spacetour dvd

Ahhh I need to see SPACETour DVD!!!!

But I can’t buy it cuz I’m a broke lame-o. ):

Is there ANY way anyone can help me with this problem? I would consider you one of the awesomest people in the world! Like I’m talkin Team Starkid status. Not good enough? How about headmaster Zefron status? I promise I’m going to buy the actual DVD as SOOOON as I can but I don’t have the money for it now and I have to save whatever money I do get for college for the next few months. :P I just can’t wait for that long to see these crazy behind the scenes things that everyone has been posting about. Help a sista out? lol no? okay ):

Just sayin

People need to chill about them not getting their SPACETour DVDs. I ordered 2 shirts and a headband the MONDAY of Merch Madness and still haven’t gotten it, so I highly doubt you’ll be getting your DVDs too soon and if you have, you’re lucky. I understand you’re all excited to get them, dead god knows I wish I had been patient enough to wait the whole week and get it, but seriously AATC are obviously super busy and are trying to get your orders to you as fast as they can. Just be patient people.