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  • What I say: I'm fine
  • What I think: Obi-Wan Kenobi never turned to the Dark Side even as he saw all his loved ones killed, the Jedi Order and the Republic he fought for destroyed, and the person who was his brother turned into a monster. He was a true hero of the Jedi and the Republic to the very end and safeguarded the last hope of the Galaxy and all the thanks he got was being the weird wizard who lives in a shitty hut in Tatooine just give him a spinoff movie he deserves to be happy please

It’s been Wildstar Month over on Patreon.

Myym and Rhilyn strike again! The genuine and generous gentlebeings graced me yet again with another gift, reuniting Lovall at long last with his true love, the Little Lost Larvae.

Tried a new colouring technique for this one, and while it was much quicker than my usual method, I’m not happy with the results either. But I desperately need to find a new approach if I hope to produce more comics and maintain my sanity at the same time.


Wildstar © Carbine
Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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But I love the bones of you, that I will never escape. 

Day 9 - Saddest game scene.

Atton as the Hanged Man. To be honest, I would probably pick the ending of Bioshock Infinite over this for saddest scene. However, the scene where you hear Atton’s back story is pretty tragic, and I really wanted to draw this. 

I think I might add a new series of tarot cards for the Knights of the Old Republic games. 

30 day video game challenge


Hark everybody, it appears we have Knight!Cores~!

I present to you Sirs Richard, Wheatley, Frederick, and Kevin as they would appear in the Trial of the Bow Portal retelling series by @elvenwhovian and myself (of which the first anniversary is in just about a week)! Thanks to all of you who have followed this AU and enjoyed it. :)

antonomasia09  asked:

It probably also helps that Miles can see Julian as a person by then, not just an emotionless, unnatural being. I like to think that Keiko was decent to Julian too - she's always been less prejudiced than Miles. And I bet she had to take Molly to see him once (Miles tried to forbid it, but Julian's the best doctor on the station, and in the end, his hatred wasn't worth his daughter's life).

Yep. Albeit, an obnoxious ex-Cardassian collaborator, but still a person. Just a person he doesn’t like very much. As for Keiko…well, she’s less prejudiced, but somehow I doubt she’d want to take Molly to someone she knows is a murderer. Even if it turns out to be only manslaughter. If Molly was seriously ill and no-one else could help her, she might go to Julian, but she’d be very, very wary about doing so because…well, he’s technically a convict, has definitely killed at least one person and she was there for most of the ‘evil conspiracy’ stuff too.

antonomasia09  asked:

Oh god, this 'verse is BRUTAL! I love how Miles keeps assigning the most horrible motives to everything Julian does, because of course he must be ten steps ahead of regular people at all times and also part of an evil conspiracy. I hadn't realized before that Miles was actually THERE when Julian accidentally killed Davis - it's amazing that, after all this, they were able to have any sort of friendship at all.

I’m sort of debating the degree to which that happens - they’re certainly never going to be best friends in this ‘verse. Miles is always going to see the horror in the dark somewhere in the back of his mind, and that isn’t going to help. But after ‘Armageddon Game’, they can at least begin to tolerate one another. It helps that it’s in that episode that Miles finally has it out with Julian about all this and finds out that a) Julian had no idea he actually killed someone, and b) it was an act of pure panicked desperation and when he finds out about it Julian is horrified. He’s seen a lot of death, yes, but that’s a different thing to causing it himself.

As for the conspiracy theories…well, there Miles is mostly just repeating the party line. The whole Federation is abuzz with news and expecting a second Khan - it’s part of why Julian managed to stay free so long. Somehow, no-one was expecting him to just quietly try to get out of Federation space, because everyone was assuming he had a larger plan in mind.