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Hello! In my story, I have a male character born on Venus (a whole alien life on planets storyline) who escapes the planet because on Venus, males aren't very well accepted (they are generally discriminated against). His space pod loses gas and he ends up falling onto Earth (thankfully not dying) and is found by a human man on the beach. I was wondering if you could help me with a starter of them first meeting?

Hello there anon! Try these:

  • He climbed out of the broken pod and darted for the trees the moment he saw the strange bipedal creatures.
  • They stared at each other, each emitting strange and unintelligible sounds.

Hope those help!



Welcome back to The SpacePod, asslicker! On this week’s episode, Einar and his boyfriend Thraushtins continue the epic saga of Keanu Reeves sitting on a bench, eating a messy hamburger, then they talk about manbabies, fucking clones, how they first met, parenting and love, science and The Universe, big cocks, capitalism, anal sex and you can finally hear our sexy singing voices as we sing one of my favorite songs! Yes, “my”. It’s me, Einar, writing this description. What did you think? That we have a third person writing descriptions for us? Don’t be ridiculous. Anyways, these are just a few of the topics we talk about so grab a drink, sit back or lie down or whatever is your thing and hang out with us for a little while. I had a really good joke about me being hung over from my birthday yesterday and waking up hanging from a ceiling by chains in a homosexual BDSM pose, trying to write this description but I had internet problems and lost the text and had to upload this shit again…fuck.

SpacePod is just two gay ass best friends who love talking to each other.

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It was a busy Monday afternoon in Metro city. Not many pay visit to the Megamind Museum during such hours. It gives Shred more piece at mind, feeling free to explore more of the museum without much contact with other people. He wondered on one of the halls across the multiple exhibits surrounding him. He’s spent a few years visiting and still, comes across something new every time he visits. He continues walking down to another hall that had screens on the wall displaying different planets on each one, known to be the planets within the solar system. But reaching the end he ended up standing behind a rope with the main exhibit, in the distance, on a stand behind a square class case, was looked like some kind a small, circular, and blue beat up space pod. Under a big screen that displayed an unfamiliar looking planet that looked more like it was animated in cgi, with question marks on the side of it. Was this supposed to be some kind of space pod? It had dents on the side and broken glass on the window, it looked old and beat up. He tilted his head puzzled. He’s came across strange looking weapons and machine Megamind has made as history of his past as a villain, what was this strange looking invention? He leaned himself against the rope to have a closer view. Not aware of a person coming up to him.

Description: The blood angels crash into my lines as reinforcements come In the form of space wolves drop pods to aid the embattled guardsmen. #model #art #painting #hobby #game #spacewolves #spacewolfs #spacemarines #astramilitarum #imperialguard #guard #40k #warhammer40k #warhammer
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Date: June 23, 2015 at 10:42AM

“GOUDA Space Pod” by David Roberts 01341 on Flickr 

“The Netherlands is now a proud and famous space going nation. We are all familiar with heroic Dutch spacemen, in their orange spacesuits and their adventures across the galaxy. Many people have forgotten the pioneering spirit of the early astronauts from Holland. The Dutch space programme started with very little money. In order to create the General Outer-space Utility Delivery Adapter (GOUDA) manoeuvring pod, space engineers had to use the skins of giant cheeses. These were sent into space to feed the crew of the Dutch space station. The GOUDA rinds were found to be airtight, thanks to their combination of wax and old cheese. They were then fitted with engines and life support. The GOUDA pods proved to be popular, reliable and nimble. In one famous incident, a pilot who suffered engine failure was able to survive for a week in deep space. He did this by eating the cheese from the walls of his cockpit. The success of the GOUDA led to other Dutch spacecraft being named after cheeses from the Netherlands. These included the Extra-terrestrial Damage Assessment Module (EDAM) repair ship and renowned Blue Nopper starfighter. Fourth Wall The main point of this build was really to just tease Pico van Grootveld. Sorry Pico! No doubt my poor behaviour means that I’ll be put in a sack and dragged off to Spain in December… After some GOUDA, you really should sample Pico’s Red Dragon Welsh cheese ship. This creation was also suggested to The Lego Car Blog by Billyburg. Thank you both!”
Original Image Check out more from David Roberts 01341 on Flickr.