im gonna mix a can of red bull with seventeen shots of espresso in a fishbowl and then chug it while kids by mgmt plays in the background so i can perceive twenty-three spatial dimensions and fight my own soul


Yono and the Celestial Elephants 

developed by Niklas Hallin  |  Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux  

“Spacial puzzles, treasure hunts, combat and a world full of people. Play as a young elephant tasked to save a world he’s never seen before, and explore the delicate cultural and political situations in a world where humans, zombies and robots live side by side.”

I was tempted to replace all the text with “squeeee”.  I’ve managed to hold myself together.  x_x

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Yono before the switch from 2D to 3D, you can learn more here.  I’m not sure which style I prefer, I need both!

SO, what do we know about our boy Coran so far?

- Royal Advisor 
- Valued enough by Alfor to have been put in stasis with Allura as her future guardian
- May be goofy as shit when he wants, but those protective reflexes aren’t a joke
- Neither is his aim
- Ex-military (Apparently boot camp from hell crosses all planetary boundaries)
- Cooking skills are in question. Is he a terrible cook in general or does Hunk just outclass him? (More or less depends on what’s funnier at the time)
- Family was involved with both building the Castle of Lions and the harvesting of the Balmera crystals (possibly either raised in the servant class or a military brat. or both!)
- Knows all about the training regimens and bonding exercises for the previous team of Paladins
- And repair/upkeep of the Castle
- And the weapons systems
- And assorted spacial trivia (good with star maps!)
- Closeups show he has the same funky pupils as Allura and Alfor, so it seems that’s a species trait, not a royal trait. Probably just not as noticeable because of the difference in the way his and Allura’s eyes are drawn.
- Did not attempt shapeshifting for a covert mission, despite Allura later claiming it’s a species skill. (is there a specific reason, or is that one of those “oh, got a bit scrambled there” things? Is it possible he’s one of few Alteans who can’t? That would put an interesting spin on his position.)
- Just as homesick as Allura despite putting on a happy face for for everyone or running the behind the scenes stuff. Apparently telling stories about home is his coping method?
- REALLY FRIKKIN HAPPY to get some shots in at the Galran Central Command (and who can blame him?)

In short: Dang I hope we get some pre-invasion flashbacks in season 2, cause there is SO MUCH INTRIGUE GIMME MORE


// im tony stark and these are my cave scraps

I don’t use patterns because I am a pretentious asshole can’t afford them but I do like to have a basic layout of what kind of lines I need to cut so I make these sort of patterns for myself. Usually I do them on sticky notes but .. since I did this one on a computer, I thought I would post a picture in case anyone with similar weird spacial reasoning wanted to make this costume. 

most of the pictures in my reference workspace thing at the top are from the RPF forum on Hux’s costume (which is super helpful and also I want to buy a blaster from that one guy wow). There’s one seam on my diagram I made that I’m not sure about (see if you can spot it) but otherwise this is how I’m going to make my version :3