space: the convergence


Title: Convergence [Part 2]

Fandom: Star Trek

Relationships: future Scotty/Reader

Warnings: confusion and panic, theorizing of the worst possible situations

Prompt: the Reader gets pulled into the Star Trek universe and confusion ensues over the incident

A/N: Aww yeah, part 2!! Things are starting to pick up a bit more in this one. Also this part (and future ones) will have changes in the pov. Sometimes it will be from the reader’s perspective and other times it will be in like third person 

This is a part of a series! You can find the previous parts here: Part 1

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A Overtly Solicitous Téa

After watching 3.17 another couple times (for my screencaps), it does feel like Téa was watching Tim a little more closely. He’s back to the set after being injured and a fractured knee is no small thing.

I do think they’re both professional and act in their roles but it just felt like a little of that protective mate thing kind of shined through in their scenes this past week.

What do you think?

annoyinginternetstranger  asked:

hi there lauren my pal, here's a question, is mark always such a blabbermouth?? can he keep secrets or was that just because he was overwhelmed by everyone's powers?

He’s definitely a talkative guy and, having grown up in a very secretive household, believes that secrets are best let out. But he also likes respecting people’s privacy so he doesn’t normally spill other’s business. But having so many powers converge on his brain at once is a lot. Not to mention, it can be hard for telepaths to differentiate between conversations they’re having out loud and conversations they’re having in their head - stuff sometimes just spills over. 


Korra:  Raava, I missed you. Where have you been?
Raava: I have always been inside of you.



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