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What are your headcanons for Anakin's relationships with the other padawans?

TL;DR: He had no friends his own age or in Temple so it didn’t raise any eyebrows that all his friends were in the Senate and so much older than him.

When he was a padawan, he was not the youngest of “his batch” - there was another three padawans that had been chosen at age nine and the average age of his generation (to be chosen by a Master) was age eleven or so. The oldest of his generation of padawans was age 15 when he was 9 and the youngest was born the same year as him, by Galactic Standard anyway. Most of them had grown up together in the creche - they were all in the same youngling group, all in the same classes, all had the same training instructors, etc etc. When Anakin was brought in, there was no place for him to come into, not space for him to wiggle in, and it showed. They didn’t resent him or anything, but there was also nothing they had in common.

However, since he came into the Order late, he was also behind his generation in classes. I firmly believe that to become a padawan you have to pass certain classes first, so that’s why the cut off is age 13 - by that time, you should be finished with all your classes and the only thing you need from then is one on one instruction that you get from a Master. If you don’t get chosen, you go off either to one of the Corps - of which I believe there are a few branches, the Agri-corps, the Edu-corps, and the Medi-corps. (The Agri-corps we know from the EU are basically farmers, only they also do things like re-pollinate planets after massive disasters and help planets that are dealing with things like food shortage from planetary climate change or overpopulation. The Edu-corps are trained in basic childcare, education, and various psycology of galactic species and are either fed back into the Order itself to be creche masters or leave the Order entirely to become teachers or go further into education to pursue their own interests. The Medi-corps become doctors but are usually not fed back into the Order because of their lack of Masters. At least, that’s my HC on how things work.)

So, while he was a padawan in terms of label he wasn’t a padawan in terms of education. Which meant he had to go through the classes, so he was around other Initiates younger than him for the first few months. He was the oldest kid in a lot of those classes in the early times and they all treated him like he was a fucking idiot, even the instructors would treat him like shit a lot of the time. And then he got caught up with Basic and he started soaring through his classes. He advanced so quickly through his science, math, mechanical, and Force classes that he passed his generation and ended up in classes that Senior Padawans took. In political, debate, writing, history, and such classes he advanced quickly but not so quick as to put himself in advanced courses.

So then he was in such a wide range of classes it was ridiculous and historical because literally no one had ever done what he had. He could start a day in classes with a group of five years then go to another class with senior padawans that were all nineteen.

And that was when he started going from having no friends due to no common interests to having no friends due to other people actively resenting him or likewise. Everyone was annoyed with him, intimidated by him, jealous of him, or all the above. It was, in short, a mess.

And then he got older and guess what? HE STILL HAD NO FRIENDS IN THE ORDER. He had friends in the senate, in the underground, and a few literal red light district workers who he was friends with, but people who lived in the same place, eat together, slept together? Other than Obi-Wan he had NO ONE.

People would challenge him to fights and he would kick their ass. The same people would challenge him to more duels and he’d throw them, they’d find out, and be angry with him. He would ace exams, people would be angry, he would purposely flunk exams, his instructors would find out and be pissed. And at first, it would hurt so much you know? He wanted to have friends, he wanted to be friendly, but literally no one wanted anything to do with him. And then he had to force himself not to care because if he continued to care, he’d break from it.

And then he got older and a lot of his generation died in war. So…guess it was a good thing he had no friends?

(When he finally got his own padawan, he was much better with padawans. They liked him, he liked them, he taught them, they learned from him. He was so happy that Ahsoka had friends in the temple because he didn’t have them and he was lonely. It was also really hard for him to socialize because all of his friends were so much older than him.)

[Park Jimin] Imagine - Mind Your Business {Part Three}

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook  (BTS Semi-Famous)

Genre: Drama & Romance

Summary: You are next in line to take over your family’s company. However, you do not want to run a company. You have no passion or experience for it. You want to sell it and live a normal status life. Your parents disagree and plan to send you Seoul at a boarding school that’ll set you straight.

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You walked for at least 10 minutes and got at far as you could from the campus. It started getting darker outside and you kind of regretted it because everything was in Korean and you didn’t understand anything. People looked at you as you walked around in your now stained dress. You were sobbing and could careless what people thought about you. Jimin ruined everything. He ruined your mood. He’s going to ruin your life. That’s probably what he wanted.

You left your wristlet with Sunny before you did your speech and now you have no way to contact anyone. You accepted your tragic situation and continued walking.

You heard a honk and quickly turned around. You saw a black car pull up to you. The windows were really tinted and you couldn’t clearly see who the driver was. Your parents always taught you ‘stranger danger’ so you continued walking at a faster pace.

You hear the car door slam and foot steps jogging up to you. You begin to panic, afraid to turn around, but before you could run, a hand pulled your arm.

You look up to see Jungkook and you’re washed in relief. “You scared the hell out of me.” You take a deep breath.

“Are you okay? What happened?” He ignored your previous comment and let your arm go slowly.

“It’s a long story.” You sigh. “Well let’s get in my car before people recognize me.” You follow Jungkook to his car. You were impressed by how shiny and clean his car interior was.

“Don’t forget your seatbelt.” Jungkook smiles and you obeyed. “Can I tell you something?” You wanted Jungkook to be your therapist so he could hear you let everything out. You couldn’t exactly tell Sunny because she wouldn’t understand and she’d only take Jimin’s side.

“I’m all ears.” Jungkook starts his car and you let out a huge sigh before pouring your feelings out.

“My dad chose Jimin as my fiance.” Jungkook hits the brakes hard and it caused you to jerk forward. “I’m sorry, keep going.” Jungkook fixed his grip on the wheel.

“Anyways, I didn’t know Jimin was the one my father chose for me. He didn’t know who I was. He was being so rude and I called him a lowlife and Sunny told me he was my fiance. And then he ruined my party and he didn’t even feel the slightest of pity for me.” Replaying all of the events in your head only made your head throb more. Jungkook took a moment of silence before he continued.

“Jimin is a good friend of mine. He’s popular with the ladies. He’s always cocky, but with me he’s a sweet guy. Maybe you just have to give him some time to adjust to you. Give him some space to wiggle around and get used to you. Nothing’s impossible.”

Jungkook was right. But you knew you had no patience to tolerate Jimin any longer. He didn’t seem like the person who you’d easily get on their good side. But you knew the only way to make this time at this school any more enjoyable was to get along with Jimin.

“Just kill him with kindness. That’s the best advice I could give you.” Jungkook was actually being reliable. You considered his idea. “I’m actually offended you dad didn’t choose me to be your fiancé.” He looked at you and you knew he was joking.

“I guess your company didn’t meet his expectations.” You smile. “So what’s so special about the school? Why is it so popular in our world?” By our world, you meant the crazy business world. The world where people put their money before their children and family. 

“Well I started the school since I was freshman. They teach us how to finance and professionally partner with other companies. They teach us business skills such as communication and leadership.” Jungkook took a pause before continuing.

“They make it big deal. At the end of every month, the school hosts a big party where many CEOs from foreign countries come. They look for heirs to partner with in the future. It’s basically like an auction of stocks and companies.” 

“Wow it sounds intense.” You took a while to process how serious everything was starting to get. 

Soon, you’ll be a CEO of a company. You won’t have any time for yourself or your personal life. You would suffer with headaches and you would be stressed all the time. This is exactly why you wanted to sell the company to someone who would be able to handle these things. 

You and Jungkook arrive back at the dormitory and he left you at the door of your dorm. 

“Make sure you call me if anything happens, okay?” Jungkook put his phone back into his pocket after the both of you exchanged numbers. You nodded, too exhausted to respond. 

Jungkook left with a smile and you took a deep breath before entering the pin and walking into your dorm. Kill him with kindness. Be the bigger person.

You walk further in to the now darker room from what it was earlier that day. However, the lights automatically turn on as soon as they sense your motion. You looked around and didn’t find a trace of Jimin. You breathe in relief and walk to your new room which was next door to Jimin’s. You were getting ready to shower because your skin was sticky from the punch. 

You walk into the only bathroom in the dorm. You were amazed at how beautiful it was. The bathroom had a radio engraved into the wall with a plastic protect. You were excited you turned the music on full blast. Too bad there was only one of these. You undressed and let the steaming hot water relax your muscles. This was exactly what you needed to calm down. Although the music was blaring, it was relaxing to have some time to yourself.

You finished your shower and stepped out, the music still playing loud as you hummed to it. You removed the towel from your body, getting ready to dress yourself. But everything happened so fast, the door swung open and you were standing face to face with Jimin. (More like face to body) 

You screamed and slammed the door. You rushed to the radio and turned it off. You hadn’t heard JImin come in and the door was unlocked. 

“Are you insane!?” You yell to Jimin through the door. 

“You forgot to lock it idiot!” You heard him say through laughs. You were more than embarrassed. Your body was just exposed to Park Jimin, the man you hated so much. 

You quickly dressed with the little dignity you had left. As you opened the bathroom door, you could see Jimin sitting on the sofa watching TV. You try to make a run to your room before you could receive any judgement from Jimin. 

You didn’t make it far because he got up and stopped you. “You didn’t lock the door on purpose right? Are you trying to seduce me?”

You almost gag, was he serious?  “You actually think I wanted to seduce you? Are you that full of yourself?” 

Jimin stands in his signature position with his arms crossed. “I think you were.” 

“You think I’m going to fall at your feet and kiss your ass like all those other girls?” 

“You’re jealous? Aw, Y/N is jealous because her fiancé is talking to other girls.” Jimin provoked you and as soon as he did Jungkook’s words echoed in your head ‘kill him with kindness’. Would it work with him?

“Goodnight Jimin.” You smile and leave him and his childish self behind in the living room .

You wake up the next morning and you felt tired. You knew you had classes to attend and you groaned. You look at the time and it was 8:30 am. Your first class didn’t start until 10am so you had time to eat and get ready. 

After brushing your teeth and putting your hair up, you walk out of your room and find Jimin already eating breakfast on the island counter. He looks at you before looking back down at his phone. 

“Didn’t sleep naked last night did you?” Jimin chuckled and you pushed your temper back. It was way too early to start your day off like this. 

“Good morning to you too Jimin.” You walk past him and into the small but luxurious kitchen in the dorm. You pull out a bowl and struggle to find the cereal. “It’s in the last cupboard.” Jimin helped.

Progress already.

“I was going to request a different room, but there’s no space on campus. My only option is off campus.” Jimin stood up to place his empty plate in the sink. You were offended by what he had just said. You promised to keep your cool and follow through with kindness, but he ruined it. 

“Are you serious? Jimin, you have to grow up. Our wedding is in less than a year -”

“I know, you don’t have to remind me. I could careless.” Jimin looked away from you and dug his hands into his trousers. 

“How could you not care when our companies will become our responsibilities?” Jimin really had some guts. How could he not care about his future? How could he not acknowledge how important this was to your parents?

“This is a political marriage, princess. That means, no real feelings exist.That also means my personal life is none of your business. Do not ask me questions like a clingy girlfriend. I don’t belong to you.” Jimin was so blunt- about everything. Although you had no positive feelings towards him, his words stabbed you. 

“You’re right. But once we’re married, what’s yours is mine.” Jimin looked at you and chuckled. “You’re a cocky one aren’t you?” You rolled your eyes and continued to make your bowl of cereal. 

“I’m going to meet up with Somin.” Jimin gets his keys and you knew exactly who he was talking about. Her parents were the competitive company who always tried to beat your father’s wealth. They were fake and full of lies. 

“Are you doing this on purpose?” You walked over to Jimin in order for the anger to circulate. 

“We aren’t married yet, I have to stay open-minded for better offers. Who knows? Maybe Somin might have a better deal than you.” His words were only adding fuel to your fire. You’ve never been this angry with anyone, not even your father or mother. 

You had no idea how to react to Jimin’s coldness. You wanted to cry, out of anger and stress. You could feel the tear falling down your cheek and turned quickly away from Jimin as you brushed the tears off violently.

“Are you crying?” You couldn’t make out Jimin’s tone, was it sincre? Or was it sarcasm? Before the heated conversation could go any further, the door beeps, telling you someone was about to walk in. It was Sunny.

“I have your uniform Y/N!” She smiled and you only returned it softly. Her face drops as soon as she sees you were crying. “Were you crying?” She looks at Jimin then back at you.

Jimin grabs his coat and leaves swiftly. You look at Sunny and let the rest of the tears you were holding back, fall.

She runs up to you to hug you and you only drench her in tears. You thought everything was going to be better and okay. But Jimin only made you angrier. 

“I hate him so much.” You say as you clear your face. “Is it that bad?” Sunny lets you go.

“He’s meeting with Somin.” Sunny knew who she was and she only shook her head. “Do you want me to tell your father?” 

You knew if you told your father, he’d only arrange someone just as bad. You didn’t want show Jimin that he won. He was doing all of this to chase you away. You didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of you leaving.

“No. I’ll have to endure it.” You take the uniform from Sunny’s hand and make your way to your room to change.

You have to endure Park Jimin.

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I think I am going to schedule when I update this series. I want to aim for every Friday, Saturday and Sunday? Sound good? (: Hope you guys are enjoying the series! Thank you so much for those who send me feedback! <3

some downsides to telepathic bonds:

  • Jim sending dirty thoughts during very important meetings
  • getting each other’s headaches
  • Spock sending dirty thoughts during not every important meetings
  • Jim’s taste in “classical music” aka beats and yelling. inside Spock’s head. all the time.
  • shared brain freezes
  • meditation is very difficult when “I luvvvvvv youuuuu” is being constantly whispered into Spock’s brain
  • talking to each other telepathically creeps everyone out because of all the silent eyebrow wiggling

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prompt: (ticklish!cecil) Cecil has had a bad day at work, and has been in a grumpy mood ever since he came home, and Carlos decides to tickle him to see him smile!! (tbh this was based off the post you made about Cecil being ticklish)

“Are you hungry?”

“I already ate.”

Carlos looked at Cecil carefully. He was definitely irritated. He’d listened to the broadcast, of course, and heard what happened–the mixer stopped working halfway through, an intern left to research something and didn’t come back, Station Management made an appearance so suddenly that Cecil had shrieked (“on air, Carlos, while people were listening!”) and lunged under his desk.

“You want to talk about it?”

Cecil turned to him suddenly, his face pushed into an almost comical frown. “I do not.”

“Okay.” He watched Cecil from the corner of his eye, angrily texting someone. God, but he was cute. Even making that awful face, viciously stabbing letters on the screen of his phone, so cute he almost couldn’t stand it.

He waited until Cecil was done and had tossed the phone onto to the sofa next to him.

“Hey Ceec?”

“What?” Cecil’s glare was hard enough to cut glass.

Carlos poked him squarely in the ribs. “Are you feeling better?”

Cecil giggled and dodged. “No–what–?”

“Oh no?” Carlos bridged the space between them, wiggling his fingers as they descended on Cecil’s twitching frame. “What’s so funny then?”

“You jerk,” Cecil shrieked, “you son of a–”

“Aww, Cecil!” Carlos affected an air of mock injury as he swung his leg over his partner, leaning over him and finding all the little tickly bits. “I just wanted to know what you were laughing at. I didn’t mean any insult. I just want in–” he squeezed Cecil’s waist, and the other hand found its way up under his arm, “on the joke.”

“Carlos!” he shrieked.

“Hmm?” Carlos grinned at him while he writhed under his fingers. “What’s the matter, my honey-voiced honey?”

“You are tickling me!” he managed to choke out.

“What?” Carlos paused for a moment, pulled his hands away. “Oh, Cecil! I’m insulted.” And he descended on him again, relishing the brightness of his lover’s voice. “I would never do such a thing.”


“I mean, imagine that!” He slid his wiggling fingers under Cecil’s ribs. “Me, a very serious scientist, tickling his very serious boyfriend, why, that’s unbelieveable!”

Cecil shrieked laughter.

“We’re adults after all, and we are definitely–” He lost the thread slightly as Cecil moved under him, “–definitely not silly enough to be tickling each other.”

“Stop, stop!” Cecil screamed, “I give, I give!”

Carlos pulled his hands away and kept them out, leaning forward to kiss the end of Cecil’s nose. “I love you, you silly thing,” he whispered.

How I Communicate in Little Space

🎀 The wiggle - usually of the butt but can be a full body upright worm 🎀 Nodding… A lot 🎀 “Mmph!”, “Yesh!”, “Nooooo…” 🎀 Talks with paci in mouth - a good Daddy/Mommy will decipher 🎀 Pointing 🎀 Dancing - this includes wiggles, hopping from one foot to the other and bouncing in place 🎀 Foot stomping when things aren’t going my way 🎀 “Daddy?” 🎀 Will start to cry and squirm if tired

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im amazed at how big triton is in that 5 gallon! i cant wait till he's in that 10 gallon, he definitely can use the space, he's so chunky!!!!

YES Triton has grown SO MUCH since I brought him home back in December :’) He’s such a cute, chunky boi, and I think the 10g will most definitely be good for him~~  A big boy needs space to WIGGLE~~