I am really loving this cutie.  ♥
I am honestly obsessed over her.
I still love my main girl, Faye. 
But I really like this babe right now. x’D
I was so happy to get this art. 

“Cranked-Mutt” Logo there so no one steals this.

Art © kero_tzuki_

Character © Alfy / Cranked-Mutt

Please NO creepy/rude comments. 
DO NOT not steal/trace/reference/re-create/“eyeball”’ in any way!
You are not the owner of the character or art, do NOT REPOST.
Thank you.

I have conflicted feelings toward this picture. I think it’s nicely done and Yrel fan art makes my fangirl heart so warm…. but that bugs me she is one of the few women despicted in full armor in her official armor and in this pic she is wearing just a platekini, I can’t think of another character beside her and Maiev wearing some functional armor and we have enough character wearing plate bikinis

No, I don’t think wearing skimpy armor makes some character a bad character, I just would prefer that female characters who use full armor were portrayed that way

p.s: I couldn’t find the source of the image :( If someone now who drew this please reblog with artist name to give credit

We Are Spacegoat


“Spacegoat, this is mission control, you are clear for launch.”“Mission control, Spacegoat actual, we are firing main engines.”
“Roger that, Godspeed!”

 We are Spacegoat Studio, a team of game development students on a quest to develop a proof of concept within five months.

The game we’re developing is called Planetary and through this blog, our Youtube channel and twiter we want to offer the world a look at how the project slowly comes together. In the coming months we’ll be sharing insights on the art, design, sound and code of the game, explaining the creative process behind every element.

First on the list though, the game itself:

 Development of the game started around January 2011 and was meant to be a side project for the team’s members. A little flexing of the creative muscles. Up to late August it had a slow, but sure, development. We weren’t too worried about deadlines as it was meant to be a fun little thing rather than the best game ever™.With a new semester starting in September though, the team got the opportunity to work on it full time as a college project.
We naturally jumped at the chance.

Along the way new people joined the team, we’re now seven strong and.we’ve been adjusting the concept and scope of the game.
Planetary is a 3rd Person Spaceflight Game in which the player takes on the role of a celestial being bringing colour, movement, sound and life to a dull and grey universe.

It’s not a game about maximizing systems, numeric feedback or competition, but is more focused on providing an intrinsically rewarding experience through playful experimentation and discovery.

The game presents the player with an environment, a set of abilities and the message to simply go, explore and have fun.
Which is what we’ll be doing. Even though we’ve already answered many questions and are moving into production there are still things we need to figure out, experiment with and understand..
We’ll be stopping by often to tell you of our game development adventures.

Follow us on Twitter and watch us on Youtube.
Spacegoat out!

Malevolent Demon - DK Only

Head: Malevolent Gladiator’s Dreadplate Helm (90 pvp)
Shoulders: Sanctified Scourgelord Shoulderplates (80 pvp)
Back: Selura’s Cloak (Felwood Quest)
Chivalric Chestguard (Nax 10)
Hands: Grips of Silent Justice (BT)
Belt: Sjonnir’s Girdle (HoS Heroic)
Pants: Leggings of the Protective Auras (The Oculus - Heroic)
Feet: Loam-Stained Greaves (Quest Howling Fjord)
1H Axe: Falric’s Wrist-Chopper (HoR Heroic)

Races this looks good on:
Gnome *
Goblin *
Panda **

All others look like ass.  I am sorry.

* I only say these two races because I would be terrified if I saw them running at me.  Little horned demons. NGL - Goblin does look pretty boss.  

** Yes I know that pandas can’t be DKs.  Still looks fuckin good on them.