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Since Leia was in a star wars rebels episode, I wonder if we are going to see Luke in the Twin Suns episode. Like maybe he gives Erza directions or we see him in the background crowd of in town, or he pokes a collapsed Maul faintly muttering “Kenobi” with a stick or something.

It would be cool to see him animated style.

victoriajustice: Just an alien whose spaceship landed in the desert, looking for a certain music festival & a good time 👽🌵💕 Did this really cool photoshoot right before Coachella in Palm Springs. This art installation was created by @phillipksmith3 & is called “Circle of Land & Sky”. It’s part of the #desertx 2017 art project. 🙌🏼 Creative Director/Styling: @allantroy_ 📸: @bridger
Makeup: @iwantalexx
Hair: @mateo_sifuentes
Bodysuit: @deathbydollsofficial 👠: @privilegedshoes

Everyone is freaking out over Steven Universe like, “ NOOO Steven is in SPACE and they don’t have a ship” when one of the newest episodes showed one of those giant hand spaceships buried in the desert.

They have a ship. Lion knows where the ship is. Peridot knows how to drive that sucker. It’s good, it’s all good.

Walter x Daniels - Headcanons (Part 1)


Alright, I have been wanting to do this for a while, if only to sort out the thoughts in my head for a Walter/Daniels fanfic ;) They’re a work-in-progress right now, but I hope you guys like them anyway!

Okay, so ignoring that bullshit ending (what ending? It ended with Walter promising to help Daniels build a log-cabin, duh)…

  • They get to Origae-6 and it’s everything they could have hoped for, really; Walter awakens Daniels first because she’s the captain and then Tennessee. They go to check the planet out first before waking any colonists (after the last time they set down on a new planet, they’re not taking any chances) and it’s just like they had planned it to be. No threats in sight, no weird alien eggs, no deserted spaceships, no rogue blonde androids.

  • So they set about getting the colonists out and soon they start constructing the houses and village for the colony. Walter, even with one hand, proves to be a great help. There are a few wary glances because surely the captain knows she has to decommission him, he was just there for the journey but no one says a word. On Daniels’ request, a spare hand is found and attached to Walter (“Well, you’re more efficient this way,” She shrugs when he thanks her)
  • The question of what happened to the rest of the crew arises, of course, and Daniels has to decide whether to tell the truth or to spare them with a white lie. She doesn’t think that David will be able to find them, not unless he somehow finds another spaceship – and even so, it would be a seven year journey. However, surely the deceased crew deserve to be remembered and respected with honour, for their bravery? To her surprise, it’s Tennessee who suggests tweaking the truth – there would be no point in worrying the colonists, after all.

  • “There was a neutrino burst, and unfortunately we lost most of the crew because of it” – it’s not a lie, not really, but it’s not exactly the whole truth either.
  • After the final buildings have been constructed and the colony is celebrating, Walter approaches Daniels with the decommission pack and presents it to her silently. Tennessee pretends not to notice and puts some distance between himself and the two of them, suddenly interested in his beer.

  • Daniels just smiles weakly, “You still have to help me with my cabin – you’re not getting off that easy” – and for now that’s enough to make Walter nod in agreement because he did promise. She knows, however, that she won’t have that excuse forever.
  • They find a spot a short distance away from the colony, surrounded by beautiful foliage and by a lake; it’s perfect, just what her husband would have wanted. She hasn’t got a clue what the fuck to do, how to start, but Walter is more than adept; now with two hands, he helps to measure everything so that it’s correctly proportioned, memorises the blueprints and starts to help her replicate them.

  • Tennessee offers to help at first, but he steps down because he knows that this is something that Daniels and Walter have to do, just the two of them – he’d only be over-stepping a boundary, he feels.
  • It takes just over a month for the cabin to be built and finished, furnishings and all. Daniels feels unwell when she notices the bed that should have been for two and not one, when she looks around and wishes Jake were with her to celebrate – because this was what he dreamed of, why he had wanted to do this mission.

  • She spends that first night in the cabin alone, looking at photos of her husband and drinking beer that Tennessee has slipped to her. Walter leaves her, knowing that she needs some time alone. In the early hours after midnight, Daniels finds herself wishing that she’d asked Walter to stay with her – if only for some company.
  • The next afternoon, when Daniels rejoins the main colony area, Walter again presents her with the decommission pack – and she doesn’t have an excuse now really. At least, not a viable one. It’s her duty, she knows, as the captain to decommission Walter so that his parts can be used as building materials and the like, it’s what she has to do. She finds herself at a loss for words.

  • Tennessee steps in and jokes that they need his help taking apart the ship and storing things still – the colony is not completely settled just yet. Walter frowns, not quite understanding, but doesn’t argue.
  • Another week passes, and again Walter approaches Daniels with the decommission pack – she hesitates before making her decision right there and then: she can’t. She absolutely refuses to decommission him because she doesn’t know what she’d do without him.

  • “No, I’m not doing it.”
    Walter frowns. “But you are the captain. It is your duty-”
    “Fuck duty,” She interrupts. “I’m not decommissioning you, Walter. You’re a friend, and you deserve to be a part of this colony just as much as anyone else.”
    Tennessee just shrugs and grins. “You heard the lady – captain’s orders.”
  • Daniels starts to spend more and more time with Walter in the cabin they built; she doesn’t want to face the colonists, doesn’t want to have to force herself to smile for him – with Walter, he doesn’t care if she has to feel grief, she doesn’t have to pretend. Sometimes just knowing that he’s there, ready to listen and not make any judgements, is enough.

  • She has nightmares nearly every night, of course; about Jacob in the pod, about the aliens, about David. One night, she wakes sweating and crying – and she realizes that she doesn’t want to be alone, she doesn’t feel safe alone, so she throws one of Jacob’s old coats on and sets out for the colony area.
  • Walter doesn’t need to sleep, of course – he’s instead in a small tent reading to pass the time. He hears her footsteps and her breathing and exits the tent to find what’s wrong. To his surprise, Daniels is close to tears when she sees him and she wraps her arms around him; she doesn’t want to be alone, she’s terrified, so could he please just for tonight stay in the cabin with her? Not necessarily in the same room, she amends hurriedly, just in the cabin so that she knows she’s safe for the night.

  • It’s his duty to look after the crew and colonists, so he agrees immediately.
  • When Daniels awakes the next morning, hair sticking up and rings around her eyes, Walter is attempting to make her breakfast – he doesn’t eat it himself, but he thinks he knows how to make human food well enough.
  • (He really doesn’t – she nearly gags but she forces it down with a smile because it’s the thought that counts. She can teach him later how to scramble eggs, he’s a good learner)

  • That evening, as she retreats to the cabin after a day of dealing with the colonists, she looks back at Walter and hesitantly asks if perhaps he’ll stay the night again, just in the small area between the bedroom and the kitchen, so that she can feel safe. He sees no problems or errors with this, so he agrees and follows her there.
  • She has a nightmare that night about a dark creature ramming against glass, teeth bared, and she wakes screaming; Walter is there, checking her pulse and offering well-chosen words of comfort. Despite being a synthetic, his touch his surprisingly gentle and warm, and Daniels finds herself calming down. It’s not long until he soothes her back into sleep, albeit a short and groggy one that leaves her feeling tired – but not scared.

  • Within a few weeks, this has become the norm – and everyone has noticed it too. There are roughly two-thousand colonists, and it doesn’t take long for tongues to wag at the very idea that the captain is “shacking up” with an android of all things. Tennessee, the only one besides Walter and Daniels themselves, is the only one who knows the truth and he shuts down anyone who he hears bad-mouthing; the colonists like him because he is usually so easy-going, but on this topic he’s deadly serious.
  • As expected, it doesn’t take long at all before the colony begins to expand; pregnancies are being announced left and right, and it’s difficult to keep track of which couples are however far along. There are doctors in the colony, of course, but it’s surprisingly Walter who knows some of the best tactics to ease morning sickness or ease cramps. He knows how to work and fix equipment, he knows how far along each and every pregnant woman is, no confusion to be found, and the colony eases a tad with him – he is rather helpful.

  • And then, the following spring, someone goes into labour; it’s the first birth in the colony, and so everyone is rather on-edge – only Walter is unaffected, merely calculating the dilation of the cervix and estimating how long it will be until the baby arrives. His voice is smooth and comforting to the birthing mother, and he does not wince when she grips his hand so tight it would draw blood – if he had blood, that is. It takes a mere half an hour before the first ever baby – a girl – is squalling and kicking in the open.
  • Word spreads that Walter is a truly marvellous birthing partner; he doesn’t once lose his cool, remaining perfectly composed even as others are panicking. The colonists warm up to him even more, and everyone is suddenly glad that he wasn’t decommissioned. They overlook the fact that he spends every night in Daniels’ cabin for now – he’s only an android, after all, and the captain is mourning her husband still: nothing too untoward could be occurring, surely.

  • A couple of years after their arrival on Origae-6, Daniels realizes that she has feelings for Walter; she hadn’t thought she’d ever have feelings for another man, not after her husband, but she does – and it’s Walter, her friend, her confidante. Part of her argues that she should ignore it because he’s a synthetic and so it would be silly to assume – but then a wild, once-active part of her is stirring and it’s saying “who gives a fuck?” and “it’s now or never” because who knows what the future will bring?
  • Because this is Walter, and he is polite and sweet, it is Daniels who has to make “the first move”, and Walter hesitates for a number of reasons: for one, she is probably still grieving and saddened over the loss of her husband, so much so that she feels lonely. Secondly, he’s a synthetic and so he’s not sure that he can technically love like a human can – and that is not fair on Daniels, he feels. Finally, he’s sure that this would be crossing a line; Daniels has respect as the captain, and Walter is appreciated somewhat for his work, but the two of them together would be crossing a boundary that shouldn’t be crossed, surely.

  • Daniels, frankly, couldn’t give a fuck. “I don’t give a fuck,” She tells him with a shrug.
  • The truth is, however, that he’s somewhat hesitant because he does feel something for her – and he’s worried that this means he is becoming like David, that he is malfunctioning. A part of him is almost-afraid­ that he’s becoming dangerous, that he’ll be a threat to the colony – a threat to Daniels.

  • Suddenly two soft hands are on his face, a voice quiet and low; “you’re not anything like him,” She whispers firmly. “He was evil and deluded – but you, Walter, you’re good and kind.”
  • (A quick self-evaluation on himself reveals no malfunctions or short-circuits whatsoever, and a part of him is actually a bit relieved)

  • Daniels’ cabin becomes their cabin – it always has been, really, but now it’s slightly more official.
  • Nothing greatly changes, really; he does not sleep in the bed with her, though sometimes he will sit on the side until she falls asleep – and he is always close by in case he’s needed. He still makes awful breakfasts and tells awful jokes that make her laugh and wrinkle her nose. Now they hold hands in the privacy of the cabin; awkward kisses on the top of her head become more natural and fluid as they grow into their relationship.

  • It takes a few weeks before she notes that they haven’t actually kissed yet; Walter cocks his head and asks if that is something she would like. Daniels grins and clarifies that it’s only if he wants to because he’s not going to be forced into anything just because he’s a synthetic. He considers for a moment before giving a nod and deciding that yes, he does want to kiss her. It’s not exactly a perfect first kiss, it takes him a moment to learn and memorise the technique, but she’s smiling brightly afterwards and that makes him happier than he thought he would be.

More to come – stay tuned! :)

I got a new tattoo yesterday and I’m so happy with how it came out! I really love the desert, its my home man. I had gotten into The X-Files before i flew out to France over the summer and I had time to put something together from a reference I’d seen here on tumblr. Definitely doesn’t hurt that I have a Mean Girls quote in there too! I’m so in love and I was crying almost the whole time out of happiness! (and pain ;w;) The tiny cacti got me just about every time we took a break. They’re so small! Ughh, i just love it so much. Yes! My tattooer is extremely talented and I would recommend him to everyone. (: His instagram is @kevinfurnesstattoo . Its probably the best thing I’ve done in a while.

Karamel Fanfic #38

Title: New and Better Daxam

Prompt: When Kara finds out that Rhea is forcing Mon-El and Lena into an arranged marriage, she decides to go there and stop it. But what she finds there might not be what she expected…

Word Count: 9107

Also posted on AO3

Hey y'all!!!

Okay, so, normally, this fanfic was supposed to be a cute, funny, and ridiculous 2000-word one-shot, but when I was outlining it my mind got ahead of itself and added scene after scene, aaaaaand it ended up being slightly angsty and serious real fast. And 9000 words, let’s not forget that lol :)

Anyway, I hope you like this!

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