30K Celebration! Mutual Shoutouts

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If you didn’t get the memo, we hit 30K yesterday! CLICK HERE to see the schedule for next week’s celebration~

Here are some cool people that deserve mentions for being cool people:

darkekyuubi: for sending me the best memes

spartan1337ah: for being named Amadeus, because that’s pretty cool

imaster66: for suggesting I say ‘Khajiit has wares if you have coin’ for my voice reveal (which I might still do!)

spacegoats: for having the URL spacegoats, but running a blog on sea life.

vivimistix: for joining me in my quest for Tupperware

raist-mlp (NSFW): for automatically assuming I was drunk because I messaged them “Thinking about garlic bread <3″ out of the blue once

degritone: for saving me from death by telling me how to massage my sore shoulder blade

jasonj25: for offering to animate/draw my voice reveal for FREE

imasian123: for not drinking enough water

soft-friend: for your poor, poor jawbone…

trent105: for discoursing with me on whether certain superheroes are furries or not

pyrofreakz: for sarcastically calling me both bro and mother in the same sentence once

darkenedfrost: for dubbing me ‘boobutt’

anime-before-bros: for telling me my personality is savage in a good way

kekoji: for sending me several paragraph, in-depth analysis on oatmeal raisin cookies

arcedeer: for pointing out when the legs I draw are no longer legs

little-loli-luna: for being a fellow kitchen item

safelolicuteness: for talking to me for almost THREE YEARS (you’re the best!)

…and a ton more I can’t think of things to write but I love dearly. This basically means anyone who follows my personal blog, and some others. Trust me, if you talk to me, you’d be on here. I just can’t think of things to write for a lot of people.

I have conflicted feelings toward this picture. I think it’s nicely done and Yrel fan art makes my fangirl heart so warm…. but that bugs me she is one of the few women despicted in full armor in her official armor and in this pic she is wearing just a platekini, I can’t think of another character beside her and Maiev wearing some functional armor and we have enough character wearing plate bikinis

No, I don’t think wearing skimpy armor makes some character a bad character, I just would prefer that female characters who use full armor were portrayed that way

p.s: I couldn’t find the source of the image :( If someone now who drew this please reblog with artist name to give credit