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BOOK REC (Sci-Fi with PoC and wlw)

Why you should read The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers:

  • IT HAS A HUGE EMPHASIS ON FOUND FAMILY and also on moving forward and how you sometimes need different people at different stages of your life
  • The alien cultures, man, they are like nothing I’ve ever seen before on this scale. It’s not just surface stuff, it’s down to the belief systems and social interactions and how they view things like motherhood and violence and even board games! Also, FEMALE ALIENS WITHOUT BREASTS WHO ARE CONSIDERED VERY ATTRACTIVE TO HUMANS CAN I GET A HELL YEAH
  • Gender and sexuality are definitely way more fluid, one of the crew members is a species that changes gender across their lifetime (plus there is a crew member that goes by they pronouns, though not exactly in a nb way, it’s hard to explain)
  • Imagine Firefly, except in a universe full of aliens like Guardians of the Galaxy, and the crew aren’t criminals (for the most part) and are just generally a bit nicer. And by nicer I mean, as someone else more eloquent than me said about this book “they’re not all good people, but most of them are trying to be”. They care about each other despite all the cultural differences that sometimes have them screaming
  • most of the humans on the crew are not white
  • TWO FEMALE MEMBERS OF THE CREW BECOME A COUPLE I’m not gonna say which because it totally took me by surprise and that was an incredible thing cos I already adored this book and then it gave me the one thing it was missing that I hadn’t dared hope for 
  • polyamory is discussed frequently and is a base part of one of the alien cultures and it’s very normalised and respected
  • seriously everyone does their hardest to be respectful of each other’s culture and all the differences and even though sometimes they fail or really struggle they really TRY and that’s what makes it so great
  • the book is genuinely hilarious (“What do your crazy speciests do?” “Live on gated farms and have private orgies.” “How is that any different than what the rest of you do?” “We don’t have gates and anybody can come to our orgies.”)
  • there’s plot but it’s very character driven in a way that works really well
  • Kizzy - my favourite character who is just a joy (imagine Kaylee Frye if she was Chinese, hyped up on extreme amounts of caffeine, and totally eccentric)
  • like seriously every damn relationship in this book is so incredible and important and well done
  • I’ve never done a book rec on here before and the fact that I feel the need to do this should in itself say something about how amazing it is

In summary: 

  • amazing and compelling alien cultures
  • a crew/found family that are so beautiful in their differences and how they do their best to respect and accommodate them
  • it’s really fucking funny
  • “Ninety percent of all problems are caused by people being assholes.” “What causes the other ten percent?” “Natural disasters.”
Space Heater

Summary: When the heater goes out, you’re left freezing and unable to get warm. Luckily, Bucky might be able to help that.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1838

Warnings: none (unless you count being very cold), just fluffy, cuddly goodness!

A/N: AHHH I’m back!! This is my first crack at writing fanfic in like 4 months since I’ve been on hiatus, but I’m excited to get writing again! I wanted to come back with a fluffy one-shot (since those are relatively easy), so here you guys go! As always, I hope you enjoy!

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Space Between Us | JAEHYUN

summary: being just classmates is not enough for him, but you only get to understand that after his lips had reached yours. 

Genre: frat boy!au | smut  | a wave of fluffiness at the end

⨯ Pairing: Jaehyun / Reader

Word count: 9 575

a/n: lowkey inspired—and enlightened—by study sessions from @honeytaeyong though mine is not as good as hers (god bless you and your writing). Special thanks to my pumpkin @suhsexual for  endure endless requests for help. There may be some grammatical mistakes left so I apologise in advance. Oh, yes, there may be a part 2 ;)

warnings: mature content, language (not actually dirty talking)

You’d been first, it was a relief. The number one exposed in that piece of sheet made your heart flutter little by little, and then you smiled. How sincere and truthful was it, the small grin drawn on your face, transforming your previous anxious expression in something completely lighted and amused. After broken hearts and desperate tears, being ranked as first place was one of the few things that could possibly turn out to be great in your eyes. You blinked. It was there, the one.

The elder woman in front of you—an old professor in the university; someone with an enviable knowledge—rested her hand on your shoulder. She had an odd aura around her; something completely comforting, which was not expectable from someone extremely rigorous. The professor took a deep breath and twinkled.

“You did great, again.” She said. Her voice tone was apathetic, but she managed to show some kind of happiness after a smirk. “If you keep doing like this, you may get in the rank of all courses.” Then she clapped her hands. “It’s something to think about.” And touched her own head with an index finger.

That hadn’t been your main focus, however. The ranks were just something to fulfil the emptiness you felt inside your being, as something really important was missing. At first you concluded it could be all about the end of you three-year relationship; you really had loved him, and that was something you didn’t doubt about. It was crystal clear you’d felt the most intense of all feelings, because you’d wished him well, you’d wished him to be close to you, and you’d wished—and deeply wished—for him to like you back in the same level. Although in the end of all, he didn’t. And that’s when you’d felt on the surface of a limitless ocean, slowly drifting away from the only land that held you—and your emotions—still. He had left you in the farthest blind spot possible, without a plausible reason. Were you supposed to be fine? In the very beginning you had even thought it could work out: you could deal with the situation. Oh, but you had been wrong.

And then you had cried for hours. An intense pain burning inside you for days—afterward days became weeks, and weeks became months. In the end of the third month, after the breakup, you’d realised he wasn’t what filled your soul. The guy whom you dated, and eventually developed feelings for, was just a part of a puzzle you hadn’t had the chance to complete yet. Something bigger was missing; finally you’d gotten to the point when your vision had become clear again and the monochromatic colours of life had turned out to be, actually, the colours of the rainbow. You were free of angst. You were mature enough to understand that the only person you needed was you—but you also knew that it did not mean you forgot your past experiences, it meant you could love yourself entirely. From that moment, what could possibly make you feel satisfied was your own success, so you’d looked for it. And you’d achieved your goals.

You looked down to the paper again. The #1 on the top made you feel ease. You folded the note and gathered the rest of your things, packed them up inside you backpack and calmly walked out of the enormous auditorium. The semester ended in the best way possible, and you were happy with what you obtained. The professor politely asked you to close the door behind you, but before you could do so, someone held it. The blond haired boy gave you a small smile and waited for you to exit the ambient so he could shut the entryway. You nodded, as an acknowledgement, and turned on your heels so you could finally go home, yet a hand touched your free shoulder obligating you to shift back and face the person.

“Congratulations.” The boy said. “You got first place again.”

“Thank you,” you’d begun, searching in your memory for the name of the guy in front of you. The information you had was his physical appearance and his voice, which didn’t sound so familiar. So it took you more effort, causing you to look deep inside his eyes and drive you gaze to his smile. You suddenly knew who he was and the sort of fame he had. You smirked at the thought that he was talking to you. “Hum, Jaehyun.”

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  • Wilson has teased a space boos kiss on twitter multiple times (1, 2, 3)
  • On After Trek for S 1.05 it was revealed that
    • The tardigrade was originally gonna be part of the bridge crew with a badge and a command and everything
    • His name was going to be Ephraim
    • Did I mention that Mr. Ephraim the Tardigrade was going to be Paul Stamet’s boss because I don’t think anything beats that
  • Show writers confirmed we will see a lot more of space boos on the show; they even called them part of the “spine” of the show
  • They also confirmed that we will be learning about how Paul and Hugh first met in “a couple of episodes”

🍋24/100 days of productivity🍋
(18/04/17) TODAYS POST WAS BEING SO PROBLEMATIC, so I’m tying one more time; here is some ADORABLE ICT definition flash cards to help make this horrible subject more bearable💛

MistakenMagic’s (A Remover Of Obstacles) awesome and wonderful Star Wars AU and sow a star divided in us has been completed and noone has any excuse not to read it anymore! :D It is glorious, so much fun and absolutely worth your time ;)


Short summary: Gays in space!

Longer summary: After his first successful solo mission, Jedi Knight Bilbo Baggins, trained by High Council member and full-time nuisance, Master Gandalf, returns to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. During an excursion to the sparring arena, he meets a group of Dwarven Jedi from Ered Luin, a mountainous planet located in the Outer Rim. Young padawans, Fili and Kili, are full of curiosity at this strange, barefoot Jedi, but Master Thorin, who appears to have the personality of a rancor and mental shields like blast doors, is less than impressed.



September 2015 - a summary.

Star Trek summary (from what i've watched so far)
  • Jim: Here are my orders. Everybody follow these orders.
  • Spock: *in danger*
  • Jim: *violates own orders*
  • Spock: Captain, the orders--
  • Jim: What orders? What even is Starfleet? I'm here to save you bae. Follow me if you wanna not die.
  • And
  • Spock: This creature is most valuable, Captain, under no circumstances should it be harmed.
  • Jim: *in danger bcoz of creature*
  • Jim: But you said not to harm--
  • Spock: Kill the creature, Jim, before I reach your destination and stun your illogical ass *mumbles* yeah splitting up is a good idea wow Jim 10 points to Gryffindor

🍋21/100 days of productivity🍋
(15/04/17) a BEAUTIFUL new notebook with paper that BRUSH PENS DO NOT BLEED THROUGH has made my weekend a thousand times better 🌼 also exams are starting to scaring me so it’s work work work 💭

liminal space

pairing: tododeku

summary: When Midoriya Izuku is attacked in the night by a serial murderer and manages to escape without injury besides lungs half filled with water, he hardly has time to register what’s happened before he’s moved to a safehouse and put on the case with an old classmate he hasn’t seen in years.

word count: 23.8k

chapter: 4/4

warnings: drowning mentions, very minor character deaths, alcohol, implied child abuse

At first, Izuku’s dream is pleasant. He’s wading into the ocean, the cool water washing away the sand that had stuck to his feet. Taking a step further into the water, he slips on a rock, falling backwards and landing on his behind, water seeping into his pants and the bottom of his shirt. After he lets out a cheerful laugh, Izuku presses his hands down into the mud behind him in an attempt to stand again.

But, no—then, he’s sucked under. He’s choking. The water fills his mouth and nose, pushes in at his eyes. He coughs, but he isn’t greeted by any relief, only more water.

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Notes are starting to pile up, my planner is fuller each week, I’m starting to get more frequent headaches, and school life is getting busier by the minute, but hey, it’s starting to rain and the wind is turning cool, and I have A beside me to cheer me up with his gentle kisses, and Muji material to make effective summaries, so everything is going to be okay 🙌🏻🌝✨♥️

Femalien (Shalaska) – Rosie

A/N: I hoped to get this up around Halloween time, but mid/late November is just as good, right? I’ve always wanted to write something based around Sharon and Alaska’s actual drag characters, so please enjoy this super smutty, super long one shot about a witch and an alien (seriously, it’s 13.5k. Grab a snack). Title has no relation to the 90’s porno.

Summary: Space queen alien Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 from the planet Glamtr0n crash lands into Sharon’s world, turning the witch’s life upside down. Injured and without a flight home, Sharon takes the gleaming alien in. But sparks fly, and as Sharon’s brain thinks of spells to help Alaska return to her home of outer space, her heart is feeling something different. 

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Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don't

Christmas Calendar 2016 » December the 14th:
Damned If I Do, Damned If I Don’t

Pairing: Gang!Y/N/Gang!Ashton

Rating: NC-17

Request: Yes

Words: 4.000+

Previous Part: Chandeliers

Summary: Y/N and Ashton always share hostel rooms together while being on the hunt from their rivals and the police but one night Ash decides to take that step further that he has always wanted since laying eyes on gang!leader Y/N for the first time 

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