space jokes


1. Neptune is the only planet that is not visible on Earth with the naked eye and therefore was unknown to ancient civilizations.


2. Neptune’s dark spot was discovered by Voyager 2 when it flew by Neptune in 1989. The storm has winds going 1,500 miles per hour. When Neptune was viewed again by the Hubble in 1994, the dark spot had moved.


3. Neptune actually has rings! They are very faint and most likely made of ice.


4. Its blue. Honestly there is not that much known about Neptune, I am sorry. She is just so far away.


Voltron: Legendary Defender (2018) Season 5 Episode 1: Here We Go Again

I saw it coming and I still stifled a scream at 7 am. 

Just to think, a year ago I thought Keith was ‘space zuko’ 

Human Jokes

X'zibit clicked his mandibles in delight, greedily gulping down the intoxicant. It was the first time in three years that his boss had taken his employees out for drinks, and everyone was taking full advantage of the sudden generosity. The drinks flowed, and so too did the conversation.

X’zibit nudged X’zavior “How do you kill a human?”

X’zavior puzzled at the question. “How?”

X’zibit revelled in his own joke and slapped his carapace jovially. “Label the emergency airlock secret.”

X’zavior gargled in amusement, his twenty mandibles dripping green acid, “I’ve got one. How do you know a human has been in your house?”

X’zibit thought. “All of your food and household chemicals are missing?”

X’zavior retorted “There’s a glowing crater where your garage was!”

Much laughter was had, as well as more alcohol.

X’pheilz, who had been quiet until now spoke up with her own joke. “How does a human unscrew a bolt?”

X’pheilz hardly waited for them to puzzle over that one before clicking “Hold the bolt and turn the world!”

Three rounds of drinks happened before another spoke up. X’phaktr clacked “Two humans fall into a well. “

X’zibit noticed a hulking form appear behind X’phaktr, and tried to signal X’phaktr while choking on his drink

X’phaktr, still oblivious to this, continued “One says ‘it’s dark in here isn’t it?”

The creature’s stare froze X’zibit into inaction.

X’phaktr finally notices his friend’s horrified visage and turns to find the creature behind him.

The human rumbled “Do continue”

X’phaktr secreted acid nervously. “The other replies ‘I don’t know. I can’t see.”

The Human laughed and they all drank.

As the evening continued the human started telling jokes too, starting with how to drown a human, but had to explain what a scratch and sniff sticker is.