakin could only watch in worry some days when Obi-Wan grew gaunt only to suddenly bounce back and put the weight he lost back on.

Other times he had to carefully encourage the other out of bed and coax him into his routines. Routines Anakin had learned were important because it encouraged Obi-Wan to eat, work out, do his work and hold him active in a way that worked out for him.

And then were the days Obi-Wan needed space.

Needed to just lay on the couch with all the lights off and his soft robes on, a blanket over him and not do anything. Just lay in a dim area as quietly as possible.

Anakin usually worked on homework or went to see friends when those days came.

This was Anakin’s master and Anakin had learned to be mindful about what the older man sometimes needed. And he really disliked Palpatine talking about Obi-Wan appearing lazy by not escorting Anakin to the Supreme Chancellor.

“Obi-Wan?” The blond teen peeked out of the kitchen at the couch where the other was laying on his back with his legs over the arm lean and a datapad in his hands.

“Mmmn? Yes Anakin?” The other lifted his head.

“Do I have to go back to the Supreme Chancellor?” He wiped his hands on a kitchen towel and Obi-Wan blinked, sitting up fully and giving Anakin’s his full attention despite his foot twitching around.

“No but could you tell me why?”

“He…I don’t like some of the stuff he’s saying. That’s all. And I really didn’t like the bar he took me to.” Anakin wrinkled his nose.

Obi-Wan dropped his datapad in surprise. “Bar?!” He rasped and got to his feet. “He took you to a bar?”


“Anakin, you’re barely thirteen. You’re not ALLOWED in bars. There’s a reason I never bring you to any. The Supreme Chancellor brought you to a bar…” Obi-Wan ran his hands through his hair and then looked sharply at his padawan. “Anakin has he ever said or done something that made you uncomfortable?”

“Errm, yes?”

“Oh Force…he hasn’t…touched you has he?” Obi-Wan stared at the other, wide eyes.

“What? You mean like-no! Nothing like that. You don’t think he-”

“He brought you to a bar!” Obi-Wan moved towards him and picked Anakin up on his shoulder, heading for the door. “We are going to talk to the Council, now!”

“Master!” Anakin yelped.


“And now for our emergency news cast. Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine has been called in for inappropriate interactions with a junior padawan of the Jedi Order. The padawan in question has not been named or even species identified as they are a minor by their race standards. The chancellor has declined to comment but several Senators have confirmed that he has been seen in underage padawans company without their masters in view. More on this case tomorrow.”

Some years ago, I was incredibly in love with a boy. It was this kind of love which is really intense. It was this kind of love which don’t need words but just a look or a smile. It was love at first sight. At least, for me…because he doesn’t felt the same. I really loved him and we were in the same class for only a year and it was my worst year at school. I was bullied by mean girls and mean boys everyday. They made me feel not beautiful at all so I was very sad and I didn’t want to go to school anymore. I didn’t give up and there are mostly two reasons of why I’ve never give up. You and him. You, Taylor, you were always there for me with your music and you helped me so much to stay strong. Him, I can’t say that he was in love with me but I can’t say that he wasn’t in love with me either. First of all, we were friends. He was the only person I wanted to see in school and the only person who made me happy in school. He was always the first to come talk to me in the morning, he always smiled at me, he was always so sweet with me. When I was about to cry in front of these mean girls and mean boys, he watched me, he told me a joke or something to make me laugh and he smiled at me to make me feel better. He also defended me sometimes and I can’t thank him enough for that. I never told him that I loved him, I’ve had regrets for years for that, and he never told me that he loved me but there was something magical between us. When we were together, we were so happy, we smiled so much, we laughed so much, he always knew how to make me so happy and I felt beautiful when he watched me. As you can see it, he was really important for me during this year. Now, it’s still really intense everytime I see him in the city. No words, just one really intense look and a smile sometimes. Today, I’m fine and I’m so happy but let me explain why I choose this picture of you and Austin Spacy. Austin makes me think of my first love during All You Had To Do Was Stay in the 1989 World Tour. When you sing this song on stage, you sing this line “You were all I wanted but not like this” right in front of him. I completely know this feeling. It’s like me singing that right in front of my first love. We were friends but I wanted more, but we were friends and he saved me, like you did too Taylor. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and for everything you keep doing for me Taylor. You teached me that I can be happy without being in love of a boy. Thank you so much for everything!!!! I love you so much Taylor!!!! ❤️ @taylorswift

In Herba Veritas

From a prompt ages ago, a college AU featuring weed; my last remaining WIP – enjoy!

A week of these buzzing fragrant late-May days where spring’s been shading into summer, the light holding out longer, the air warmer even after sunset. Outdoor study dates, lunches on the steps in the quad, and a tiny little spray of freckles has appeared across Scully’s winter-white collarbones, sweet cinnamon blossoms he imagines are one of the harbingers of the season to come.

He wishes he could look forward to it, this first summer with her, wishes they both had different plans than their actual ones. But next week is finals, then she’s off to this brainiac accelerated pre-med intensive on the opposite coast for ten weeks and he’s so proud of her for being selected that he’s just about bursting with it; also he wants to fling himself directly into the sun from the pain of being separated from her for so long so he doesn’t think about it if he can help it. He’ll be on the Vineyard, for hopefully the last time, working on his thesis in the stifling-hot attic, writing to her every day when he’s had enough of Decoupling Neurodivergence and the Criminal Impulse, having a sad, silent dinner with his mother every evening, going for long runs on the beach in hopes of being able to drop instantly off to sleep at night, alone in a too-short single bed that suddenly feels much too big without her.

But for now — ahh, for now, they do have the now.

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Zootopia Fanfiction Take A Stand: Star of Ceartais Ch.15- Hearts and Minds

(AN/ Hey Folks it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Star of Ceartais. Sorry I’m a day late, had a very busy weekend which included going to Manchester Comic con. As always thank you to everyone who liked, faved, followed, reblogged and reviewed the last chapter, i really appreciate it. A massive thank you to the SOC development team especially @alexboehm55144 who wrote a excerpt of this chapter. So without further ado let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 15- Hearts and Minds.

Spitfire was not in the right frame of mind to be fighting crime at the moment, in fact she was merely watching on as Scarlet restrained three criminals with cable ties and during the proceeding fight all she had done was fire a single tranq dart at a brawler. Scarlet and Robyn were patrolling the Meadowlands when they heard smashing glass and shouts of anger coming from a few streets away, they arrived to find a group of right wing thugs smashing up a gay bar and attacking the innocent patrons but all the way through the fight Spitfire couldn’t concentrate on what was going on, her mind was on her time with Blake nearly 24 hours before…

The Previous Night at Gusteaus…

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Hey Red, I've been getting a lot of people in my inbox recently telling me I don't belong in LGBT spaces for being pan and being in a "straight-passing" relationship with my gf. what can I do about that? I'm afraid someone's gonna call me out

realize “being a pan dude with a girlfriend” makes for a fucking ridiculous callout and anons on tumblr have zero effect on the lgbt spacies you actually inhibit.

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Hey man, I have no requests for you unfortunately, But I just want to clear you out that my intention was not to harm you i swear, I didnt want to harm either you or spacy I wanted to make you realize what you did, I love you man you're my biggest inspiration not only for art but also for growing and fixing all mistake you have made, becoming mature. I hope you can forgive me If I made you feel bad, I hope I can cheer you up somehow soon

no need to worry! you had your rights
I acknowledge that I’ve been an asshole but I can’t be always perfect rite? I freaked out because even the smallest drama reminds me of,, that one
But anyways I realized my mistake and I learned that maybe I should try to touch private conversations PFT

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Guys I know that Sleepykinq is your idol and I want to say that he is an idol for me too (even princecahin, all my friends are) but please this dosn’t mean that you can came to me to ask only about him
I’m talking about princechain too that he got a lot of asks like “where is skrill?” or “is he ok?” “why he is not online?!” we can’t tell ALL about him, what he is doing, why he did that, why he didn’t and bla bla bla. I am Spacy not Skrill, nice to meet you. I show you my friend Sam, he isn’t skrill too! it was nice to meet US ?
Now please is it ok sOME TIME asking about other friends but not always.
Sleepykinq is not the only one animator there is more and more, obv he is a really awesome artist and its ok if you think it! but just try to do not think ONLY about him
don’t relate EVERYTHING about him (or mystery :/) Its really rude and annoying.
don’t do it- an artist can be offended about that, it can be ok “I like your art” the end. There is no need to “I do this for sleepykinq” really.

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''Tis I Fluffy, Spacy, I claim you for my team. We need space fluff. I'm responding to Not-Angst-Anon about Harley. Phantom knows the baby. She was adopted by another ghost who had always wanted a child and never gotten one. Little Alexander is heathy(for a ghost) and, so far, obsession free. Danny arranges for Alex and her adoptive mom to "haunt" Quinn about twice a month. Harley loves them both and is glad her baby has a good home.

DWAAAAAA! Harley would let Phantom update her on her ghost baby and how the little one is doing.

I think I’ll just drop that here as an single picture, too. Was made for a ‘Draw your favorite ygo character in what you’re wearing right nowdrawing game. But the upload quality in the thread was just poor.

I don’t know if the Dark Magician could count as an actual character, but I chose him anyway because my lovely space-poncho I wore was quite fitting :D He looks fabulous.

Also my shoe-laces do have a galaxy-print, too. It was a spacy day yesterday!