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I’ve been working on this for the past week and actually so proud of it :’) This may not be the most viewed popular series of games @therealjacksepticeye has done but in my opinion the games I loved watching him play.

I doubt Jack will see this but if you do, I really love your work! It’s helped me cope through my bad times and made me laugh when I thought I couldn’t. Your love for your work and your fans and positivity inspires me to keep going and hopefully I can meet you one day! It’s just a goal tbh… Keep up the good work Jack, thank you for being you!

Inception's a Good Movie

I was listening to the early episodes of HarmonTown the other day, which is Dan Harmon’s podcast. One episode in particular caught my attention because Dan showed a specific dislike of the movie inception. This was probably a topical point at the time the episode aired a few years ago, but I only listened to it just now so I’m going to talk about it here anyway.

Inception is a good movie. I don’t think that’s a controversial opinion but I’d just like to clarify why it’s a good movie, because it does have it’s flaws. Like everything else in life, the experience is only bad if the flaws outweigh the positives to you personally.

Inception’s flaws as I see them primarily have to do with the realism of the machine that allows them to access dreams. Namely, it makes absolutely no sense for multiple people to share a dream space through a tube in the arm. Even if it did inject a chemical which artificially induced sleep, there would be no way for their different brains to communicate signals to each other. If it was some kind of matrix jack the physically connected their spinal cortexes then maybe, but it clearly isn’t.

The second major flaw is in the fact that time slows down in the dream state as compared with real life. This isn’t so bad for normal dreams, it may not be accurate, but it’s believable enough on the first level. What doesn’t make sense is when they get into the second and third level, the dream within a dream states. There’s no way that faking another dream as they do should cause the brain to slow time even more, because the dream is itself not a physical reality to escape from. All the dreams should be predicated on the capabilities of the physical brain no matter what sub dream they are in.

For me those are the two biggest flaws with the movie and I’m bringing them up just to say that they don’t matter. What the story is about is not the realism of the technology. What the story is about is that scene where the van is falling from the bridge and the tension of whether all the different layers of the dreams will be able to sync up or not. The two “flaws” of the movie are not actually flaws because they are necessary conceits to make that moment possible, and that moment is freaking awesome.

You don’t complain when you watch something like Harry Potter that the magic is too unrealistic. That doesn’t even make sense, the fantasy aspect of the magic is the entire point. Likewise the bizarre rule set of the dreamscape in inception is its entire point, without it you wouldn’t have inception, you would have a fundamentally separate story.

You could complain about the pacing, or the structure of the story being too dense, or the dream worlds not playing with the fantasy element of their environment enough, but those things don’t invalidate the movie itself, because like the rule set, if you changed them you would be fundamentally changing the nature of the story. Inception tells the story that it set out to tell, and throws up some very cool and interesting situations in the process, and to me, that’s what makes it a good movie.

My stim toys!! Ft. Stimtastic, Ruthdoodle and my super precious new Hello Kitty cup!!
Dulcimer Chewy (stimtastic)
No Gloom shroom Chewy (stimtastic)
Pop it thingies (stimtastic)
Bead ring w/bumpy beads (stimtastic)
Bouncy balls
EOS lip balm
I Belive in Bigfoot slapbraclet
Bendy rubbery eraser thing
Bendy glow-in-the-dark millipede
Space Tube aka glitter wand
Green Kenetic sand w/erasers in it
Slime w/alien (Ruthdoodle)
Purple Kenetic Sand (Ruthdoodle)
My melody bag from my Yuki Yumi box
My interlex heatable scented badger

I have waaaayyy too many. And I’ll probably get more!! Already put a hole in my dulcimer. ^^;

very-bored-anon  asked:

Since Chat Noir is up posed to be a black cat, does that mean he can fit into tight spaces? Like, into tubes or bowls or through gaps?

I’d be better at fitting places if the bad luck didn’t keep kicking in.

Turns out we don’t get health insurance, by the way. We don’t even get dental. This job sucks.


Australian student proves existence of plasma tubes floating above Earth

What the FUCK? And then how do you fucking apply it?? And how does a big pill box save space rather than 8 tubes of lipstick?? MAKEUP HACK: RUIN YOUR EXPENSIVE COSMETICS. JUST FUCKING DESTROY THEM.