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  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I think: Obi-Wan Kenobi never turned to the Dark Side even as he saw all his loved ones killed, the Jedi Order and the Republic he fought for destroyed, and the person who was his brother turned into a monster. He was a true hero of the Jedi and the Republic to the very end and safeguarded the last hope of the Galaxy and all the thanks he got was being the weird wizard who lives in a shitty hut in Tatooine just give him a spinoff movie he deserves to be happy please

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Myym and Rhilyn strike again! The genuine and generous gentlebeings graced me yet again with another gift, reuniting Lovall at long last with his true love, the Little Lost Larvae.

Tried a new colouring technique for this one, and while it was much quicker than my usual method, I’m not happy with the results either. But I desperately need to find a new approach if I hope to produce more comics and maintain my sanity at the same time.


Wildstar © Carbine
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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anonymous asked:

I very occasionallt forget just how attractive Lotor is. Then I see screenshots

oK YES, I LOVE LOTOR and he does look very pretty 

if Merla isn’t interested anymore I am 

The fact that he always sits the same way with his head resting on his hand like that though, he always looks like he’s either plotting something or really bored lmao. he needs a nap

and his moody faces are great

and when he pilots you can tell he just really loves it!! he can fly circles around his enemies and he just lives for the thrill of it

and I love the little banter between him and his teammates?? poor Zethrid

Also, I’m pretty sure any other galra general would reprimand Ezor for “not taking her duties seriously enough” or something. Like, she calls the lions “kitties” and then instead of getting annoyed or correcting her he just follows up on her comment like it’s the most normal thing. He knows how she is and isn’t bothered by it. He seems pretty informal with his team, and I’m inclined to believe he really does see them as being like friends to some degree. Also he lets Narti hang out with his mom’s 10,000 year old cat that’s pretty neat 

anyway I love the exiled space prince and his team

A stupid alien prince is exiled to a mining ship to pay penance for his sins and learn to be a better ruler. Whilst there he falls in love with the station geologist and, through a series of increasingly ridiculous schemes and set-ups (and with the help of the long-suffering ship’s doctor), tries to woo him.

The geologist has no idea what’s going on. This lanky purple prince has been shadowing him ever since he arrived and the doctor giggles whenever she sees them both. He’s very confused.

  • Valkyrie still struggling with her drinking problem while they’re in space with the exiles, having withdrawals
  • Thor helping her talk through her trauma and her alcoholism and regrets, just being a supportive friend 
  • Loki trying to figure out how to help Val and then coming up with small insights for her that he shares at the oddest moments
  • Hulk letting Val cuddle with him, continuing to be her big green friend
  • And when Bruce Banner comes back, him getting to know Val and letting her know him as Bruce
  • Valkyrie re-learning to serve the survivors of Asgard, them looking at her as a hero, and Val getting her self-esteem back
Fuck it, I can’t get this out of my mind...

Ok, so, a while back I had an ask about my Exiles Together AU and about what Julian’s future would look like if he didn’t escape the Federation and Section 31 got their hands on him. My answer was that it would look something like this.

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Then I talked it over with @zapiarty about a) how Julian might get out of this and b) how to work in some Garashir (we are obsessed, we know and we do not care). 

So: Julian, after he’s been suitably conditioned, gets sent out to the Cardassian border. This isn’t his first mission, or his second. He doesn’t remember how many he’s been sent out on, but he’s been doing this for a few years. He’s probably twenty-five or twenty-six at this point, and he was twenty-three when he fled the Federation. Either way, he gets brought in alive, which was not in the plan, and Enabran Tain takes an interest. Because this unstoppable, apparently mindless killing machine was created by the Federation. He wants to know how. And as standard interrogation isn’t working on someone who at this point lacks enough free will to choose whether or not to answer questions and doesn’t remember most of how he was created, he calls in his very best man for the job. Elim Garak.

Garak is not best pleased to be told he has to spend the next…however many months…babysitting a Federation agent who seems less like a sentient being than a living weapon. Living with it day in and day out, fighting off all instances where its programming is triggered, trying to get something that might as well be stone to respond to him. But yet…it’s slow, yes, but without the constant mind-wipes Julian’s mind is beginning to reassert itself. He’s traumatised as hell, damn near killing himself with guilt over what he was forced to do under Section 31′s control and has just had his idealism broken in the most horrifying way imaginable, yes…but he knows who he is, and over the course of…maybe a year…he begins to come back to himself. Garak gets attached. So does Julian - the first friendly face he’s seen in so long, the first person who‘s been kind to him in…he doesn’t know how long it’s been. For Garak - the creature he dismissed as a mindless brute is intelligent, sensitive, can hold a good conversation about literature and, despite being so badly hurt, still wants to help people and do the right thing even if it’s partly out of sheer defiance. Julian has lost everything else - the ability to be kind is all he has left, and he will use that like a weapon to assert his own personhood. The weapon Section 31 saw him as could never have chosen to be kind. It doesn’t take long after he begins to recover himself, though, to start figuring out that the Cardassians aren’t doing this just to be kind. Even so, learning Garak’s real mission hurts him, and the fight they have after that leads to Garak being taken off this assignment.

This is when Garak learns what’s going to come next. They are going to try to put Julian back the way he was when they found him. To see if they can create a similar sort of mindless super-soldier for their own use, starting with the one they’ve got now. Garak is loyal to the State, yes, but he sees no benefit to Cardassia in the atrocity they mean to commit, against Julian or against their own citizens in some nebulous future. And this is Julian, whom Garak has argued with over a hundred games of kotra, held through his nightmares, laughed at and with a hundred times. He’s become dangerously attached, he knows, but this is a service to Cardassia too. He has seen what Julian’s state has made of him, and the thought of Cardassians being forced into the same shape would, to his mind, be a betrayal of both state and species. And so he commits treason, breaks into the facility where Julian is being held, and lets him go. He gets Julian onto a smuggling shuttle bound for Bajor, with a small stockpile of latinum and instructions on how to find his way to the nearest neutral world and lay low there. Garak is banished for this as soon as Tain finds out what happened, and sent to Terok Nor as the new station tailor.

Julian does not go to a neutral world. He can’t. He stays on Bajor, and ends up falling in with the Shakaar Resistance. He doesn’t approve of the Occupation in any case, and Dakhur Province is where his shuttle happened to land, so why not help while he’s there? There is no safe place in the universe for someone like him whatever he does, so he might as well get involved. He joins up under the alias of Tareq Khalifa, and is generally presumed to be a Cardassian military experiment, possibly carried out on a captured Starfleet officer, since he can’t quite hide a few traces of his Starfleet education. In any case, he’s reliable and useful and a very good medic, even if he still suffers from a lot of PTSD over killing after the amount of it he’s been forced to do. He ends up good friends with Kira Nerys after they’ve saved each other’s lives a few times, and when the Occupation ends, they’re posted to Deep Space Nine together.

All record of Julian Bashir has been erased from Federation databases, Julian knows. Section 31 has given him up for dead. It ought, theoretically, to be safe enough for Doctor Tareq Khalifa to work on a Federation space station without attracting the attention of Section 31 so long as he keeps his abilities as quiet as possible. Unfortunately, he was reckoning without Miles O’Brien, the man who caught him, having been assigned to the same station.


Hark everybody, it appears we have Knight!Cores~!

I present to you Sirs Richard, Wheatley, Frederick, and Kevin as they would appear in the Trial of the Bow Portal retelling series by @elvenwhovian and myself (of which the first anniversary is in just about a week)! Thanks to all of you who have followed this AU and enjoyed it. :)

But I love the bones of you, that I will never escape. 

Day 9 - Saddest game scene.

Atton as the Hanged Man. To be honest, I would probably pick the ending of Bioshock Infinite over this for saddest scene. However, the scene where you hear Atton’s back story is pretty tragic, and I really wanted to draw this. 

I think I might add a new series of tarot cards for the Knights of the Old Republic games. 

30 day video game challenge

thinking about how the jedi exile even began to fucking cope in the cave trials in korriban fucks me up and keeps me up tbh. like how much strength did they have to have to be able to relive the most traumatic experiences they had in their entire god dang life. or worse, how disconnected and dissociated did they have to be to take that all in and still somehow continue to kick sith ass?? when i played kotor 2 for the first time as a kid i just thought “oh creepy” or “lol that unsubtle foreshadowing kreia is sith” but the more i replay it the more i just sort of really think on what it means

[…] for literature’s space shelters nothing within it: it is also called le vide, “the void.” Sometimes it is associated with the anonymity of big cities, sometimes with the gap left by the absence of the gods, but sometimes, too, with what Rilke calls “the Open,” or the “world’s inner space,” the intimacy of an expansive welcome, the inward yes which death can say in the song of one who consents to fall silent and disappear. Or it is connected with the interval, which for Hölderlin is the sacred, between gods that abandon the world and men who, likewise, turn away from God – the sheer void in between, which the poet must keep pure. Almost always, it is the origin which is anterior to any beginning, the image or echo of beginning – that immense fund of impotence, the infinitely futile wherewithal to start over and over again. Literature’s space, in other words – void which literature introduces in place of the place it takes – is analogous to the “other time” in  the time measured by achievements: sterile, inert time, “the time of distress […].  

With considerable regularity, literature’s “space” is described as exile or banishment, and the writer as one wandering in the desert, like Kafka far from Canaan, too weak to collaborate in the  active concerns of competent men; but then, too, the desert is a privileged zone of freedom and  solitude, and if literature is exiled from the world of valuable achievements, it is also exempted from the world’s demands. It has to bear no responsibility for anything; it is kept safe to itself: the desert is its refuge. Or it would be, if to be so gratuitous were not a grave danger for literature, and also if the desert were a here one could actually reach.
—  Anne Smock from the preface to Blanchot’s The Space of Literature
I needed bus kids fluff

Inspired by taking my daughter outside on a gorgeous day and listening to the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtracks (which always put me in a good mood).

Tagging @agentcalliope (’cause bus kids)

Summary: After three years in space exile, the bus kids return home to earth.

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Three years in exile

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