Brooklyn-based artists SpaceWolf Limited create beautifully engraved wooden posters for beloved movies and TV shows. Each image is created in a limited run of 50 pieces on US-sourced cherry hardwood that’s laser-engraved and then hand-oiled. They also make engraved wooden iPhone skins, journals and laser-cut wooden jewelry.

Visit the SpaceWolf Limited website to check out more of their work and follow them on Instagram to keep up with their latest creations.

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Engraved Wooden Posters With A Laser

Artist SpaceWolf, based in Brooklyn, has created a series of engraved posters with laser, in limited edition, inspired by the pop culture : from Frankenstein to Godzilla, through Game of Thrones, Alien and True Detective, a beautiful work of precise and meticulous handmade, to discover in images.

Thank you so much @spacewolfltd for sending me this amazing engraved wooden poster of art inspired by Evil Dead 2 the movie 💕💕💕 so many amazing works of art on their website! Can’t wait to hang this in my room #spacewolf

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Ulrik the Slayer by Lil'Legend Studio

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