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“’When everything was quiet, I went up to the corridor and the curtain in the living room was open just a crack… I could see outside. I watched, only for a few seconds.’ He had not seen the outside world for twentytwo month. […] Max lifted his head, with great sorrow and great astonishment. ‘There were stars,’ He said. ‘They burned my eyes.’. From a Himmel street window, he wrote, the stars set fire to my eyes.”

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

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darling, i fall to pieces (when i’m with you) by starglowed

Keith doesn’t know how to feel about being leader. The universe is just too heavy for his already star-soaked shoulders.

Luckily, he’s got his right hand man with him. Lance gives him everything he’d never knew he’d so desperately needed – and lets him bare his soul without the guilt that so often accompanies it.

[set after the events of s3 ep 6, “i got you, buddy”.]              

Too Sweet To Share by WinterAndLittleBrunettes

Keith decides to take a leap and confess to Lance, and because the universe loves to throw curveballs Keith’s way, Lance feels the same way. They decide to take things slow, and see what they mean to each other, before they bring the team up to speed.

But that doesn’t mean the team won’t find out on their own, in their own time.

there’s hills on my skin when you get too close by ShatterinSeconds

“Are–are you wearing my jacket?” Lance inquires, peering into Keith’s eyes as they hide behind the shadow from the hood.

Keith is startled to find those familiar blue eyes so close to his face as he slowly wakes up, mind returning to the present and away from a dream he can’t quite remember.

A small yawn breaks apart his lips. Suddenly the coat is too hot and too overbearing, and his face twists into something unpleasant. “S-sorry, I didn’t–I didn’t mean to. I–”

“Nah, it’s all good. I was just wondering where it went.”

(or sometimes when things are left unattended, you have to take advantage of them)                          

how much longing has to fall like snow (for the spring days to come?) by vivahate

For a moment Lance thinks Keith is going to argue back. Say that there’s something wrong with him, with how he feels. Like he isn’t allowed to break and mourn.

He probably never has been, Lance comes to the sudden painful realization. At least not in a situation where anyone but Shiro could’ve been there for him as he fell apart.

Boy’s A Straight Up Hustler by MyChemicalKlance

Just a simple love story between two people traveling space together and finding home in something they don’t need to traverse galaxies to have.
Just because their nine to five’s as a swindling thief and space cop/bounty hunter aren’t exactly traditional doesn’t mean Lance and Keith can’t have it all.

No one ever said love was easy.

The Customer is Always (a) Right (asshole) by Trashness

Keith has been working at this huge department store for three years now. He’s not particularly good at it. In fact he’s awful. He knows he is, and the customers seem to have no problem telling him this. He needs help.
Maybe this new guy who seems to have a natural talent for customer service will be able to give him some tips.

Though he be but smol, he is fierce! by Reader115

It started like this. One second, he was shooting at sentries, and the next second he was on his ass on the cold metal floor of the Galra base due to an extremely rude shove from Keith.

And then Keith disappeared.

I mean, he’s not the science guy, so disappeared is probably the wrong word. Regular-sized Keith disappeared anyway. And Lance was left staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at a tiny, oh so very smol Keith unconscious on the ground beside him.

A Few Ideas

Heir of Life - Assimilative touch
Maid of Void - Spontaneous creation of nonentities
Prince of Time - Temporal Deletion
Rogue of Space - Spacial Position Reallocation

Seer of Breath - Motion Detection, Internal Map
Thief of Heart - Identity Thievery
Witch of Hope - Belief Manifestation
Page of Doom - Codex Manipulation, Ability to Dictate Universal code after Realization

Knights and Rogues – How to design a knight using a Rogue oriented build

Originally posted by monthofloveart

So you want to play a Knight, but you don’t feel like being super Lawful Good or sacrificing reason over honour? Maybe you like the way you play an assassin/ninja over a clunking plate armoured god of war?

Well, not to worry – far from being purely locked into a fighter/paladin figure, a knight can be a bit free in the way they are played, and contrary to more popular culture of being utterly locked into a rigid code of conduct, knights can be fairly free in the way you play them. Here’s a few ideas on knights and rogues, and how you can do them.

Originally posted by zechs

What Makes a Knight?

We can call a lot of things as making a knight; a code of chivalry, a plate armoured warrior following a cause, following a liege lord, heavy cavalry, some noble figure, etc. But to make it more simple, it’s worth remembering that a Knight is a social class, not a profession. A warrior knight is actually what is termed “man-at-arms”, and this term is used by Knights themselves to refer to both Knights as a class, and the commoners that have training and equipment like a knight (basically being knights in all but social standing). Geoffroi de Charny saw no distinction between Knights as a class and men-at-arms, referring to them in the same fashion, and holding them to the same standard of chivalric ideal as he held himself to, and his book on Chivalry constantly refers to ‘knights’ purely as “men-at-arms”. So, in this regard, we have two forms of ‘knight’, the actual social class of noble that is inclined toward warfare, and the men-at-arms that lack social status but are otherwise equipped and trained. And here we have some space to play:

-        Knight as a social Class are nobles, and the Elite of society, particularly in warfare. If you are playing a rogue or stealth based Knight that fits this base, there is space for the ‘gentleman thief’ archetype, the noble-assassin whom uses his status to procure contracts and execute his marks by duel of by waylaying, the special forces stealth type that might be more stealth oriented through means of combat, than outright facing their foes in open battle. Equally, they may well challenge their opponents to fixed duels to maintain honour and appearances while clearly ensuring they cannot lose.

-        Another part of being a rogue can be the use of subtly and guile. A Knight as a noble does not by any means have to be an armour-clad warrior, but can be a courtly figure with good connections, that uses their status to maintain both royal and baronial ties in court, and equally employing underworld bandits, assassins, and spies. The game of politics runs deep in any court, and a knight that favours words over blades may well be a master tactician, as well as a cunning schemer.

-        A well-trained special forces tends to have elite soldiers that are, simply put, skilled at whatever they are needed for. If a Monarch commands their finest knights to learn the arts of secret killing, espionage, spying, theft, or stealth, then it is the place of the knights to learn. Perhaps the knight already possessed these skills, as part of their House’s creed; a line of warrior nobility dedicated to conflict through less open tactics. While many knights take the arts of war to perfection, some knights may choose the methods by which wars are halted before they begin…or by paralyzing the methods by which to wage war, once it begins.

Background-wise, there is a lot to play with here. Knights by class and skills can easily work as bandits and assassins in all manner of ways, from the armoured horseman that runs down a mark, to the courtly type that fixes a duel between peers, to the more secretive shadow-knight that retains skills subversive to a common man-at-arms (possibly under orders from their liege), there is freedom in how one manages things here.

Originally posted by kelgrid

Build Ideas

Do we play a straight Knight (armoured warrior) that works as an assassin or bandit?
A more courtier-type Knight that uses diplomacy and bluff, sleight of hand and outright lies, in conjunction with their Noble status to make them more trustworthy, or more intimidating, more legally entitled, etc?
Do we play a Rogue, with more emphasis upon skills in combat, to become a flurry of weapons and agility to overcome towering men of steel, an unorthodox but highly talented warrior that stands with their more stalwart friends, while acting more as a skirmisher?
Perhaps a Rogue that is socially a Knight, yet has for some reason has learned arts far different from their fellows. They may wear armour on parade, joust in a tourney, but all other knights know and quietly whisper that the lady of that particular House is far better at unlocking doors in dark places where treacherous nobles gather, who seems to have the ear of the Monarch and knows the darkest secrets of their peers, as if they had spied upon them all this time…
Even more strange, perhaps a Rogue that has employed their talents while adopting a looser form of the code of Chivalry – defending others even through misdirection, never actually LYING, demonstrating enormous courage and loyalty to their fellows, and maintaining humility despite their talents and guile?

Ultimately, the choice as to how the Knight-Rogue is played is down to the player…however…

Originally posted by degrassi


A knight is bound by a code, Chivalry being the most common. Even a bandit or assassin knight must have some rule by which they are bound. A rogue that is a Knight might well break into a house to steal an item or information from another Noble, but they will generally be doing so for some greater purpose than simply for their own vanity and greed. Perhaps the Monarch ordered them to discreetly conduct a search? Perhaps the bandit knight will not kill innocents? Maybe the assassin will not slay any but their mark? Maybe the Courtier will not act directly outside the rules of law or Chivalry?

Regardless of how the Knight-Rogue operates, they will never be outright Chaotic, and more normally will be Lawful, following a personal code of ethics, or adhering closely to the Law or rule of their liege. A code of conduct is a major marker between a knight and a common thug in armour, and even a base-born ‘knight’ will keep closely to it, perhaps even more zealously than a noble.

Adherence to Chivalry will likely be key here. You should agree with your DM what your Rogue-Knight can and cannot do within their code of conduct, before building one in their game.

Originally posted by i-am-roadrunner

Final Notes

As @we-are-rogue herself has mentioned before, knights and rogues have a lot in common, more often than not, and I agree. I also feel it worth mentioning that, both in Europe and Japan, knights and samurai would often fill the roles of spies and assassins (most ninja retained by the Shogun were of Samurai class, and in Europe many knights would be hitmen for hire), making it not uncommon for figures of war to become killers for pay, information gatherers, and perhaps because of their educated background would often end up being ‘skill-monkeys’ of their time.

Do not be fooled. Honour among thieves and assassins may very well exist.
And they that know are in a far better position than those that do not.

Originally posted by samurai-spirit

  • spongebob- heir of heart
  • squidward- bard of void
  • patrick- page of hope
  • sandy- witch of mind
  • mr. krabs- prince of light
  • plankton- thief of space
The Mother of All Land Posts(At Least From What I Can Tell)

Okay, everyone, this is going to be a doozie. A few weeks back, a person on a discord said that they could draw me in my god tier costume. In return, I said that I would do an analysis for him. This is the following result. To be honest, all of the landmarks were done by a freind, and I kind of feel guilty for not doing more work. So here’s to him, the true hero of this post!

Prince of space:
Land of Toads and frogs
You are the Prince of Space in the Land of Toads and Frogs.
Your planet is pretty much just frogs. From the get go, you can see frogs as far as the eye can see, you can see the little buggers hopping around everything. Basically, just frogs. But there is a small problem.Your denizen has taken an unusual hatred towards the succeeding of your session, and has started releasing toads into the population of frogs, and these are good copies. Apart from a few miniscule details, they look exactly the same. Most of these frogs are toads, and as the space player (or your knight, as you might not want to do breeding duty) the toads will corrupt the basic fabric of the genesis DNA. Imagine the Karkat frog, but much worse. Your job as a Prince of Space is to get a handle on your extremely potential session ruining powers, and destroy each and every single toad, up to the actual one, your Denizen. You must also learn to suppress your destructive and and violent tendencies, or risk losing your teammates. Your planet will help you do this by having everyone pitch in to help find the true frogs.
The Frog Hole:
From this hole streams thousands of frogs. Each frog has a piece of the DNA needed for the genesis frog. They are cute, harmless, and perfect in every way. The frogs travel from this hole and spread to the rest of your planet, until they come into contact with the toads. They then mix and intermingle, with none of them the wiser
The Toad Hole:
Same as the frog hole, this giant, gaping, and fairly sinister hole, toads stream from this one. Very similar to the frogs, they spread across the planet and intermingle with their opposite race. The toads however, are ugly, mean, and leave you with a feeling of revulsion that you feel shouldn’t come from a natural animal.
The Labs:
After noticing a lack of consorts, and journeying to your denizens palace, you find that your denizen has cruelly imprisoned the innocent creatures and forced them to work in ecto-labs to rapidly breed more frogs and toads. After defeating your denizen, the consorts return to their homes, while a brave few stay behind to continue the breeding of genetically pure frogs.

Bard of space:
Land of Null and Frogs
You are the Bard of Space on the Land of Music and Frogs.
As a Bard of Space, space is destroyed around you. So you must learn to prevent the destruction of every single frog on the planet from the strange reality things you do. The best way to do this? Destroy the space in a manner you chose to get your frogs away from your powers. If you can control this, you can control your powers, and save both the frogs and your session. Your planet helps you to do this by providing null areas, which only your knight(or helper) can access. You must find a way to specifically destroy space to move the frogs into these areas, where the helper can breed them. You must also learn to get over your destructive feelings, and what better way to do that then letting off steam on underlings? Your planet is stocked with them.
Frog Spots:
Your planet looks almost like the battlefield, as in it is checkered with frog spots and null spots. The frog spots are, as their name implies, filled with frogs. The frogs grow on trees, come out of the ground, and fall from the sky. These spots are clearly separated from the null spots by walls of what you guess looks like void(although, being a prospitan dreamer, you can’t be sure).
Null Spots:
You can’t access these yourself, only your knight can. After going in, he describes it as a place that makes him/her feel like he/she is upside down. You tell them they are probably crazy. On the bright side however, they are filled with ectobiological equipment, ready for quick and easy breeding.
Your House:
Your house is the only place on the planet that is neither a frog, or null spot. This is confusing, as you have not found your denizens palace. Then, you go through your seventh gate, and find yourself shrunken down and in front of your denizens palace, which has been hiding in your closet this entire time. The palace is straightforward, but your denizen provides a unique choice: either fight him, or he will destroy every null spot on the planet (with your helper inside one of them).

Maid of hope:
Land of Prisms and angels
You are the Maid of Hope in the Land of Prisms and Angels.
This planet, filled with caves, is almost always dark. The caves are filled with crystals of every shape and size, which gives it an almost luminescent view. The consorts of this planet say that if a light strong enough is shone through the right ones, then all of them will light up and the great angels, the savior of Skaia will come. What they don’t know is that not all the crystals, almost none of them, has pure power, and no ordinary light can illuminate them. As a Maid of Hope, you must learn to take the hope that is already there and create more of your own, directing pure hope through the crystals and summoning the great being, which can go without saying is your denizen. You must also learn to keep the faith in your rapidly deteriorating session, and possibly create hope for it.
These are the false prisms that dot the land. Being far more common than the actual prisms, they are almost identical. However, they don’t carry the same power as the prisms. When filled with hope, they will fill the area around them with hope, but it will fade eventually, leaving the angels there to flee to somewhere else.
These are the good stuff, When filled with hope, they can reflect it into the prisms and crystals around them, creating a web of hope. This however will fade as well, as long as you aren’t actively sustaining it. Unfortunately, the webs of prisms are not connected, so to sustain one, you would have to let another slowly die out.
The First Crystal:
This tiny crystal is found commonly throughout your planets lore. Learn from both your consorts and the angels that if lit up, it would permanently power every crystal and prism on the planet and summon the savior of Skaia. This specific crystal is where your denizens palace should be, except the entire place has been destroyed by imps. To get to the crystal you would have to get through the army, clearly bent on blocking you with everything you have.(help from co-players is highly recommended)

Thief of hope
Land of Churches and Children
You are the Thief of Hope on the Land of Churches and Children.
Have you ever heard that children are our hope for the future? Well, on your land, this is most especially true. The children consorts have some sort of holy power, and it allows them a great, but unidentified power. There are a multitude of churches of this land, which are run by the imps of your denizen. They have decreed that the children shall be “studied” to find the source of this power. This studying involves the death of the children, and they are nowhere near finding out the power, and are definitely not close to stopping the deaths of the children. As the Thief of Hope, you must steal the children from the corrupt and evil churches. As you do this, you must find a way to steal the hope and power from the churches, as well as finding a way to work with the children to use the power, in a way that is both safe, and that works.
The Safehouse:
This extra dimensional space is located near your first gate. It is a place that the children have created to be safe from the churches. Your quest is to steal the children from the churches, but ultimately, you will bring them back here, where they are safe until you empty the land of underlings.

The Fountain of Hope:
The reason the underlings research is causing your consorts to die, is that they are forcing them to overuse their powers. The consorts have a limited amount of power, and if they use more than they can handle, they will die. This fountain restores the power of the consorts that have depleted theirs, unfortunately, the underling churches have decreed this place blasphemous, and forbid anyone to go near.
The Head Church:
This church is the one that decreed the studies, and is the closest to coming to a conclusion. They plan to use the power to build a weapon that will destroy skaia, and spare Derse the trouble. Your quest is now to completely destroy this church using the power from the fountain of hope, and the consorts you have saved.(co-player help is recommended as it is basically another reckoning) You can then descend into the catacombs afterward to face your denizen.

Knight of life
Land of Temples and Jungles
You are the Knight of Life in the Land of Temples and Jungles.
The Jungles of this land are numerous, covering the planet with untold numbers of life filling the air. They provide everything the consorts of your land might need, and more. But due to the angering of your denizen by some hapless children, the jungles are slowly succumbing to some deadly black disease. If this plague goes on much longer, the planet will be totally dead. The consorts, who are slowly dying off, tell you that in the temples across the land are plants that have been saved, and they say that a great hero could use them to fight back the plagues and imps, and restore life in your planet. As the Knight of Life, you must learn to use these plants as weapons, and find a way to use them to stop the plague, the imps, and eventually reach your denizen.
The Temples:
These temples are filled with plants. Giant trees covered in leaves, flowers with vibrant colors, and crops that bear the greatest tasting fruits and veggies you can imagine. Your job is to spread these plants (that are conveniently immune to the plague) across your planet.
The Plague:
These are the areas that are filled with the plague.  Plants die, consorts flee, and underlings reign supreme. Unfortunately the plague is airborne, waterborne, and underling-borne. It is spreading fast, and if you don’t hurry, there won’t be any consorts left to save.
The Grand Temple:
This is (obviously) your denizens palace. It contains the universal cure for the disease. Once released it will spread over the planet as your plants fight the disease, and prevent the disease from spreading. This will allow your plants to  push the plague back and eventually eradicate it completely. Saving the jungles, and the consorts.

Page of life
Land of Glass and Energy
Your planet is filled with little glass shards, littering the ground. Most of your consorts are in fear of going outside, as the glass is harmful if you step on it. It will slice your feet, but if you break it, it will explode. Anyway, why would you want to go outside anyway? There are no plants or life, and everything that they need to survive is available inside. During your trials, however, you discover that if you are really quick, you can harness the energy inside of the glass to kill foes, which is does in a burst of plants. For some reason, anything explosion you make waters the earth, covering it with plants. As the Page of Life, if you are somehow able to get the consorts outside and train them to use the glass, you can bring the planet back to life and destroy all the glass. As well as using the plants to remove your enemies, and grow the way to your denizen.
Glass Fields:
These fields of energized glass are everywhere on your planet, forcing you to tread carefully (a flying device or really protective footwear is highly recommended). This glass explodes when crushed and the seeds of plants that hide in the ground are instantly brought to life and shoot out of the ground in a burst of colorful flora. Your first goal will will be to replace all the glass on the planet with plants so that it is safe for the consorts(and you) to walk around on the surface.
The towns here are strange, because of the glass phenomena, They all consist of one giant building. The ground floors are for storing food, and are made of hard stone with no entrances. The middle floors are housing and are made of wood and (harmless) glass. The top floors contain farms and a few rarely used rope ladders that lead to the ground level.
The Green Sea:
This sea takes of a large part of your planet and instead of normal water, it is filled with energy. The consorts say that the energy that is in the sea flows through the glass and causes the explosions. Your denizens palace is located on an island. Once on the island you can enter the palace and meet your denizen.

Heir of light
Land of Lanterns and Mirrors
You are the Heir of Light in the Land of Lanterns and Mirrors
This planet has many mirrors, enough to cause any light created to reflect of many surfaces. When you shine one of the numerous lanterns on the series, the pattern they create is disjointed and strange. You could try adjusting the positions and angles, but there are so many that finding the right sequence would take aeons. Plus, your consorts say that a certain amount of luck is involved, because the wrong sequence could summon your denizen too soon and cause mass destruction. Luckily for you, you have always been moderately lucky. As the Heir of Light, you must use the veritable knowledge of the land, famed for its extensive research of the positions, and a lot of luck, you can transform the patterns into the way to find your denizen under the best of terms, and learn the best way to win your session.
The Great Lantern:
This giant lantern is what provides most of the light for your planet. The lantern however, is powered by grist. You will have to choose to either feed the lantern an endless supply of grist, or embark on a side quest to find the golden wick.
The Golden Wick:
This treasure is held in a giant castle teeming with underlings. The golden wick has been a treasure to the consorts for years and has been said to bring luck to anyone who comes near it’s flame. The underlings however, are trying to harness this luck to bring an all-out war to your innocent consorts. Once placed inside the great lantern, it will power the device without taking up any grist.
Mirror Fields:
This is where most of your busy-work will be. Re-arranging the mirrors will cause different effects when patterns are made. Your job is to find the effects of each pattern, and possibly deduce which ones could be useful during events like your denizens choice/fight or the reckoning.

Page of light
Land of skylights and moons
You are the Page of Light on the Land of Skylights and Moons.  The planet is the proud owner of several large, orbiting moons made entirely out of mirrors. The moon’s orbit the planet in a slow fashion. There is one problem, which is that the moons emit no light. What’s worse, they block out almost all the light from Skaia, leaving the surface in pitch black (alchemizing a powerful flashlight and/or lantern is highly recommended). Luckily for you, there are powerful skylights pointed at the moons! Unluckily, (as it usually is for your page of light self) the giant lights have no power. Your quest is to shine the lights at the highly reflective moons to bring light back to your planet’s surface and awaken the long slumbering consorts that have slept through the night in the safety of their homes.
The Moons:
Each moon is themed after a type of grist that the underlings of your planet drop, dominated by a massive miniboss. You have the choice to either travel to the moons and grind for your echeladder, or just activate the skylights and fly up later for to grab the massive amounts of grist all at once.
The Gateway:
After entering this large tunnel, you find all your consorts in a massive city filled with technological wonders of all kinds. Great monolights covered in spotlights dot the streets (which may or may not be paved with gold). Too bad the whole place runs on solar power. All the consorts are asleep in cryo-chambers and the computers running the chambers are programmed to only activate once light is restored to the planet.
The Core:
This place is the deepest point within your denizens palace. In the very core of your planet, the denizen guards the one thing that can bring it back to life. Once jumpstarted by your amazing page-powers, the core will power all the skylights, and with any luck (and you will have that), the lights will hit the moons and bring light to your planet once again. The gateway reactivates, and the city within comes back to life as your consorts step out into the world for the first time in (x amount of time since you entered the session).

Seer of doom
Land of Flame and monoliths
Needs to learn how to read each doomed timeline(monolith) and prevent each bad event from happening.
You are the Seer of Doom on the Land of Flame and monoliths. Darkness covers this land, in the form of flames that suck the light out of the world, instead of adding to it. The fires are causing mass destruction and death throughout the planet, and you can see every part of it. Every death, every wrong choice, everything gone wrong in the past, present and future. And it is easy for you to know, as the giant monoliths of the land are written with all of them. The consorts apparently cannot see them, and regard them as invisible, so they cannot know what they did wrong, and the fire continues to grow and destroy. Your consorts speak of a way to fix it, but unfortunately, they do not know how to fix it. And they tend to make more problems and mistakes, which worsens the situations. As the Seer of Doom, you must learn to see the mistakes that they have made, and have your time player fix those. The same must happen in reverse, you yourself must fix the mistakes they are about to make and save your planet.
These great black monoliths are spread throughout your planet. After careful observation of each one you find that they are all written in the language of your denizen, meaning that your co-players cannot read them. You also find that each monolith has the story of a doomed timeline, and what went wrong.
The Flame:
This scorching black fire is often referred to by the consorts as “the doom”. The consorts have sacrificed many lives to hold back the flames from burning down their villages. Spring water is the only thing that can fight the fires. Unfortunately it is very rare on your planet, with most villages having one limited spring.
The White Monolith:
This monolith is kept within your denizens palace, It contains your timeline and is always changing and modifying itself. Unlike other monoliths as well, this one you can take with you back to your house. It will probably come in handy later on.

Rogue of Rage
Land of Darkness and chaos
You are the Rogue of rage on the land of Darkness and chaos. The Purple lizard consorts are particularly angry at the world in general. They hate the war on skaia, they hate the production of underlings, and they HATE the darkness that has recently covered the planet. These black clouds spew out of pipes and cover your land. The consorts have found however, that spewing their anger into fountains will make them feel better. Unfortunately, the anger is refined and turned into the black clouds covering your planet. The clouds burn to the touch, and even go as far as prevent you from entering some of the higher gates. What’s worse, the gas seems to be spreading into the incipisphere, and will eventually hit your co players planets. You hate to think what would happen once it hits skaia. As the Rogue of Rage, you must find a way to steal the growing resource of rage, and use it in ways that your teammates and you can use safe and powerfully.
Your consorts have found a way to vent their anger and temporarily go back to their normal lives. This however comes at a cruel twist, The anger that is constantly poured into the fountains is fueling the clouds. The unknowing consorts are stuck in a loop of being angry about the clouds, and creating the clouds with their anger.
Exhaust Fields:
These fields are places where exhaust pipes grow on the ground like flowers. They are part of the cycle of clouds. The fountains lead directly to your denizen who makes the emotions into the clouds. They clouds are then ejected similar to the oil on John’s planet.
The Refinery:
This is where your denizen turns the anger into the fumes, and as you have cut out it’s power source, it’s pretty angry. The refinery is more of a giant engine, releasing the gas as exhaust for some sort of doomsday device. After defeating your denizen using the power of your planets rage, (or just take the choice) you can shut down the engine and stop the darkness permanently.