Hello friends I just hit another milestone and I wanted to just give a shout out to some of my amazing mutuals and other amazing blogs that I love (these will just be dnp related)! If I forgot you I didn’t mean to lkajhdsljkasd. These are all amazing blogs and most of them are original content creators! I hope you check them out <3


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Thank you guys ily <3

spacekiddan  asked:

Random question but which new tøp song is your favorite and why? Personally I like Nico and the Niners a lot (and I may already know all the lyrics ajdkskks)

hmm i’ve answered this but i honestly like both for very different reasons? i think it’s easier to connect with nico and the niners because it has a more fleshed out melody but jumpsuit… it has such depth…. 

tysm for 2.5k!! I can’t believe there’s that many following my shitty blog, thanks for putting up with me. I decided to do another one of these, please appreciate my banner bc i thought it was hilarious when i made it but i might have just taken too much medication ANYWAY again thanks for following me, i hope i don’t disappoint you too much. I’m only gonna tag my mutuals and a few accounts i just really like bc if i tagged everyone i followed then it would be way too long and i dont have the patience to do that but just so you know even if you’re not tagged ilysm and appreciate you, cheers mates (sorry if you’re not on here, sometimes tumblr fucks up :/ )

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