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The ‘Centaurians adopt every cute thing they see’ factoid is actually due to statistical error. The average centaurian adopts 0 children per year. Spiders Udonta, who lives in a spaceship & adopts over 10,000 each day, is an outlier and should not have been counted 

If u want ‘Yondu adopts the guardians’ fic you should totally check out WHO’S YOUR DADDY. It’s a lot less kinky than it sounds.

Humans are weird, first humans assigned to a ship!

So i got the idea of having this one ship that hadn’t had a human assingned to it before but had heard about humans in other ships and stuff, the i got thinking about the crew thinking humans are smol and stuff, sooo here is my contribution to the tag.


Spaceship Het'che'l’s crewmember Kohet'ch was excited, today was the day they would be assigned hyumaahnz’s for the very first time, and it was a pair of them to boot!

Xe had heard about the hyumaahnz before, xir kin in other spaceships have talked at lenght of how useful they were, their apendages called “haandz” made engineering easier and faster, apparently hyumaanhz ships were extremelly detailed, so xe was enthusiastic about what they could do in Het'che'l.

The first time Kohet'ch saw the hyumaahnz, xe was surprised and taken aback, they were so tiny! no taller than xir younglings! surely this hyumaahnz were to be held inside the ship at all times! good thing both hyumaahnz were in the engineering sector!

Kohet'ch tought that the hyumaahnz’s were adorable, their haandz moved at speeds that no other could rival, both used a weird communication form by moving the fur over their ocular globes and everyone had noted that Hyumaahn IamLia had a certain “look” that brought Hyumaahn IsLeo to his “metaphorical knees” (according to Hyumaahnz IamLia).

The day cycle that Hyumaahnz IamLia and Hyumaahnz IsLeo went to the padded room reserved for security training, everybody aboard the ship decided to go and see what the pair were up to, because surely they were not trying to do what the security team did as part of their rutine?, to their collected relief, neither hyumaahnz thought of grabbing the weapons, instead they stood infront of one another and after a few seconds of stillness, both of them moved towards the other.
To say that the crew was horrofied was an understatement, everybody had heard that hyumaahnz were the axe predators of Sol 3, but that had been comet cycles ago! they were supossed to be civilized! but the grace and force the hyumaahnz were moving with scared them all. Hyumaahn IamLia grabbed Hyumaahnz IsLeo aarmz, turned around and somehow used it to throw IsLeo over her shoulder making IsLeo land on his back, wasting no time she pined him to the floor with a footh on his baack and pressing his aarmz until Hyumaahn IsLeo said “I yield” only then did Hyumaahnz IamLia let him go.

A night cycle after what the hyumaahnz called “sparing/friendly match” there was a port planet stop, the first one they had since the hyumaahnz boarded the ship, no one thought of telling the hyummahnz to stay in the ship, as was their original intention after seeing most of the crew members tower over (the scary as yenglos (a rather terrifing race of carnivorous animals that was endemical to Kohet'ch planet)) tiny hyumaahnz.

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