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“’When everything was quiet, I went up to the corridor and the curtain in the living room was open just a crack… I could see outside. I watched, only for a few seconds.’ He had not seen the outside world for twentytwo month. […] Max lifted his head, with great sorrow and great astonishment. ‘There were stars,’ He said. ‘They burned my eyes.’. From a Himmel street window, he wrote, the stars set fire to my eyes.”

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

A Few Ideas

Heir of Life - Assimilative touch
Maid of Void - Spontaneous creation of nonentities
Prince of Time - Temporal Deletion
Rogue of Space - Spacial Position Reallocation

Seer of Breath - Motion Detection, Internal Map
Thief of Heart - Identity Thievery
Witch of Hope - Belief Manifestation
Page of Doom - Codex Manipulation, Ability to Dictate Universal code after Realization

Knights and Rogues – How to design a knight using a Rogue oriented build

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So you want to play a Knight, but you don’t feel like being super Lawful Good or sacrificing reason over honour? Maybe you like the way you play an assassin/ninja over a clunking plate armoured god of war?

Well, not to worry – far from being purely locked into a fighter/paladin figure, a knight can be a bit free in the way they are played, and contrary to more popular culture of being utterly locked into a rigid code of conduct, knights can be fairly free in the way you play them. Here’s a few ideas on knights and rogues, and how you can do them.

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What Makes a Knight?

We can call a lot of things as making a knight; a code of chivalry, a plate armoured warrior following a cause, following a liege lord, heavy cavalry, some noble figure, etc. But to make it more simple, it’s worth remembering that a Knight is a social class, not a profession. A warrior knight is actually what is termed “man-at-arms”, and this term is used by Knights themselves to refer to both Knights as a class, and the commoners that have training and equipment like a knight (basically being knights in all but social standing). Geoffroi de Charny saw no distinction between Knights as a class and men-at-arms, referring to them in the same fashion, and holding them to the same standard of chivalric ideal as he held himself to, and his book on Chivalry constantly refers to ‘knights’ purely as “men-at-arms”. So, in this regard, we have two forms of ‘knight’, the actual social class of noble that is inclined toward warfare, and the men-at-arms that lack social status but are otherwise equipped and trained. And here we have some space to play:

-        Knight as a social Class are nobles, and the Elite of society, particularly in warfare. If you are playing a rogue or stealth based Knight that fits this base, there is space for the ‘gentleman thief’ archetype, the noble-assassin whom uses his status to procure contracts and execute his marks by duel of by waylaying, the special forces stealth type that might be more stealth oriented through means of combat, than outright facing their foes in open battle. Equally, they may well challenge their opponents to fixed duels to maintain honour and appearances while clearly ensuring they cannot lose.

-        Another part of being a rogue can be the use of subtly and guile. A Knight as a noble does not by any means have to be an armour-clad warrior, but can be a courtly figure with good connections, that uses their status to maintain both royal and baronial ties in court, and equally employing underworld bandits, assassins, and spies. The game of politics runs deep in any court, and a knight that favours words over blades may well be a master tactician, as well as a cunning schemer.

-        A well-trained special forces tends to have elite soldiers that are, simply put, skilled at whatever they are needed for. If a Monarch commands their finest knights to learn the arts of secret killing, espionage, spying, theft, or stealth, then it is the place of the knights to learn. Perhaps the knight already possessed these skills, as part of their House’s creed; a line of warrior nobility dedicated to conflict through less open tactics. While many knights take the arts of war to perfection, some knights may choose the methods by which wars are halted before they begin…or by paralyzing the methods by which to wage war, once it begins.

Background-wise, there is a lot to play with here. Knights by class and skills can easily work as bandits and assassins in all manner of ways, from the armoured horseman that runs down a mark, to the courtly type that fixes a duel between peers, to the more secretive shadow-knight that retains skills subversive to a common man-at-arms (possibly under orders from their liege), there is freedom in how one manages things here.

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Build Ideas

Do we play a straight Knight (armoured warrior) that works as an assassin or bandit?
A more courtier-type Knight that uses diplomacy and bluff, sleight of hand and outright lies, in conjunction with their Noble status to make them more trustworthy, or more intimidating, more legally entitled, etc?
Do we play a Rogue, with more emphasis upon skills in combat, to become a flurry of weapons and agility to overcome towering men of steel, an unorthodox but highly talented warrior that stands with their more stalwart friends, while acting more as a skirmisher?
Perhaps a Rogue that is socially a Knight, yet has for some reason has learned arts far different from their fellows. They may wear armour on parade, joust in a tourney, but all other knights know and quietly whisper that the lady of that particular House is far better at unlocking doors in dark places where treacherous nobles gather, who seems to have the ear of the Monarch and knows the darkest secrets of their peers, as if they had spied upon them all this time…
Even more strange, perhaps a Rogue that has employed their talents while adopting a looser form of the code of Chivalry – defending others even through misdirection, never actually LYING, demonstrating enormous courage and loyalty to their fellows, and maintaining humility despite their talents and guile?

Ultimately, the choice as to how the Knight-Rogue is played is down to the player…however…

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A knight is bound by a code, Chivalry being the most common. Even a bandit or assassin knight must have some rule by which they are bound. A rogue that is a Knight might well break into a house to steal an item or information from another Noble, but they will generally be doing so for some greater purpose than simply for their own vanity and greed. Perhaps the Monarch ordered them to discreetly conduct a search? Perhaps the bandit knight will not kill innocents? Maybe the assassin will not slay any but their mark? Maybe the Courtier will not act directly outside the rules of law or Chivalry?

Regardless of how the Knight-Rogue operates, they will never be outright Chaotic, and more normally will be Lawful, following a personal code of ethics, or adhering closely to the Law or rule of their liege. A code of conduct is a major marker between a knight and a common thug in armour, and even a base-born ‘knight’ will keep closely to it, perhaps even more zealously than a noble.

Adherence to Chivalry will likely be key here. You should agree with your DM what your Rogue-Knight can and cannot do within their code of conduct, before building one in their game.

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Final Notes

As @we-are-rogue herself has mentioned before, knights and rogues have a lot in common, more often than not, and I agree. I also feel it worth mentioning that, both in Europe and Japan, knights and samurai would often fill the roles of spies and assassins (most ninja retained by the Shogun were of Samurai class, and in Europe many knights would be hitmen for hire), making it not uncommon for figures of war to become killers for pay, information gatherers, and perhaps because of their educated background would often end up being ‘skill-monkeys’ of their time.

Do not be fooled. Honour among thieves and assassins may very well exist.
And they that know are in a far better position than those that do not.

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  • spongebob- heir of heart
  • squidward- bard of void
  • patrick- page of hope
  • sandy- witch of mind
  • mr. krabs- prince of light
  • plankton- thief of space

Day 4: Dream Crossover

Dang what I would give for the juno steel universe and the eos 10 universe to meet…

  • i highly doubt akmazian and peter would get along from the get-go they’d be super competetive
  • who’s the biggest thief, space edition
  • they’d probably end up having A FLIRT OFF
  • whoever can make their boyfriend redder wins
  • can you fucking imagine ryan and juno would be mortified
  • jane’s recording everything on video for posterity
  • shit man ryan and juno would probably go off on their own just to piss off the thieves
  • ryan: it’s not a date
  • juno: yeah, it kinda is
  • do i hear ryan giving juno how to stay sober tips? yes, i do
  • ‘please don’t jane the secretary’
  • peter has not seen an actual doctor in years
Thief of Space

Anonymous said to classpect-analysis: Would you mind analyzing the thief of space? 

 Anonymous said to classpect-analysis: Thief of space please! (If you hadn’t already)

Oh, it’s good to be back in the analysis game.

The Thief takes their aspect from others and from the universe itself, and uses their stolen aspect for their own gain. Space is about space, creation, beginnings, and the physical properties of objects(shape, size, location, and velocity.) As such, the Thief of Space would be able to steal space itself to boost their speed, their size, or their own abilities.

The Thief of Space would start out with confidence in their abilities, but wouldn’t always be able to see what is in front of them until it hits them in the face. Maybe they’d do parkour a lot, or more likely screaming “Parkour!” before making a jump that’s too big and falling off. Like all Thieves, they’d be powerful from the start, but probably too full of themselves and kind of a jerk sometimes. Underneath it all, though, they’d probably find themselves as feeling stagnant and insecure in who they are, leading them to take on a “reinvention of self” every so often.

As they progressed, the Thief of Space would have to learn the consequences of their actions, and how to really use their abilities for the good of others, not just themselves. Sure, they know what they want, and yes, now they can take it, but they’ll have to learn if and when they really should take it. They would also have to breed the Genesis Frog. If they choose to help the team, or are forced to help the team, their abilities and confidence will make the job of finding the frogs easy.

A god tiered Thief of Space would have some really powerful abilities. They’d be able to steal the physical properties of something and channel it into themselves, like shrinking a house down to the size of a dollhouse and taking that stolen size into themselves for added strength. They could do the same thing with bullets, I would imagine, taking the speed of the bullet and turning it right back around into their own enhanced speed. If they were really a jerk, and really powerful, I could see them stealing the new beginning of the Genesis Frog, and possibly becoming the host of the new universe themselves! Which would probably be bad for them, to be fair. In short, the Thief of Space is a troublemaker with some incredibly powerful buffs in combat.

Hope this helps!

Blank Space Parody

Hello, Jessica here! This is the first parody post for our blog! The song rhythm is Blank Space by Taylor Swift. I switched the lyrics to something I made and the song now has a voltage meaning ;). I hope you like my lyrics :)

Song rhythm: “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift 

Nice to meet you all you guys 
You can show me incredible things, 
Mobsters, castles, magic, lies 
Saw your faces and thought oh my god, 
 Who do I choose? It could be you, you or you! 
Love’s a game, I’m gonna play. 

New money, suit, and tie, 
You can sell me at a black market. 
Wait a second, I have no eyes 
Makes no sense ‘cause I always cry. 
So hey, I’m moving in, 
Even if I’m your step sis or friend. 
Get your heart, in my hands 
I can make princes common for a weekend 

So it’s gonna be forever, 
Because my house went down in flames. 
You can let me come over, In the demon house so I won’t be toast 
Gotta love all them ex lovers, 
Their love isn’t hard to explain 
But I still love the players, 
And I have no shame! 

Because we were young and lovers, 
You’ll still love me from afar. 
I’ll see you in ten years, 
With everyone at a coffee bar. 
You still see me as a lover 
And we’ll go down memory lane 
Because I’ve had a blank space baby, 
So please write your name. 

Gramps paintings, 
Thieving guys. 
You can show me incredible things. 
Stealing dresses, saving lives 
Or you be king and I’ll be your queen 
And I’ll still bake, tasty croissants 
Or I’ll be your girl for three months 
And the best is yet to come, 
Oh oh
Kissing, hugging, perfect dates 
I’ll teach you how to cook watch and learn 
More love, to be born 
Yet keep you busy and oh my god, 
Soon you’ll see! I get drunk in everything. 
I’ll be passed out cause I’m too naive, 
And you’ll bring me home while I’m stuck in a daydream. 

So it’s gonna be forever, 
I don’t care about your fame. 
Or help me find a four leaf clover 
And see it was worth the grass stains. 
There’s still so much to discover, 
And criminals to restrain. 
We’ll see who’s the liar, 
And they’ll be ashamed! 

I’m sure you’ll soon get jealous, 
Of the random guy at the bar. 
You’ll see I’m as precious, 
As a shining star. 
I don’t care if you’re my step brother, 
Or if people call me insane. 
Because I’ve got a blank space baby, 
So please write your name

Girls only want love if it’s voltage, 
Don’t say that I, say I didn’t warn you. 
Girls only want love if it’s voltage, 
Don’t say that I say I didn’t warn you! 

So it’s gonna be forever, 
Our cakes will never be lame. 
You’ll teach me how to make icing bolder. 
And stay together ‘til we both have canes. 
We’ll always be lovers, 
Drive each other insane. 
Or we might be neighbors, 
Or have royalty in your veins! 

Because I’m strong yet reckless, 
I’ll try to trust everybody, 
I don’t care if you’re a demon, 
A thief, mobster, or a millionaire. 
I want you as a lover, 
Even though you’re part of a game.
But I’ve got a blank space baby, 
So please write your name. 

I hope you enjoyed the lyrics! Please comment and give us feedback :). 

~Jessica 🌟