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LALO - Antwerp townhouse by Sculp IT features world’s largest pivoting window

This beautiful open-plan townhouse in Antwerp looks out onto a modest garden with a terrace that runs direct into a huge double-height kitchen/living space. The pivoting window that stretches from roof to floor opens out in two and currently holds the record for the largest window of its kind; a whopping six metres hight by three metres wide and weighing almost four tonnes apiece. 

The kitchen area is glorious in its minimal styling, with an island worktop that can be wheeled out onto the terrace when the weather is warm. The window was to replace the property’s older extension that offered no connection at all to the garden beyond. This vast glazed construction was designed to recreate that connection between outdoors and indoors. 

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Dear archy, what is your opinion on the interesting Villa Muller? Previously the site given to my final year project is Villa Muller and all of us was having a mad struggle to build a model of it because it was one hell of a struggle to find detail information about its interiors online HAHA!

Villa Müller by Adolf Loos is a modernist house where the concept of raumplan. a planning method based on discreet rooms and a dynamic section, is the driver of the planning and design In the words of the architect: “My architecture is not conceived by drawings, but by spaces. I do not draw plans, facades or sections… For me, the ground floor, first floor do not exist… There are only interconnected continual spaces, rooms, halls, terraces… Each space needs a different height… These spaces are connected so that ascent and descent are not only unnoticeable, but at the same time functional.

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Elio Riso & Raffunk - To Be Or Not To Be (Orignal Mix)

Fucking brilliant!

John Shelby x Reader

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At first your intention is to warn some police officer. In the end, you save John Shelby’s life in front of The Derby crowd.

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Sorry for the mistakes. It’s my first imagine.  

You never planned it. It was fortuitous, of course. Listening to other people’s conversation has never entered your to-do list. But you simply can’t ignore that dialect that you have not heard in a long time. At first, the muffled murmur seems to be a friendly conversation; you even smile briefly at the nostalgia.

However, you stop primp yourself up in front of the mirror when you notice an abrupt change in the tone of the conversation as it has become increasingly urgent and sullen. For a moment you think a couple of guys with no common sense are having a discussion right in the middle of the corridor… Well. You sigh with boredom, take your little handbag and without thinking too much, you approach the door, determined to open it with a furious gesture but, it is at that moment that you hear the rapids - almost unintelligible - whispers that seep through the thin door that separate you from those brawlers.

“You take charge of the eldest… Leave me to the other…”

“The fuckin’ Shelby’s are becoming the bloody ass pimple of the United Kingdom, huh?!”

A brief struggle occurs. You suspect that the first man has hit the second. The following confirms it.

“You fuckin’ asshole! Why don’t you yell it at their fuckin’ face instead! Save yourself the fuckin’ bother, you want!”

At that moment, the rough voice of the first man seems too close to the door of the ladies’ bathroom. The same flimsy white door that separates you from them.

“Your gun. You have it ready?”

A silence is interposed before you cover your mouth with a finely gloved hand. Your eyelids retract and you immediately feel your heart shaking inside your chest as the result of the initial impact. And it is increasing.

“Oi! I’ve asked you if you have the gun ready, damn it!”

“What d'ya think!”

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I am taking on a landscaping project for a visually impaired individual. I want to create a space w/raised beds/terraces that bring the ground plane up to his field of view. As well, I want to provide visually striking plants that are easy for him to identify. He relies on aromas and touch. I want to add this to the concept. I envision an aromatic, tactile space of edible plants that provide contrasting yellow & blue blooms. A safe place for him to amble, touch, smell, and use his sight. Advice?

This sounds like a great project! I have archives on #disability, but as of yet don’t have a lot of information on gardening for people with visual impairments.

Your plan sounds great so far. Mostly, my advice has to do with safety.


  • Create wide, clear, even pathways
  • Consider infrastructure like railings, to provide a tactile pathway
  • Avoid elements that attract rodents (like hügelkultur), because if droppings are not seen soon enough to be avoided, there is a risk of hantavirus
  • Avoid leaving dry patches of soil (try to cover all soil with plants or mulch), so that cats don’t leave droppings: this reduces the risk of inhaled toxoplasmosis


  • Don’t use plants like Digitalis, where touching them too much can cause cardiovascular problems: research the chemical interactions of plants you have in mind.
  • Don’t plant anything with thorns.
  • Avoid tall grasses where creatures like ticks can live (these are hard to see or feel for a visually impaired person, and carry Lyme disease)


  • Remind the client to get a tetanus booster if needed

(Sorry about the disease-heavy advice: I took too many public health courses).

The only other thing I can think of is using sound to create a sense of location or directionality: maybe something like wind chimes or bells, or a flowing water feature?

Also, features like bird baths, bird feeders, and bird houses attract songbirds, which add to the aural ambiance: sound is a dimension of the garden experience a lot of us sighted people don’t fully appreciate (I appreciate it even less because I am hard of hearing on one side).

If any followers want to add suggestions, please do!

Terraces picked out by snow

Agriculture in mountain regions is always a tricky proposition, but once the human population in agricultural societies increased beyond the carrying capacity of the fertile lowland floodplains, more marginal land had to be brought into use, within the vagaries of that century’s climate. Britain’s highland regions are often infertile granite or limestone, and were traditionally used as pastureland for sheep or goats. In the Himalaya, where many of the rocks are sedimentary mudstones rich in organic matter from the bottom of the Tethys sea that once separated the continents of India and Asia, or amongst the volcanoes of Indonesia with their fertile mineral rich soils, terraced agriculture has been the mainstay of subsistence since time immemorial.

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What's your opinion on Habitat '67?

Habitat ‘67 is an icon of modern architecture. An ground breaking design that managed to create a high-density urban housing development out of prefabricated pieces that remains relevant almost fifty years later which is in itself no easy feat!

The concept as described in Habitat '67’s site reads:

“The cube is the base, the mean and the finality of Habitat 67. In its material  sense, the cube is a symbol of stability. As for its mystic meaning, the cube is symbol of wisdom, truth, moral perfection, at the origin itself of our civilization.  

354 cubes of a magnificent grey-beige build up one on the other to form 146 residences nestled between sky and earth, between city and river, between greenery and light.

The whole unites in a gigantic sculpture futuristic interiors, links, pedestrian streets and suspended terraces, aerial spaces, skylights of different angles, large plazas and monumental elevator pillars, without forgetting the openings, here and there, that are as many winks and calls to meditation from the environment as well as from the living experience.”

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Dear Archy! We're having a project in college, where we have to design a house based on the Raumplan concept. Could you please explain, how does one start working and thinking in the Raumplan way? I started on my section and now I'm completely confused on how to make a ground plan, because the concept itself is so f*d up *sigh*

My architecture is not conceived in plans, but in spaces (cubes). I do not design floor plans, facades, sections. I design spaces. For me, there is no ground floor, first floor etc…. For me, there are only contiguous, continual spaces, rooms, anterooms, terraces etc. Storeys merge and spaces relate to each other. Every space requires a different height: the dining room is surely higher than the pantry, thus the ceilings are set at different levels. To join these spaces in such a way that the rise and fall are not only unobservable but also practical, in this I see what is for others the great secret, although it is for me a great matter of course. Coming back to your question, it is just this spatial interaction and spatial austerity that thus far I have best been able to realise in Dr Müller’s house” Adolf Loos, Shorthand record of a conversation in Plzeň (Pilsen), 1930

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DAY 2568

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr  26/27,  2015                Sun/ Mon  2:58 am

Work continues over ‘Wazir’ … those last minute left over shots that should form an integral part of the film … the joy of being in the company of familiar faces from Production and cast … the fierce fight for the exit and its next appointment …

The city of Mumbai keeps changing every hour … its horizons develop and its structures which once formed the guide lines for a destination, now enveloped in different hues of real estate.

Today particularly it is noticed with some candour .. we are all at Karan Johar’s for dinner, at his newly acquired apartment, which has some interesting views, awed by its position and space at the terrace of a duplex. The eye line is filled with panoramic visuals of this great metropolis and its impressive land marks … all seen and identified by merely standing on top of the building and moving, panoramically on either side.

There is the rarity of meeting and being in the company of the younger generation of the Industry, to listen to them in their element of creativity, not just for themselves but for the others as well .. directors actors writers all mingling in a small but connected community of guests, in gay abandon, discussing cinema cultures of the past days, management guru’s of the present that manage the lives and careers of these young, and tutoring almost to the point of no return, of the work we did in our time and all the welcome changes that have taken place, now.

This floor, this apartment, has been the focus of attention for many reasons. The first and the most important being the Ruler of Monaco’s relatives giving rise to expectation, for the future … this viva having taken place in his ‘apartment’ , his Palace in Udaipur, where it was expressed that fight we shall, against adversity, but shall never give in to what may specifically be called  drawing room humour … got it … ?

There is more work tomorrow … there is an exploration of the fields that have caused immense problems to those besides, in broad day light …

I must retire now .. there is much to say, there is intent of freedom to feel the pain of production, and many more episodes where the little things in life matter.

Love and more ….

Amitabh Bachchan