spacehunter-m asked:

What do you think of the long present uneducated and irrational stigmatization of the English/foreign versions of these films?

Critics have always scoffed at the dubbing in kaiju movies, so the fandom, forever hoping that ~mainstream audiences~ will take the genre seriously, is in the process of rejecting them as well. Ironically, I don’t think that rejection would be possible without the increased availability of the Japanese originals… which started around the same time Godzilla '54 was released in U.S. theaters to critical acclaim.

Personally, I became a Godzilla fan just before TriStar’s wave of 2004 DVDs; my first exposure to almost every movie in the series was through dubs, and I think most of the non-Japanese fans older than me would say the same. They’re a vital part of our history, and it’s distressing to see the ones that haven’t made it to DVD/Blu-Ray start to enter obscurity.