15. August 3 2012

Sup. Once again, it’s flying Friday! Bust out that stash and spark it up! The jam for today is Finally Moving by Pretty Lights. This track is made back in ‘06, and it’s really different from his newer stuff. It’s a lot more chill and mellow and a good song to smoke to while driving. Especially up a mountain pass at night, when the stars are out. Looking up at stars while high is a very humbling experience, one that I cannot describe. Night driving, smoking, and music is a great combination. Yup, that’s all for today. Stay high. Stay safe. Stay cool.

// dreaming in polygons // 53 min. // compilation of relaxing music from video games // listen here //

// i. untitled - hotline miami 2 // ii. the glasshouse with butterfly - machinarium // iii. prohibited arts - shadow of the colossus // iv. home sweet home - beyond good and evil // v. adam jensen’s apartment - deus ex human revolution // vi. firelink shrine - dark souls // vii. build that wall (zia’s theme) - bastion // viii. chanson d’automne - risk of rain // ix. around - hotline miami 2 // x. space cruise - ftl // xi. stickerbrush symphony - donkey kong country 2 // xii. because i love you - earthbound // xiii. 1 AM - animal crossing: city folk // xiv. curtain of knight (live) - professor layton and the curious village // xv. eternal recurrence - secret of mana //  xvi. the starlit wilds - shovel knight

We’re living in a boom time for cinematic science fiction.

Whether you like your sci-fi stories epic or intimate, there’s bound to be something at theaters to your liking. Movies like the Tom Cruise space-war action flick Edge of Tomorrow or the tiny, Oscar-winning romance Her (about the relationship between a man and an artificial intelligence) are coming up with bold new visions of the future seemingly every other week at the multiplex.

Similar to the boom in indie horror right now, the sci-fi genre is taking off because digital visual effects have finally gotten cheap enough that just about anybody can tell stories set in futures previously undreamt of.

That’s why Ex Machina, the mind-bending new drama from novelist and screenwriter turned director Alex Garland, is so great. It’s just a story of four characters in a secluded location, shot on an obviously small budget. But deep inside of it is a fully imagined idea of where humanity is headed — and what evils we’re capable of.

What sets Ex Machina apart is that it’s a movie where the characters themselves know what kind of movie they’re in. A genius programmer like Caleb, for instance, would probably know a little bit about artificial intelligence, and Garland’s script gives him the smarts and know-how that let the script skip past a lot of the exposition that might bog down other takes on this material.

That intelligence adds to the film’s slowly mounting twin senses of paranoia and terror. 

[A]t the core of Ex Machina are a set of very human themes, like loneliness and legacy, along with a big sci-fi idea: what would it mean to be a god who creates another god? And how would you ever live with yourself after that?

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Hi!!! My final installment of my trip to Amsterdam is now up on my blog please have a read and tell me what you think 💘 ⬅🚢 I’m still fairly new to blogging and this series was my first time with a travel topic. My next few posts will be fashion as well as finally talking and the 30 mile walk i did in November so watch this space 🙌👋 #travel #tblogger #Amsterdam #cruise #fblogger #bblogger #fashion #beauty #water #sea #sky #blogger


looking at alternative ways to present two-dimensional images. Considering having a series of GIFs and images that only exist online (or can be viewed fully in their intended form online) as part of the show. Existing in an ‘other’ space, in-waiting for someone to explore the QR code in the show and make the transition from real to imagined space, thus transcending from just the exhibition space and cruising the online also.

crazytrain112 asked:

Mari 2 words: space cruise. Elon Musk the person who started Tesla motors is working on spaceX and it's basicly he's making reusable space ships so that all people would have to pay for is the cost of fuel so we r gonna go on a space cruise

Okay yeah I dont care about that tho Mikey lol no offense