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Find someone who looks at you the way Bill Adama looks at Laura Roslin and someone who you can look at the way Laura Roslin looks at Bill Adama

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This has always been one of my favorite Mary and EJo interviews. Incase you haven’t seen it before you must.

I love in how the first question EJo turns into the Adama/Roslin shipper that he is :)

When asked how what Adama’s biggest strength is and what his biggest weakness is ? (This interview seems to have been done around the post Hub era)

He responds saying that his biggest strength has been Laura and up until now (referring to Sine Qua Non) he didn’t realize his biggest weakness is also Laura.

And that is so true about his relationship with Laura. It is like fate had tied them together and the way their relationship had progressed over the season was beautiful. It was an emotional journey and the fact that Mary and EJo had an amazing chemistry just showed onscreen.

I’m hit by spaceparents feels again.

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further more galacticon and spaceparents feels, this is dipping into the emotional intimacy btwn Mary and Ed (Ed is how he introduced himself when I met him) beginning with the thesis:

“If Mary McDonnell were not married, we would be” straight from the horse’s mouth o.k. that’s quite a statement

watching this way late at night is like living in a dream where normal/familiar structures of logic do not exist and my heart becomes my brain right

the way Ed talked about the intensity of their last moments together as fictional people, even expressing how close it still is for him/them, it feels like something extremely significant exists between them and some manifestation of it died ~wow symbolic im clever~ with the end of BSG, ending whatever was allowed to be explored through spaceparents u know?

gods bless this man for letting himself fucking cry openly.. come on, a tv show ending 4 years before wouldn’t bring this emotional intensity up if it wasn’t attached to more cosmically significant events for the guy….

now i haven’t got a clue about Mary?? I imagine when you are married for like 30 yrs to the same person, things are pretty solidified atp and whatever “this” was was complex for her?

actually idk anything really, i have more thoughts but… all I know and am going off of is at 10:57 “that Life was over” my meta senses were triggered and my heart heard it and conclusion:

anyone who doesn’t believe Ed is in love with Mary in some capacity can fight me


“Sometimes I wonder, what home is? Is it an actual place, or is it some kind of longing for something; some kind of connection. You know, I spent my whole life on Caprica. I was born in one house, and then I I moved to another. And then this. And then now.