My project with Rolling Stone magazine was for Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys and his new group ‘The Arcs.’ The idea was to make this trippy, as his new group possesses that psychedelic vibe. Hence the wavy pattern, rose pattern, color palette, and overall wonky vibe. I’ve seen a lot of psychedelic art, design, photography etc. It’s all very bright, neon-like, and fuzzy or blurry at times. I was hoping to stay away from too much of that for this image. It didn’t seem necessary to transport this new group back to the 1960’s just because their sound can be affiliated with that era. I feel that one can achieve a psychedelic vibe without entirely emulating the poster design and album art from the 1960’s. And for that reason, I chose to incorporate spacial elements; a galactic black hole of sorts. I feel that many folks can easily joke about that “existential stigmatic thinking” which can at times be associated with the psychedelic era. With that said, I’m very pleased with the final product in regards to color. Aside from the pattern here, It doesn’t instantly scream psychedelic, and that’s something that creates a certain level of elongated interest for me.