I finished the littler Rarity I was making to help SpaceVoyager test out her new pattern! The pattern is super cute and will hopefully be available for sale on etsy soon.

It’s a great pattern and I would highly recommend it for anyone who has at least a little previous sewing experience and wants to make a pony. The pattern will, as far as I know, only be for a unicorn, pegasus, or earth pony body and will not include manes or tails. I patterned Rarity’s mane and tail myself since it seemed more fun to make a complete pony than just a body!

I’m helping Spacevoyager test her new pattern. Of course I’m making a Rarity with it! I decided to use metallic thread for the main part of the iris because sparkle always does the trick when it comes to Rarity! I did it in all embroidery rather than applique/embroidery because it’s significantly smaller than the eyes for my standard sized plushies and the applique would probably not have worked as well at this size.

Hopefully I’ll get her sewn together this weekend. The pattern looks really nice and I know Space is really excited to get it finalized for release.

anonymous asked:

Spacevoyages eh? Have you ever even been on a space voyage?

now, I’m no scientist, and I failed my fair share of math tests, but I know I am currently sitting on a giant hunk of rock that travels 584 million miles around a star every year at a speed of 67,000 mph. this means I personally have traveled approximately 1.2 billion miles through space in my life. and that’s not taking into account the fact that the solar system is also traveling at about 500,000 mph around the milky way. plus a bunch of other numbers that I can’t keep track of.

so, yeah, I have been on a space voyage. I’m on one right now.

and so are you, friend.


I sent my new pattern to a few artists who volunteered to test it. Here’s a big thanks to those of you who are helping me get this pattern ready for release!

Rarity was made by white-heather & Spitfire was made by sophilliaplush at 60% of the original pattern size.

As a recap, a prototype of the finalized version of my pattern is at the bottom.

It will be available for future release through my etsy shop for $10. You will receive the base pattern plus the patterns for open & closed pegasus wings, and the unicorn horn.

I still have a lot to do before the release. There are still some minor edits I need to do to make sewing easier and I’ll be making blank prototypes for earth, pegasus, and unicorn mares to visually represent what you can make. Full instructions with pictures will be included with the pattern along with a copyright notice.

I’ll release more info and progress as it happens. Thank you everyone for being so supportive!