spaceships are hard


All that I want
Is to wake up fine
Tell me that I’m alright
That I ain’t gonna die

All that I want
Is a hole in the ground
You can tell me when it’s alright
For me to come out

(Hard times)
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
(Hard times)
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
(These lives)
And I still don’t know how I even survive
(Hard times)
(Hard times)

And I gotta get to rock bottom

Walking around
With my little raincloud
Hanging over my head
And it ain’t coming down

Where do I go?
Gimme some sort of sign
Hit me with lightning!
Maybe I’ll come alive

(Hard times)
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
(Hard times)
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
(These lives)
And I still don’t know how I even survive
(Hard times)
(Hard times)

And I gotta get to rock bottom

Tell my friends I’m coming down
We’ll kick it when I hit the ground
Tell my friends I’m coming down
We’ll kick it when I hit the ground
When I hit the ground
When I hit the ground
When I hit the ground
When I hit the ground

(Hard times)
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
(Hard times)
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
(These lives)
And I still don’t know how I even survive
(Hard times) Hard times
(Hard times) Hard times

(Hard times)
Gonna make you wonder why you even try
(Hard times)
Gonna take you down and laugh when you cry
(These lives)
And I still don’t know how I even survive
(Hard times) Hard times
(Hard times)

And I gotta get to rock bottom


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For the lonely astronaut and the alien full of longing. 

MaddKat requested Kidge with “you need to wake up because I can’t do this without you”

The machines beeped softly around the too-still body. It seemed a bit archaic, but until they could figure out what caused the healing pods to malfunction, it was all they had.

If there was a bright side, it was that Pidge was able to actually hold Keith’s hand as opposed to just looking at him through the glass.

Keith took a shallow breath, the ventilator doing the work for him. Pidge brought her hand to his face and pushed his hair back as gently as she possibly could. She scanned his face for any sign of a change in his condition, any sign that he was improving.

There was no change. There hadn’t been any change for three days. Not since he took the brunt of an attack that was meant for her. His head banged off of the metal walls of the spaceship -hard- and he hadn’t moved since. If he hadn’t been wearing his helmet…

“Keith… wake up.” She brushed her fingers through his hair again, being careful to avoid jostling the bandages wrapped around his head.

“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.” Her hand trailed down to rest on her stomach. “We can’t do this without you.”

She paused, hoping that talking to him would somehow break through his coma and bring him back. That he would sit up and tell her that he felt much better, she could tell him her news, and he would hold her tight and tell her how excited he was to start a family together. But none of that happened.

Pidge reached down to hold on to his hand again. She studied the gold ring on his finger, twisting it around and comparing it to her matching one, and played with his fingers, interlacing them through her own. Anything to distract her from the tears that were threatening to fall.


He was alive - he was breathing, his heart was beating - but that just wasn’t enough.

“But that was totally CG!”

what are you talking about? you mean to tell me…. they didn’t hire a real dinosaur to fly that spaceship??? you also need a license to fly real spaceships. that t-rex trained hard to earn the right to fly a spaceship, and you’re saying it’s all fake. by golly Karen why can’t you stop discriminating

Dyslexic Lance headcanons

by the way, did i mention i headcanon Lance as being dyslexic as heck? because i do. here we go

(these may or may not be based off my own experiences tbh)

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from the old astronomer, by sarah williams.

hello hello, sorry my tumblr has been dead for ages! I’ve been half-doing inktober over on instagram though (fionac.b) if you’re interested.

anyway, recently I’ve been trying to get into digital art. this is the first thing I’ve done that I’m really happy with. spaceships are hard though! For this I referenced different parts of the ISS and mashed them together.

Fragments (Part 1)

“Morphinaminal!” Kim said

“What?” Jason said as he looked at her.

“I don’t know, it felt right,” she said.

That was how it started, the shattered memories of lost time. Fragments of a bygone era. Jason had to stop; his blonde hair had gotten shaggy. He looked over to Billy. There was a quick flash and Billy had overalls and glasses. He looked to Zack and he was dancing as he kicked smaller looking putty patrollers. Jason’s breathing became harsh. Nothing made sense.

“Stop the training,” he said in a weak voice. “We need to…”

Jason’s vision became blurry; lights seemed brighter as he fell. He didn’t feel any pain as his body landed on the cold hard spaceship. He blinked and things became focused. He looked up to see a giant tube with a floating head. A multi-function, fully sentient automaton. Jason looked at his reflection, black hair, brown eyes.

“Huh?” he said softly.

“Jason,” the floating head said. “Don’t you have a martial arts class to teach?”

Jason woke up and looked around. The people he knew surrounded him. He was breathing harshly, nothing made sense. Kim ran over and he felt her fingers run through his hair. She looked concerned. He felt disconnected like they once almost had something but it never worked. But now here they were. She was concerned, she held him lovingly.

“Have you ever done gymnastics Kim?” he asked in a groggy tone.

“Um, no. I’ve taken dance classes and I like yoga,” she said.

“When is my martial arts class?” he asked.

“You’re what?” Zack asked as he, Billy and Trini came closer.

“I teach martial arts, Billy I taught you too,” he said.

“Alpha Five taught us,” Billy said. “Are you dehydrated? Hold on let me get you water.”

More flashes hit Jason, each ranger had weapons. They ‘put them together’ to form an ultimate weapon. Monsters grew and their Zords formed quickly to become a MegaZord. A giant sword came from the sky, the MegaZord struggled to grab it but it always hit and it always won.

“Back to Action!” he yelled, Kim dabbed him with a handkerchief to get the sweat out of his eyes.

“Jason, what is wrong?” she pleaded.

She didn’t look the same; she was a brunette with a strange accent. She wore all pink and looked wrong. She chewed gum, had no sarcastic remarks. But he still loved her. He felt a pang of regret because he knew they both chose different paths. She touched his chest, she feared the worse.

“Nothing makes sense, this all feels wrong.” Jason said.

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Okay okay something happy. Um. OH. TenToo/Rose have a son, who comes home one day and tells them he's gay, and the Doctor is - well, the Doctor XD

*cracks knuckes* Let’s do this!

He’d been wanting to tell his parents for awhile now, but he didn’t know how. Should he tell his Mum first or his Dad? Both together? Separately? Or maybe he should tell his older sister first, and she’d tell him what to do.

The Doctor is tinkering in his office with some sort long metal tube thing that might have been a spaceship if you squinted hard enough and tilted your head a bit. Anyways, he’s tinkering when he hears his son come in.

“Dad, can I tell you something?”

“Of course. You know you always can.”

The Doctor continues to fiddle with the spaceship in his hands.



His son sighs and his next words come out in a rush.


“Uh huh, that’s nice. Can you hand me that little micro-laser…that thing to your left next to the spanner?”

“Dad, did you hear me?”

“Uh huh, I always hear you.”

“Dad. I’m gay.”


His son is now really frustrated and getting upset, thinking his Dad isn’t actuallly paying attention, or caring.

“Whatever.” He throws the micro-laser onto the table in front of his dad. “Knew this was a bad idea. Forget it.”

That finally snags the Doctor’s complete attention.

“Wait wait wait. Stop.”

“You obviously don’t fucking care.”

The Doctor is too shocked and wounded to reprimand his 15 year old on his language.

“What makes you say that?”

His son’s eyes are glistening now and he’s shaking from head to toe. The Doctor springs up from his workbench and envelops him into the biggest hug.

“Don’t you ever say that. Or think that. I care about everything going on in your life, and I am so, so sorry if I ever made you think otherwise.”

“Were you even listening to me?”

“Of course,” the Doctor soothes. “You’re gay.”

His son his shocked.

“You-you’re not angry? Or upset?”

The Doctor is confused.

“No? Why would I be?”

This makes his son cry harder and cling to the Doctor. The Doctor’s heart breaks. His son had really worked himself into quite the state, and the Doctor hated that his son had been dreading his reaction.

“Easy does it,” the Doctor murmured, rocking his son back and forth. “Breathe. There we go. Why were you so nervous to tell me? And why did you think I didn’t care?”

“You didn’t say anything.”

“I didn’t think anything needed to be said,” the Doctor says honestly. “It’s like when you were seven and told your Mum and me you wanted to quit football and wanted to learn to play the piano. It’s just who you are and what you want. Who am I to tell you how to live your life?”

“But… But I’m not normal.”

He spits the word out bitterly, and the Doctor holds him tighter.

“Who said you’re not normal?” he asks softly. 

His son shrugs.

“It’s just…you have Mum, Grandma has Grandpa, Tony has whatever her name is… I feel like I’m…”

“Hey, now,” the Doctor says gently. “Everybody is free to love or be attracted to whomever they’d like. Just because all you’ve seen are cases of heterosexuality, that doesn’t make it the default. You are who you are, and that’s fantastic.”

His son shudders in the Doctor’s arms.

There is suddenly a knock on the door, and Rose pops her head in.

“Is everything all right, I heard some…”

She freezes when she sees her son sobbing in her husbands arms, and she casts a panicked look at the Doctor. He shakes his head subtly, and mouths to her that they’ll be out in a minute. He can see she wants to protest, but she finally gives in and latches the door behind her.

“I think we’ve worried your Mum a bit,” the Doctor said lightly. “Shall we go out and have a chat with her?”

His son stiffens a bit, and the Doctor gives him another squeeze.

“You’re perfect just the way you are,” he said firmly. “Your Mum agrees. We love you so very much. Nothing will ever change that.”

His son nods and sniffs, running his hands over his face.

“There we go,” the Doctor soothes. “Feel better?”

His son nods.

“How long have you been wanting to tell me?” The Doctor is honestly curious.

“Awhile now,” he mumbles. “Just didn’t know how.”

“You can always tell me anything, you know that, right? I don’t care what it is. Don’t be scared to come talk to me. You’re my son, and nothing you could ever do or say would make me stop loving you. Okay?”

His son gives him a shy smile, and nods.

“Right. Shall we go talk to your mother and reassure her you’re not dying of some terminal illness? You know that now what she’s probably thinking.”

His son giggles, and then he wraps his arms once more around his Dad.

“Thanks, Dad.”


The Doctor is about to swing open the door of the workshop when he turns back to his son.

“So, anyone caught your eye yet?”

His son flushes furiously and mumbles, “Kid in my maths class.”

“What’s his name? When do we get to meet him?”


“Oi, don’t think you’re getting out of it that easily! I’m screening your boyfriends just as much as I do your sister’s.”

His son groans loudly, but his heart jumps with happiness, as he pushes past his Dad to go talk with his Mum.

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I seem to be having this tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle. As soon as I reach some kind of definite policy about what is my kind of music and my kind of restaurant, and my kind of overdraft, people start blowing up my kind of planet and throwing me out of their kind of spaceships. It’s so hard to build up anything coherent…
—  Douglas Adams: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series - Fit the Fourth