I’m honestly not too fond of Samus’s Zero suit (more so due to practicality) So, I decided to do a fan redesign. I used the same pose as the figurine to the left so that I could compare proportions. Note that her current design has been altered since then:   http://cdn0.vox-cdn.com/assets/4263733/Screen_shot_2014-04-08_at_3.27.47_PM.png
I’ll probably end up concepting a fully decked out version of the power suit (or power mecha) in the future just because…that’s really where Metroid is at. The Power suit is so important and these two outfits should work together.

inspired by: a few pilot suits along with Ridley Scott’s: Aliens (just because the Metroid series and those movies have some similarities). I am aware of the zero suits original purpose but I took some creative liberties.

edit: here’s some more brainstorming thumbnails  http://fhrann.tumblr.com/post/118499995839/bit-of-an-oldie-i-made-these-eight-fan-designs-of


NASA’s New Spacesuit Looks Like Buzz Lightyear’s.

It might make the astronaut wearing it look like a real-life Buzz Lightyear, but a new prototype spacesuit that NASA just finished testing represents the first major overhaul in spacesuit technology since 1998.

Flexible, white, and lime green accented, the suit — known as the Z-1 — is designed not only to help astronauts comfortably maneuver during spacewalks in microgravity, but also to deftly move about when walking on the surface of a planet or other smaller heavenly body, like an asteroid.”


An illustrated timeline of spacesuit design.

Some incredible Redditors have compiled a visual timeline of spacesuits designed for use in the space program. The chart includes both Soviet, Russian and American space suits as well as technology demonstrators, prototype, and  other suits that didn’t actually make it into space.

Check out the full-sized image here.

Interestingly enough, the G5C suit used on Gemini 8 isn’t included on here, although its immediate two predecessors are. Those were modified G3C suits and only used on that mission. Additionally, the Apollo A1C suit, a modified Gemini G3C, is not included either. That was to be used for the ill-fated Apollo 1 and cancelled Apollo 5 crewed missions.

Behold, the Innards of a Spacesuit

Ever wondered what the inside of a spacesuit looks like? Neither had I, really. Last week, however, the world had reason to consider the inner workings of the garment that my new favorite site on all the Internet refers to as the “space costume.” A suit malfunction occurred nearly two hours into a planned six-hour space walk, causing NASA first to abruptly abort the walk and second to begin examining what might have caused a space suit – a high-tech spaceship for one – to spring a leak.

Read more. [Image: Mark Avino and Roland H. Cunningham, Smithsonian Institution]