The Doctor is really just regenerating from Space Gandalf into Space Galadriel!!!

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We shall walk this world together

A/N: You’ve done perfectly fine, my dear! Thank you for the request, I hope this is what you had in mind! 

Pairing: Legolas x Reader 

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Word Count: A bit over 1000 or something, I forgot to count them … 

It was already dark when you reached the gates of Moria. With a tired sigh you sat down on a large boulder on the shore of a lake. Why were the places you wanted to go always so hard to reach? The company had fought their way through a giant swamp for hours, just to get to Moria, and now that you were there it wasn’t even sure if you could get in, or survive what would wait for you inside. Your cloak and trousers were stained with mud, making it uncomfortable to sit in any position. Merry and Pippin plopped down next to you, groaning and whining loudly about how much they hated walking all day.

With a smile you listened to their complaints for a while. Internally you agreed with nearly everything they said, even though you didn’t understand exactly what they meant when they talked about a second breakfast. Still you liked the two hobbits. They were upbeat, positive people and always good for a laugh. In short they were the perfect people to keep you happy on an exhausting quest like this.

“They are quite entertaining, aren’t they?”

You startled and turned around, only to find Legolas, the prince of Mirkwood standing behind you, watching Merry and Pippin with a fond smile. You hadn’t talked to him much, but you had noticed him instantly when he had sat down at the council. Since then your mind had more often than not wandered to him while you had walked in the wilderness, even though you didn’t want to admit it. Maybe it was just because you weren’t used to his elvish perfection.

In response you nodded and turned your attention back to the two hobbits.

“They are adorable.”

You heard him chuckle behind you.

“That’s one way to say it. They are like children. I still wonder why Lord Elrond let the two of them join us on our quest. It is too dangerous for them.”

With a smile you scooted left to make room for the elf, patting the free space beside you invitingly.

“Gandalf says Hobbits have hidden qualities.” You pondered. “Maybe we just haven’t discovered their true potential yet.”

Legolas sat down next to you and stared at the subjects of your discussion thoughtfully.

“That might be true. If Aragorn taught me one thing, it’s that you should never judge someone by their appearance.”

“You’re very close with him, aren’t you?” You questioned. “How is that? You are a prince of Mirkwood and he’s a human ranger… It doesn’t seem very likely that you two should become such great friends as you are.”

“As you said he’s a ranger. He’s travelling Middle-earth with many missions, and not few of them led him to Mirkwood. We have known each other for a long time, him and I.”

“Speaking of a long time… How old are you?” You blurted out.

You had been asking yourself that question for days, knowing of the immortality of the elves. You just couldn’t tell. You knew he had to be young for an elf, but that could mean anything under 10,000 years, and therefore didn’t even closely answer your question.

Legolas smirked at your question, obviously knowing how confusing it was for you. Obviously it was amusing to him to see a human so confused by his elvish persona.

“Old by human standards, but young by elvish ones.” He answered.

“That’s not even closely answering my question.”

“I know.”

Now you knew he was messing with you. With a grin you shook your head.

“You really like being a mystery, do you.”

“Maybe I do.” He responded. “But enough of me. What led you to the council of Elrond?”

You noticed how elegantly he was avoiding your questions, but you didn’t question him about it. Maybe he just didn’t want to scare you away by revealing how old he really was.

You explained that you had been sent from Rohan to take part in the council, but without the knowledge of the king, as he was very sick. Legolas listened to your story intently, smiling as you finished.

“It’s no wonder that you are not used to elves, then. The people of Gondor see us more often than those of the marks.”

“Why is that?” You chimed in with furrowed brows. “Is there an animosity between our people that I don’t know about?”

Legolas shrugged.

“I don’t know. The mirkwood-elves don’t leave their realm very often, with few exceptions.” He smirked, pointing at himself. “The same goes for the elves of Lórien. Rivendell is the exception, and I think their mindset is just closer to that of Gondor. I’m not sure, though.”

“I’m glad you’re an exception.” You commented, ignoring the comments about Lórien and Rivendell completely. “It’s really reassuring to have you with us.”

He bowed his head in thanks and smiled, making your stomach flutter.

“So what I gathered from this,” He continued after a moment of silence. “is that you are a shield maiden. Have you fought in battles before?”

“Only in a few skirmishes with orcs on our borders.”

He nodded.

“But you know how to stand your ground, then. That is good on a quest like ours. I was slightly worried about you, because I knew of the skillset of everyone else. I had no clue of your abilities until now. And it would be a shame if a beautiful maiden like you was slaughtered in battle.”

You blushed deeply, murmuring thanks to the compliment. As you looked up you found him smiling down at you, before he quickly looked away. You, too, turned your eyes on the hobbits again, who had now taken to throwing pebbles into the water. Absentmindedly you watched the stones jump on the water, spreading soft waves wherever they touched the surface. Suddenly Legolas jumped up and jogged over to them, catching Merry’s arm just as he was about to send another stone flying across the lake. Aragorn had done the same to Pippin.

“Do not stir the water.” He commanded.

“You do not know what you might wake.” Legolas added with a pointed look, before returning to you.

You gave him a questioning look and he shook his head.

“Moria used to be one of the brightest kingdoms of the dwarves. Now it is a dark place, with unknown beasts and dangers surrounding it. Doesn’t the water seem unnatural to you?”

Of course you had noticed the eerie atmosphere that surrounded the lake, but you hadn’t given it much thought. A swamp in dark light was bound to be creepy, right? But if Legolas with his elvish senses thought the water should best be left unstirred, it would be for the best to listen to him, so you nodded. He smiled again.

“But do not worry. It could be nothing, but even if there is something sleeping in the lake, we should be fine as long as we don’t wake it up.”

You nodded again, even though his words didn’t reassure you in the slightest. It wasn’t that you were scared of battle, but rather that you had never fought against anything more unnatural than orcs before. All the other monsters Middle-earth had to offer had never made an appearance at Rohan’s boundaries. Until now you had thought yourself lucky for avoiding a clash with one of them, but now you wished you had made at least some experience with them. You didn’t like feeling unprepared at all.

Legolas seemed to sense your discomfort, as he laid a hand on your shoulder and held your gaze.

“You are in the company of one of the best warriors Middle-earth has ever seen, one if the istar, and thereby a maiar, four of the most loyal hobbits and an expert-bowman, if I dare say so myself. You will be safe, believe me.”

You smiled, grateful for his attempt to comfort you.

“I would describe you as much more than an expert-bowman, Legolas. You’re the best archer I’ve ever encountered, and I have seen many.”

“Then you have nothing to fear, because this archer has a special interest in protecting you.”  

Your eyes widened and you blushed, searching his eyes for the sign of mischief. As you found nothing but sincerity you allowed yourself to smile.

“And why is that?”

Legolas looked at the ground, and then up at you again, a shy adoration glimmering in his eyes.

“Because he thinks you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, and every other, no matter whether human or elf, pales in comparison.”

You blushed again, unable to find a suitable answer for this compliment. No one had ever talked you like this, and it made your breathing stop and your stomach tingle with excitement. So you just smiled and looked down.

“I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.” Legolas apologised instantly, taking your silence as rejection. “Maybe I should leave you alone.”

“No!” You protested, holding him back by his hand as he got up. “It was very nice of you to say that. I’m just not used to compliments. Please, stay?”

He sat back down with a small smile. You didn’t let go of his hand.

“My silence was not meant to hurt you.” You explained, running your thumb over the back of his hand. “I just do not know what I should say. I’m a warrior, not a poet.”

Legolas let out a small laugh and engulfed your hand in both of his.

“I have already noticed you’re not a lady of many words. There’s no need to apologise for who you are. I just have to make myself clear: I admire you, and everything you stand for. If you do not return these feelings, I will not think any less of you and it will not change what I feel. I will still try my best to protect you on our journey.”

“But I do feel the same!” You hastily explained. “I really do. You are a man of honour, Legolas, a brave warrior and a gentle person. How could I not return your feelings?”

“I’m glad to hear that.” He answered, with a bright smile on his face.

You leaned your head against his shoulder, a content sigh leaving your lips. He kissed your forehead gently, snaking an arm around your shoulder to hold you close.

“It is settled then.” He whispered into your ear. “We will walk this world together, and together shall we face the dangers that we meet while doing so.”

You nodded.

“And we shall protect each other to our best abilities.”

You could feel his lips twist into a smile against your skin, as you sank deeper into his arms. 

[Fic] Aulë‘s wrath

Little fic about Aulë ripping Gandalf a new one once Gandalf returns to Valinor, about how he treated Aulë’s children in Middle-earth.

Inspired by @asparklethatisblue​‘s posts and written based on this ask by @tygermama (I’m so sorry, for some reason it’s not letting me tag you?!)!

tw for mentions of racism and a whole lotta love of Aulë for his beautiful children <3

The Valar do not think.

Or rather, their thoughts are of such weight and alienness that they are utterly incomparable to what transpires in a mortal’s mind. It is the multitude of the world’s events that swirls in their minds, a billion sparks lightening up and vanishing within moments of a time span that is outside mortal’s perception. They see everything and yet can also pick out a single events – especially those whose children swarm the land, sea and sky. They can follow the fates of their offspring through the multiple streams of time and space.

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anonymous asked:

Hi I just saw you answer the question about your opinions on the 7th Doctor (it's the 3rd of september today, I'm sure you get many messages) and I noticed you used mostly gender neutral pronouns. I was curious if that's how you view the Doctor because I've seen posts about how gender wouldn't really be a set thing for Timelords. Thank you :)

[deep breath]

Okay. I don’t really like engaging in these kinds of discussions on here but I’m gonna take a shot at explaining my own thoughts on this subject…

First off, yes I do perceive the Doctor to be agender. It’s not headcanon or personal preference — it has been established in “canon” many times in the past (though if we’re being honest here, I would still support it if it had not been “officially” substantiated). If we’re talking about Time Lords as a whole, I personally don’t agree that gender fluidity is the default in their society. I’m more inclined to see it as being extremely varied. Some fluctuate between genders, some are genderless, some a specific gender, etc. I don’t necessarily reject the concept of a genderfluid Time Lord society in itself. However, there is a very big problem which lies in the popular line of reasoning in support of that idea.

It seems to be commonly asserted that Time Lords can be subjected to drastic changes in their outer appearance, therefore they wouldn’t be set on any specific gender identity/identities. But here’s the thing: the notion that gender coincides with how you look on the outside is WRONG. Wrong wrong wrong. Gender ≠ physical appearance. So why would the ability to regenerate into different forms make any difference? Especially when we know that the outcome of regeneration, while manipulatable to a certain extent by some of the more capable Time Lords (e.g. Romana), is generally unpredictable?

Only the individual person knows what gender they are and the only way we know is by their explicit acknowledgement. It’s usually harder to determine with fictional characters because the writer(s) often don’t address the subject and it gets even more confusing when you have a fictional universe with as an extensive history as Doctor Who, which has numerous contributors, all of whom often have different (occasionally contradictory) ideas about the persons within the DW universe. However, “canonically” speaking, the Doctor themself — and the interactions/experiences they’ve had with others — have clearly indicated on multiple occasions over the course of their history that they are neither male nor female.


Panna: Impossible. Was he present when you opened the box?
Doctor: Yes. Most enlightening.
Panna: What’s he babbling about? No male can open the Box of Jhana without being driven out of his mind. It is well known.
– Fifth Doctor, Kinda

Amy: Oh, typical bloke, straight to fixin’ his motor.
Eleventh Doctor: That’s the thing, Amy. I am not a “typical bloke.”
Amy: [Makes accusations that she’s been led on]
Eleventh Doctor: No. No. No, no, no, no, no. It’s… not like that. That’s not what I’m like.
Amy: Then what are you like?
Eleventh Doctor: I don’t know. Gandalf. Like a space Gandalf. The little green one in Star Wars. [lightsaber noise] Whoom.
Amy: You really are not. You are a bloke.
Eleventh Doctor: I’m the Doctor.
Meanwhile in the TARDIS, Scene 2


Dr. Petherbridge: You know, it’s not usual to have men stay…
Sixth Doctor: Oh, don’t think of me as a man. Just the Doctor.
– Sixth Doctor, An Eye for Murder

Group Captain Gilmore: He’s reliably unreliable, if you get my drift.
Seventh Doctor: A man after my own heart.
Gilmore: Except you’re not a man.
Seventh Doctor: And I have two hearts!
1963: The Assassination Games

“It’s hard enough trying to use your language to describe nonlinear temporal events, I could do without one of the participants being of indeterminate gender.”
– Kelsa on the Seventh Doctor, The Raincloud Man


“That’s crap!’ Sam shouted. “The Doctor isn’t your average man, at all. I don’t think he even has a gender. How can you - whoever you are - pontificate on what he’s like? He’s private. He’s untouchable.‘‘There’s something about him that makes you think he’s beyond sex.’
Scarlet Empress

‘I can’t explain. You wouldn’t understand.’
‘Yes.’ Why did she suddenly feel on the defensive?
‘Because I’m a man and you’re a woman?’
‘Yes, actually.’
The Doctor raised his eyebrows. ‘But I’m not a man.’
Sam opened her mouth to speak, then shut it again.
He continued,‘I’m not even human. Not even close.’

‘Can I ask you something personal?’ he [the Doctor] said.
I.M. Foreman nodded. ‘I warn you, though. If it’s anything to do with how I got this body, the details are going to be messy. You’ve never been a woman, have you?’
‘I’m not sure I’ve ever even been a man. That’s not what I was going to ask.’
Interference, Book One.

Once, there was a man called the Doctor, although he was not precisely a man and that was not his real name.
– Jamon de la Rocas, The Slow Empire

(more can be found here, where I borrowed the above examples from)

As for other Time Lords, that’s generally less clear and really based on individual interpretations/headcanons.

The Doctor does not appear bothered about being referred to with masculine pronouns but I favour using them/they/their when I talk about this character because
a) some people refuse to use those terms as singular pronouns for other n.b. individuals who specifically ask to be identified as such, despite the long history of its usage in real life;
b) I want to openly acknowledge the existence of non-binary individuals, fictional or not, because representation is important and representation by well-known/popular characters like the Doctor even more so;
c) again, it has already been openly, unambiguously stated that they are NOT binary-gendered on numerous occasions over the course of their personal history and lifetimes

On Time Lords in general: I don’t have any issues with people headcanoning them as genderfluid — some of them probably are and people are free to explore their own interpretations of different characters — HOWEVER it does bother me a lot when the basis of that idea is their capacity to regenerate into different physical bodies.

Gender and identity do not work that way.

the great thing about watching Babylon 5 with my housemates is making up our own jargon for it
  • Marcus: Space Aragorn
  • Londo: Space Hitler
  • Draal: Space Gandalf
  • Babylon 5: The Space U.N.
  • Night Watch: Space Nazis
  • Bester: Evil Scotty
  • Lord Refa: Lord Obviously Evil
  • Sheridan: Replacement Sinclair
  • Lyta: Replacement Talia
  • Vorlons: His Noodly Appendage
  • Vorlon influence: Touched By His Noodly Appendage
  • Vorlon ships: Cthulhu
  • Clark: President Badguy
Remember that Nine x Rose month we were talking about?

It’s a go! October is a month long celebration of our favorite Time Lord and the Bad Wolf who loves him. Time, space and Halloween are always better with two, and we’d love you all to put on your fic writing, fan arting, gif setting, playlisting and general shipping hats to help us show it. Let’s make the Nine x Rose Halloween tag runneth over!

The theme for this first year is Halloween with all the spookyness, tricks, treats, and creepy/supernatural atmosphere associated with the season. There will be weekly theme/prompts as well. These are meant to inspire you, but not cramp your style. The only requirement for contributions is that they be Nine x Rose. Our askbox is always open if you have any questions.

Week 1: Werewolf
This week’s theme can be anything from literal werewolves (AU or otherwise), to Bad Wolf, shapeshifting aliens, moon cults, wolf and little Red costumes, fairytales with beauties and beasts that may not be what they seem, pets on board the Tardis, what it means to be a pack, hunter and hunted, to whatever strikes your fancy.

Week 2: Things That Go Bump in the Night
This is the week to get saucy, spooky or straight up fuel everyone’s nightmares. Now is the time to walk through graveyards and haunted houses, met Edgar Allen Poe or HP Lovecraft, plunk our darlings into the middle of a Hitchcock movie, have nightmares and/or share a bed, camp out in the pitch black middle of nowhere, uncover eldritch horrors, get lost in the cold dark reaches of space, get the pants scared off them by creatures who may not to be monsters at all, investigate strange noises in the wee hours and discover what, if anything, our favorite couple wears to bed.

Week 3: The Witching Hour
This week we explore the realm of witchcraft, superstition, spiders, bats and black cats. Whether our heroes are trying to avoid being burned at the stake, being lured in by an old woman who isn’t what she seems, having their fortunes read, discovering someone using tech from the future to pass themselves off as a wizard, getting caught up in ancient prophesy, running from people who believe blue eyes are of the devil, helping some telepathic bat people fix their spaceship, or having a magic show AU where you decide who qualifies as the lovely assistant, it’s bound to be a wild broom ride.

Week 4: Tricks and Treats
From pranks to sweet surprises and more, this is the week for Halloween parties, trick or treating, overdoing the candy, special effects that are too realistic not to be alien tech, bobbing for strange fruits on far off planets, costumes that aren’t really costumes, treats that turn into tricks and vice versa, masquerades, scary movie marathons, having dinner with Vincent Price, any and everything you can imagine the Doctor doing to impress his best ghoul.

Don’t fret if you’re a bit late with any of the prompts. Like (space) Gandalf, a shipper is never late, nor are they early. They post exactly when they mean to. We’re just happy to have more Nine x Rose.

So follow us for all the Nine x Rose this October. We will be posting everything tagged “ Nine x Rose Halloween “ as well as posting some fun things to get you in the mood in the days leading up to October. Happy shipping!

Precisely When he Means To

For timepetalsprompts drabble prompt: wizard. This came out to exactly 200 words. Unbetaed, all mistakes mine.

“You’re like some kind of space Gandalf.”

At this random pronouncement, the Doctor jerked his head up from where he was working under the console, narrowly avoiding injury. “Space Gandalf?” he repeated.

Rose fixed him with a stern look. “A wizard is never late,” she intoned, imitating Ian McKellen’s inflection perfectly, “nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.”

Her eyes widened in comprehension, and she nodded quickly. “1879. Same difference,” she said, with breezy insouciance.

The Doctor huffed. “If we hadn’t landed in 1879, Queen Vicky would have gotten more of a bite than she did, and then where would Great Britain be?”

Rose smiled, her tongue peeking out behind her teeth. “So you’re saying you landed precisely when you meant to?”

“Yes, of—” The Doctor clicked his mouth shut and he waved the sonic at her. “Now that’s not fair, tricking me like that!”

She ignored his protest. “An’ you take people from their homes and set them off on adventures.”

“But not to defeat Sauron.”

She pressed her lips together, but her eyes danced with mirth. “Doctor, we killed Satan.”

Accepting defeat, the Doctor retreated back underneath the console. You’re much better than Shadowfax.