Headshot #10. Trying to get back on track with these!

My first and dearest warcraft OC. I can’t believe she’ll be turning 10 in January.

PS - Commissions WILL be opening. I just wanted to finish outstanding obligations before adding more to the pile. Thanks for understanding, everyone!


So, this character was a huge treat to get to draw. Years ago (4 back in May, jfc) when I first came to WrA, Pyr and their guild were among the first Klimma met, rped with, made friends with, and made me decide that yes, this was where I wanted to stay and RP.


I am really loving this cutie.  ♥
I am honestly obsessed over her.
I still love my main girl, Faye. 
But I really like this babe right now. x’D
I was so happy to get this art. 

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Art © kero_tzuki_

Character © Alfy / Cranked-Mutt

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I have conflicted feelings toward this picture. I think it’s nicely done and Yrel fan art makes my fangirl heart so warm…. but that bugs me she is one of the few women despicted in full armor in her official armor and in this pic she is wearing just a platekini, I can’t think of another character beside her and Maiev wearing some functional armor and we have enough character wearing plate bikinis

No, I don’t think wearing skimpy armor makes some character a bad character, I just would prefer that female characters who use full armor were portrayed that way

p.s: I couldn’t find the source of the image :( If someone now who drew this please reblog with artist name to give credit