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Do you know of any good Rick x Morty fics. I can't find any that are actually decent.


Hi! Sorry, I’m getting to this a little late! I have actually seen a couple people asking for fics, so here’s my list, and I hope it’s okay, sorry if it sucks: 

Just Smut fics: 

Punishment by forallthatwefought

Tags: Spanking, i dont know what else to tag, ive never written porn before, baby’s first smut fic

A Not So Empty House by ItsPennyBitches

Tags: I’ve been avoiding it for so long, But it totally happens, now

Okay, anything by The-Clairvoyant-Rick (MajixTrixx) is just spectacular. My favorites might be: Denial & The Damage Has Been Done

Denial Tags: Short Drabble, Smut, Orgasm Denial, Rick has to punish his precious lil cinnamon bun, Light Bondage, Edging

The Damage Has Been Done Tags: Somewhat explicit sexual content, Gore, there will be blood - Freeform, Surgical situations, emergency surgery, Odd dictation, Incest, Internal cardiac massage

Quality Alone Time by 5bluetriangles

Tags: Underage Sex, Grandparent/Grandchild Incest, Hand Jobs, Oral Sex, Deepthroating, Face-Fucking, Rough Oral Sex, Rick is a jerk but is getting a lot better at being nice to Morty, Established Relationship, needy and desperate Morty, rick being better at being affectionate, affectionate nicknames, playful humiliation, explicit references to the fact that rick is morty’s grandpa, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot

The High Score by MilkyWayWanderer

Tags: Incest, Underage Sex, Fluff, Smut, Rough Sex, Swearing, Public Sex, Praise Kink, Possessive Behavior, unprotected sex, Anal Sex, Abuse, Consensual Abuse, tetris - Freeform, I’m Going to Hell

Ssshhh by CaptainStaniel

Tags: Quickie, Dirty Talk, garage sex, Incest, c-137cest, using boxers as gags, Anal Sex, it’s kinda sweet, Established Relationship, Praise Kink

Delayed Satisfaction by mortysmithh

Tags: Rough Sex, Biting, semi-angsty, emotional angst, Fluff, Cuddles, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, sorta??idk - Freeform

Fics with some story: 

All Messed Up In You by TripleX_Tyrant, and obvious  TripleX_Tyrant is just fantastic

Tags: Incest, Ambiguous Age, First Time, Loss of Virginity, Mutual Pining

Anything by trash_freak is great, especially the RickMorty Trash Pile

Description: Rick gets what he wants. Morty learns to like giving it to him. These fics are all in the same universe. Sometimes there’ll be time jumps.
Even I don’t know how much Rick is lying here, but he’s not a good guy, okay.
But I’m so into Morty all soft and shaking and dazed so I have no regrets.

dadvans is awesome, particularly The College Morty Series

Devour by cakeboobs, actually anything by cakeboobs is amazing

Tags: NSFW, Incest, Verbal Abuse, Physical Abuse, Violent situations, Biting, slight blood {I know it says abuse, but their relationship is actually pretty healthy, and the physical abuse is minimal, especially in context.} 

Vince Vaughn’s Thumb by antsinmyeyesjohnson 

No tags, so: Morty gets into a scrap in this one, broh! Rick plays doctor.

Untitled by your_world_will_crack

Tags: Bullies, More tags to be added, not sure where this story is going, Morty gets bullied and it sucks, Rick makes Mort feel better, eventually, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Hurt and comfort, Fluff, probably some smut, Pre-Relationship, Made Up Science

JenKristo is great, and Rick & Morty Get Real is excellent 

Tags: Morty is 18, rorty, C137cest, rickmorty

Month Of Sin by sinfulsanchez (kymanismyotp)

I particularly like Day Ten the best, because there is a serious lack of the family finds out about Rick & Morty fics, and I wish there were so many more. 

Tags: Month of Sin, rickmorty, C137cest, Illustrated

Whiskey & Water and Honey & Vinegar by firstbornking are freakin amazing

Rape/Non-Con warning. Tags: Creampie, Sexual Coercion, Dirty Talk, I’m Going to Hell, Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Incest, Abuse, Emotional Manipulation, Swearing, Unhealthy Relationships

R&M Month Of Sin by CaptainStaniel

Tags: Incest, Implied/Referenced Incest, Month of Sin, Other Additional Tags to Be Added, Masturbation, Pining, Age Difference, Spaceship Sex, Beach Sex, Riding, stoner morty, Child Abuse, Mentions of past child abuse, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, jerry sucks, Molestation, in the first chapter only guys, I forgot to mention that, First Kiss, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, rick hates himself, Morty just wants love, Fluff

Okay, berlitzschen is just fantastic, and I LOVE Fetishizing The Extraordinary

Tags: Beth Character Study, kind of, Incest, Grandfather/Grandson - Freeform, Dysfunctional Family, Morty and Rick are ok though, Alcoholism, The Family Finds Out, Beth Finds Out, Established Relationship

Somedays by Living_Trashbag is a freakin masterpiece 

Tags: Fluff, Angst, Smut, Hurt/Comfort, Substance Abuse, Incest

The Device by simplescribe is just amazing; it’s very smutty, but it does have plot

Tags: Anal Sex, Incest, Rape/Non-con Elements, Rape Fantasy, Grinding, Technology, Drinking, Choking, Minor Violence, Forced Orgasm, Rough Sex, Breathplay, Light Angst, Masturbation, Masturbation Interrupt, Rape, Molestation, Extremely Dubious Consent, Underage, Rape/Non-con, C137cest, Primal Sex, Belts, Punishment, Power Play, Power Dynamics, Power Imbalance Biting, Painful Sex, Blood, Sex Toys, Drug Use

Pain Like Balm by FocusOnScience is beyond excellent 

Tags: oh boy this is going to be a dark one, or at least a weird one, Masochism, Sadism, like lots and lots of both, accidental dirty talk, everyone is guilty,  everyone is ashamed, First Time, post the rickshank rickdemption, Incest, using morty as a lab rat, dubcon, Blood blood and more blood, consensual torture, Humiliation, Gore, in the name of science! Morty is a precious awkward spacechild of pain and confusion, Rick is an alcoholic who would just as soon not be feeling these feels thank you, semi-sentient anthropomorphic cameras, Acid torture, Knife Play, BDSM, Bad BDSM Etiquette, like really really really bad, Rick you need to give that boy some safe words, and work on your aftercare, everybody sins


- They get their tickets. Connor gives the worker at the ticket booth a fake name.
- When Evan asks why, Connor explains that he was banned from all Disney parks when he punched a mascot in the face back when he was 15.
- They go on the Spaceship Earth ride. While their pictures are being taken at the beginning of the ride, Connor sneezes, so when they see the little animation at the end with their faces edited onto it, they’re just crying with suppressed laughter at how stupid Connor’s face looks.
- Evan buys a jumbo turkey leg from a little shop in the park. Connor asks him if he would be physically capable of finishing it.
- Spoiler alert: he does. And he barfs it aaaaall out after a little bit. Connor just… Stands there. Awkwardly patting his back as he coughs out his insides.
- They sit on a bench afterwards like “… so… you okay??” “………… no”
- After a long while of walking, Evan just seems really winded. He lags behind occasionally to catch his breath, which he apologizes over and over for. Connor doesn’t even say anything, which makes it more awkward.
- At one point, Connor just grunts and deadpan picks Evan up. Just. Whup. Bridal style. Evan frEAKS OUT internally…..
- And their ONLY INTERACTION while this happens is “dude, why the hell are you so red?” “uuuhH IT’s ju s t the heat don’ t worry!!!!” “but you, like, inhaled a gallon of sunblock before we came here.” “……………… yeah,,” and then NOTHING.
- They watch the fireworks show before the park closes. After that, Evan falls asleep on Connor’s shoulder on the bus back home.


Grand and Miraculous by Trevor Aydelotte

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The UT/US/UF skelebros at their first human fair! Complete with funnel cakes, deep-fried everything, Ring Tosses, shooting games, pony rides, face-painting, trinket-selling booths and make-you-puke roller coasters! Bonus points: Who drags their SO to the Tunnel of Love? Who doesn't even fully grasp what that ride is for?


Sans enjoys the gentler rides–the kind that can lull you to sleep.  The swings that lift into the air, the swinging pirate ship, anything where he can just sit back and relax.  There’s a ride (Spaceship 3000?  Gravitron 3000?  Apparently, putting 3000 after something makes it futuristic) where you stand against a wall and it spins super fast, flattening you against the wall to the point where your feet can leave the floor.  Well, that’s his favorite because he can show off.  He gets into various poses, all the while keeping his eyes closed and pretending(??) to doze.  

He’s not much for sweets, but he devours the hot dogs after smothering them with ketchup and at least tries a bite of your funnel cake and deep-fried oreos.

When it comes to the games, he’s got skills.  In fact, he’s too good.  The games are supposed to be rigged, but he’s winning every one of them.  You get whatever toy/plush you have your eye on and the satisfaction of watching the carnies try to figure out how to call him out for cheating without outing themselves for rigging the games.

You’re the one that drags Sans to the Tunnel of Love.  He’s full of hot dogs and tired from walking around/standing in lines all day, so the gentle rocking of the boat lulls him to sleep.  Opportunity missed!



Papyrus talks to everyone.  Everyone.  He can’t contain his excitement and anyone standing in the general vicinity of him while in line is going to hear all about it.  He asks you questions about everything, too, and you’re definitely riding everything.  Everything.  He makes the mistake of scarfing down an entire funnel cake because it’s “HUMAN TRADITION” and then riding something that slung the two of you around and went upside-down.

Yeah.. he totally threw up all over the place.  Funnel cake bits rain down on the people waiting in line.  Both of you are beyond mortified.  He “NYOO HOO HOO"s in a public restroom for half an hour straight afterward.  You finally get him to calm down by marching in and literally dragging him back into the fair.  You turn the games into a competition, and well, “THE GREAT PAPYRUS NEVER BACKS DOWN FROM FRIENDLY COMPETITION!  YOU’RE ON!  JUST DO NOT CRY WHEN YOU’RE CRUSHED! .. IN A FRIENDLY WAY, OF COURSE!  BECAUSE I’D NEVER.. CRUSH.. YOU.”  He’s babbling.  The two of you play every game and you somehow beat him.  Oh, he’s letting you win.  Now he’s blushing and shouting about how skilled you are.

You have to drag him to the Tunnel of Love because he’s SO DONE with rides.  But he actually enjoys it, and while he doesn’t really understand the purpose of the ride, he does admit that it has a “ROMANTIC AMBIANCE BEFITTING THE CAGE OF PASSION” that you’re in with him.  His arm goes around you, and the two of you cuddle while he nuzzles you temple with his teeth and blushes.  What a sweetheart.


He’s just as excited about everything as UT!Paps, but he doesn’t talk to anyone else but you about it (and his brother if Stretch happens to be around).  His hand is constantly in yours, and he wants to ride everything.  You take him on a ride that goes way up high, then drops the platform quickly, and he’s so scared that his bones are rattling.  However, he’s not about to let you see him as a scared little babybones, so he goes through with it.  This ignites some sort of daredevil adrenaline-junky side of him, and he wants to go on it again and again.. all of the roller coasters, too.  

He eats giant pretzels and deep-fried oreos and twinkies.  Now he’s hyped up on sugar and is pretty much uncontrollable.  You can’t keep up.  You’re starting to feel sick.  You end up sitting on a bench and watching him ride a few rides while you wait for your stomach to settle.

Blueberry realizes you’re not feeling well and moves on to games.  He pours his energy into them, but doesn’t realize that most are rigged.  He ends up getting teary-eyed when he fails, and he’s super-dramatic about it.  You try winning him something, but all you get is a consolation prize–a small, colorful stuffed snake.  It doesn’t cheer him up; he wanted to win YOU something.

He suggests the Tunnel of Love when the two of you come to it, but he’s blushing a bright blue and twiddling his fingers together when he asks.  Once inside, he keeps scooting closer until he’s cuddled into your side, and he admits, “I’VE HAD A REALLY GOOD TIME TODAY.. WITH YOU.”  He’s so adorable that you shower his skull with kisses, and he ends up in your lap for the rest of the ride.  


He rides everything you want to ride and doesn’t show the slightest inclination of being scared or phased by anything.  No, instead he’s watching YOUR reactions, trying to see what excites and/or scares you.  His lazy grin is the same, and whenever you shriek, he chuckles.  If you look unsure about the ride, he’ll tease you.  

Papyrus is all about the nachos, the funnel cakes, and the candied apples.  You already know he has a sweet tooth, and after he finishes the candied apple, he spends the rest of the afternoon twirling the stick between his teeth.  You suppose that’s because he can’t smoke on the fairgrounds.  

He watches you play the games instead of playing them yourself.. and holy crap, you’re good!  You’re hitting every target, you’re popping every balloon, you’re nailing every hoop..!  
You’re excited, and Stretch is grinning.  Oh.  Right.  He’s cheating with his magic.  
Welp, you’re not even mad.  You got all the stuffed animals you wanted.

The Tunnel of Love gets blown off.  Instead, Stretch takes you to the ferris wheel, right after the sun sets and the lights are bright.  At the very top, he pulls that cliché line “you’re beautiful” when you claim the view’s beautiful.. and yeah, you fall for it because he’s wearing the cheesiest grin you’ve ever seen on him.  The multi-hued lights are washing over his skull in a way that makes the moment feel so surreal, and when you kiss him, you feel like your heart’s going to burst out of your chest.  

You had a nice time.


When it comes to the rides, Red is all about the roller coasters and anything that goes upside-down.  He wants to see you scared, and he wants his adrenaline to be pumping at the same time.  He eats hot dogs and giant pretzels and covers both with mustard, and he’ll try a couple of bites of the deep-fried food you pick out.  When he goes back to the rides, he starts to feel queasy, so now it’s on to the games.

He blatantly cheats at all the games.  He doesn’t even hide the fact that he’s using magic.  The carnies try to call him on it, but he just smirks and suddenly the dart he was about to magically impale over and over again into ALL of the balloons hits the space right beside the carnie’s cheek.  They’re terrified.  Red gets whatever prize you pick out, and if you get annoyed by the fact that he’s scaring the carnies, then he’ll just pick out several.  He’s unapologetic.

Ultimately, he gets banned from the games.  But, oh hey, is that a mechanical bull?!  He’s only seen them on TV and wants to try it, so you both make some silly bet to see who can last the longest.  Red enjoys the sight of you riding the bull way more than he should, and you feel yourself get righted when you know you should have fell, but it’s still a ton of fun!  He beats you, of course, by cheating.  The show-off even rides it standing up by the end of it, and when he jumps off, it’s by choice.  Well, now you have to do whatever it is that he wanted for the bet.  But that’ll come later.  

(*Seriously, though, you guys should send me imagines for what the S/O has to do for the bet!)

He doesn’t do the Tunnel of Love and rolls his eyelights when you suggest it.  Instead, he drags you through a haunted house in hopes that you’ll get scared and cling to him.  He takes advantage of every jump scare to cope a feel in the dark or lick your neck.  Huh.  You didn’t think it was possible to feel turned on and scared at the same time, but hey, it is.


Edge hates crowds, and now you bring him here.  Waiting in lines suck, and he lets you know it.  He dictates which rides you go on, and should you accuse him of being scared of the faster rides that go upside-down, he’ll cross his arms and declare “THE TERRIBLE PAPYRUS DOES NOT FALTER IN THE FACE OF SUCH CHILDISH RIDES!” and take it as a personal challenge.  Oh yeah, he’s riding all of them.  He’s actually scared and locks up, giving the bar/harness/whatever a death-grip, and screaming through his closed mouth the entire time.  You can show him Mercy and suggest food, or you can keep going until he finally snaps that “THIS IS STUPID!” and stomps off toward the food anyway.

Nothing is up to his tastes.  He samples from whatever you get, but ultimately, he’s just not into cheap (yet still overpriced) food like this.  He compares you to Sans, and then you move on to games.  Even though they’re rigged, he’s still excellent at them–even without magic!  Nope, the Terrible Papyrus doesn’t cheat.  When it comes to accuracy, he’s got serious skills, and he’s intelligent enough to figure out how to account for the way the carnies have rigged the games.  While he does lose a few times, he still gets you whatever you want, and he won’t be satisfied until you’ve thanked him over and over.  

From the name, he can deduce what the Tunnel of Love is for, and he avoids it like the plague until you actually suggest it.  His face turns red.  "WELL, I SUPPOSE IF YOU’RE THAT DESPERATE TO RIDE IT WITH ME..“  He begrudgingly agrees, and he blushes the entire time.  The ride is cheesy–so cheesy!  Are you riding in a swan boat?!– but it’s dark and you’re both sitting close together.  You’re going to have to make the first move here; he’s not one for PDA.  But hey, if you go for it, you get a rather long kiss as a reward.

Bonus– Gaster!Sans:

G!Sans prefers the relaxing rides, too, but hey, he’s happy to watch you go on the roller coasters if you want.  He wants to see you having fun, and he’s likely to tease you if any of the rides intimidate you.  Likely, you can pull him onto a faster ride or two, but he’s mostly content on the swings that suspend in the air.  He can smoke up there without anyone telling him to put it out.  

He eats hot dogs and funnel cakes, and even decides to feed you some funnel cake just to see if he can make you blush.  If you let him, you’re bound to get powdered sugar on your cheek, and he’s going to wipe that off with his thumb and then lick it off.  He enjoys trying to make you as flustered as possible.

Like Edgy, he wins whatever games he plays without resorting to magic.  He prefers to watch you play the games, however, so he can alternate between giving you tips and poking fun at you when you lose.  He’s not afraid of PDA, so you spend the entire time walking around, hand-in-hand with him, and he seems relaxed.

He’s down for the Tunnel of Love.  In fact, he’s the one that suggests it.  He cracks jokes about the cheesiness of it all, though has his arm around you as soon as the two of you sit down.  G!Sans will guide your head to his shoulder and toy with your hair during the ride, and as much as he makes fun of the experience, he seems to really enjoy it.  The only way to stop his jokes is to kiss him, however, and you’re definitely up for that.

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Were there no Era 1 Peridots, since Pearl and Garnet didn't seem to know about them before they met our Peridot?

I feel as though Era 1 Peridots must exist because of the language that Peridot used in Too Short to Ride. She says, “I’m an Era 2 Peridot.” If there were no Era 1 Peridots for comparison, she would have said, “I’m an Era 2 gem.” 

I think we can account for Peridots in this manner. When Garnet and Pearl defected from Homeworld, we can see the level of technology there as very material. Masons, blacksmiths, builders, that kind of technology. They had pilots, but contrast the big oval shaped ship that Centipeetle and the other gems rode to Earth with the Hand Ship.

Source: SU Wiki

The older ships are clunky and have the sole purpose of getting you to places. It would make sense that Era 1 Peridots came after the war, because that’s when the technological boom started.

Source: SU Wiki

The new ship is a hand. And anyone who has ever had to draw a hand can tell you that it’s not an easy thing to design. Not only that, but it moves like an actual hand. We’re talking anatomy and physiology here. That’s an amazing feat. Homeworld tech has improved by leaps and bounds post-war. 

It fits into the idea that after so many resources were used up in the war, and Earth could not be taken as a colony, Homeworld had to maximise efficiency through better technology. It would also give better context to Peridot’s quip about how archaic the technology was in the Alpha Kindergarten.

To sum up, I think Era 1 Peridots did exist, but after the war. Hence, Garnet and Pearl never got to see them. The language Peridot uses and her feelings when comparing herself to Era 1 gems indicate that there are Era 1 Peridots from which to base off her limb enhancers, for instance. 

haha do you think that in the car/spaceship ride over to that place where the “president” was being held the arrow/flash gang started trying to relive a bit of tension and talk about if there was one day they could visit (key word visit) anywhere they wanted, when/where would it be?  And the Legends talked about some of the things they’ve seen (like Martin Stein geeking out about the Einsteins) and Kara’s just so quiet and listen Kara’s a horrible liar but this isn’t lying–this is going invisible, and for the past decade this is what kara perfected, and maybe only Sara noticed but then they get to the battle and shit happens and then after everything goes down, after they defeat the aliens and they go out to celebrate.

And Sara trails behind and asks so Supergirl, you never said, where would you go? And Kara gives just the saddest smile she’s ever seen and tells her she’d see her family one last time, see her planet in its prime. And that’s when Sara finds out about what brought Kara to Earth because all Barry said was there was an alien with superpowers who was nice (they were clearly surprised that kara looked human, that she could fly, and had heat vision and all her other powers. Barry probably only said that she was r strong and almost as fast as him), and neglected to give any other details and oh no Sara’s falling hard because this girl is so cute and adorable and kind and listen. Sara knows Oliver McBroodyface. And yet this girl has lost so much is still so optimistic and bright???? Poor Sara, she’s just struck bi the gay (see what I did there)


why ride a spaceship when you can ride a smol swole accountant

inspired by the people who spoke to me about hovervaughn

i put like absolutely no effort into this. this is just silly filler to relieve my stress


When Robert Bloch came back to write Star Trek, he was told that they would need a seasonal story, one that should match his body of work well. He told Starlog magazine: “They wanted a Halloween story. I wanted to do something that would involve changes in appearances. So, I decided that instead of having the usual Jekyll-and-Hyde transformation, I’ll have a female who was capable of chameleon-like adaptations. And the rest just fell into place.”

Bloch followed the formula that had worked for him when writing “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” and borrowed from how own repertoire. He snatched multiple elements from 1957’s “Broomstick Ride” (a spaceship crew encounters what appear to be witches and warlocks; a miniature of their vessel is throw into fire) and used them in “Catspaw.”

Much like his first script, though, “Catspaw” went through multiple revisions, including a complete rewrite by DC Fontana and polishes and tweaks by Gene Roddenberry and Gene Coon.