spaced invasion


Rough soremiku doodles.
I’m trying out Clip Studio Paint, It’s hard getting used to a diff software… I think I’ll keep using this to doodle stuff in bed :’)

Holy flurking schnit, there’s a ton of great movies coming on TCM over the next three days!

3/23 (Thurs)

  • 8:00pm (EST): Gojira (1956; i.e., the “Americanized” version the original Japanese version with English subtitles!)
  • 10:00pm: King Kong (1933)

3/24 (Fri)

3/25 (Sat)

3/26 (Sun)

So many movies… so little time…

Imagine a scenario where aliens invade Earth

and start destroying our major landmarks. For over a week we fight against them but only manage to take down a couple of their drones. Finally feeling we are out of options we use a nuke. It misses the mothership but it scares them away and they leave our solar system

For over a decade afterwards humanity lives in fear.We unite under one global government, our technology takes a massive leap forward and that’s when they come back. And it’s far far larger mothership then the one before. Everybody is terrified but suddenly instead of attacking the aliens begin talking to us. And they apologize. Apparently the attack against us was not sanctioned. And it wasn’t even a military attack. It was a rogue movie director who wanted to something new and exciting so instead of using special effects he decided to attack a primitive world like ours and film it

And this movie became the Galaxy‘s top best seller. The Milky Way’s Avatar who was praised for it’s incredible details and rich world. And then some geek alien decided to compare the star charts and holy shit those weren’t awesome special effects. The director actually attacked a planet.

And that’s how our planet joins the interstellar community.


Happy Birthday Donald Sutherland - July 17

Oh my goodness ya’ll are so adamant about this, haha XD

Look, if Fatal chose to put his hand in his own socket he probably wouldn’t feel too much.

But if someone else tried to put their hand in his socket he probably wouldn’t be too happy about the invasion of space and privacy. I mean, would you like it if someone tried to stick their hand into your eye socket? Prolly not :)