“get to know follower” meme

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Hey! There are some new people following me since I last did this.

Name: Madeleine
Nickname: Mad
Birthday: February 7th 1988
Starsign: WHEN THE MOOOOOOOON IS IN THE SEVENTH HOUUUUSE—okay I’m Aquarius I don’t need to sing the whole song.
Gender: Femaley
Height: 5′3″
Sexual Orientation: ~*~stop the soft science side of tumblr~*~
Favourite Color: red
Average hours of sleep: 8
Lucky Number: 1033
Last thing I googled: Sono chi no kioku chords
Happy place: right now it’s cold on the couch, but there’s a ray of sun hitting my legs and it’s heaven~
Number of blankets I sleep under: 1 in the summer
Fav Fictional character: I’d have to go with… Dr. Black Jack.  He’s a true hero.
Celebrity Crush: S…Scott McNeil ^//////^
Fav Book: Deep Secret, by Diana Wynne Jones
Fav Band: Led Zeppelin - I WILL ADD: fave composer: Antonin Dvorak
Last Movie i saw: Kung Fury
Dream trip: Camping somewhere with my sisters
Dream job: Music teacher
What I’m wearing now:  pants and shirt I wore to bed last night, work sweatshirt

Rules : Tag the followers you wish to know better.
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XD  Haaaaa you guys don’t have to do this I just thought I’d tag all the people I honestly want to get to know more - it’s always nice to hear from you guys!

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On this week’s #‎SHOWnTELL, we discuss Ex Machina, Star Wars, and… Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone? I have no idea, Mike will explain it to you.