Which Tumblr kaiju blog will reign supreme? Will it be daphnetrodon, astoundingbeyondbelief, highly-radioactive-nerd, mekagojira3k, kaijucast, nuclear-warrior, thatkaijunerd, raffleupagus, jimpluff, spankzilla85, hamishmash, legendfromthedeep, hauntedmech, spacehunter-m, revengeofgojira, tyrantisterror, rustybottlecap, fuzzyzilla, gojira-senpai, go-go-godzilla, godzillasthunderthighs, citystompers, kaijufiction, or yours truly? Find out over the next week in the Tumblr Kaiju Krew Games!

Kaiju Rarities

Inspired by @spacehunter-m‘s generous offering of The Return of Godzilla and Godzilla 1985, here are some other hard-to-find titles.

Monster Snowman (AKA Half Human) (1955)

The Mysterians (1957), also via spacehunter-m [RKO dub]

The Three Treasures (1959)

Gorath (1962)

The Whale God (1962)

Matango (1963)

Dogora (1964)

The Magic Serpent (1966)

Son of Godzilla (1967)

Daigoro vs. Goliath (1970)

Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla (1975)

Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds (1977)

Ultraman Story (1984)

Space Warriors 2000 (1985)

Godzilla Island (TV 1997-1998)

Gamera the Brave (2006)


These be my top 10 Absolutely-Love em’ Godzilla movies. They’re in release order and g2k/gmk look weird because tumblr mobile is shit. Anyhow I’m tagging some people to find out what their top 10 Gadzooler movie list looks like because I’m curious/bored @stevenscrivello, @astoundingbeyondbelief, @highly-radioactive-nerd, @klen7, @raffleupagus, @go-go-godzilla, @spacehunter-m @citystompers, @inferiorrodan, @kaijucast,


and of course some octiscratch wouldn’t hurt 


Love at first sightby yoichi-hayabusa

Lateby Capseys

Vinyl x octaviaby ranban


Comm: Vinyl and Octaviaby Chibi-Chiaki

Unpluggedby TheHazelnutMutt

Vinyl and Octaviaby katurkeyg

Octavia and Vinyl: A City of Opportunities fanartby Psyxofthoros

Vinyl and Taviby SpaceHunt

Vinyl Can Still Slow Danceby fearingFun

Honestly the fact that Norman, August, Ed and Steve really disliked Shin Godzilla while folks like @astoundingbeyondbelief, @spacehunter-m, @cosmavoid/@godzillaresurgence and the Tumblr kaiju fandom more broadly seem to generally be enthusiastically embracing it kind of confirms for me that it’s a major step forward for the franchise because that’s exactly the kind of generational split you see almost every time something innovative happens in pop culture and media


Redman Short #3 – Redman vs. Lt. Arcan

Directed by @mekagojira3k

Edited by astoundingbeyondbelief

astoundingbeyondbelief as Redman

@the-arcanight-fright as Lt. Arcan

@kaijusaurus as General Billi

EDF costume provided by @kaijugaiden

MUTO claw provided by @monsterisland22

Music is from Redman (composer unknown), uploaded by @spacehunter-m

Tumblr Kaiju Krew MASTERPOST

In the wake of Legendary Pictures' Godzilla and Pacific Rim, I’ve noticed a lot of users asking about Godzilla and kaiju blogs to follows. In response, I’ve put together this masterpost of practically every kaiju blog I’m aware of! This is by no means a definitive complete list though, and will be updated constantly (probably), so if you want to be added to the list, or have any suggestions for more sections or categories, or just any general comments, LET ME KNOW! So without further ado, here’s the Tumblr Kaiju Krew…




  • godzillaencounter - A blog that teased the Godzilla Encounter of 2013’s San Diego Comic Con.
  • idwcomics - Publishers of the current ongoing Godzilla comic book series.
  • kaijugaiden - Official blog of the upcoming documentary Kaiju Gaiden, focusing on independent kaiju filmmakers.
  • legendary - The official blog of Legendary Pictures, who produced Godzilla (2014) and Pacific Rim, and their upcoming sequels.
  • legendarycomics - Publishers of "Godzilla: Awakening" and “Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero”.
  • lobsterdancepro - The blog of independent tokusatsu filmmakers Lobsterdance Productions.



If you want to be included on (or removed from) this list, or you’re already on the list and want to be moved to in a different section/category, LET ME KNOW!