Me and Daddy had our first fight today

I dunno if I’d really call it a fight but… I had left the room to do something for a few minutes, and when I got it all cleared up I came happily back. I literally skiped into the room talking to him, when I found that he was gone. I was devastated. Like, maybe a bit overly devastated. I looked for him for a while in diabeleife that he was just gone, but when I couldn’t find him I started to cry. I’m a cry baby. Sorry. But I didn’t even get a good bye kiss, and I don’t get to see him often… I called him and I was more then a little upset. Now I think he’s mad at me cause he isn’t responding and I’m spiraling like I do… I dunno what to do…

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What does everyone do when they are sad? I am in a low and I need help getting out. If y'all talk to people, watch shows, anything please leave i in my ask. Love you all bunches!💕

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There is a difference between "men don't belong in this community at all" and "I personally don't want to associate with men in my own blog space" the first is not fine. The second is. You are never obligated to interact with ANYONE for any reason. They have no right to demand a response. They have no right to continue bothering you when you've made it clear you don't want to engage. Keep this in mind everyone, you are never entitled to anyone's attention for any reason.