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Sefikura and "I hope you know my name..." with sassy littleshit!Cloud please? (Makes puppy eyes)

Cloud was done. Just… fucking done. He had been shoved on the graveyard shift for three days straight, while also being dragged out during the day with the rest of his squad for an emergency clear-out of monsters in the sewers. 

Firstly, he was pretty sure that was illegal. There had to be laws about working that many hours in a row. Secondly, sewer missions just straight-up sucked; he’d wasted a precious hour when he could have been sleeping getting the stench off him. Thirdly, the only reason he was stuck on the night shift to start with was a bunch of red tape bullshit.

So he stood in front of the elevator at two in the morning, emenating a thunderous hatred for the existance of the entire universe. Fortunately, there was no one else around, so Cloud was free to scowl and fume to his heart’s content.

There was mostly no one else around, at least. Footsteps echoed up the corridor as someone approached. Cloud knew he was breaking regulations by not having his helmet on, and he had plenty of time to put it back into place had he so wished, but frankly he had run out of fucks to give.

He reconsidered his position when the figure rounded the corner, all black leather and long silver hair. Sephiroth. Of course it was fucking Sephiroth.

Cloud did not want to deal with this shit right now.

“The elevator is closed for maintenance until 0600 hours,” Cloud intoned. 

Sephiroth’s footsteps slowed until he came to a stop in front of Cloud. At any other time, Cloud may have been cowed by the stare Sephiroth leveled at him. At two in the morning, with only around a grand total of eight hours sleep in the past three days, Cloud really didn’t care.

“Stand aside, trooper.”

“Sure, but it won’t help. The engineers have everything offline, I’m just here to stop idiots falling into an empty elevator shaft.”

Sephiroth raised an eyebrow at the blank-faced blond. 

“Sir,” Cloud added. It was so late and said so off-handedly that it probably would have come across more respectful to leave it off entirely.

“What’s your name?”

“Cloud Strife. Unit 014, gamma division. Infantry.” The ‘please fucking fire me so I can get out of here’ was unspoken, but implied.

“Hmph. And I hope you know my name.”

“Yes. I just don’t care. Throw yourself down the elevator shaft if you really want.”

There was a moment when Cloud thought he was going to be murdered; he was shoved back against the wall, Sephiroth’s hand dangerously close to his throat. Cloud couldn’t quite tell if it was a threat or a caress.

“You’re lucky you are cute enough that your insolence is endearing.”

Wait. What? 

Cloud blinked stupidly. Was it possible to be so sleep-deprived that he was hallucinating? ‘Cause he thought Sephiroth had just called him cute. And was touching him.

“You’re lucky you’re fucking gorgeous enough that no one cares you’re an asshole.”

Sephiroth leaned in. “Is that so?”

Gods, his face was so close to Cloud’s, merely an inch away from him. Cloud hadn’t really meant to accidentaly compliment Sephiroth, but he hadn’t been wrong. Seeing him from so near… it was obvious regardless, Sephiroth really was fucking gorgeous.

While Cloud was too stunned to respond, Sephiroth stepped past him and manually pulled open the elevator doors.

“Hey!” Cloud protested. He hadn’t been kidding; the elevator wasn’t running, and there was nothing but the empty shaft in front of them. It was a stupidly long drop down. The bottom wasn’t even visible.

“You will also find I am skilled enough to do as I wish,” Sephiroth said. Casually as anything, he stepped out into the empty space and freefall. Cloud darted over, wide-eyed, on his hands and knees as he stared over the edge. He was just in time to see the distant figure of Sephiroth grasp the elevator’s hoist cables and slow himself to a stop, before yanking open another set of doors and leaving just as casually.

“That was completely unnecessary and stupid and I know full well you’re just being a dick to try and show off!” Cloud yelled down.

He caught the faint echo of Sephiroth’s laugh drifting back up the elevator shaft.


But if space travel is continuous freefall, then you’re going to need someone to hold onto eventually.

The line that stuck in my head from l'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle by @freloux (please pay heed to the rating).


In the battlefield, they meet again.

 Keith springs back into consciousness a few doboshes after they take a critical hit, his fortified battle senses refusing to let him stay immobile and numb for too long. He hears Coran’s voice, but in his daze it is but a distant plea for the paladins to respond; he sees explosions and trails of lasers through Black’s eyes but they all seem to meld together into one huge spectacle of dancing lights, until everything gradually comes into focus, and the familiar destruction welcomes him back into the fray.

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