princess protection program au tho (but ALIEN protection program)

keith is an orphan alien from the outskirts of some galaxy whose space pod crash lands on earth in a field near lance’s house. lance and shiro find him and take him in and shiro, who knows about alien junk for mysterious reasons, vows to protect keith from whoever is targeting him until he can safely return home

lance is jealous of this perfect alien boy who just fell out of the sky and has all of shiro’s affections and even more upset that he has to take him to school and show him how to be natural, especially when he acts all stuck up like he’s better than lance because he’s an alien. (lance asked keith to play cowboys and aliens with him, as kids do. he meant hand motions and fake sound effects. keith actually pinned him to the ground)

keith teaches lance things about his home planet and the galaxy, while lance tries to teach keith about how to act normal and be cool on earth, despite not being cool himself. he tries to teach keith slang. (cue ‘i say vol you say tron’ ‘..vol…tron?’)

lance slowly stops becoming so jealous of keith and actually gets a big crush on him (keith never understood why lance didn’t like him in the first place) and they end up kissing while stargazing (keith was teaching lance about space things)

a-nerds-multiverse  asked:

*Fire Opal and the gang are having a relaxing day, as the they smile, soon a home world space pod crash, as the door open, soon something ran out as the pod explodes, the gem from the pod hides as she was scared*

Ghost Quartz: (Heard an explosion.) “What the Geodes was that..?!”

       There was no question as to why father had his eyes set on Earth for the longest time, it was just as he had described it to be. Breath taking scenery, the quality of life that it supported. This had to be the most beautiful planet that Broly had ever seen in his life, for even he found himself awestruck for a moments time as he viewed it from the skies above.

       –In fact, it was too beautiful. A planet as extraordinary as this didn’t deserve to exist.

       Of course, father wouldn’t mind it at all if Broly destroyed this gem. It wasn’t like he needed it anymore now that he was D E A D.

       The Legend’s appearance was sudden; starting out with a single space pod that he oh-so eagerly broke out of before it could even make contact into the rocky terrain. He would have started on his merciless assault in a city he happened to spot on his way down were it not for someone getting in his way; an odd man clad in green. How annoying.

       His immediate sense of the Saiyan’s threat level was obvious following his demand for him to leave seconds after questioning him. An order that fell to deaf ears and quickly turned violent. Not even five minutes later had passed yet before Broly managed to literally tear the man limb from limb, yet he remained alive due to his strange metallic structure.

       He was about to disintegrate what was left of his first victim when he came to a halt just before he could have the chance to land the finishing blow. Another one was coming. Slowly, his large form turned to greet this newcomer. 

       “Keheheh– I was wondering when new blood would show up.” Pupil-less eyes met the other as a toothy grin crossed his face; one full of absolute malice. “This metallic piece of trash was becoming a bore.” What was left of said metallic trash was then dropped at his feet in favor of the one before him. Hopefully they would be stronger than the one he had nearly killed.