He’s an alien steward on a vacation spaceline who’s good at his job but gets distracted easily by passengers with makeup and loves to kneel by their seat and talk makeup with them ✨

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How would UT UF US and SF sans react if their s/o bought them a star for their birthday?

🌟UT Sans: A huge (and rarely seen) excited smile crosses his face, “Heh, that’s pretty cool, thanks, kid”. He shoves his hands in his pockets and rocks back on his heels casually. There’s a moment of silence and you smirk, “Well, do you want to go stargazing fo-”, “Yes!”, Sans chimes in quick before you can finish then clears his throat and regains his lazy composer with a blue blush, “I mean..yeah sure”. You giggle and loop your arm through his,“Then lead the way, boneboy”.

🌟UF Sans: “Sweet, babe, thanks”, he leans closer to you, “You’re welcome! I figured that you would….what are you doing?”, he leans even closer, and puts a hand on your chin, “Just showin’ my gratitude” *kiss*, your face goes red, “I-uh, heh”, “dang, you’re cute when your nervous” *kiss*. (This leads to him making out with you)

🌟US Sans: He lifts you up off the ground in a hug, “THANK YOU SO MUCH, HUMAN!”, You pat his head, not yet having been put down, “I’m so glad you like it!”, “YES, WE MUST GO LOOK FOR IT AT ONCE! GO GET THE TELESCOPE, I WILL PACK A PICNIC!”, “Sounds good!”

🌟SF Sans: “WONDERFUL, WE MUST SET OFF AT ONCE!”, “Set off to where?”, “TO MY STAR OF COURSE!”, “Uhhh”, “WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TO SET OUT EARLY AND FIND A QUALITY SPACELINE, I AM NOT FLYING COACH!”, “Well, the thing is…you can’t really-”, “DO NOT WORRY HUMAN, I WILL HANDLE PREPARATIONS, YOU’VE DONE WELL IN THE WAY OF CONFERRING, THANK YOU; NOW GO PACK!”, “Oh, boy…” (Don’t worry, he may be a little bit disappointed at first when you break it to him, but he’ll still be happy stargazing with you).

Captain Swan meets Sci-fi - a cs ff list

requested by the lovely @cat-sophia

What it Means to be a Savior by @like-waves-on-the-beach CS AU Sci fi. The worlds are in turmoil with a small band of rebels fighting to restore the balance. What they need is a miracle, what they get is a Savior

The Fifth Element by @fergus80 Captain Swan Futuristic-Movie- AU of the movie “The Fifth Element”

On My World, It Means Hope by @cutieodonoghue “She was sent to this planet by her parents to save her from the destruction of her home planet, to be honorable and do her family and their home justice by protecting Kal El from the dangers of the world. But, things don’t always pan out. Especially when one plays with destiny and the future.” an Emma as Supergirl AU featuring Captain Swan and Captain Cobra Swan

Cognitive Recalibration by @nightships Written for Captain Swan Secret Valentine 2015. Emma Swan has known Killian Jones since the day he decided to save her life, and she trusts her partner just as much in battle as she does with her heart. It’s what makes it easy for her to follow after him when New York starts falling to pieces and he gets taken under the Dark One’s hold. CS/Clintasha AU.

Land Next To Me by @swans-and-pirates  au Killian Jones sees his visit aboard the luxury spaceliner “The Swan” as nothing but fulfilling another assignment, a quick journey granted to him for heroic actions in the King’s Navy. Meeting Emma Swan might just change everything, especially after disastrous events leave them with only each other to hold on to. Captain Swan (loosely based on These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman)

Star Force series by LicieOIC The Pilot episode of Star Force! The crew of the Force Base spacecraft Aurora Borealis are stranded in an unknown galaxy a long way from home, following a terrible accident that would leave five planets on the brink of war. 


The crew of the spaceliner tried to warn you, but Mr. Fluffles was so cute, you didn’t listen. They said, Mr. Fluffles doesn’t like cuddles. Mr. Fluffles doesn’t like microgravity. Mr. Fluffles doesn’t like wearing his little space suit.

You didn’t listen, and now Mr. Fluffles doesn’t like you.

The Aero Spacelines B-377PG Pregnant Guppy was flown to Dryden for tests and evaluation by pilots Joe Vensel and Stan Butchart in October 1962. The outsized cargo aircraft incorporated the wings, engines, lower fuselage and tail from a Boeing 377 Stratocruiser with a huge upper fuselage more than 20 feet in diameter. The modified aircraft was built to transport outsized cargo for NASA’s Apollo program, primarily to carry portions of the Saturn 5 rockets from the manufacturer to Cape Canaveral.

land next to me by @swans-and-pirates | []  [tumblr] | au; Killian Jones sees his visit aboard the luxury spaceliner The Swan as nothing but fulfilling another assignment, a quick journey granted to him for heroic actions in the King’s Navy. Meeting Emma Swan might just change everything, especially after disastrous events leave them with only each other to hold on to. (Loosely based on These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman)

“But Killian makes her stomach dance with butterflies, and her heart race. Whether it’s his teasing smirks or his warm smiles, she finds herself drawn to him. Like being with him, being near him, relieves an ache she never even knew was there.” 

Happy Valentine’s Day Meagan! Your story makes me happy and I love it and I love you to the end of the world or time <3

An Introduction

1/100 Themes Challenge: Introduction
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Word Count: 2154
Tags: Professor!AU, First Meetings
Rating: T
Beta: @andwhentheworldisspinning
AO3 Link

One of the biggest mysteries of life is how colleges and universities take billions of dollars from their students, but couldn’t get a proper laptop projection to work.

Cas had to end his last class of the day 30 minutes early because the ceiling-mounted projector wasn’t working again. He knew he could talk about the Sepik River tribes until he’s blue in the face, but his class may not have appreciated it without visuals.

On top of having an extra half hour from the cancelled class, he also needed to wait another hour for the tech guy to get in there. Frank was always grumpy he had to do work, took his sweet ass time to get to said task, and always talked Cas’s ear off. It was an event that Cas seldom liked to revisit.

Cas set up shop at the desk up in front of the lecture hall. He figured he could grade some papers so he could actually enjoy his Friday night. He had a six pack of craft beer in his fridge courtesy of his brother, and The Office has all the seasons ready to stream on Netflix. The less work he had to do the better.

Cas took out his trusty red pen and made himself as comfy as he could on the standard office chair when the door opened.

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hey! could you recommend some soul eater fanfics? like, what are some of your favorites?

Absolutely I can! Hang on, because I can’t choose absolute favorites so there are a lot of them! (Pretty much all of these are Soul x Maka, btw)

From my FFN favorites list (plus a few extra):

  • Aetherion by fullmetalgrigori (M)
    • Steampunk London, 1895. Soul Eater is Death City’s best in the accelocycle races, but when a talented new racer appears on the scene, he can’t help but wonder if there’s more to him than meets the eye. Written for ResBang 2014.
  • Amorous Appeals by ilarual (T)
    • In which Soul and Maka are lawyers on opposite sides of a divorce case, and a friendly wager is made.
  • Chocolat Blanc  by Lueur-de-L'aube (M)
    • Hooking up with a stranger at her childhood friend’s wedding hadn’t been Maka’s plan, nor had she planned on being so hung up on him after that night. It had been just sex after all, even if he had been endearingly awkward and cute and had flirted with her via pastries. Maybe she should have at least asked for his last name as well. Written for Resbang 2014!
  • Hood Ornament  by Lueur-de-L'aube (M)
    • When it came down to it, he was filthy. Grease and motor oil were things she would definitely categorize under “filthy”. So why was it that she found him smeared with those substances so incredibly desiring? AU!
  • High Seas and Golden Skies  by SunshineSong (M)
    • Maka, youngest Captain the Navy has ever seen, hates Pirates. Its her job to keep peace on the seas, to put swashbuckling villains behind bars. What happens when the most infamous & hated pirate of all destroys her ship & captures her & her crew? AU! MXS
  • lost in the moment  by Poisoned Scarlet (T)
    • Teacher AU for Resbang! “You must be the teacher Gil has a crush on. Kid has some good taste.” Second grade teacher Maka Albarn reunites with her high school headache and realizes that perhaps they had just been misreading each other all along. The second grade has never been quite so eventful.
  • Someday  by Poisoned Scarlet  (M)
    • AU. It’s those small moments you end up remembering for the rest of your life.
  • Soul Theory  by Poisoned Scarlet (M)
    • AU! There’s a fine line between being top-student and a jaded moron. Maka Albarn can’t understand the subtle beauty in music, can Soul Evans teach the lyrics of the soul to a damaged girl while the threat of disownment looms over him?
  • Olive Man  by Shu of the Wind (T)
    • When Miss Maka Albarn moves to the western town of New Bly, there is nothing and no one to hold her there. Not even a local weapons manufacturer. But change comes even to the least aware, and nothing can be the same after a year in New Bly. North & South SoMa fic.
  • The Dire Circus  by raining-down-hearts (M)
    • The circus is in town and strange things are afoot, not the least of which is the sudden disappearance of Maka’s father and horse. When she finds her stolen horse at the circus, her attempt to steal him back goes wrong and a strange red-eyed pianist catches her in the act. Something’s very wrong, her father is still missing, and now she’s trapped in a terrifying new world.
    • There’s a sequel for this one being posted on January 8th as part of Resbang!
  • The Write Stuff  by rokkasen (M)
    • Soul Evans, ex-boyband member. Maka Albarn, author. Together they form an unlikely team to compose a hit song for pop goddess Kim Diehl, but with Soul’s secretive nature, Maka’s distrust of men, and a hearty helping of meddling from well meaning older brother and manager Wes Evans, will they make beautiful music together or fall completely flat? [Resbang 2015] [Music & Lyrics AU]
  • If Only Tonight We Could Sleep by Marsh of Sleep
    • As she deals with the husband, she tries not to over-analyze how her partner has no issue going after the children first, how his attention snaps to their quicker movements, how, overnight, he has become eerily efficient at avoiding their fangs. ZombieAU. SoulxMaka
  • Strangers  by Justifiably (M)
    • Soul and Maka meet at a small liberal arts college; romance, bickering, and hilarity ensues. Slowest burn you’ll ever read. Slice of life style going by date entries.
  • Poor Unfortunate Soul by makapedia (M)
    • Soul is a sex demon and literally starving. He’s laughably terrible at what he does. It’s a good thing Maka has a soft spot for strays. [ resbang 2015 ]

And then there’s Resbang, which is a yearly Soul Eater fanfic event that’s currently happening right now! You can find the masterlist of last year’s fics here (summaries and ratings included).

Of which, my favorites are (going down the list):

  • Piano Hands Weren’t Made For War
  • Serotiny
  • Down and Out in Death City
  • Can I Stand In Your Light?
  • Ignition
  • Jaegermeister
  • Chocolate Blanc (which I linked to above)
  • Bound
  • Sea Glass and Shark Teeth
  • I Only Want What I Can’t Have
  • Paper Boats
  • Heresy
  • Aetherion (which I linked to above)
  • If All Angels are Terrible

Resbang 2015 is happening now, so check out the Masterpost to see which fics are up already! I haven’t read all of them, but they’re literally all SO GOOD. I love this fandom.

And finally! Shameless self-plug! I wrote a fic for Resbang 2015, so you should totally go read that if you haven’t already!

  • These Broken Souls by KarmaHope (T)
    • He realizes he should excuse himself sooner rather than later. He hasn’t known this woman for an hour, and yet she’s already drawing him in in a way no other has ever done before. But he’s Soul Evans, and she’s Major Albarn. He’s the son of the most prestigious family in the galaxy, and she’s a soldier; but they’re in the same boat, the spaceliner ‘Shibusen’. And they’re falling.

And there’s still more I know I’m forgetting. This should keep you going for a while, though. Happy reading!!

exhibitnorestraint  asked:

I've admired your SM skills from afar for a while, & the time has come to pick your brain. I went to a liberal arts school for my BA in theatre, so I learned a bit about all parts of theatre. I fell in love with SMing, but unfortunately, our theatre faculty's knowledge of stage management is more of a backstage manager, not whatever the professional expectations are. Anyway, all of that to say I've been put in contact with a theatre in a nearby city. I want to SM....

(pt. 2, sorry) ….but I’m afraid I’d be in over my head with zero knowledge of what to do / what is expected. So, if you have any textbooks you recommend, or a kind of list of “Know how to do these things,” I would appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe. If not, thanks for your time!

Hi sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

As far as books, I’ve pulled together a list of books/etc on Amazon here that I’ve found useful or think others might.

as far as thing you’ll need to know/what to do…it’s going to vary from place to place but what I would consider standard to be is:

  • Pre-Rehearsal
    • maintain the rehearsal and production schedule (monthly/weekly/daily)
    • maintain contact information for all involved (cast, design/production team, crew, musicians, etc.)
    • taking and distributing clear and concise meeting minutes for production meetings
    • you miiiight have to be involved with auditions, keep that moving, etc. (this is sometimes shared with a company manager or casting person)
    • maintaining the most updated version of the script (cuts/adds/reassigned lines, etc.) This is sometimes shared with dramaturgy, usually with a new work.
    • Taping out a scale ground plan of the set in the rehearsal room. Your TD should be able to provide you with one. It is almost impossible to tape out by yourself, so if you have ASMs, use them.
  • Prep Paperwork
    • Props: A props list that both you and the props master are working off of. You might have to pull rehearsal props yourself or all of props might be your responsibility. I like to update props lists weekly once we’re in rehearsal and send them out to at least the props master, scenic designer, director, production manager, and the rest of the SM team. This paperwork is separate from whatever you/your team use for setting and running the show, which I’ll get to.
    • Costumes: If you have a wardrobe head this is technically their responsibility, but shit happens. What you’re trying to do is track what actor is wearing when, and if they have a costume change, how long they have (which you might not know till designer run, and that’s ok)
    • Scenery: tracking what scenic elements and furniture pieces (which are technically props) are onstage when, and who puts them there when, and the logistics of where they go offstage.
  • During Rehearsal- (your ASMs, if you have any, can and should do a lot of the props and scenery tracking, as they’ll be backstage and dealing with it then)
    • Notating blocking in scenes & choreography in songs in a blocking script.
    • Creating a calling script. This can be the same as your blocking script, though some people like a separate copy. Totally up to you.
    • Tracking props, and creating preset lists for onstage and offstage locations
    • Creating scene shift paperwork in preparation for tech
    • Keeping the director, music director, and/or choreographer on schedule and taking breaks regularly.
    • Spiking things in the rehearsal space
    • Line notes
    • Creating and sending out Daily Rehearsal Schedules: who’s called when for what where. You might also have to send out longer range rehearsal schedules, which is common for people who have other jobs or obligations.
    • Scheduling costume fittings (This is usually a joint responsibility between you and the costume shop manager and/or the costume designer). These are usually part of the rehearsal schedule emails, but not always.
  • Prep for moving onstage/Scenic Load In
    • Clean the absolute shit out of the stage, wing space, backstage areas, green room, dressing rooms. Sweep, mop, Lysol wipe, febreeze, etc.
    • Transfer props/furniture to the stage
    • Set up backstage prop tables
    • Assign dressing rooms
    • Rough spike furniture/scenic elements with director and scenic designer (these are subject to change of course but should be the same colors as the spikes in rehearsal, especially if the cast moves anything)
    • Make BUNCH of copies of your shift sheets and preset paperwork for your crew.
    • Make sure you understand how scenic elements move (Casters, cane brakes, air casters, kick brakes, tracked walls, things flying in/out, grooves in the floor, magnets, velcro, etc. etc. etc.)
  • Onstage Rehearsal: Begin with a walk through of the space for the full cast. Make sure everyone knows what everything is, can walk on 
  • Paper Tech- I don’t always do these, but if there’s a cue heavy show and/or limited tech time, this can be helpful. Basically jsut sitting down with the director, lighting designer, sound designer, projections/video designer and walking through the show and penciling in cues in your script. If you’re cueing scene changes, you talk through those and pencil those in as well.
  • Tech- I don’t do Wet/Dry tech so *shrug emote*. Work through the show, stop, go back, rework scene shifts, make sure everyone feels safe. Run quick changes in time so you know if things are going to be a problem. Try to get a full run in. Finalize cue placement. Update shift paperwork.
  • Dress rehearsals- Add costumes, if you didn’t add them during tech. Full, non-stop runs. If something didn’t go as planned, this is the time to figure out how to fix it, unless it’s a huge safety hazard. Clean up your book.
  • Opening night- YAY! Make sure to give actors notes of any changes that have happened over time. Your objective is to preserve the director’s intention.
  • During the Run
    • Brush-Up Rehearsals- If you go more than 2 or 3 days without a performance, you should probably schedule a brush-up to just go over lines. Minimal tech, no costumes.
    • ***Understudy Rehearsal: If you have understudies, make sure they’ve rehearsed with the other understudies onstage.
    • ***Put-In Rehearsal: If you have enough warning and an understudy or a last-minute new person is going on for someone else, call a put-in rehearsal with at least that character’s most important scene/dance partners, if not the full cast. Depends on the show.
  • Strike:
    • Pull up spikes
    • Clean dressing rooms/green room
    • Might help with prop/scenic strike

THIS IS BY NO MEANS COMPREHENSIVE. THIS IS WHAT I CONSIDER TYPICAL IN MY EXPERIENCE. The best thing to do is find out what is expected of you from your director, production manager, and producer/artistic director. And trust your gut. If you think something needs to be done, find out if it’s someone’s job and if it isn’t, it might be yours. Ask questions. Seek clarification. Say Yes Please.

Good luck!!