Why not wizards in space? I’d love to see magic experiments in space? Does magic only work on earth? Can witches and wizards travel to worlds with other life? Can they have vacation homes on Pluto? Is that why Pluto isn’t a planet? So people will stop looking at it and the five star wizard resort can expand? That’s at least another seven books. Get to it JKR.

June 28, 2015 ·
Today’s Aikido lesson: souls.

I’ve been having a tough time learning Yonkajo, the 4th wrist control, also known as Yonkyo in some styles. The goal is to put the inside of the index finger’s knuckle against the radial nerve in someone’s forearm, and then applying pressure directly to the nerve. It provides instant pain compliance when done correctly. The tricky part is that if you try to rush, or try to use muscle, your hand flexes, and muscles cover the bones of your knuckle, preventing you from getting that good contact. One has to relax, and just let it happen.

One of my teachers, Sensei PM describes learning Yonkajo as learning “magical space wizardry”. He tells me to just accept the fact that I don’t understand how it works, just to keep trying, and one day it will click. Let’s just say that the learning process is a little frustrating, but he said something the other day that clicked.

“don’t drive your knuckle into his arm, drive it into his -Soul-.”

after a few glasses of recovery Rye, this makes sense now. a soul is an intangible concept, but arm is quite tangible. If I worry about his arm, his nerves, and try to move his body, I get into conflict. If I try to move his soul, and just put my hands where they need to be, I can contact that radial nerve, and his arm moves as a consequence, not as a direct reaction.

I’m moving along in my learning of this technique, and can get my partner into the correct positions. The next step is to do it smoothly, swiftly, without fidgeting.

Two things still boggle my mind:

  1. I can rip through this technique with muscle, no problem. But it’s a lot more effective if you do it kitten soft. That knuckle through soul thing is hard to understand.
  2. The really good practitioners, the ones that really confuse me, the ones I admire, can do this technique with no pain whatsoever. You just want to move, and you really have no choice. I have no idea how any of that works.

“The vengeful templars of Uhl'Zargust have long employed the darkest of minions as well as technological implements most-forbidden.”

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