space turkeys

“you could make a religion out of this”

“coming soon to a dank river valley near you”

“China is whole again…
…then it broke again…”

“congratulations! the world is now-
a bunch of gas floating in space.”

“but it’s getting closer together”

“taste the SUN”

“now the phoenicians can get down to business”

“ma… ja… pa-hit?”

“‘hi. everything’s fine.’”

“and they believe in god!
only one though, he has like a ten step program or something”

“except turkey
turkey makes a brand new turkey"

“space dust!”

“even craaazier space dust!”

“they never got ethiopia…”

“they never got thailand…”

“how did this happen”

Turkish Space Vocabulary

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  • Venüs - Venus
  • Güneş - Sun
  • Güneş sistemi - Solar system
  • Yıldız - Star
  • Dünya - Earth
  • Ay - Moon
  • Mars - Mars
  • Merkür - Mercury
  • Neptün - Neptune
  • Gezegen - Planet
  • Plüton - Pluto
  • Satürn - Saturn
  • Uranüs - Uranus
  • Jüpiter - Jupiter
  • Asteroit - Asteroid
  • Atmosfer - Atmosphere
  • Evren - Universe
  • Hava - Air
  • Gündoğumu - Sunrise
  • Gün batımı - Sunset
  • Tutulma - Eclipse
  • Galaksi - Galaxy
  • Kuyrukluyıldız - Comet
  • Uzay boşluğu - Outer space
  • Ay tutulması - Lunar eclipse
  • Meteor - Meteor
  • Samanyolu - Milky way
  • Güneş tutulması - Solar eclipse
  • Karadelik - Black hole
  • Astronomi - Astronomy
  • Uzay mekiği / Uzay aracı - Space shuttle
  • Astronot - Astronaut
  • Yörünge - Orbit
  • Roket - Rocket
  • Uydu - Satellite
  • Teleskop - Telescope
  • Ultraviyole ışınlar - Ultraviolet rays
  • Atmosferik - Atmospheric
  • Marslı - Martian
  • Uzaylı - Alien

Hope this will help to anyone who wants to learn Turkish 

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Smol ficlet based off of @crsinclair ’s Voltron Animal Hybrid AU! I wanna write a lot more, this is only the beginning! :3 (I love wolf Shiro, he is too cute~🖤)
“Shiro, stop. No.” Lance deadpanned, flattening his ears back as Shiro gave him the biggest pouty puppy dog eyes he’d ever seen. “But Laaaaaannce! Those are my favorite!” The wolfman whined, surprisingly petty for such a serious and commanding leader. Lance clutched the box of biscuits close to his chest, tail lashing in a mixture of agitation and contemplation. “Ask Hunk to make you more then! These are mine!” Lance hissed, only for Shiro’s ears to drop and oh fuck were those actual tears in his eyes???

Pidge snickered from her spot at the table, working on her laptop but watching the entertaining duo. Her own reddish brown and white tipped tail swayed in amusement, ears swiveling to catch the sound of the door opening for Keith. At this point Lance had climbed onto the counter and was holding Shiro back with one arm, the other holding the biscuit box high in the air as the wolfman flailed, trying to reach it.

“They’ve been like this for the past ten minutes.” She informed her half-Galra half-cat/bat teammate. Keith took one look at the squabbling canine and feline and leaned over into the young vixen’s space. “I’m upping my bet to $20 on the in-a-week confession.” He informed her, before walking away from the table and past the wrestling Blue and Black Paladins to grab some space turkey to make a sandwich.

Pidge just kept laughing.
Yes, there’s a betting pool. Shiro got about two biscuits from Lance before the catboy ate the rest of them. Pidge got several photos for blackmail. Hunk did end up baking an entire thing of biscuits just for Shiro. Keith had a sandwich. Allura and Coran are somewhere lol :3 hope you enjoyed!

i got off the plane and got home today and turned on the tv and on cnn in the corner they had a countdown with like four hours on it marked “turkey learns fate.” and i legitimately thought that i watch such little news in new york that i somehow missed that the state of turkey the country was at stake. like a supervillain has a laser in space pointed at turkey right now and the world has four hours to comply to a list of demands.