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“’When everything was quiet, I went up to the corridor and the curtain in the living room was open just a crack… I could see outside. I watched, only for a few seconds.’ He had not seen the outside world for twentytwo month. […] Max lifted his head, with great sorrow and great astonishment. ‘There were stars,’ He said. ‘They burned my eyes.’. From a Himmel street window, he wrote, the stars set fire to my eyes.”

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

A Few Ideas

Heir of Life - Assimilative touch
Maid of Void - Spontaneous creation of nonentities
Prince of Time - Temporal Deletion
Rogue of Space - Spacial Position Reallocation

Seer of Breath - Motion Detection, Internal Map
Thief of Heart - Identity Thievery
Witch of Hope - Belief Manifestation
Page of Doom - Codex Manipulation, Ability to Dictate Universal code after Realization

  • spongebob- heir of heart
  • squidward- bard of void
  • patrick- page of hope
  • sandy- witch of mind
  • mr. krabs- prince of light
  • plankton- thief of space
Blank Space Parody

Hello, Jessica here! This is the first parody post for our blog! The song rhythm is Blank Space by Taylor Swift. I switched the lyrics to something I made and the song now has a voltage meaning ;). I hope you like my lyrics :)

Song rhythm: “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift 

Nice to meet you all you guys 
You can show me incredible things, 
Mobsters, castles, magic, lies 
Saw your faces and thought oh my god, 
 Who do I choose? It could be you, you or you! 
Love’s a game, I’m gonna play. 

New money, suit, and tie, 
You can sell me at a black market. 
Wait a second, I have no eyes 
Makes no sense ‘cause I always cry. 
So hey, I’m moving in, 
Even if I’m your step sis or friend. 
Get your heart, in my hands 
I can make princes common for a weekend 

So it’s gonna be forever, 
Because my house went down in flames. 
You can let me come over, In the demon house so I won’t be toast 
Gotta love all them ex lovers, 
Their love isn’t hard to explain 
But I still love the players, 
And I have no shame! 

Because we were young and lovers, 
You’ll still love me from afar. 
I’ll see you in ten years, 
With everyone at a coffee bar. 
You still see me as a lover 
And we’ll go down memory lane 
Because I’ve had a blank space baby, 
So please write your name. 

Gramps paintings, 
Thieving guys. 
You can show me incredible things. 
Stealing dresses, saving lives 
Or you be king and I’ll be your queen 
And I’ll still bake, tasty croissants 
Or I’ll be your girl for three months 
And the best is yet to come, 
Oh oh
Kissing, hugging, perfect dates 
I’ll teach you how to cook watch and learn 
More love, to be born 
Yet keep you busy and oh my god, 
Soon you’ll see! I get drunk in everything. 
I’ll be passed out cause I’m too naive, 
And you’ll bring me home while I’m stuck in a daydream. 

So it’s gonna be forever, 
I don’t care about your fame. 
Or help me find a four leaf clover 
And see it was worth the grass stains. 
There’s still so much to discover, 
And criminals to restrain. 
We’ll see who’s the liar, 
And they’ll be ashamed! 

I’m sure you’ll soon get jealous, 
Of the random guy at the bar. 
You’ll see I’m as precious, 
As a shining star. 
I don’t care if you’re my step brother, 
Or if people call me insane. 
Because I’ve got a blank space baby, 
So please write your name

Girls only want love if it’s voltage, 
Don’t say that I, say I didn’t warn you. 
Girls only want love if it’s voltage, 
Don’t say that I say I didn’t warn you! 

So it’s gonna be forever, 
Our cakes will never be lame. 
You’ll teach me how to make icing bolder. 
And stay together ‘til we both have canes. 
We’ll always be lovers, 
Drive each other insane. 
Or we might be neighbors, 
Or have royalty in your veins! 

Because I’m strong yet reckless, 
I’ll try to trust everybody, 
I don’t care if you’re a demon, 
A thief, mobster, or a millionaire. 
I want you as a lover, 
Even though you’re part of a game.
But I’ve got a blank space baby, 
So please write your name. 

I hope you enjoyed the lyrics! Please comment and give us feedback :). 

~Jessica 🌟

Day 4: Dream Crossover

Dang what I would give for the juno steel universe and the eos 10 universe to meet…

  • i highly doubt akmazian and peter would get along from the get-go they’d be super competetive
  • who’s the biggest thief, space edition
  • they’d probably end up having A FLIRT OFF
  • whoever can make their boyfriend redder wins
  • can you fucking imagine ryan and juno would be mortified
  • jane’s recording everything on video for posterity
  • shit man ryan and juno would probably go off on their own just to piss off the thieves
  • ryan: it’s not a date
  • juno: yeah, it kinda is
  • do i hear ryan giving juno how to stay sober tips? yes, i do
  • ‘please don’t jane the secretary’
  • peter has not seen an actual doctor in years
eternalgirlscout replied to your post: to throw my two late cents into the discussion,…

another point to Ravenclaw Nureyev: so much of his drive to keep moving is rooted in wonder. He genuinely loves the universe, wants to see and know and appreciate as much as possible. As a Ravenclaw with a healthy sense of awe, that really resonates with me.


Angel of Brahma/Baby!Nureyev was motivated by ambition, maybe. Present day Nureyev’s drives are all so very wonderstruck and Ravenclaw. This boy is just so very much in love with seeing and doing everything!

(Not to mention the way he lives his loves; the way he looks at Juno Steel and sees a field of brand new stars in which to map constellations, a riddle as wonderful in the pleasure of getting to solve it as in the beauty of its solution, a person who makes the whole universe look new and exciting all over again in brand new ways. What a very Ravenclaw way of falling in love. I love him.)

clarkzzy  asked:

Can a female Thief of Space and a male Thief of Time become matesprits? :'o

CC: Sure! Any two titles could become matesprits really, because in real life any two people could become matesprits.

But I get what you’re asking. In general, two people of the same class get along well once they get to know the other because they can relate on personal struggles and the like. Take Dave and Karkat for example. Or Meenah and Vriska. The Thieves could understand each others’ deep hidden insecurities and bond through that understanding. I could also imagine two Thieves having a pretty potent kismesis as well, just because of a Thief’s natural need to be better than their peers.

For a Thief of Space and a Thief of Time, it might be a little difficult for them to understand each other just because of the opposing Aspects. But because of those opposing Aspects, the Thieves will also see what they’re missing in the other. Like, for example, a Thief of Space could possibly feel like they aren’t patient enough, or they aren’t worth anyone’s time. And a Thief of Time could feel like their creations are pointless or terrible and they could feel like they aren’t letting enough people into their “personal space”. The Thieves would see these qualities they lack in each other and that could spark an initial attraction.

But to answer your question, absolutely. In fact I could definitely see them being really good together and helping each other improve! c:

Doctor Wen (The Eternally Surprised)
Requested by pencilhyphenmonkey

And just in time for the letsdrawdiscworld challenge :D
If you like Discworld and know how to hold a pencil or any other drawing tool, you still have a couple of days to join the challenge!

theoceanchoseyou  asked:

Hi there! Could I have an analysis on a session with a Knight of Doom, twins with a female Thief of Space and a male Rogue of Time, and I'm not sure about the fourth? I know she's a Breath player, but I'm not sure between Witch, Maid, or Mage. She's very close with the Knight of Doom, with a very open and friendly, but still introverted, personality. The twins are slightly antagonistic but they grow to be more accepting. Thank you!!


Well, I think it’s really cool that your Space player and Time player are so evenly matched! Given that the Thief and the Rogue are the active and passive “steal” classes, I’d say you have a good chance of winning! However (to no surprise), if they both continue to be antagonistic throughout the game, it will be detrimental to your progress. Make sure to keep both these players on track.

The Knight of Doom will make for some great muscle when it comes to the final moments of the game. given that Knights are an “exploit” class, this player will have the ability to bend the doom of the Black King or Queen to their will. They may even strike the final blow! A very handy player to have.

If your friend the Breath player is having trouble finding out what their class is, I can give you some tips. If she is a Mage, she might be very knowledgable in how others can enjoy themselves, but might have trouble letting herself be free. If she is a Maid, she might have been very carefree in the past, but has learned to adhere to “the rules” as time has gone on. If she is a Witch, then she . Her open and friendly personality seems to fall into the Maid’s general personality, so that’s most likely what she is… At any rate, before I can analyse any abilities, I will have to know what this players class is, not that it is your fault.

This team has a lot of potential. Your Space and Time players are so evenly matched, that they make a near perfect duo, and your Knight will prove to be very effective in the games final moments. Once you find out your Breath player’s class, let me know, so I can analyse this session further!