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A major goal I have is to enlighten folks to take their first steps towards dismantling patriarchy, white supremacy, imperialism, colonization, capitalism, gentrification and any other form of exploitation. Whether it be to start a community garden in your hood or quitting your job to going to West Papua, New Guinea to assist our brothers and sisters in the fight to liberate their people from Indonesian occupation, there is much work to be done and I believe that every person can play a major role in the liberation of Afrikan/Black people. One way I’m dismantling patriarchy is educating people on womb healing and creating spaces for people with wombs to get in touch with their divine selves. Other ways I’m playing my part is working in Afrikatown garden and at Qilombo, I’m going to start teaching vegan classes to black folks in West Oakland.

"Power of Female Emotion" First Project Art Exhibition a Success

The Group Wall Theme Paintings “Power of Female Emotion”

Personal Works Wall

It was an amazing night and the highlights were the people who kept coming in. Thank you for your support and the confidence you’ve given us to continue to be able to do more works like this.

Any of these paintings are for sale, just contact Project Art through our page and we will tell you the prices as well as the next time we have an exhibition.