Clipse - Popular Demand

New album in 2013.


Mophie unveils new Space Pack iPhone 5/5s case with built in battery and storage

My friend just literally fuck yea’d when I sent her a picture of a naked Kim Jong Il. 

Converse’s First String imprint did a “Space” edition of the Chuck Taylor All Star 1970 with inspirations from intergalactic space travel and space events during the 1970s. The shoe features a multi beige nylon upper with a welded print detail, leather toe cap and a translucent outsole.

Available now online and at select Blends locations.

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spacepack asked:

my friend says that i should stop being a wuss and send you an ask. but i don't know what to say because you are so flawless and why are you following me and why are you reblogging my edits? ;A;

omg what are you even saying? your edits are so pretty and you have a flawless blog! ♥


Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)

spacepack replied to jessieskpopcorner:/SCREAMING INCOHERENTLY/ (where is the joseon tho???)


the joseon is not actually… at all… there xD i only sorta mentioned that they were actually not supposed to be together… half naked… in bed… but this is fluff so i focused on that. plus that, the joseon is in the sad and angsty parts… the parts that i cut out xD