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Here’s a summary of what Mark explained on VidCon’s Night of the Community:

When he was 12, back when his parents were divorced, his dad got him Homeworld for PC. He was too young to fully appreciate it, so he played it a few times and then shelved it. Fast-forward to his early adulthood, one week after his dad passed away. Mark had a hard time processing his dad’s death, so he took a break from his old work. He pulled up in his driveway, laid down to simply look at the night sky, and found brief solace in its emptiness. Sometime later, he went over to his dad’s stash (his dad was apparently a habitual “archiver of his own past” of sorts, which is news to me) and pulled out Homeworld from the shelves. It was only then that he noticed that all the games that his dad bought specially for him had their own spot on the shelves, and this revelation had him break into tears. He reinstalled and fired up the game on the PC in his mom’s basement and, through the tears, he could finally recognise the beauty and meticulous effort put in the game. When he stopped playing, sixteen hours had passed and it was nighttime. He went outside and stared up at the starry sky again, and found it no longer empty. With what he had experienced the past day, he could finally move on from his dad’s passing.

…Alright, you can let it all out now.

BOOK REC (Sci-Fi with PoC and wlw)

Why you should read The Long Way To A Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers:

  • IT HAS A HUGE EMPHASIS ON FOUND FAMILY and also on moving forward and how you sometimes need different people at different stages of your life
  • The alien cultures, man, they are like nothing I’ve ever seen before on this scale. It’s not just surface stuff, it’s down to the belief systems and social interactions and how they view things like motherhood and violence and even board games! Also, FEMALE ALIENS WITHOUT BREASTS WHO ARE CONSIDERED VERY ATTRACTIVE TO HUMANS CAN I GET A HELL YEAH
  • Gender and sexuality are definitely way more fluid, one of the crew members is a species that changes gender across their lifetime (plus there is a crew member that goes by they pronouns, though not exactly in a nb way, it’s hard to explain)
  • Imagine Firefly, except in a universe full of aliens like Guardians of the Galaxy, and the crew aren’t criminals (for the most part) and are just generally a bit nicer. And by nicer I mean, as someone else more eloquent than me said about this book “they’re not all good people, but most of them are trying to be”. They care about each other despite all the cultural differences that sometimes have them screaming
  • most of the humans on the crew are not white
  • TWO FEMALE MEMBERS OF THE CREW BECOME A COUPLE I’m not gonna say which because it totally took me by surprise and that was an incredible thing cos I already adored this book and then it gave me the one thing it was missing that I hadn’t dared hope for 
  • polyamory is discussed frequently and is a base part of one of the alien cultures and it’s very normalised and respected
  • seriously everyone does their hardest to be respectful of each other’s culture and all the differences and even though sometimes they fail or really struggle they really TRY and that’s what makes it so great
  • the book is genuinely hilarious (“What do your crazy speciests do?” “Live on gated farms and have private orgies.” “How is that any different than what the rest of you do?” “We don’t have gates and anybody can come to our orgies.”)
  • there’s plot but it’s very character driven in a way that works really well
  • Kizzy - my favourite character who is just a joy (imagine Kaylee Frye if she was Chinese, hyped up on extreme amounts of caffeine, and totally eccentric)
  • like seriously every damn relationship in this book is so incredible and important and well done
  • I’ve never done a book rec on here before and the fact that I feel the need to do this should in itself say something about how amazing it is

In summary: 

  • amazing and compelling alien cultures
  • a crew/found family that are so beautiful in their differences and how they do their best to respect and accommodate them
  • it’s really fucking funny
  • “Ninety percent of all problems are caused by people being assholes.” “What causes the other ten percent?” “Natural disasters.”

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(18/04/17) TODAYS POST WAS BEING SO PROBLEMATIC, so I’m tying one more time; here is some ADORABLE ICT definition flash cards to help make this horrible subject more bearable💛


September 2015 - a summary.

Star Trek summary (from what i've watched so far)
  • Jim: Here are my orders. Everybody follow these orders.
  • Spock: *in danger*
  • Jim: *violates own orders*
  • Spock: Captain, the orders--
  • Jim: What orders? What even is Starfleet? I'm here to save you bae. Follow me if you wanna not die.
  • And
  • Spock: This creature is most valuable, Captain, under no circumstances should it be harmed.
  • Jim: *in danger bcoz of creature*
  • Jim: But you said not to harm--
  • Spock: Kill the creature, Jim, before I reach your destination and stun your illogical ass *mumbles* yeah splitting up is a good idea wow Jim 10 points to Gryffindor

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Summary: You and Baron have been dating a year. Your relationship with him is strong until you have to kiss AJ Styles as part of a story line for TV. You get into an argument and break up and then he sees you with another Superstar, and his jealous side comes out. This is a long fic with a lot of angst and some fluff at the end.

*          *          *          *          *

“Hey, babe!” You said as you smiled at Baron as you walked backstage after escorting AJ to the ring for his match.

You reached up to give Baron a kiss, but he turned his head and headed back to his dressing room.

“Baron?” You asked in confusion as you watched him walk away. “Baron!”

“Everything okay?” You heard a voice say from behind you.

You turned to see AJ standing there.

“I don’t know. Baron just blew me off.” You said.

“I’m sure he’s just having a bad night. You did great out there tonight.” He said.

“Thanks, you too! I’ll see you later, okay? I’m going to go try to talk to him.” You said.

“Good luck!” He said.

You walked down to Baron’s locker room and opened the door. He was shoving items into his bag, and he mumbled under his breath.

“Baron? What’s wrong?” You asked.

“Nothing.” He said.

“You know I know better than that.” You said.

“Just upset about my match. It’s fine. I’ll get over it.” He said.

“Okay…well if you want to talk about it, I’m here.” You said.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He said.

The two of you rode in absolute silence from the arena to the hotel. You could see Baron’s knuckles turning white from how hard he was gripping the wheel. This was definitely about more than just his match.

Once the two of you were in the privacy of your hotel room, you turned to him. You were going to get to the bottom of this.

“Okay, talk. I know this isn’t about your match. Did I…did I do something?” You asked.

“What the hell was that out there tonight?” Baron asked.

You sighed knowing exactly why he was so angry now.

You and AJ were currently in a romantic storyline and tonight was the next big moment in that storyline – Your first on-screen kiss with AJ. You cheered AJ on from ringside, and once he got the 1-2-3, you slid into the ring and threw your arms around him. You then pulled him in for a kiss, just like the script was written. It was a short, closed-mouth kiss. Nothing for Baron to worry about.

“Baron, you know it’s part of the story line.” You said.

“I didn’t realize you’d be out there sucking his face off!” He said.

“Baron it lasted like half a second. It meant nothing!”

“You couldn’t have given me a heads up? Do you know how it felt to stand there and see my girlfriend kissing some other guy on TV and not having any idea that it was going to happen?” He asked.

“Baron it’s just for TV. AJ is just a friend to me. For God sake’s he’s 10 years older than me!” You said.

“Didn’t stop you from kissing him, did it?” He said as his eyes narrowed at you.

“Baron it’s what I get paid to do! I do what they tell me to do! You know how it works.” You said.

“I didn’t realize that meant cheating on me.”

“Baron, are you even hearing yourself? I didn’t cheat! That kiss meant nothing to me! We’ve been together for a year! I’ve never given you a reason not to trust me!” You said.

“Not telling me you have to kiss another guy seems like a damn good reason.” He said coldly to you.

“Baron…” you said as you looked at him in disbelief. Was he serious? He didn’t trust you? You felt tears begin to form in your eyes as you stood there looking at the man you loved trying to process what he just said.

“I think…I think maybe we should take some space.” He said.

“W-what? Baron, it was just a kiss for TV. It didn’t mean anything!” You said.

“We’ve been together for a fucking year, Y/n. I’m not okay with the whole Styles and you dating story line. I haven’t since it started! I hate seeing you out there on another guy’s arm. But I know there’s nothing I can do about it. I’ve accepted that. But when you’re going to fucking kiss somebody else, I don’t think you telling me ahead of time is too much to ask.” He said.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you. I found out earlier in the night. I only knew like an hour before we went out.” You said.

“You saw me right before you went to Gorilla. You had the chance to tell me, and you didn’t.” He said.

He then opened his suitcase and started throwing his clothes into it.

“Baron where are you going? What are you doing?”

“Look, I’m just going to go crash in Corey’s room. I’ll talk to you later. I need some time to think about this…to figure out what I want.”

What he wanted? Didn’t he want you? Was he really that hurt over one little kiss that meant absolutely nothing to you?

“Are…are we breaking up?” You asked. You didn’t want to jump to conclusions but you and Baron breaking up was the only thing running through your head.

“Yeah…I guess we’re done.” He said.

You felt your chest get tight as his words hit you like a freight train. It was over.

“Baron, please don’t do this-”

“What’s the point of being together if you’re going to keep things from me?” He asked.

“I didn’t keep anything from you. I didn’t think-”

“Yeah, you’re right. You didn’t think.” He said as he looked at you with cold eyes. All of the softness and love in them that was usually present when he was around you was gone.

“Baron, please-”

“Save it, Y/n. It’s done. We’re done. Have fun with Styles.” He said.

“But I want-”

“Do what you want, Y/n…seems like you do it anyway.” He said before throwing his bag over his shoulder and leaving.

You walked over to the bed and sat down as the first tears escaped your eyes. You couldn’t believe you and Baron were over.

You laid in bed for hours staring at the ceiling, replaying the night over and over in your head. How did everything fall apart? It was one kiss that was scripted for the show. And now you and Baron were over because of it.

You kicked yourself for not telling Baron. You had seen him before you went to the ring tonight. You should’ve told him. But at the moment you didn’t even think about it. You didn’t believe it would be a big deal. You had been part of a storyline with AJ for weeks, and Baron had never said one word about it to you. You had no idea that he hated it as much as he did. He never told you how he felt about it until tonight.

You tried to close your eyes and get some sleep several times, but it was inevitable. You got maybe an hour and finally gave up on trying around 4.

You forced yourself to get out of bed and go into the bathroom. You glanced at your reflection in the mirror, and you looked about as good as you felt. Your eyes were bloodshot and puffy from crying until you didn’t have any tears left to cry. Your cheeks were a bright rose color. You had mascara streaks running down the sides of your face. Apparently, the makeup girls backstage hadn’t used waterproof last night.

You decided to take a long hot shower and hope that it would make you feel a little bit better. The hot water felt amazing on your tight muscles. Your body relaxed under the water, but your mind was a different story. All you could think about was Baron. The way his tone was cold when he spoke to you last night. The way his eyes looked when he looked at you, like all the warmth in them that you had grown to love was gone.

You had just pulled on a pair of sweats and one of Baron’s t-shirts. You knew it probably wasn’t the best decision for your emotional health but it was warm, and it smelled like him, and it brought you a calming feeling that you hadn’t had all night.

You were caught off guard by a quiet knock on your door shortly after 6.

You walked over to the door and cautiously opened it, wondering who would be at your door this early.

A small part of you was hoping it would be Baron, but you knew it wasn’t. You didn’t have much hope for rebuilding the relationship between you. You and Baron had had arguments before, but neither of you had ever walked away in the middle of one.

You were surprised when you saw Corey Graves, Baron’s best friend standing there with two cups of coffee in his hand.

“Corey?” You asked with a confused look on your face.

“How you feeling?” He asked.

“Umm…I’m okay.” You said.

“Grabbed you some coffee. One cream, two sugars.” He said as he handed you one of the cups.

“Thanks.” You said with a small smile as your brought the cup to your lips and took a small sip.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“Y-yeah.” You said stepping aside so he could enter the room.

You took a seat on the bed, and he sat down in the chair in the corner of the room.

“So what happened?” He asked.

“What did he tell you?” You asked.

“He didn’t tell me anything. Just said it was over.” He said.

“Y-yeah. It’s…it’s over.” You said as you looked down at your hands. It was the first time you had forced yourself to say the words out loud since the fight. “He got upset about the kiss with AJ.”

“Listen, I know Baron. He’s my best friend. I’m one of the few friends he has here. He doesn’t get as upset as he was last night over a little kiss. He couldn’t sleep. Wouldn’t eat. Just kept pacing and mumbling to himself…” He said.

“He didn’t know it was going to happen. I forgot to tell him.” You said as you looked down at your hands. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at Corey. He reminded you too much of Baron.

“Now that makes more sense. I can see how watching the girl he loves kiss another guy would rip his heart out.” He said.

“I found out an hour before we went out there. I didn’t even think to tell Baron…and now…now I’ve lost him.” You said as you struggled to get the words out.

“He still loves you.” He said.

“You didn’t hear him last night, Corey. The way he said it. It was…I’ve never seen him like that. His eyes were cold. He’s never looked at me that way.” You said.

“He still loves you. I’ve never seen him torn up like he was last night. He’s in about as good of shape as you are. Just give him time to cool down, he’ll come around.” He said.

“I don’t know, Corey. I don’t know if there’s any saving us.” You said.

“For what it’s worth, I think there’s still a chance for you guys. I’ll try to talk to him.” He said.

“Corey, you don’t have to get involved. I don’t want to put you in the middle.” You said.

“I care about both of you guys. You’re both my friends. I don’t want to choose sides. I just want you guys to be happy.” He said.

“Thank you, Corey,” you said.

“What are friends for? You hang in there okay? It’ll all work out.” He said before he stood up and walked out of the room.

*             *             *             *

The following night you were sitting in the women’s locker room talking to Becky and Naomi. They were discussing their plans for the evening which apparently involved a club down the street.

“You’re coming out with us, right?” Naomi asked as she turned to you.

“Out where?” You asked.

“To the new club down the street. Supposed to be the place to be. A bunch of us are going out. You should come with us!” Naomi said.

“I don’t know guys-”

“It might take yer mind of you know who,” Becky said as she nudged you.

“I’m really not in the mood for going out.” You said. “Besides what if he’s there?”

“Already thought of that. He told the guys he didn’t want to go. Said he was tired from his match and was just going back to the hotel to sleep.” Naomi said.

“I don’t know…” you said as you tried to think of an excuse to get yourself out of going. The truth was you just didn’t feel like going out. But you had only been on SmackDown for a couple of months, and you didn’t want to seem rude by not going out with the other women on the roster.

“Girl, you’ve got to get out of your hotel room! Just come out for a little bit. You’ll have fun!” Naomi said.

“Okay fine. One drink. Then I’m leaving.” You said.

Later that night you were in the bathroom of your hotel room finishing up your makeup for the evening. You had curled your hair into loose beach waves and slipped into a fitted black dress that had a deep V-neck and cut-outs on the sides. As much as you didn’t want to go out, you had to admit you looked hot.

There was a knock on your door just as you finished applying your red lipstick. You opened it to see Dolph Ziggler waiting for you. He was dressed in jeans with a white shirt and black blazer. The two of you had talked here or there backstage, and neither of you had dates for the night, so he offered to walk down the street with you.

“You look beautiful,” Dolph said as he smiled at you.

“Thanks.” You said. “You look good too.”

The two of you made casual conversation as you made your way down to the club. But as soon as you walked in, you froze. There sitting in a booth towards the back with a few of the other guys was Baron.

“Everything okay?” Dolph asked as he looked over at you.

“Baron’s here.” You said.

“So? You guys are broken up, right?”

“Yeah…I guess so.” You whispered.

Technically you were broken up but you couldn’t convince your heart of that. There was a tiny glimmer of hope inside of you that told you that things would work out between you and Baron. It had only been a few days. You couldn’t just forget about him.

“Don’t let him ruin your night. C'mon let me buy you a drink.” Dolph said as he took your hand and led you over to the bar. He ordered the two of you a pair of shots to start off the night. You tipped the shot glass back as the liquid burned down your throat. You set the empty glass on the bar and then ordered a cocktail for yourself.

A few drinks later Dolph was a little too friendly for your liking.

“Let’s get out of here.” He said as he slid his hand onto your lower back, just above your butt.

“Dolph…please don’t do this. It’s not like that with you.” You didn’t want to sound harsh, but you didn’t see Dolph in that way. You only saw one man that way. And he was sitting at the back of the room in a booth.

Dolph pulled you into his chest as he leaned in to whisper in your ear. You put your hands on his chest to push him away. You felt so uncomfortable in his arms. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be with Dolph.

“Dolph, please stop.” You said as you tried to push him away.

“C'mon…one little kiss.” He said as he leaned in once again and pulled you even closer to him.

“She said no.” You heard that all too familiar voice say from behind you. You felt your heart start to race at the sound of his voice. What was he doing right behind you? Had he been watching you?

You turned to look as Baron who locked eyes with you for a brief moment. Then he put a hand on Dolph’s chest and pushed him away from you before stepping in front of you, putting himself between you and Dolph.

“I don’t recall her asking for your help,” Dolph said as he stood up to Baron.

“Guys stop.” You said as you stepped around Baron’s large frame and positioned yourself between them and put a hand on both of their chests to separate them.

“Just leave Ziggler,” Baron said coldly.

“We were just on our way out. Come on, Y/n. Let’s go.” Dolph said.

“Dolph, I’m not going home with you.” You said as you looked at him.

Dolph reached out to grab your wrist, but Baron reached out and grabbed Dolph’s forearm to stop him.

“Get. Your. Hand. Off. Me.” Dolph said.

“Make me.” Baron challenged.

Dolph then swung and landed a good right hook on Baron’s right eye before Baron turned back and knocked Dolph to the ground in one blow.

“Baron no!” You yelled.

He ignored you and leaned down and hit Dolph three more times before you reached out and grabbed his arm. You were a little scared to touch him when he was this angry, but you knew deep down Baron would never put his hand on you. He went to yank his arm away until he realized it was your hand on his arm. He froze and looked up at you. 

He stared up into your eyes for a brief moment before sighing and standing up. He turned and walked out of the bar without a word.

“Dolph are you okay?” You asked as you knelt down next to him. His lips were busted open, and he had a bruise forming under his eye.

“I’m fine,” Dolph said.

You stood up and walked out of the bar, determined to find Baron. You didn’t want him getting into any more fights tonight, and as worked up as he was, it was a sure bet that he would get into another fight if he didn’t calm down.

When you got outside Baron was pacing back and forth in front of his bike, running his hands over his face as he tried to calm himself down.

“Why’d you do that Baron?” You asked.

“He was going to kiss you.” He said.

“I had it under control.” You said as you looked down at the cement, avoiding his eyes. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him.

“Sure looked like it.” He huffed out, not bothering to look at you.

“You busted his lip open just because he was going to kiss me?” You asked.

“What you like him or something?” He said coldly. You could hear the venom in his voice.

“No…I…you can’t just go around punching anyone that tries to talk to me. I can defend myself” You said.

“He was doing a lot more than talking, Y/n.” He said.

“Baron, I can handle myself.” You said. “What I do doesn’t concern you anymore.”

“Y/n, he was going to drag you up to his room and do who knows what with you!” He said. “You really expect me to sit on the side and watch some guy take advantage of you?”

“Dolph wouldn’t hurt me!” You said.

“Do you know that for sure?” He asked. “I saw the way he was looking at you Y/n. I know what he had on his mind.”

“Baron, it’s really none of your business how Dolph looks at me. Or how any man looks at me for that matter. You lost that right two nights ago.”

“What? You fucking him now?” he asked.

“No.” You said as you looked at the ground. You couldn’t get yourself to look at him. You knew you would break down if you looked into his eyes.

It was quiet between the two of you for several minutes. Baron continuing to try and calm himself down, and you standing there trying to hold the tears back and not break down in front of Baron.

“Hey. Look at me.” He said as broke the silence. He reached up and gently grabbed your chin in his thumb and index finger. He lifted your chin so that you were looking into his eyes.

"I’m sorry, okay. About the fight. About being an asshole…” he said.


“I shouldn’t have freaked out like I did. You deserve better. It’s just…when I saw you in the ring with AJ and his arms around you and him kissing you…I…I don’t know. It fired something up inside of me…but I made it into a big deal that it wasn’t and I fucked everything up…”

You took a step towards him and reached up on your tiptoes and wrapped your arms around his neck. You pulled him down so that your faces were level and pressed your lips to his. You were hesitant at first, afraid he wouldn’t kiss you back. But when you felt his lips kiss you back you relaxed into his body as his hands reached down and grabbed your thighs, lifting you into his arms. You wrapped your legs around his waist as he supported you in his arms.

“You never lost me.” You said as you pulled away.

Baron’s lips curved into a smile before he pulled you back into him and pressed his lips to yours again, this time for passionately. More wanting.

He pulled away and leaned his forehead against yours.

“You want to go home with someone, go home with me.” He said.

“Wouldn’t go home with anyone but you.” You said.

“I rode my bike here. You okay to ride on the back?” He asked.

You gave him a weary look. You never liked riding on his motorcycle. In the year that you were together, you had only ridden on it once.

“I won’t let you get hurt.” He said as he set you down on your feet.

You took a deep breath and nodded.

“Okay.” You murmured.

“Here.” He said. He shrugged his jacket off and held it up for you. You put your arms into the holes, and Baron pulled the jacket onto your shoulders. He then spun you around and slowly zipped the front of the jacket up.

He then reached for his helmet. He carefully slid it onto your head and then tightened the strap.

He looked down at you and his lips curved into a smile.

“What?” You asked as you looked up at him.

“I always liked the way you look in my bike stuff.” He said with a smirk.

He swung his leg over the bike and turned the bike on. He then turned to you.

“You coming?” He asked.

You took a deep breath and climbed onto the bike. You wrapped your arms tightly around Baron’s stomach and laid your head against Baron’s back.

“You ready?” He asked.

“Y-yeah.” You said.

You felt him rev the engine slightly before the bike lurched forward. You tightened your grip on him a little, and you could feel the laugh coming from his chest.

You closed your eyes and clung to Baron the entire ride. You thought you felt the bike stop moving, but you didn’t want to open your eyes and be wrong.

“Y/n, we’re here. You can open your eyes.” Baron said with a chuckle.

You opened one eye to check and see if he was lying. He wasn’t. You were parked in the safety of the hotel parking lot.

You climbed off the bike and reached up to unbuckle the strap of the helmet. But it was a lot harder than it looked since you couldn’t see what you were doing.

“Here, let me do it,” Baron said as he reached up and undid the strap with ease. He then pulled the helmet off you carefully. Your hair flew into your face, but Baron surprised you by moving the strands out of your face and tucking them behind your ear.

He pulled you into his chest and wrapped his arms around you as he buried his face in your shoulder. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh.

“I missed you.” He said.

“I missed you too. Bed’s too big without you in it.” You said.

“Bed’s too cold without you in it.” He said as his lips curved into a smile.

You stepped out of his arms and started walking towards the hotel doors, but about halfway there you tripped on your heel and fell to the concrete.

“You okay?” Baron asked as he rushed over to you.

“Yeah. I’m all right.” You said.

He slid his arms underneath yours and pulled you to your feet.

“Come here.” He said as he wrapped an arm around your back and put one behind your knees and lifted you into his arms.

“Baron!” You said as you wiggled to try to get out of his arms. “Put me down. I want to walk.”

“Y/n, you can’t walk.” He said.

“Baron I don’t want you to see me like this!” You said. It appeared the alcohol was kicking in and that meant lots of emotions were hitting you. You suddenly realized you were an absolute mess and Baron was seeing all of it. You didn’t want Baron to see you like this.

“Y/n, relax,” he said as you continued to squirm to try and get out of his arms.

He finally set you down on your feet, realizing that you weren’t going to stop fidgeting. As soon as your feet were on the ground, you started running. You were afraid that he would leave you at any second. It’s all you had been thinking about for two days. The image of him walking out of the door replayed in your mind over and over. You couldn’t give into him tonight and have him walk out on you again.

“Y/n, stop running.” You heard Baron say from behind you.

“No. I-I need to go!” You said.

You walked through the doors of the hotel and made your way through the lobby, trying not to draw any attention to yourself.

“Y/n!” You heard Baron say from behind you.

You made it to the elevators. You hit the button repeatedly, and the doors opened. You stepped in and immediately pushed the button for your floor

Please don’t let him in. Please don’t let him in. Just close you stupid doors!’ You thought to yourself. You let out a quiet ‘fuck’ as Baron stuck his arm out just as the doors were about to close. He stepped into the elevator and turned to you.

“Y/n,” Baron whispered as he reached out for you.

“I can’t.” You said before you fell to the ground. It was like all the strength in your body was gone. You didn’t even have enough strength to keep yourself on your feet anymore.

Baron knelt down next to you and took your hand. You felt so embarrassed. You were curled up in a hotel elevator, looking like a complete wreck in front of your ex-boyfriend.

“Y/n,” Baron said again. You could hear the worry laced in his tone.

You lifted your head and looked over at him. He was on his knees looking at you with worried eyes. It looked like he was trying to hold back tears.

“Y/n, I’m right here.” He said.

“But you’re going to leave again.” You said.

“Y/n, I’m not going anywhere.” He said. “I’ll never leave.”

“You said that before. Then you left.” You said as you looked at him.

“I’m sorry.” He said. “Give me another chance.”

“Can you just hold me?” You asked. It was a strange request. But you didn’t want to talk. You just wanted to feel his arms around you and feel like things were back to how they used to be.

He held his arms out for you. You leaned your head against his chest, and he wrapped his arms around you tightly. He laid his cheek on the top of your head.

“I love you.” He said. “I’m so sorry.”

“I…love you too.” You said before you broke down even further. The silent tears that had been falling turned into loud sobs as you felt the emotions hit you.

“Shh. You’re okay.” He said as he rubbed your back.

“I’m sorry.” You said.

“No, I’m sorry. This is my fault.” He said.

Just then the doors of the elevator opened on your floor.

“C’mon, let’s get you to the room,” Baron said.

You pulled away to stand up, but he stopped you.

“I’ve got you. Just stay where you are.” He said as he stood up effortlessly while cradling you in his arms.

“What room are you in?” He asked.

“506.” You mumbled.

You reached into your pocket and pulled your keycard out and handed it to him. He somehow managed to keep his hold on you while sliding the key into the lock and opening the door.

He carried you over to the bed and gently set you down on top of the duvet.

You curled up into a ball on your side. You could feel the drinks catching up with you. You were a mess, both emotionally and physically. Part of you wanted to scream at Baron to leave. Part of you wanted him to hold you and rock his hips into yours and make you remember why you fell in love with him in the first place.

You looked up at him as he reached behind him and grabbed the collar of his shirt pulling it over his head. He then crawled onto the bed and pulled you into his side.

He reached up and ran a hand through your hair, showing you the sensitive side of him that you loved so much.

You weren’t sure how long you laid there in his arms. But the tears finally stopped, and your breathing started to slow down to normal.

“Hey.” He said as he gently lifted your chin to look up and meet his eyes. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah.” You said.

“I’m sorry for leaving you. I let my emotions get to me. I’ve missed you so much the last two days. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. All I think about is you.” He said.

“You’re all I can think about.” You said.

“Will you give me another chance?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You said.


✦ born on April (3)rd, beautiful Aries, your ambition and creativity dominate your personality ✦

the Sabian Symbol for your birthday is a bomb which failed to explode, now safely concealed. Regardless of age, there are adolescent frustrations to be found in the depths of all beings. You may often play with immature or unrealistic possibilities in your own mind. This symbol encourages you to release your mind from these thoughts and live free.

InuKag FanFiction Summary: Space Cargo Guarding was getting old for Inuyasha. He loved space, but something in the back of his mind always pulled him towards something he couldn’t yet place. Something he should be d o i n g. Someone he should be m e e t i n g. Fate or maybe destiny, was it real? Then a few planets away, he got a call to pick up a package. Except the package wasn’t an item, it was a miko named Kagome. Telling him to take her across the galaxy to finish what she started. The catch? Well if he didn’t, the fabric of the universe would split apart.  

Happy Birthday @inukag!!!! I know you like space and Mass Effect so I tried my best :) Love you and hope you have a wonderful beautiful fantastic day. 🌟

Life Can Only Be Understood Backwards

Guilt Is a Rope That Wears Thin: Chapter One

Paring: Peter Quill/Reader

Tags: female reader, female pronouns, alien abductions, set after Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 1 but before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, baby Groot, mentions of fandoms, outer space, angst, fluff.

Summary: Abducted by aliens, traded between Ravager factions, and taken in by The Guardians of the Galaxy. Now that’s something that you can add to your resume.

Or, alternatively, you make friends with a guy who also was abducted by aliens, and become Team Mom™ to everyone on The Milano.

Word Count: 2,044

Posting Date:  2017-04-25

Current Date: 2017-06-12

Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17

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Another Hiding Space

Summary: You and Sam are stuck in a tight spot with no way out. Things get heated.

Words: 1,463

Sam x Reader

Warnings: Some smut, avoidable by x on either side, language (as always)

Your name: submit What is this?

You were really excited for this hunt. You were ready to take this demon down, having followed it from town to town, masses of destruction left in its wake.

However, when it came down to it, you didn’t get the satisfaction.

Dean told you to hide.


Not help with anything important.

Not gank the son of a bitch.

He wanted you to go upstairs and hide.

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Trading Spaces- Part 1

Summary: Sam enlists the assistance of a witch to help you and Dean work through your issues. He’s not expecting that help to come in the form of a body swap sell.

Word Count: 5200

Warning: body swap, a tiny bit of masturbation

A/N: THIS IS PART 1 OF 2. Hope y’all enjoy this trope I’ve been wanting to write for a while! FEEDBACK APPRECIATED! XOXO

The smell of herbs and spices burned your nose, and you held back a sneeze as you watched the woman behind the counter fill a small jar with a goofer dust. She was calm and kind, with wild hair that framed her pretty face, and creamy dark skin that made you envy its flawless clarity. But her easy laugh and gentle demeanor didn’t change the fact that she was a witch, and you held your frown as you watched her closely. Dean shifted his weight behind you, practically buzzing, just as eager to get out of here as you were.

Sam, however, just leaned over the counter with relaxed shoulders and that charming grin that showed his dimples. “Thanks again for selling to us.”

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Ficlet: Space Dreams

Summary: Sequel to “Yes, Sir.” Shiro helped Keith survive his first few months at the garrison, so Keith returns the favor during Shiro’s first months training for the Kerberos Mission and discovers some secrets about Shiro and himself. 

A/N: Finally remembered why “Yes, Sir” sat on my desktop for a few months – I forgot to write the part where Keith starts calling Shiro by his first name again yet keeps the professional address for battles. Here’s that section.

Training for the Kerberos Mission absorbed much of Shiro’s time. He only taught his combat course three days a week, with Commander Chan taking over the other two. He spent any extra time in the simulator, sometimes even skipping lunches and dinners, but he always waited outside of Keith’s barrack in the morning, dressed in sweatpants and a T-shirt, ready for their daily six-mile run about the base. They shared breakfast, and Shiro always made the time to check Keith’s homework and answer any questions the cadet had.

But on one particular morning, Keith exited his building just before the scheduled time to find Shiro’s bottom pressed against the wall, back bent, hands on knees. He sucked in unsteady breaths, eyes narrowed, arms trembling.

“Officer Shirogane…?” Keith asked, approaching in a hesitant step. “Are you all right?”

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