Guys. This is the most shippy thing i’ve ever seen in my life. This arc has been wonderful. I shipped them before it but uhhh the feels! Naga and Balance belong together. End of story. I need to read and write lots of fic now.

Ok side note, what is going on in the preview for 32 with Stinger and Tsurugi…? Not that i’m complaining….

Another side note, naga looks weird crying but maybe its just because we spent 25 eps of zero emotion, then upped it to crazy, idk how normal emotions look on him and its weird?

I went to the premiere of “For The Love of Spock” which is Adam Nimoy’s documentary about his dad & Spock’s iconic appeal. It’s really great and heartfelt. I enjoyed the entire movie & thought it was paced really well.

And I just have to tell all Spirk fans that there’s a segment on K/S. George Takei talks kindly about the fandom in an onscreen interview. 

The documentary will be released this September. Rent it, buy it, if you get the chance for your Spock/Nimoy missing heart!