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bellarke + 10

thanks for the request anon, and sorry it took so long to get around to!! (also this ended up being a little longer than intended. i kind of took the angst and ran with it, so there’s a lot of fic before the actual kiss, oops.)

bellarke + 10. ‘you nearly died’ kiss

Bellamy’s head is pounding, his mind screaming, a single phrase playing on an endless loop in his brain. Clarke is dying Clarke is dying Clarke is dying -

And Clarke is, indeed, dying.

As the death wave approached, Bellamy was stupid enough to believe that all of them would make it back to the lab safely, leaving them just enough time to launch the spaceship before a blanket of radiation destroyed them all.  “If this countdown hits zero and you’re not inside this lab,” Raven had told him before he left, “that’s it. Bad things happen.”

“Dead things, you mean,” he’d mumbled under his breath, and if Raven heard him, she didn’t acknowledge it.

Bellamy was supposed to go with Clarke to activate some kind of dish that would send a signal to launch the spaceship - he doesn’t know the exact mechanics of it, that’s Raven’s job - but then Murphy burst out of the woods, panting and out of breath. “It’s Monty,” he said. “He’s injured and he passed out from the pain a while back, and I can’t carry him here by myself.”

Clarke turned to Bellamy, looked at him with those vast blue eyes. “Go with Murphy,” she said. “Bring Monty back. I’ll activate the dish by myself.”

“And what if you can’t?”

“She can,” Raven said. “It’s a one-person job.”

Bellamy looks at Clarke again, and she confirms, “I can do it.”

So he let her. He let her go to the tower by herself. He trusted that she would return safely. Stupid.

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I -  Foreword

Written By: Owen J. Anderson 

 i. creating a guide

There are many conflicting points of view of where the idea of A Solian Guide to the Galaxy originated, some will say that it began around a decade ago when humanity discovered that they were being observed and studied by a group of aliens in the year 2017. Others will say that the idea began in the year 2022 when someone managed to spread a translated version of the aliens’ work, titled Solians: A Guide, across the internet for the world to see just how different non-human perspectives could be. Others will say that it’s birth was in 2026 when humanity’s own spaceships launched from Earth to seek out the origins of the aliens we’d found hidden on our planet while the majority will say that it began in early 2027 when the writers all came together to name it.

Personally, I believe it all started in May 2026 when one R.C. Moore created the document Space: What The Fuck?

This aforementioned document was started the week in which Bravo encountered it’s first extraterrestrial in it’s natural habitat, I won’t speak of this encounter as I fear it might take away from the experience of reading Moore’s account for yourselves but, well, Moore did name that first entry such for a reason.

Now, at first, there wasn’t even going to be a guide let alone an official one to be published and distributed, in fact, Moore had this to say when asked about what they’d thought of the guide being published:

[loud, barking laughter] Did I ever think that our so called guide would be published? Fuck no.

When I wrote that doc in ‘26, I wasn’t thinking things like “this is something that the people who follow after us will find useful”, “it’d be smart to write this all down”, “maybe I can make some money off of this in the future” or even “I want to help my family back on Earth experience the things I see in space”. No, I was thinking- no, regretting fervently the fact that I didn’t have the foresight to pack alcohol so I could get shitfaced as soon as I was off duty and that I had nothing to trade for a bottle from the ones who did posses that foresight.

So I decided that, with that option gone, I might as well write about that whole experience.

It was something to blow off steam, see? Not some great idea, some kind of- of…epiphany for something that might come in handy in the future. No one was ever supposed to know about it, it was just me blowing off steam and dicking around in my free time.

Fuckin’ Ace though, that nosey sonofabitch found my doc and decided to read it out to everyone in the rec at the time. It got its share of laughs but there were some who took to the idea and ran with it, next thing I know there’s people I was only vaguely acquainted with and others I’d never even heard of before showing up at my door saying they have their own additions to add to my 'guide’.  Of course I dragged those fuckers to help me organize it into something actually understandable, no way was I going to let them just come and shove their writings off on me with the expectation that I was going to organize the damn things into an actual guidebook.

So you see, I never expected to be part of a published work let alone one I started.

There you have it, the most famous book of the decade- possibly the centaury- began because one person didn’t have the booze to get shitfaced.