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“You want to believe.

    That’s what’s wrong here. You want to believe in the bromance from another universe. You want to believe in a soulmate who would seek you out through reincarnation and disbelief and his shrink telling him to drop it and – God, thirteen years, he said he spent thirteen years looking for you – that’s not just friendship. That’s the kind of love they write myths about.”

Illustration for awesome fic Space Bro written by jumpingjacktrash    for jumpingjacktrash couse he`s such a good neighbour :)

I know this ff is pretty old, but I return to it like crazy wolf. I love everything about it, from characters to slow pace of intense conversations.

So yeah, here, my good neighbour :) doodle for you :)

*wolf hides in the bushes again*

Video Game Hall of Fame Finalists Revealed

After a submission and expert voting process, the New York-based Strong National Museum of Play this week announced the finalists for the first wave of inductees to its World Video Game Hall of Fame.

Games were evaluated by experts based on “icon-status, longevity, geographical reach, and the influence it has had on the design of other games, entertainment, popular culture, and society in general.”

You can see the full list of criteria here.

The fifteen finalists are as follows:

Inductees will be announced during a presentation at The Strong Museum in Rochester, NY on Thursday, June 4, at 10:30 AM. They will then be put on display at the museum’s eGameRevolution exhibit.

“The 15 finalists for the World Video Game Hall of Fame span decades, gaming platforms, and geographies–but what they all have in common is their undeniable impact on popular culture and society in general,” The Strong Museum’s Jon-Paul Dyson said in a statement. “Whether it’s the groundbreaking game Pong or a more recent viral sensation like Minecraft, all of these games have helped shape the way that people across the globe play and relate to one another.“


Broadway Karkat (cantabileGato) ~ Space Bro (I Want To Believe) + Lyrics (in desc.) (by fawful52)

otp <3

a bunch of peeps on my dash are rewatching Avatar so i’m giving it another go

and it’s all fine and good until the scene where katara pulls out the star map in the desert

because the star map makes no sense


the dippers are on here, cool, those emerge as distinct asterisms in a whole lot of cultures and are very helpful navigation-wise and i can see them existing in the avatar-verse

i can let a few other western constellations on the map slide too, like cassiopeia and cygnus, sure, they’re recognizable enough

but i also see lynx, lacerta, and camelopardalis here

which are not only purely european inventions from the 17th century, but encompass fairly faint and nondescript regions of the sky and are p. much useless for navigational purposes as such

plus if the avatar-verse is an alternate earth based on asian cultures why are the constellations they use the same as the standardized IAU-designated ones used for scientific use irl (which are mostly derived from the greeks, mythology-wise)

especially when there exists an entirely different chinese constellation system which would make more sense to base something off of 

what i’m trying to say here is that did the makers of avatar the last airbender do any research at all