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Tried drawing they toys’ responses to a couple of gifts you guys have given to Sproing…

The bow tie was a gift from @icetigerkitten

The sweater was a gift from @peachdalooza

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Sorry anons, I'm the one who is taking out that trash B)

babe warn be before you pull smooth shit like that holy fUCK


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How old are you?: 16
What are you good at ?: ummm, sleeping, climbing, getting up early, piano and sports!!
What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved?): working towards getting a medical degree actually!
What is your aesthetic?: fire ;)
Do you collect anything?: umm I’m not exactly a collector but I’ve got like a small, tiny, minifigure thingys
What’s a topic you always talk about?: tends to be Until Dawn, or with two people, the Sam/Jess ship, and they know who they are.
What is a pet peeve of yours?: I have so flipping many, like a certain haircut annoys me, it shouldn’t but it does, walking outside after you spend ages on your hair only for it to take two seconds for wind to destroy it entirely. When I get up too late, even if it’s by a minute, not getting over like say a B on tests, god I’m such a little nerd XD
Good advice to give: DON’T DATE ASSHOLES
What three songs you recommend?: Everything by Jordan Fisher. Just saying.
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Good lord this is what happens when you can’t tell left from right

things that are a terrible CisHet concept: man caves

why do men need “an escape” from their families???? wtf are men doin that they need to get away from them??? why don’t you love your family and wanna be w/ them??? and why on earth doesn’t your wife get her own fckin room to get away from you

honestly the worst part about phantom planet is the fact that the damn asteroid is supposedly impervious to ghost powers so turning the earth intangible should by all logic do exactly jack and shit to save it since the asteroid would still be crashing into earth because ghost powers have no effect on it

bc ive been seeing filipino!lance hcs

i decided im joining in (also this makes my lil filipino heart flutter) 


 -lance being part of a big family that is VERY proud of him for going to the garrison bc every filipino is always proud when we have the tiniest bit of representation 

-lance being close to his lola who took care of him for a great deal of his childhood n was basically like a second mother to him 

-lance missing filipino food out in space bc man oh man does he miss his nanay’s adobo 

-dont even let him get started his lola’s lumpia 

-lance bein bilingual and sometimes reverting to tagalog when stressed or just randomly: "ay nako!“ “ang tanga mo, keith” "puta inama!" “tama na!!" "grabe,,, ang pogi ako" "sige,,, pero hindi ko gustohan yan" “hindi ko alam ang sabe mo”

-(the team doesnt understand him at all. shiro is at least starting to understand parts of it based on cues, but hes the only one) 

-every time someone complains about lance yelling too much or being too loud he just screeches “IM FILIPINO ITS IN MY BLOOD”

-him talking about the times hes visited the philippines n all the beautiful beaches hes been to

-his fav one being isla reta which is located near davao

-bc its Canon lance believes in ghosts, i bet he lowkey believes in filipino folklore as well n i bet hes 100% terrified of the mananagaal and the tikbalang 

-every single photo of baby lance is of him with that awful watermelon bowl cut every asian kid had 

-lance making awful filipino centered jokes/pick up lines (that he thinks are hilarious) and the team being completely clueless: "what did the lake say to the ocean? you’re TUBIG!“ "are you from africa? because u ganda”

-just,,, filipino!lance ok