2013: A Year in Music

Here’s a list of what I listened to a whole hell of a lot:

My Bloody Valentine, MBV

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve listened to “wonder 2”

Black Hearted Brother, Stars Are Our Home

Yeah a “super-group” that is actually worth the “super” label- this record is fun & feels completely loose & organic & is filled with pleasant surprises.

Tamaryn, Tender New Signs

I know this came out in 2012, but this is my 2013/2014 love affair.

Bardo Pond, peace on venus

They do ALL THE THINGS that they do & i love it every time.

the Band in Heaven, Caught in a Summer Swell

This has turned into that record I can’t stop listening to.

Blouse, Imperium

At first I missed all the “gothy” synths, but slowly this record won me over & like the Band in Heaven I couldn’t stop listening to it.

The Tenniscoats, Tokinouta

I know, this came out in 2011, but I finally tracked down the vinyl in 2013. I like it a ton more than Papa’s Ear, but to be fair, I haven’t really listened to Papa’s Ear all that much because Tokinouta is supremely good.

The Pastels, Slow Summits

I hrt The Pastels!- the release of this & MBV made by 2013.

PacificUV, After the Dream You Are Awake

From 80s pop to dream pop this record is super enjoyable.

Space Waves, You Can Ride a Beam of Light Like a Musical Strum 

One of few picks that I don’t have on vinyl, since as far as I know it is only available as an mp3, but this is super good & has some of the darkness & dirty rock of some of the early Warlocks recordings. Space Waves are without a doubt my new favorite group.

Summer Fiction, unreleased demos

This band is hard at work on their second full length and judging from early demos it is going to be an AMAZING AMAZING record. Bill Ricchini (primary song-writer) played me an early mix of a few songs & I got chills listening to it. I’m hoping Matador picks up Summer Fiction so they can get a wider release & I can get them on vinyl.

Pink Playground, Destination Ecstasy

This is another older release that I recently discovered. I’ve listened to their bandcamp page a bunch & along with Summer Fiction & Space Waves are that band that I’ll be watching in 2014.