Robogotchi says “hi everyone”. Anyways i’ve been busy so i haven’t really been posting much lately. I’ve been working on a zine and some other stuff behind the scenes which i can’t show you yet. I’m also in the Illustrator Spotlight now along with some other scarily talented people so thats exciting. Anyway I’ll answer some asks now. Bloop bloop.

alfredspennyworth asked you: aw man I barely know of any Australian artists on tumblr, but you’re an Aussie, right? this is so exciting for me, haha!
  • I am indeed, I’m not alone though here are a couple of others you might like who make cool things in the comics/animation department. There are probably more that i don’t know are Australian, anyway these guys are all great:
  1. Mr. Buffalo 
  2. Steps Over Snails
  3. Melaphantastic
spacewinter asked you: How do you do it, the second you post your art, it spreads like a wild fire. It’s amazing lol. any tips to share :( ?
  • I sold my soul a long time ago and I recommend you do the same. I don’t really know what to tell you I just keep on keeping on. I update fairly consistently and I hope that the stuff i do post is of a pretty high quality. You should always tag your stuff and use the featured tags so people see it (illustration, comics, artists on tumblr etc) and just be kind to people, civility costs you nothing.
ravenskar asked you: I’ve just stumbled upon your blog, and it has brought me so much joy! I love your quirky style and sense of humour. You also like butts – as do I! You’re also based in Melbourne – as am I! Tumblr is a lovely place. I shall follow you now. 
  • Thank you i’m glad you enjoy what i post! Melbourne is the art capital of Australia, and there are also lots of butts around so I guess we live in a good part of the world.
de-collaged asked you: hello hello! omg i am in love with your illustrations/comics :-) i hope i can draw like you one day!
  • Thank you! I hope you draw BETTER than me one day. 
demonmidget asked you: DO YOU LIKE PONIES?
  • By ponies i’m going to assume you're referring to the My Little variety rather than actual horses and well… no… no i don’t. I’ve never watched it and i doubt i ever will. 
Bye guys, have a good weekend.