SpaceX is planning to send two private citizens around the moon

  • Billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk announced Monday that SpaceX is planning to send two private citizens around the moon in 2018.
  • The two citizens, who have paid a “significant deposit” to participate in the moon mission, will begin training later this year, pending health and fitness tests, according to a statement from SpaceX.
  • “Like the Apollo astronauts before them, these individuals will travel into space carrying the hopes and dreams of all humankind, driven by the universal human spirit of exploration,” the company said.
  • The identities of the two space tourists have yet to be released.
  • According to the statement, the mission will fly the two citizens around the moon in a SpaceX Dragon spacecraft in 2018.
  • The mission will take about a week and the craft will not land on the surface of the moon, according to NPR. Read more (2/28/17 1:49 PM)

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Cassini and Saturn Commemorative Poster!

So I’m super excited about this one!  I’ve been working for a couple months on a series of space posters featuring planets, dwarf planets (yes, we still love you, Pluto), and spacecraft, and I’ve finally—finally!—reached a point where they’re about ready to be shown off.  I’ll be posting them one at a time over the next several weeks as I put the finishing touches on each one.

A ton of time, effort, and love has gone into this series, and I hope that you like it as much as I do!

You can buy this design on shirts or (as it was meant to be seen!) on a poster

(but I know y’all like tshirts)

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janxangel  asked:

I made a donation! Steve is really excited about space and the idea of exploring the universe.

(Setting this in the comic book universe, because it’s fun, but also moving it up a little timewise :D)

Two weeks after the Avengers pulled Steve out of the ice, he stormed into Tony Stark’s office.

“We went to SPACE?” Steve demanded.

Tony looked up, saw the expression on his face, and set his paperwork aside. 

“Yuri Gagarin, 1961, first man in space,” Steve read from the book in his hand. “1969, America lands a man on the moon. 1998, the International Space Station begins construction; the first residential crew arrives in 2000. 2004, Spirit Exploration Rover lands on Mars. We went to space?”  

“Sure. Are still going, though not at the rate we used to be,” Tony said, leaning back in his chair.

“Why didn’t you tell me this the minute I woke up?” Steve asked excitedly. 

“Captain, of the millions of wonders of the twentieth century, it didn’t occur to me that space is what you’d be a nerd about,” Tony replied.

“Have we met aliens yet?” Steve asked. “Google seems untrustworthy when it comes to aliens.”

“Not yet,” Tony allowed. 

“Is Stark Industries working on space exploration?”

Tony cocked his head. “Not directly. I’ve been thinking about it, but Elon Musk really wanted to take the first stab at private space tourism.”

“But what about Iron Man?”

“The suit’s not space-safe yet. Why? Want me to build you one?” Tony joked.

“Would you? A space suit that would take me to the moon?” Steve asked. “Or – or Mars?” 

“Calm down, Space Cowboy,” Tony said, laughing. “I can’t build you a suit that’ll get you to Mars, but I could build you a rocket. It’s a long journey, at least a year to get there and back, realistically more like two. But if you want to go, I can put R&D on it. You’re the most likely to survive, honestly.”

“You’d do that for me?” Steve asked.

“Well, for you and for the good of all mankind,” Tony said. 

“I – well, maybe let’s start with the ISS,” Steve replied. “If it’s not a bother.”

“I’ll call NASA,” Tony replied. “Can I tell them it’s a request from Captain America?”

Steve drew himself up, chest puffing out. “You can tell them I’d find it a personal honor to serve the space program.” 

“Nerd,” Tony said, holding the phone to his ear. “Stick around, they’ll probably want to ask you your measurements for a flight suit.” 


In 2 years, you’ll be able to take a flight 20 miles above the Earth

Two years from now, for $75,000, you’ll be able to head 120,000 feet into the air for a higher glimpse of Earth than any other living civilian has seen.

World View Enterprises, the company that is running the air balloon flights, just completed its first test flight from Roswell, N.M. to the edge of the stratosphere — 20 miles above Earth.

Beginning in 2016, the World View balloon is scheduled to lift a pill-shaped capsule carrying six passengers and two crew members 20 miles into the atmosphere. Once the structure arrives, it’ll hover for two hours, allowing passengers to walk around and take in the view before floating them back down to Earth.

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Promise for the Future

A Shawn Mendes one shot.


My windows were open and the sun was shining through my transparent white curtains that billowed in the breeze. The radio played quietly and I didn’t recognize the song. It was some time in the afternoon, maybe two o'clock or some time near then, and there was nothing else I was supposed to be doing. It was peaceful, tranquil, as if everything in the world was exactly where it needed to be, and everything was right.

I was sitting on my bed. My duvet was folded at the end of it, and I sat among my crumpled white sheets. Shawn was there beside me, laying diagonally across the mattress with his head on my thigh. His eyes were closed and I could see the veins on his eyelids, his eyelashes splayed across his cheeks. I knew he wasn’t sleeping because he’d say something every once in a while, and I wondered what he was thinking about. My hands ran through his soft brown curls, loving the coolness of it between my fingers.

“I’m happy.” I stated softly.


“I’m happy. That’s all. Content to my core with anything and everything.” I continued. I looked down to see him smiling widely, his lips closed, and I traced the lines around his mouth softly with my finger. He shifted and bit me playfully. I laughed and withdrew my hand to caress the side of his face. His laugh was more of a content sigh as his eyes opened and he tilted his head up to look at me, smiling wide. I couldn’t help returning the look.

“I’m really in love with you.” He said. The warmth in my chest blossomed like a tulip in spring. I felt safe in this relationship with him, knowing that he was as in it as me. It was the greatest feeling in the world to know for certain that we were in love. Fully and irrevocably.

“I’m really in love with you right back.” I replied. He closed his eyes again, letting his head relax back down. I leaned over and kissed him right between his eyebrows. His skin was soft and warm, and reminded me that he was alive. He was real and beside me.

In the real world, Shawn had to go back on tour soon, and I would return to school. The world was still turning, and everyone on it was or had or would struggle in their lives, but at the time none of that existed. We were in our own small vortex of happiness, untouched by shadows but instead warmed by the never setting sun. We weren’t part of the real world. I wasn’t even sure if time was actually passing, or if this was just one of those hyper realistic dreams where you wake up and wonder if it was a memory. I didn’t care, either.

“What do you think the future will be like?” Shawn asked. I paused to think and Shawn rolled over to his side, his ear pressed against my leg as he looked up at me.

“I think that buildings will get taller and closer together. I think farms will be almost entirely machine operated. I think space tourism will be more of a thing. I think that eventually, when we run out of space in Europe and North America, all the Europeans and North Americans will start taking over Africa and South America and the deserts of Australia and fields of Asia, because white people take whatever they want.” Shawn laughed at this, “And I think more people who aren’t politicians will start taking power, and sometimes it’ll be a good thing but sometimes it won’t. And through all of this, we’ll find our own place in the world where it’s just the two of us.”

Shawn smiled brightly. “And a couple of kids down the road?” He offered. I smiled.

“And a couple of kids down the road. And they’ll grow up and develop all the good traits from each of us and they’ll do great things with them. And we’ll be be happy and in love, together through all of it.” I said. Shawn was beaming.

“Do you promise?” He asked, loosely intertwining the ring finger of his left hand with mind. I smiled at him and leaned down to press my lips softly against his, both of our eyes fluttering closed.

“I promise.” I whispered against his lips.