Clipse - Popular Demand

New album in 2013.


Mophie unveils new Space Pack iPhone 5/5s case with built in battery and storage

My friend just literally fuck yea’d when I sent her a picture of a naked Kim Jong Il. 

spacepack  asked:

my friend says that i should stop being a wuss and send you an ask. but i don't know what to say because you are so flawless and why are you following me and why are you reblogging my edits? ;A;

omg what are you even saying? your edits are so pretty and you have a flawless blog! ♥


Gorillaz - On Melancholy Hill (AN21 & Max Vangeli Remix)

hi everyone!!  i dont know how many ff i made but this is because a reached 1,5k followers yay!!! i wanna say thank you to you all because without you i was not here. i remember when i started this and dude, every single follower for me was like 334937645 smile that i gave ALL day. every follower is special to me, and who unfollowed me i wanna say thanks too because you was here to make my story. you make me believe that im good in something and i can get better EVERYDAY, so i know that all of you can too. and i know that 1,5k followers is a little but the love that i have for you is is 834638463x bigger. so i am talking too much sdksdjf ok thank you so much!! and enjoy my favorite blogs :-) 

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So I decided to make a 3rd follow forever since it's new year and I will be kinda busy again for the next few weeks because my vacation is over.  So yeah please check out their lovely blogs and don't forget to follow them~

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