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Humans and Fire

So I’ve read a few humans are weird posts and it got me thinking, what if humans are the only species to evolve to use fire. Like, most intelligent species will instinctively flee in panic the moment they catch sight of an open flame, yet show a human infant a fire and if they don’t know better, they will try to grab it.

Humans will burn everything. Most of us won’t eat anything unless it has been “Cooked” first. (A human word meaning to heat food until it has begun to denature but not yet started to carbonize.)

Start a small fire and instead of fleeing, humans will gather around it and start socializing.

We get intoxicated by setting specific plants on fire and inhaling the smoke, often with the burning embers mere inches from our sensitive face.

We use it to clear land for agriculture and hunting. We use it to punish criminals. We even use it for purely aesthetic purposes. (Think fireworks.)

Heck, we we discovered hydrocarbons, the first thing we did was burn them. In fact, humans were burning so much hydrocarbons they were literally altering the atmosphere of their planet.

Heck, humans have died because they literally did not have enough materials to burn.

Now imagine hostile aliens want to invade earth. They don’t use fire except for carefully controlled and heavily guarded industrial purposes. They also don’t know much about earth other than it is definitely inhabited and the people haven’t developed intergalactic travel.

They’re expecting to face primitive forces armed with the local equivalent of clubs and bows. What they get is, to them, a strange anachronistic jumble of expected primative technologies and highly advanced technologies that they definitely shouldn’t have.

They’re not expecting guns. (Projectile weapons that consist of a narrow tube with projectile and a chemical propellent stuffed into one end. Instead of an electromagnetic pulse, the propellant is ignited and the expanding gases shoot the projectile out of the tube.)

They’re not expecting powered vehicles. Instead of electric motors, humans have what they call the internal combustion engine. (A motor that works by sucking flammable gas into an enclosed chamber, igniting the gas under pressure, and using the resulting force from the detonation to move a piston. Because of that, humans have heavy machinery, self-propelled vehicles, and powered air-craft before they even really understood bio electricity.

They’re not expecting bombs, or incendiary weapons. (It was also how it was discovered that their bio-polymer armor, while excellent against projectiles, can actually burn at surprisingly low temperatures.

They’re not even expecting smelted metal. Steel to them is a high tech material that can only be produced under specialized conditions of extreme heat, and requires very specialized facilities to produce. They are shocked to discover that humans have been smelting copper before they developed writing.

And they are definitely not expecting nuclear weapons. (Which are basically “bombs” that instead of using combustable chemicals use an uncontrolled nuclear fission reaction. They are also aghast to discover that not only was this apparently the first thing we thought to do when we discovered fission, but that competing human faction have “how many of these weapons stockpiled!?”

After retreating in disgrace, the task force sent to monitor the plant is horrified to report that humans are rapidly expanding into space. They aren’t using gravitic lifters or electromagnetic mass drivers. They are apparently simply loading equipment and personnel into special “missiles” and using a shit ton of highly combustable fuel to simply launch themselves into space.

i honestly don’t get why fans go and camp out at airports just so they can see a celebrity or idol cause i know you want to see them but there’s a time and place for that and an airport where they just came off a long flight is not one of them

When You’re Close I Feel the Sparks

Stiles/Derek, 40,000 words, Rated Mature, HS AU, Alive Hales, Spark/Emissary Stiles, Friends to Lovers (here on AO3)

“Whoa,” Stiles breathes, trying to keep his voice down. He jerks his chin toward the tall guy at the other end of the hallway, who’s staring down at a sheet of paper with a furrowed brow. “Who the hell is that?”

He could be a teacher, honestly, with that level of facial hair—more than Stiles will likely be able to grow in his lifetime, ever—but considering the backpack and the stack of textbooks under his arm, he’s probably a student.

“I think that’s the new kid,” Kira whispers back. “Darren. Derek. Daryl. Something like that, my dad mentioned it.”

“Is he a senior, too?” Stiles asks. “He must be, he looks like 22.”

“I think so.”

Immediately intrigued, Stiles hums. The guy is hot as hell, sure—leather jacket and glasses, Jesus, be still his poor, bisexual, beating heart—but more importantly, it must really suck being new on the first day of senior year.

“We’re adopting him,” he decides, tugging Scott and Kira by the elbow in that direction. “Let’s go.”

Stiles strides across the hall, narrowly dodging a terrified-looking pack of freshman girls, and walks right up to the guy, who looks up and seems surprised that someone’s actually talking to him.

“Hey!” He tries to pitch his voice as cheerful but not too manic. Probably a lost cause. Whatever. “You’re the new kid, right?”

“Uh, yeah.” He still looks a little wide-eyed behind those glasses, and it’s not a bad look. “Yeah, I am. I’m Derek.”

“Nice to meet you, Derek,” Stiles says, enjoying the way the name sounds coming out of his mouth. “I’m Stiles. This is Kira, and this is Scott.”

“Hi,” Derek says. He shoots them all a tight, slightly cautious smile that shows off fucking bunny teeth, and yeah, Stiles is done for. He shakes his head a little and tries to recalibrate. Helpful new friends, right.

“This is your schedule, I presume?” he asks as he tugs the piece of paper out of Derek’s hands. He doesn’t wait for Derek’s response before he starts to scan the page. “Okay, let’s see…ooh, look at all those AP courses. So you’re smart,” he says appreciatively, and Derek chuckles a little, looking down as his cheeks flush.

“I guess.”

Awesome. I could use some more competition for valedictorian. I mean, there’s Lydia, of course, and a couple of the new exchange students, apparently, though I’m not sure they should really count. But yeah, anyway, we need fresh blood.” Derek blinks at him, clearly surprised by his tangential rambling, but Stiles just barrels on. He’ll get used to it. “Looks like you’re in AP physics and calc with me, Spanish with Scott, and history with Kira. Plus, we all have the same lunch period. That’s pretty good.”

The warning bell rings right above their heads, signaling two minutes until first period, and Derek winces. “Uh, physics now, right?”

“Yep,” Stiles confirms, rocking back on his heels and jerking his chin to the left. “Other wing, so let’s book it. You need to go to your locker?”

Derek shakes his head, and Stiles just barely manages to resist grabbing him by the elbow. He should probably let the guy get used to his presence before he starts with the constant personal space invasion.

“Bye, Derek!” Kira calls out cheerfully from behind them, and Derek waves over his shoulder.

“She’s aggressively nice,” Stiles says, and Derek laughs. “It’s almost scary.”

“Good to know. What about Scott?”

“Equally nice, but in more of a puppy-dog, nonthreatening way. They’re together, obviously.”

“Obviously,” Derek repeats dryly, and Stiles gives him a look. “What about you?”

“I’m not a part of their relationship, if that’s what you’re asking,” he says, and Derek snorts.

They reach their physics classroom, which is full of students milling among the long lab tables. Stiles bites his lip. It’ll be a bit of a risk, but he’s going for it.

“You wanna be lab partners?” he whispers.

Derek eyes him, a little smirk twisted on his lips. He’s got very expressive eyebrows, and Stiles is quite pleased to see that he’s apparently got a bit of snark to him. “You sure you’re smart? What if you’re just trying to take advantage of me?”

Stiles somehow manages to swallow down his response to that and instead smirks back, bumping their elbows together. “Well, now, you’ll just have to trust me, won’t you?”

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New Ultra Space locations in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon?

Today the Pokémon Company revealed a new stadium card from the upcoming set “Transdimensional Beasts”, which features Nihilego and Guzzlord. The new card, called “Sea of Void”, pairs well with Nihilego, and it should look familiar to anyone who played Sun and Moon.

The card’s image is a depiction of Ultra Space from Sun and Moon, but notably isn’t called “Ultra Space”. This implies that it is not the only location in Ultra Space, and we may encounter more in USUM. Some people have noticed a new location which contains Kartana in one of the USUM trailers. Also, the other stadium card releasing in “Transdimensional Beasts” synergizes with Dark and Dragon types, notably Guzzlord. These are likely two of the new parts of Ultra Space we will get to see in USUM.

Movie Night.

pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: just straight smut
word count: 1k
drabble prompt: “You, me, popcorn, two liter Dr. Pepper, and a movie. You in?” + “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” + “Take. It. Off.” + “I said get rid of it.”
a/n: for my love, the Jimin to my Yoongi, @txmonkeyy

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Cybermen through out the years (1966-2013)

  • The Tenth Planet (1966)
  • Tomb of the Cybermen (1967)
  • The Wheel in Space (1968)
  • The Invasion (1968)
  • Revenge of the Cybermen (1975)
  • Earthshock (1982)
  • Attack of the Cybermen (1985)
  • Silver Nemesis (1988)
  • Rise of the Cybermen (2006)
  • Nightmare in silver (2013)

You know the one thing I really hate about the vampires? The lack of privacy. The need to shield your mind. And I get that’s a way go unnoticed by other vampires or wtv, but like. Leave human minds alone my good dude. Especially the minds of humans you love???? Especially since they can’t shield their minds from your nosy ass????? Can’t I just appreciate the curvature of your butt without you saying “thank you”???????? Jfc.

profoundlytenaciousgalaxy  asked:

I was reading about your analysis about Holly Blue and a thought came up. Could Holly Blue adopted the physical reaction from being mingled with the Earth Gems for so long? I'm seeing that if she was in charge of a different group of gems, she wouldn't be nearly as physical? Using other methods of getting them in shape and in line?

That’s a really good point and now that you bring it up I do think that as well! In both the Holly Blue Character Analysis and the new Pearl Class Analysis I bring up why it’s significant that these gems are put in the service sector. 

They’re separated from gems of their kind, so the socialisation process that we usually see, like Peridot still being able to compare herself to Era 1 Peridots in Too Short to Ride, the Ruby Squad, or Jasper talking about Jaspers as a collective, is largely absent.

In fact, there is an attempt from them to distance themselves from similar gems. Holly talks about the specific prestige of serving on an outpost in the middle of nowhere that no one visits. 

So like Pearls, HBA’s may be expected to assimilate into the lives of their wards as well in order to get them to listen to her and respect her.

We needn’t go to my now, very tired example of the Ruby Squad. Let’s go to the Famethyst. 

They grab.

They play fight.

They’re not too into personal space.

They pick each other up without asking.

And none of it is seen as threatening or an invasion of space. In their social sphere, the norms for what is acceptable is different. And that doesn’t meant in the slightest that they’re less “civilised.” Some cultures in our world speak louder than others. Some cultures accept what most Western societies would describe as a “too close for comfort” distance when talking to one another. Some cultures go right for the kiss when they greet one another. 

Taking a culturally relativism standpoint, we can’t say one is more valid than the other. 

So in order to appeal to that, Holly Blue’s “get in your face” tactic may have been learned as well.

Seeing HBA’s as middle-level managers, I could see them acting differently if in case they were in charge of another group of gems, depending on the way they socialise.