We had Space Malls. Now I want Space Casinos.

  • Run by the former space pirates Coran warned us about and they’ll take you for every gak you have
  • They won’t let Pidge in because she’s underage and she’s pissed until one of the other paladins says no, she’s totally An Adult, humans just age weird, it’s all good
  • All different kinds of alien gambling games, nobody has any idea what they’re doing and when Coran and Allura try to explain it it just makes it worse
  • Somebody picks up surprisingly fast and does fairly decently though
  • Somebody else *cough*LANCE*cough* spends most of the time just hitting on the cocktail waitresses
  • They go to some of the shows. It’s really weird. Alien entertainment is weird.
  • Somebody manages to wander back into the high roller area. This ends about as well as one might expect
  • Somebody bets and loses all their funds, the Castle, the Lions, and the clothes off their backs. The most unlikely team member wins it all back. They do so by just straight up bullshitting their way through it and getting really REALLY lucky
  • Somebody gets drunk off their ass at all the free booze handed out
  • Somebody gets escorted out by security. Bonus: It’s the person causing the least conventional amount of trouble but they’re suspicious because of some entirely alien reason.
  • It’s got Space Mob connections and somehow they get in over their heads with that
  • BONUS: They drag Slav along because he can calculate the probability of winning on any of the machines or games. This works really well until security catches on and then it doesn’t.

Legendary production designer Ken Adam died Thursday, March 10th, at the age of 95. Known for his Academy Award-winning work on films like The Madness of King George and Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, the designer also served as a lynchpin in seven James Bond films during the ‘60s and ‘70s. 

Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s island volcano hideout in You Only Live Twice (1967).

The casino from Dr. No (1962) where, for the very first time, we hear the phrase “Bond, James Bond”.

The vault at Fort Knox, as depicted in Goldfinger (1964).

The villianous lair of Karl Stromberg in The Spy Who Loved Me (1971).

Moonraker (1979) might be Adam’s finest work. Pictured here is the nefarious launch complex of Hugo Drax.

SPECTRE’s conference room from Thunderball (1965).

“Phantom of the Opera Resort” Christopher Smith, 1990s

The iconic resorts that line the Las Vegas strip are mini theme parks in their own right, whether they’re themed as a medieval castle, an Italian lagoon, a big top circus, or the City of Lights. Themed entertainment developer Gary Goddard and his team were tasked in the 1990s with creating a new resort to join these behemoths, this time themed to the smash hit musical, The Phantom of the Opera. Featuring a facade inspired by the Paris Opera House, this massive resort would have featured luxury guest rooms, casino space, a super-sized version of the musical, and a gondola dark ride scored by the musical’s composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber. This attraction through the catacombs would have presented the musical’s story, but from the perspective of the Phantom, featuring music-box-like animatronics and vignettes along the way.

Art ©️Landmark Entertainment/The Goddard Group

I want the paladins to go into a space casino to talk to some of Coran’s old mercenary buddies of his and get information. Of course, they all end up getting separated from each other at some time and get into all sorts of shenanigans.

  • Allura meets a group of girls in the lounge that snuck into the casino and starts having the absolute time of her life
  • She gets to cut loose for awhile and enjoy her time and do teen things that she previously didn’t get to do because of her time being busy with voltron???
  • The girls are the absolute sweetest, they all end up in a braiding train and they absolutely adore the mice
  • Allura let one of the girls hold chulatt and the girl was so happy she started crying and saying that she would give her life for these mice
  • Allura learns drunk girls are some of the weirdest and sweetest people you can meet
  • Coran starts gambling with his pal and accidently bets nearly everything they freaking have
  • Hunk and Lance sneak off from the group (Lance convinced Hunk to do so, it’s a one in a life time chance!!!) and accidently enter a back room, with a lot of tough looking guys that seem to be doing some fishy stuff and playing some alien card game.
  • They get pulled into the game and they can’t leave because this is like, the alien mafia. They don’t even have weapons to defend themselves. Hunk is sweating up a storm as Lance starts trying to use his charm to win the game, but within minutes a cheater is exposed and everyone in the room is starting to argue.
  • Guns are being pulled out, this is getting dangerous so Hunk and Lance put their ultimate goofball skills to the test and try to calm everyone. After ten minutes involving a few card tricks, pick up lines, and Hunks impressive knowledge about ships and mechanics, everyone that was former enemies are partying their brains out and are now the best of friends and they think Lance and Hunk are the absolute shit™
  • Nobody knows how but Keith somehow is surprisingly good at poker. His odd power of luck and circumstance and his bad case of resting bitch face has made him difficult to beat. To be honest he has absolutely no fucking clue as to what he is doing in this game. He’s never played. He doesn’t even know what he’s betting. All he knows is that he’s winning.
  • Shiro loses Keith in the crowd after Lance and Hunk and all he’s left with is Pidge and Slav nearby the slot machines.
  • Slav is surprisingly helpful by listing which machines have the best probability of winning
  • Shiro tries to play the slot machines but he ends up getting so frustrated he punches straight the fuck through the screen and the machine itself
  • He just,,, takes his arm out, looks around to see if anybody saw him and just sees this horrified looking guy.
  • Slowly just walks away, making a zipping mouth motion and the guy just nods. They both act like nothing just happened. The guy may have slightly shit his pants.
  • Pidge gets caught up in gambling, and the thing is she’s so freaking good,,,, she managed to win the alien version of baccarat enough times that she’s practically swimming in GAC. She’s become a gambling god and addicted to power. She’s stealing your money, your clothes, and your dignity.
  • Eventually the people running the place discover she’s been hacking into the slot machines to put the luck aspect into her favor so she gets all of the jackpots and they are not happy
  • Actually the people in charge are absolutely pissed. This group has basically destroyed their casino, Keith and Pidge have won so much GAC patrons are complaining, Coran has wracked up a debt, Shiro has literally destroyed their property and the mafia bouncers are partying their asses off and not doing their jobs.
  • Lance and Hunk get caught up trying to help defend Pidge and Keith, when the owners threaten to call the Galra on them, their new alien mafia friends are not very happy with ppl threatening their new metaphorical children
  • They all end up having to book it out of the place while a shoot out commences
  • Allura get’s all of the girls phone numbers on the way out and learn that they were all in a poly relationship and that they had been flirting with her
  • Voltron has been banned from this particular casino for many decapheebs after and they all agree that what happens in the casino stays in the casino
  • Except Allura’s new friends, she sends them messages occasionally when she can
HIGH & LOW FINAL MISSION Summary & Spoiler Post

It’s been a long night, so this may not be coherent.
I apologize.
I’ll try my best.
If you have certain things you want to ask, but don’t want the whole movie spoiled, shoot me a message instead.
Now let’s get started.
tw: mentions of torture and violence

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tunvol  asked:

Are you able to explain in depth why Mr. House's claim to New Vegas is legitimate? If you have already covered this topic in the past, just link it plz.

Over New Vegas? The mere fact that there are no rightful living heirs to any of the buildings makes them unowned property, free to claim by anybody who homesteads it. The only entities that could possibly have a stronger claim to any area of New Vegas would be, well, the Three Families, who lived nomadic lifestyles, picking through the ruins of the city, and The Kings.

In the case of the Kings, Mr. House has made no attempt to enforce any type of control over them at all, indeed, he built a wall separating himself from them.

In the case of the Three Families, Neither the Boot Riders (who became the Chairmen), the Slither Kin (who became the Omertas), nor the tribe that became the White Glove Society had never actually permanently settled any area of New Vegas, and I find it highly unlikely that any of them had even managed to penetrate the security of any of the Casinos before House opened them up. If they had, they would have been retarded beyond belief to need House to convince them to take advantage of the large amount of secure living space that the casinos obviously offered. Either way, the tribes were not forced to accept House’s (limited, if we’re being honest) authority.

And he won Vault 21 in a bet.

So House’s personal private property claim over everything within the Strip’s inner walls is pretty self evident, and nobody, not even the Omertas or the Kings, denies it or feels that House stole anything from them.

The same with McCarran Airport, which he returned to partial working order, H&H Tool Factory, which was owned by his now deceased brother, and Fortification Hill, which unfortunately was being squatted by cosplayers. There’s also a serious argument to be made that he is the rightful owner of the Institute, since the underground survivors at the time of the war are descended from the students and faculty, while he is a member of the Board of Trustees.

On the other hand, House can’t be said to have any claim to Freeside, nor does he claim to, nor the Mojave at large. Not even Hoover Dam, which the NCR reached and repaired first. But I’m sure if I thought long enough I could, in House’s words, “contrive some outrage to justify invading” Hoover Dam anyway.

[Image Title: Personal Space. Image Description: A drawing of a girl in a wheelchair and another person at a casino table. On her left, a woman holds on to her handle bar. On her right, a man is leaning on her arm rest, as the girl in the wheelchair looks terrified.]

A couple weekends ago a bunch of us went to the casino, and this total stranger puts his arm on my arm rest. NOT cool man! I just put my elbow on top of his, and he slid off pretty quick.

Personal space people, our chairs are definitely not for you to lean on (unless we’re friends, then go ahead because that’s cool)!

songofanothersummer replied to your post: “discoursegrips replied to your post: “Rian Johnson voice: “My favorite…”:

not only is her sexuality not mentioned or even hinted at in the film, but yeah the quote from the Leia book is cringeworthy

You know there was no place for openly LGBT characters in the movie, just as there was no room for Lando Calrissian in a movie with a space casino where people wear fancy outfits, and a movie that SHOULD have included Han Solo’s funeral….yet there was room to show Luke Skywalker milking the human looking breasts of a seamonster ;)

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Wandering The Outer Space

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. at the time of this recording were :
Jyonson Tsu : voice, midnight whistler
Kawabata Makoto : guitar, bouzouki, fretless bass, organ, synthesizer, tapes, speed guru
Higashi Hiroshi : synthesizer, noodle god
Mitsuko?Tabata : guitar, guitar-synthesizer, voice, kisses & hugs
Satoshima Nani : drums, another dimension
Wolf : bass, tapes, space & time
Cotton Casino : voice, astral mama

produced & mixed by Kawabata Makoto
digital mastered by Nakaya Koichi (Nasca Car)
art works by Yoda Masaki

5 Seconds after he finished his Character...
  • DM: So a mysterious man walks past the party, with a long flowing cloak, carrying a metal briefcase.
  • DM: (Elias that's your character)
  • Noah: Hey! Where are you going with that briefcase?
  • Elias: I'm just attending to some... business.
  • Merlin: It's the bomb.
  • Noah: I use my Jedi Mind Tricks to make Elias eat the bomb.
  • Noah: *rolls a nat 20*
  • Elias: ...
  • DM: Noah uses Jedi Mind Tricks and makes Elias swallow the briefcase whole, detonating the bomb, killing his character and destroying one of the corners of the casino. It begins to topple over.
  • Elias: ...Do I have to make new character?
  • DM: Yes.

Most of these are pretty famous. You can take this as a masterlist for places to set your roleplay in but mainly I would recommend it for road trip/travel/summer type roleplays. The comments beside each section are not my own and taken from people online who know more about the places and/or Wikipedia articles. 

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Spyfall is the exact opposite of Trivial Pursuit because it’s fun and doesn’t take so long that it’s interrupted by players’ funerals. (Which would still be a welcome break from Trivial Pursuit, to be honest.) In this game, you’re always listening to friends instead of demanding they bask in your pointless knowledge, and enjoying paying attention instead of staring at your phone until it’s your turn. It’s everything good about talking to people at parties, with added espionage and space stations. The final triumph over triviality is that when people start to remember the cards, it gets even more fun instead of making you look like a dick with the world’s worst facts.

There are 30 locations, like Casino, Space Station, School, Submarine, etc. Each player gets a card showing the same location and has to find the Spy. Except the Spy, who has a card saying “Spy” and is trying not to crap themselves too obviously while working out where they are. Players take turns asking each other questions within a time limit, and can answer any way they like. It sounds simple, it’s easy to start, and it’s the greatest generator of “Oh shit!” moments outside of a laxative factory.

Awesome Alternatives To The Worst Board Games Ever