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If you can watch and listen to a piece of music for 7 and a half minutes straight then you know that it is something rather spectacular to say the least. Woodkid is one of the most underrated musicians around with his brand of dramatic, anthemic and symphonic music being some of the best music I’ve heard in years. A few days ago he dropped a live recorded version of his instrumental track Volcano which is unlike anything I’ve ever heard or seen live before, its simply astonishing. Woodkid proves once again that he is the king of drums and a man who deserves to make a stand in the music scene - Jakk

Looking for a Show to Binge this Weekend?

Then look no further! Start THE 100 this weekend! If you love dystopian stories with strong female leads like Divergent or The Hunger Games, you will LOVE The 100!

It has amazing female leads and isn’t afraid to be dark, has amazing production value and a fantastic story!

It’s currently on The CW and the second season just started. So go on Netflix streaming and check it out! First few episodes are weak, but the show finds its stride and HOLY COW WHAT A RIDE!

The ratings are going up because people are discovering the show but it’s still in the danger zone of being cancelled after this season.

So after you become obsessed, MAKE SURE to TUNE in LIVE!!! That’s extremely important! If you don’t have TV, then watch at, Hulu or buy on iTunes or Amazon. This is not a show to watch on unofficial streaming sites. EVERY LEGITIMATE VIEW COUNTS.

Also, once you fall in love with The 100: tell your friends about it! Spread the word! The most important thing you can do is tune in or do Hulu/CW online the next day! It airs WEDNESDAYS AT 9 et after Arrow!!!

Thanks! And seriously Enjoy!