AHHHHH 4K followers!!! You guys rock. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve all of you?? If I could, I’d buy my own private jet and fly around and meet all of you so I could hug you all! Anyhow, to celebrate I’m doing Tumblr awards! (and yes it is kitty cat themed :D )

  • Mbf me.
  • Reblog this post to enter, likes only count as a bookmark.
  • End date is May 7th, winners announced soon after.
  • Must get 40 notes.
  • Will add runner ups, depending on notes. *Edit: there will be 2 runner ups per category. /(or 3 winners total; idk I suck at choosing among people)
  • The Ragdoll Award- Best Doctor Who
  • The Siberian Award- Best Supernatural
  • The Persian Award- Best Sherlock
  • The Tabby Award- Best New Girl
  • The Himalayan Award- Best Multi-fandom
  • The Siamese Award- Best theme
  • The Sphynx Award- Best URL
  • The Russian Blue Award- Nicest blogger
  • The Tuxedo Award- Best original work (graphics/edits/gifs/etc)
  • The Cyprus Award- Best Overall
  • (I’ll add best Merlin, Star Trek, and other categories depending on notes and the variety of blogs that enter)
  • Follow back from me if not already following.
  • Group promo when winners are announced.
  • A spot on my hella rad tumblr award winners’ page and the link to the page will go on my updates tab.
  • 1 graphic request (I normally do GIFs but I’ll give it a go, yeah?)
  • Friendship and eternal love ❤

woooo (*^ワ^*)

this is a way of saying thank you for putting up with my blog and myself. I love you guys <3

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