sometimes I forget how the Galra!Keith thingy turned out to be real, and now I feel like season 2 of voltron was just a big fanfiction in which Keith is a furry and princess allura hated him for that. and also happens to be a space cow in a filler episode…

maybe I’m getting too old for this kind of humor.

the season also ended in a worse way than many furry Galra!Keith au fanfics so I’m not sure about the third one

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Shiro: No Lance, we can’t have a space puppy. It tried to kill Keith.

Lance: We’ll just keep it away from Keith.

Shiro: For the last time, no! We’re not keeping it.

Lance: You let us keep the cow!!

Pidge: He has a point Shiro .

Shiro: The cow didn’t try to kill Keith.

Hunk: And the cow saved our lives.

Shiro: It what?

Lance: That’s not the point! How can you say no to a space puppy.

Keith: *on the closet, glaring at the space puppy* It tried to kill me! Its trying to kill me!

Lance: You’re overexaggerating.

Space Puppy: *growls and tries to kill Keith*


Matthew Daddario is a beautiful person, inside and out. He spreads nothing but positivity, and his smiles can literally brighten anyone’s day. He loves cows, space, plants and can provide random little facts about history. He makes silly puns, and loves malec just as much as we do (most likely more tbh) He’s an actual angel, and doesn’t deserve ANY of the hate he’s getting. Especially something as low as body shaming, you all should be ashamed of yourselves. We truly don’t deserve him. 

Your aspect has two cows

Well, this isn’t the “title test” I was talking about before, but it’s about time I posted something, probably.

Space: There are two cows. You frolick with them in the wilderness. The three of you find the most fascinating plants and butterflies. Soon there will be a baby cow!

Time: You have two cows. In 150 years, nobody will remember who you were or how many cows you had. Not even your great-grandchildren. That’s just the way things are.

Rage: You are hiding under your kitchen table from a thing with horns and cloven hooves. It can only be a demon. Pure horror pulses through your veins when you realize there’s more than one.

Hope: You have two cows. If you took their barn apart, you’d have enough wood to build a ship. If your ship was on the coast, you could take it sailing. If you went sailing, there might be pirates. You’d better practice swordfighting.

Mind: You have two cows. The fluffy cow doesn’t know you know she knows the spotted cow suspects the fluffy cow heard the spotted cow confiding in you what she thought she overheard the fluffy cow pretended to mutter in her sleep. Just as planned.

Heart: You have two cows. You can tell them apart at a distance by how they moo. You’re not supposed to give them names. You do it anyway.

Blood: You have two enormous bulls. They fight to the death. You butcher the loser and set your house on fire to cook some hamburgers. You are screaming the entire time.

Breath: You have two cows. The chickens recruit one of them to be an umpire for their baseball game. The other goes into stand-up comedy telling really cheesy puns. You learn how to whistle.

Light: You’ve been asked to run a three million acre dairy farm in France. You’re a world-class cheese taster and helicopter pilot with a PhD in chemical engineering. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Void: You have two huge, awkward beasts of burden with multiple stomachs and overproductive mammary glands. They poop absolutely everywhere.

Life: You have two cows. You herd them into the barn for the night, eat some macaroni and cheese, and watch TV before bed – the same thing you do every day.

Doom: You try desperately to explain to your cows that none of this is real and you need to leave the farm before this story ends and the three of you cease to exist. They don’t understand a word. It’s too late now anyway.


now that the stream’s over, here’s a recap on what happened!

What we’ve learned!
-Josh actually styled his hair like Shiro’s for the stream. It was amazing.
-If josh were a tree he’d be a japanese cherry blossom tree. Shiro would be a plumeria (whatever that one is)
-Shiro’s hairstyle is definitely something he does himself. There’s no way it just happens. lol
-voicing Shiro losing his cool was a highlight for Josh!
-Josh wasn’t sure what to expect with Shiro’s character when he first took on the job, only that he was excited because he grew up watching Voltron as a child.
-Besides Shiro, who would Josh pick to be? He said a cross between Lance and Pidge.
-Josh’s favorite lines as Shiro have been “Form Voltron!” and “Go, be great.” among others that are very inspirational.
-When asked about dealing with any difficulties recording, Josh said it wasn’t difficult but doing ADR can be tricky since he likes to do it on the fly.
-Josh gives tips and advice for those who want to try getting into voice acting!
-To get into Shiro’s voice, Josh likes to do forty push-ups before recording and he does some other elements of physicality, such as keeping excellent posture, to get into Shiro’s character.
-One of Josh’s favorite memories about Voltron is the announcement at Wondercon, it always makes him smile.
-He was then given some art that was posted online, and offered cupcakes.

Overall, it was a super short stream, but fun nonetheless, further details below the cut!

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Cat!Lance Headcanons

I’ve just read @tokyoteddywolf “A Blue CatAtrosphe” and what can i say? I loved it and came up with some headcanons for it!! Hope you all enjoy!!
• When he realized he had turned into a cat and everyone thought he was dead, Lance tried to talk to his members but it all came out as growls and meows.
• They name him “Azul” for his eyes. (He loves it)
• They find out the hard way that space goo isn’t good for cats.
- When they first give it to him, Lance ends up getting really sick and almost dies. (Later when they ask him how it felt, he said it felt like getting food poisoning but 10x worse)
- They decide to buy actual cat food for him after the incident.
• Lance found out he could talk to other animals as a cat.
- He has many conversations with the mice and always plays with them. (When he first saw them, cat instincts kicked in and he almost ate one. The mice are secretly scared of him.)
- He also talks to his space cow. They share their emotional pains with each other.
• As a cat, Lance craves even more affection and touch. He always rubs against everyone. (His favorite person is Keith)
• Lance purrs when he’s nervous. The others start to notice this, they start to pet and scratch him to calm him down.
• He finds out that he can sense people’s emotions.
- He can sense when Shiro is having a flashback. Lance tries his hardest to distract him by acting cute and whatnot.
- He can sense when Hunk is feeling lonely or down. Lance loves to cuddle with him to make him happy again.
- He can sense when Pidge is struggling or sad. He sits on their lap and meows at them until they pay him attention.
- He can sense when Keith is mad or panicky. He goes up to him and just rubs up on him until Keith smiles and rubs his ears. (He later denies liking it and the purring)
• He once climbed up a really tall place and couldn’t get down. Everyone wondered where he went and struggled to find him. When they do, they quickly bring him down and try to calm him.
• Lance just loves being a cat because he gets all this affection and love he didn’t when he was human.