The signs as famous Disney rides

aries: Pirates of the Caribbean
taurus: Splash Mountain
gemini: Haunted Mansion
cancer: Jungle Cruise
leo: Space Mountain
virgo: Tower of Terror
libra: Mad Tea Party
scorpio: Peter Pan’s Flight
sagittarius: It’s a Small World
capricorn: Big Thunder Mountain
aquarius: Soarin’
pisces: Expedition Everest


Tokyo Disneyland, under construction in 1981. Scans from CastleView magazine, a castmember magazine from Disneyland. Photos are:

  1. Aerial view of Tokyo Disneyland, 1981
  2. Space Mountain
  3. it’s a small world
  4. Pinocchio
  5. Cambodian Ruins in the Jungle Cruise
  6. Vegetation in the Jungle Cruise.

Via Vintage Disneyland Tickets. More vintage Disney.

Anything Goes (Revamped)
  • Anything Goes (Revamped)
  • Studio 360
  • American Icons

Eighty years after it was written, the message of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes" hasn’t aged a day, but some of its lyrics have, so Studio 360 revamped it with references ready for the Information Age:

When stars whose thoughts are far from clever
Are tweeting their fans whenever they blow their nose,
Anything Goes