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Let’s Just Rewind

It amuses me that people insist Disney would never have Reylo get together in this trilogy cause he’s too evil or wicked.  But let’s just rewind, cause yes, this is Disney, but this is also Star Wars…

Star Wars Episode I:  We start off well enough.  Nothing majorly terrible happens, but we do watch Qui Gon die, and once that happens Obi Wan Kenobi, our hero, get’s pissed and cuts a guy in half.  And he’s like literally the purest of men.  We consider this a movie for kids….

Star Wars Episode II:  Now we get to the good stuff.  Our ‘hero’ of the story watches his mother die and then proceeds to DESTROY a village of people including MEN, WOMEN, AND CHILDREN.  I REPEAT CHILDREN.  He admits this to the woman he loves.  He get’s the girl.

Star Wars Episode III:  Our ‘hero’ finally goes evil and kills yet MORE children (oh and we get a nice shot of dead bodies and of one of the kids Anakin is literally about to kill).  He force chokes his pregnant wife, get’s set on fire, and after giving birth his wife dies telling Obi Wan not to give up on him because there’s still GOOD in him.  She still loves him.  You know… the guy who killed kids.

Star Wars Episode IV:  Leia is tortured by Darth Vader.  Luke wants to save the girl he’s got a real boner for.  We’ll get back to that issue soon enough.  Luke WATCHES Darth Vader kill his father figure and friend.  He’s very upset.  Like, hating Darth Vader so much upset.

Star Wars Episode V:  Leia makes out with Luke… the guy who has a real boner for her.  Han and Leia fight the whole time until he kisses her and she discovers she has a real boner for Han.  Han is tortured by Darth Vader, and frozen.  Luke realizes Darth Vader is hurting his friends and decides to save them only to learn that Vader is his Dad.  Oh, and his Dad cut his hand off.  Well, this just got awkward.

Star Wars Episode VI:  NOW THE FUN BEGINS.  Luke finds out the girl he once had a boner for, the chick he kissed… yep, she’s his twin sister.  Leia tells Han, and he’s just happy to get the girl.  Meanwhile, Luke begs his evil Dad to come back to the light… the guy who killed kids, tortured Han, almost killed Han, DID kill Obi Wan, and tortured Leia, and cut off his son’s hand, and threatened to turn Leia to the dark side… also TRIED to kill Luke a couple times there (not hard, but he threw his friggin lightsaber at the poor kid).  Juuuust when it looks like Luke is dead meat, he says “screw this” and kills his master, saving son.  As a reward, he get’s to be a glowy ghost with his friends… including Obi Wan… the guy he murdered.  Did I mention there were no glowy children standing there?  HE got to be glowy, but nope, those poor kids are just dead….

Star Wars Episode VII:  Kylo Ren… list of bad deeds.  Killed people in the past, don’t know ages, but folks died.  Kills random old man who seems nice.  Tortures, but doesn’t kill Poe Dameron while looking for information for Snoke.  Stands by while other people destroy an entire system of people, we learn in the book that he didn’t approve of it, but he didn’t do anything about it either.  Kidnaps Rey.  After a slightly awkward conversation about Rey’s personal life, Kylo tries to get the map from her mind.  This does cause Rey discomfort because she resists.  But then she plucks a gem out of his head that freaks him out and he runs to Snoke.  Hux wants to destroy the Resistance, Kylo weirdly protests this, insisting he can get the information in Rey’s mind with Snoke’s help.  Kills Han Solo while crying, immediately regrets it.  Fights and defeats Finn in a forest, doesn’t kill him.  Fights Rey in a forest, has the opportunity to kill her, but instead asks for her to join him.  Ends up getting defeated when she declines his offer.  Doesn’t even look pissed about it.

All this to say….  

Darth Vader killed kids, women, and men but still got the girl.  He’s evil for most of his life, tortures Leia, tortures Han, cuts off Luke’s hand, killed Obi Wan, and almost killed his son.  One act of redemption and he get’s to hang out with Obi Wan in glowy eternity.  Did not see those poor kids in glowy eternity… nope, they’re just dead.  

Kylo Ren almost kills people, definitely kills other people, doesn’t actually want to commit genocide, but definitely tortures some folks.  Kills his father, regrets killing his father.  And ya’ll think he can’t still get the girl cause Star Wars would never???  Hmmm yeah… not so sure….

This may be a kid’s series… but it’s also a friggin’ soap opera in space.  I’m just waiting to see if it’s revealed that Ben Solo is alive and really Kylo’s twin brother, and Kylo’s just the evil one.  And then in the big reveal we’ll find out Rey is pregnant with Kylo’s baby, but Ben and Rey will raise it together.  Like it’s just that dramatic guys.  IT’S A FRIGGIN’ SPACE SOAP OPERA.

anonymous asked:

Do you think the melodramatic space soap opera the Olkari king was watching is foreshadowing?

“ Betrayal! She loves you! “

Probably was just a typical drama scene, but who knows? future Keith and Allura? past Allura and Lotor?

I wonder though if this is like a classic drama? Or is it some modern series or movie? Is it like an Olkari movie? Galaxy famous movie? Like the girl is an Olkari.. the guy is some dino species… Is this like forbidden Olkari love? Do Olkari mate with these dino species? Are lizard like beings the beauty standard in Olkari society? In the Galaxy? Like I’m guessing this guy would be considered handsome if he’s staring in a romantic drama..

Does this show us a glimpse of a 10000 year old Olkari film industry? Zarkon rule film industry? (I dunno, like there are malls… and different species and not just Galra hang out in them.. seems like Zarkon is atleast somewhat investing in entertainment business for his conquered universe..)

I also like how Keith is always the only one who’s just completely unfazed by anything alien.

They all like “wtf” and Keith is there “Oh I’ve seen this one, good movie”

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Starship Musain with the Leverage ot3?

Hardison is accidentally-on-purpose abducted by aliens. (”IF THERE ARE ANY ALIENS OUT THERE,” he yelled in the middle of a heist gone wrong, “NOW WOULD BE A GREAT TIME TO BEAM ME UP.”)

He finds himself on the Pangalactic Interstellar Starship Leverage, or at least that’s what the translators tell him. It is staffed by a very weird group of beings who cheerfully call themselves thieves, and the captain has the very improbable name of Nate.

(Sophie is some kind of shapeshifting/camouflage species, I think Eliot is stone like Enjolras on the Musain, Nate might be the same kind as Combeferre, Parker is tough but I know her world has slightly less gravity than the general interstellar standard and she has more cartilege than bones.)

Anyway, Hardison learns how to hack alien tech, learns how the universal translator works, rebuilds the replicator from scratch until it gives him perfect orange soda, inevitably gets addicted to The Great Romance of Shulia Shamia and like three other Space Soap Operas, falls in love with two aliens, and steals the stars.

even tho kathleen is a corporate minion I still like star wars bc in the midst of countless comic book movies is refreshing to have a space soap opera franchise but tbh rey is just another white brunette with minimal personality so if they’re making her The Lead™ at the expense of finn… i’m out bitch lmao

star trek tng: a summary
  • season 1: a fascinating space phenomenon? LET'S BOLDLY GO back we'd rather beam right into some abandoned place where everybody has died in mysterious circumstances
  • season 2: starfleet's best errand boys receive another urgent call...which breaks up abruptly and dramatically because NOBODY'S FUCKING COMMS ARE WORKING PROPERLY
  • season 3: space soap opera INTENSIFIES. the Romulans are at it again and so are Klingons
  • season 4: EVERYBODY gets possessed or mind-controlled like at least twice
  • season 5: everything always happens so much. also there are plots everywhere and I TRUST NO ONE
  • season 6: hELP we are running out of ideas so maybe let's bring back a thing from 3 seasons back but..make it Extra
  • season 7: Lore comes back to lead an army of depressed Borg. Alexander is a time traveller. Wesley ascends to a higher plane of existence. Beverly fucks a ghost whilst her grandma rises from the grave. Picard has a secret son and Troi has a secret sister. Enterprise gains sentience. Cardassians are EVERYWHERE. nothing is sacred and nothing makes sense anymore. @writers CAN YOU MAYBE CHILL and let me die in peace
Best Of The Year - The 2014 Edition

I’ve been doing this for 5 years already? Jesus! times does really goes by when you are having fun! What started as a little personal project has become a very big part of my life, I got a (mostly) silent love relationship with almost 20.000 people who every day like and reblog the content I share through this blog and it’s been a blast. I love it when any of you take your time to interact with me and ask for advice about what to read. I love when a talent write asking for support. I love when you ask for review of comics new and old even though I don’t do them as much as I should. Here we are again for our annual date to talk about what was best about this year. the categories are few and simple:

  • Best Comic Book Series
  • Best Comic Book Moment
  • Best TV Show
  • Best Movie
  • Album Of The Year
  • Videogame Of The Year
  • Action Figure Of The Year

As always I remind you that this a very personal list reflecting what I liked and loved through this year. Another one in where I’ve seen the comic culture grow more and more and take more space in pop culture. 

Best Comic Book Series: Ms. Marvel by Marvel Comics

Last year it took me some heavy though about my pick for book of the year. This one? I knew this was book of the year since issue #1. Kamala Khan is the single best new Marvel Character created in a long time. Her book is so fresh, so different and yet so familiar. It has a very indie feel to it and above everything else it’s just an amazing fun read. The struggle of a kid with new-found powers that she doesn’t even know how to use is the foundation of one of the company most popular character (Spider-Man) and those roots are planted very deep on this book and flourishing with grand beauty. If you haven’t read it go and do yourself a favor and pick up every number of this book right now.

Runner-Up: Saga by Image Comics

Yeah I read it guys… yeah it may be the single most amazing book I’ve read in a long time but it’s not a done story and I really want to know what happens when all it’s said and done. It’s no superhero story like the ones I’m used to read. More of a space soap opera/drama and i just can’t get enough of it (so yeah the long pauses are killing me).

Best Comic Book Moment: Nick Fury makes Thor “Unworthy” by whispering on his hear. 

Original Sin got a lot of hate for being an “event” when it could have been easily an Avengers storyline told in the regular book and I concur with that stance, the final payoff was a lot of changes to make the current Marvel Universe more akin to the Cinematic Universe. However this one I wasn’t expecting. Nick Fury is revealed to be the universal protector of earth. A job that requires knowledge of every possible threat that may menace the planet. It was a job he inherited and one he kept doing even when the Infinity Formula in his blood ran out. He’s the guy who literally knows where all the skeletons are… even the ones that could help him bring down a God and that’s exactly what he does when Thor, under the command of Captain America faces forward to stop him. With a single whisper the old man makes the son of Odin unworthy of Mjlnoir stetting up the current big mystery of who is the current Thor running around in the Marvel Universe and the status of the Odinson uncertain due to the current Axis storyline.

Best TV Show: Constantine (NBC)

Now this one was the hard pick of this year. In the past few months an explosion of comic book properties have landed a slot time on prime tv in one way or another, with DC Comics leading the charge with Arrow, Flash, Gotham and of my pick of the year: Constantine. The smug British bastard former star of the Hellblazer comic that was a mainstay for the Vertigo line for so many years has found a way to reach the masses. Despite a great cast and scripts and plots very close to the original comic the show struggled in his first season. Come on guys I know it’s the hip thing to follow the bright costumes (Flash is really good and my personal runner up!) but this show deserves a chance so let’s give it a shot for the second season, okay? it will just get better!

Runner-UP: The Flash (CW)

Loved the original one, love the new one (love that characters of the original one are coming to this one!) Am I the only one seeing great potential for a shared universe with the films and DC squandering it by making both universe separate entities? 

Best Movie: Guardians Of The Galaxy (Marvel Studios)

In a year that was cluttered with comic book films it was really easy to make a choice about which one was the best. Marvel Studios took a gamble with one of his most obscure properties and made it not only recognizable. They made it great. Guardians of The Galaxy was a film that had it all: humor, drama, tension… it was a 122 minutes ride that had everything. With a great cast, a great script and the unmistakable seal of Marvel Studios quality. I truly feel very sorry for Sony and Fox because they have some of the greatest Marvels properties and they know jack about what to do with them, proof of this where this year’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 and X-Men: Days Of The Future Past. Both good films but not great ones. 

Runner-Up: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Marvel Studios)

The second film for Cap changed everything in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by revealing an unseen enemy and tying directly into Marvel Agents Of SHIELD. A move that made more people aware of what a great series they where missing out (and how deep it ties to the films) The chance to see a classic Marvel storyline and to watch Sebastian Stan back as a villain was a great bonus!

Album Of The Year: Guardians Of The Galaxy: Awesome Mix Tape Vol.1

It’s just a collection of all american classic tunes, but man these are some great songs all in one album and it was a blast hearing them all together. Hell it was a blast to see them play in a movie I loved so much! I can’t wait to see which are the songs in the Vol.2! 

Videogame Of The Year: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Yeah I know this is like the biggest tease in the world as it is just a couple of hours of gameplay that serves as “chapter one” of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but if this game is any indication of what this new Hideo Kojima production is gonna be I really can’t wait for it! (P.s: I must come forward with you guys… since I own a PS3 I really didn’t get much new games this year for it since I’m waiting to upgrade to a PS4 next year. Hence the lack of runner-ups or any other choice in this spot.)

Action Figure Of The Year: ED-209 by NECA

Got this one early this year. The most loyal representation of the character ever done in 7" scale. Detailed from head to toes. With voice chip that utter phrases of the film and shooting noises. This is one kick-ass toy and there’s nothing more to add to it!

Admittedly, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is commercial as hell, but Kylo Ren lusting obsessively after Rey even though he knows he shouldn’t, BB8 rushing lovingly towards Poe after he thought Poe was dead, Finn grabbing a light saber and standing up to Kylo despite the odds, and Luke’s jaded, betrayed, haunted look at the end still gets to me.

People caught in a silly, wacky fantastical sci fi space soap opera …who still let their basic emotions get the better of them. 

Haters making the Star Wars fandom look pretty bad right now.

Apparently if you are in love, married and have children with your cousin, you’re gross, disgusting and going to hell.

The Star Wars fandom, ladies and gentlemen…

Anti Reylo, fuckers and just ignorants telling you that Rey and Kylo can’t never happen cause they are 100% related. That this go against everything Star Wars stands for. 

I’m sorry, is this the Twilight Zone? Did the confirmation that they were related happened while I was getting popcorn? So why are the fuckers claiming something that is 100% NOT confirmed like littles know-it-all that have written the script for the next movie?

You do know that in most countries you can marry your cousin right? This is legal. Why does it shock you? This is 2016 assholes! This is Stars Wars, a space soap opera where Luke and Leia kissed. 

I find it very insulting to see comments about people being grossed out by 2 cousins being together. Hell, my own maternal grandparents were first degree cousins. They got married, had 8 kids, were pretty much in love and had a happy life. Is that a crime? Not in my world!

Until you guys know for sure that they’re related sit your ass and enjoy the ride instead of spending your time ruining everything for us. Cause you are going to look very stupid if Kylo and Rey are not related. Which I hope they not, not only to say “I told you so” but also for the potential that those two characters have. 

In the meantime, you would be so kinda and stay OUT OF OUR FREAKING TAG! The more you’re coming at us with your shit, the more we’re gonna ship the hell out of them. 

Dear haters, should I prepare myself once again for insults and death threats?