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‘you mythical bastard’ i feel like some characters during his life actually said that to him

Tar Vizsla, You Mythical Bastard 

His “departure” from Clan Vizsla and Mandalorian society likely ruffled more than a few feathers at the time, and so had his name stricken from respectable (because who would forsake their mandalorian heritage to become something else, something different, as contrary to their way as the Jedi?). Stricken from the clan, rendered a, well, bastard.

So of course, his return after the conclusion of The Thousand Year War no less mandalorian than he was when he left (perhaps even more, as war has a way of hardening, of burdening, even the most kind, and good, among us) raised more than a few eyebrows (or helmets, as the case might be). 

“Tar Vizsla, you mythical bastard, how was your foray into space wizardry?
“Did you have to wear robes?”
“Do you have a lightsaber?”

Tar Vizsla, you mythical bastard, your lightsaber is shaped like a mando beskad?  You can take the mandalorian out of mandalore but you can’t take the mandalore out of the mandalorian. 

The blade is black? You must really care about JUSTICE. Who are you, you mythical bastard? You can’t be real.

Tar Vizsla and his campaign to unite the clans — how do you care so much about our survival? You mythical bastard, are you actually succeeding? They said it was impossible — it must take an impossible man to achieve it. 

Tar Vizsla, You Mythical Bastard

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Hux and ren's fave foods?

Ren literally eats nothing but junk food. He orders pizza, goes to McDonald’s, Burger King, whatever fast food joint, and devours burgers. After he gets his paycheck he treats himself to a burger and an actual meal in a diner or something that is actually not a fast food place (but not a fine restaurant either), but yeah, he likes burgers and pizza and has admirable metabolism since he remains so skinny (unlike canon Kylo Ren AU Ren p much weighs fifty pounds wet under his clothes because he doesn’t really work out or have training in some ancient space wizardry that involves acrobatics with plasma-bladed weaponry). He also can’t cook for shit.

And when I told Raffe about this question and asked about Hux, we both pretty much agreed off the bat that he cooks like Hannibal Lecter but obviously without involving people. He likes fine food, likes going out to eat in actual restaurants, and really enjoys cooking nice stuff for himself. NO IDEA ABOUT HIS ACTUAL FAVORITE FOOD, but he likes to experiment and try new things from different cuisines anyway, so his favorites might shift depending on his mood. He’s untrained, but he could make a good chef if he didn’t only enjoy cooking as a relaxing hobby. He doesn’t wish to pursue it as a career.